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the campas

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Reid Month #2

Month #2 for Reid was a busy one.  We finally started to emerge from our newborn-life-shell and got out of the house and becmae a little more independt.  I was still recovering from my C-Section and getting used to Reid who was I'm sure just getting used to life in general.  There was happy times and hard times, and I am thankful I still had so much help from my mom who stepped up to the plate as Brian's semester and work life got super busy.

The weekend of Mother's Day we went out to La Verne where Time and Uncle Jonnie had cooked a delicious breakfast for me, Nancy, Auntie Linda, and Lita.  It felt weird to be "honored" for Mother's Day.  I kept forgetting it was now my holiday too!  They also got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Kristi and Jackie got to meet Reid too during our visit.

On the Friday before Mother's Day, Brian (and Reid) surprised me with flowers.  Gorgeous!

On Mother's Day, Brian made me breakfast and got me a sweet card, gift certificate to Massage Envy (yay!) and my favorite gift: an instagram shout out! Hehe.  then he went to church with the See's Chocolates he and I somehow got placed in charge of bringing for the women in our ward even though we have a newborn child and a billion things to do.  Eye roll. Oh well, they turned out super cute!

I spent the day relaxing and cuddling Reid and enjoying my new favorite holiday.  It was fun to spend my first Mother's Day with such a new first baby.  We took a family walk a little later and FaceTimed with our moms.  I loved our happy, chill mother's day.

Two days later it was my birthday.  And oh what a birthday it was.  The night before, I woke up with serious chills.  I could NOT stop shaking!  I didn't know what was going on, but a few hours later I woke up SWEATING!!  In the morning I still felt groggy and weird and decided I must have had a fever in the night.  I took my temperature and it was barely a fever, but of course made me absolutely terrified I had some bug that my tiny new baby would get! I canceled my lunch plans with Aunt Erika and told Brian to standby on my evening plans (sushi dinner and shopping with him and Reid). He surprised me and came by in the morning with pastries from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and my birthday gift: $200 to Anthropologie!!  He could tell how crappy I felt.  A little later Reid had a screaming fest and I felt simply awful and right on cue my mom called me.  I dissolved into tears and just stared complaining to her about how awful I felt on my birthday and how I felt like I couldn't take care of Reid cause I didn't want him to get sick.  She kept offering to come drive down to help but I told her I was sure it was bug.  I was right.  A little later in the night I felt quite a bit better.  Brian picked up Panda Express and we ate on the couch while enjoying Reid.  NOT the 27th birthday I had planned but a memorable one to be sure.  And my 59382 million prayers I offered worked: Reid didn't get sick!!!
A few days later Brian and I packed the Rav4 absolutely full of baby stuff and went to HB to kick off Reid's first vacation!  He had a work training event that Friday in Anaheim, so Reid and I chilled and walked around until my mom arrived from Vegas.  She was SO excited to see Reid!

We hung out with Brian that night, and the next day Brian had class early and mom and I drove with Reid to Vegas.  He was an angel boy and slept literally the entire way.  When we got there grandpa was excited to see him!  We gave him a bath and got him ready for the family party that night.

We had Grandma, Grandpa, the Welshes, and the Prettys over for a pizza party celebrating Reid/my dad's 60th birthday party!  It was a chill event with delicious food and the perfect place for everyone to see and meet Reid.

The rest of our time in Vegas consisted of lots of garden walks around grandpa's bustling Las Vegas garden, visits from Blythe and Ben (who was so not interested in Baby Reid), a visit from Megan and Jane (who was totally interested in Reid!), neighborhood walks, cleaning out a smoke-infested fridge Brian and I are taking from the Klabackas, a mall outing to find Reid a blessing outfit, and a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa.  We took them some Jack in the Box and mom and I took Reid on a little walk around the temple.

Mom and dad drove Reid and I back to Pasadena a week later.  They accompanied me to my appointment at my OB's office.  Mom spent many hours walking around with Reid in Burbank the first couple months of his life while I went to numerous appointments. 
We were so happy to be with dad again!!  And we think he was pretty happy to see us.

A couple days later we went to HB the Saturday before Memorial Day and took Reid to the beach.  I had purchased a cute little suit, baby sunscreen, a hat, and had his baby carrier all ready for the big outing.  As soon as we arrived I realized how dumb that was.  He was way too little for the beach haha!  We snapped a couple pics and then went back to the condo.

We did get to see my beloved friend Ahlin though!!  I have missed her and was so happy she was able to meet Reid, who slept through her visit!  Fail!

May 30th meant Brian's 30th birthday!!!  (ALSO IT JUST OCCURED TO ME IT WAS HIS GOLDEN BIRTHDAY AND I TOTALLY DIDN'T REALIZE THAT AGH FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL)  Tim and Nancy and his grandparents came over for some cake and showered him with gifts the weekend before his birthday.

Poor Brian had class the day of his birthday so I knew we wouldn't see him.  So I took Reid out to Claremont to see his dad and show him off to the Renken co-workers!  At the time this was a VERY big outing for just us two haha and it required all my bravery!  We stopped by Krispy Kreme on the way and got donuts for all his co-workers.  It was fun to see Brian proudly show off his babe.

Reid dressed up for daddy's birthday.

We have really appreciate living close to the Ngo's the past few months!  I enjoyed lots of help from Erika and Sarah the first couple months of Reid's life.

Lizzie was off in DC interning and we sure did miss her!  Luckily we got to Facetime her a lot.

Reid's greatest skill in life is his ability to sleep!!  I am FOREVER thankful!!  He sleep trained himself and now sleeps through the night pretty much every night.  If he does wake up it's just once very briefly.  The first night he slept through the night my mom was freaking out and telling me how rare it was because none of her girls slept through the night for years!  Bless Reid!!

Nani would come keep me company Tuesday nights while Brian was in class.  I appreciate the help and most of all the company!

Nights when Brian didn't have class or homework we would take walks and go to the Starbucks or Juice it Up.
A few other things from month #2:
-things got a little easier.  although I was on my own more I became more comfortable with Reid and familiar with his personality.
-I missed Brian.  A lot.  It seems like he was always in class or doing homework, and it was hard to not bother him!
-I was again so SO thankful for the help of my parents.  From them having us in Vegas all week to them taking me to doctor's appointments.  We relied on them so much.
-Reid let his personality shine through.  We learned he LOVES to FaceTime with Aunts Becky and Lizzie and all his grandparents.
-Still preferred daddy over mommy, which she was fine with!
-Great breastfeeder and eater!  Could eat all day if I let him.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Reid Month #1

The first month of Reid's life went by quickly and slowly.  It was hard, joyful, frustrating, confusing, and a huge learning process.  Here are some picture highlights and then I'll write down a few specifics:

The day after we brought him home mom and dad came back from HB and hung out with us.

All of Brian's grandparents and Tim came over the day after we got home.  Lita was singing to him in Spanish and it was so cute:

Reid's happy hedgehogs baby box was everything I dreamt of!  And these SwaddleMe's were a lifesavers, I never figured out how to swaddle for the life of me.

Most of month #1 consisted of this view.  My sleeping babe all cozy and perfect.

Two days after we brought Reid home it was Easter.  Dad had driven back but mom was still there essentially keeping us all alive and doing everything for me.  Bless her.  Brian had to run to get diapers that morning but Target was closed to he went to RiteAid and he got the wrong size.  Oops.  Mom made us a delicious dinner of ham, jello, potatoes, and lemon cake.  We put on real clothes for .003 seconds and took some pictures in the courtyard.  This was also the day of Reid's first walk around the 4th floor of our complex!!  Brian also discovered a big leak under our sink that day so he had to spend some of Easter Sunday cleaning that out and dealing with it.

Mom got Reid this cute chick and the newly hatched bib at Target and the way he drowns in it is SO precious to me!  It shows just how newly hatched he really is.  I love his little fuzzy head so much too.

Brian only got like 6 days off of work.  It went too fast for me...and I wish he had more time but we certainly cherished those precious few days where he was all ours!!

We upgraded from looping around our complex to looping around the block.  Woo!  Fun story: the night we left for the hospital all the rose bushes in front of our complex were not in bloom.  When we brought Reid home they were EXPLODING with hundreds and hundreds of white roses!  Also every bogavia plant in Pasadena was exploding with colorful purple blossoms.  I like to think the earth was rejoicing because Reid was finally here.

The Monday after we came over the Ngo clan came by to meet Reid.  It was a great visit and we were so happy to have these important people meet Reid.  Brian was off taking his big exam.

My mom stayed with us for 3 weeks after Reid was born.  I really can't even describe how grateeful I am for her or all she did.  She came over super early, stayed super late, and kept our ship running.   She shopped, purchsed food and supplies for us, cleaned my house, did our laundry, made my bed each morning, stayed the nights on the couch with me to get up with Reid so Brian could rest, made us dinners, pushed me to get out of the house, helped me learn how to breastfeed, burped Reid EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, and the list goes on and on.  So thankful for her and so thankful for her love for Reid.  She loves him so much and it's a joy for me to watch that love unfold and grow.

Tummy time!!

Nancy and Tim were able to see quite a bit of Reid those first few weeks and we are so thankful they did.

I love this picture!

Reid's first book ever!

This is an unflattering picture haha but it's us giving Reid his first sponge bath!  We had to do this until the rest of his umbilical chord fell off.  He did not really enjoy it but it was fun to have Brian there for it.

On the 22nd Becky flew in from Chicago to meet Baby Reid!  This is right when she first met him.  I was crying, she was crying, Reid was probaly crying, you get the picture!  It was a very emotional moment for me to have my sister meet my baby.  Becky immidiately took to Reid and loves him SO much which makes my heart so happy.

Baca was also in town when Becky was!  My mom had dashed down to Las Vegas to pick him up.  He insisted on making hte trip to meet Reid, his second great-grandchild.  He can't do much these days but he can hold a baby like a CHAMP!  Watching him hold and love on Reid also made my heart very very happy.  These two are so important to me:

The first few weeks of Reid's life included MANY trips to get ice cream!  We walked to Afters ice cream with Becky a couple of times. The weather was lovely and it's a good distance so we took advantage.

Laura was able to come meet Reid before work one day!  And little did I know in this picture she was also pregnant!  Yay!  We are determined our kids will be besties haha.

Reid's first mail!  His social security card!

We took this picture on a Sunday during a walk to CalTech, exactly two weeks after we took a walk around CalTech to hopefully induce labor!  It worked!!

I love this 4 generations picture:

Dad came back for a visit while Becky was there.  We were missing Lizzie bad!

This was taken right after Reid's first sink bath, which was a total fail.  Tim and Nancy bought us this fancy Puj Tub thing that didn't fit in our sink and probably almost crushed Reid.  He was traumatized and so were we!

*No pictures, please*

We made a bold move one Saturday when we went for a walk around Old Town and Brian convinced me to get sushi.  I had been dying to eat sushi after many pregnant months without it.  We walked by a restuarnat with a big patio and Brian wanted to get me lunch there.  I declined, nervous abour Reid, and we kept wlking.  But then I decided I needed to buck up and do it.  And we are SO glad we did!  Reid was an angel and slept the whole time.  I got my sushi, and Brian and I got a date in.  Good memories.

Reid had cradle cap pretty bad and his forehead also peeled a lot.  He's clearly NOT happy about it:

Eric and Kayla came to La Verne for Crew's big 1st birthday party.  Reid and I skipped it, but on their way out of town, they stopped by to meet Reid along with Brian's grandparents.  Crew was interested for about .02 seconds and then had to be kept far away from such a small delicate child, but everyone else was very interested!

Once Lizzie's finals were over, she hurried back to Vegas where my mom was and packed up for her DC internship, then drove to Pasadena after their church ended.  Traffic was awful for them, and it was almost 10pm when they got to town.  Mom wanted to drive straight to Aunt Erika's where they were staying, but Lizzie and I wanted this meeting to happen ASAP, so they pulled up outside our building while Brian and I dashed down with Reid.  I was so happy!  The interaction lasted maybe 2 minutes but it was memorable and joyous.

Lizzie was able to stay a few days before she jetted off to her summer in DC.  I LOVED having her here.  It was a couple of weeks after Becky's visit and I was feeling more up to outings and adventures, so we got out of the house and did fun things with Reid.

Grandma and Grandpa were in Huntington Beach while Lizzie and Mom were here and drove up one day to spend time with Reid.  Although they have now 5 great grandkids this was only the second one they ever met.  It was exciting to watch this and be able to show off my baby to them!

We took many walks around the block, Reid's favorite activity!  Aka the things that put him to sleep!

More Afters visits, this time with Lizzie!  It's ironic we had so many ice cream outings seeing as I couldnt eat dairy haha.

Lizzie's visit was too shorts and we were sad when she left for LAX.  Already counting down the days until she's back.

On Cinco de Mayo we met up with Aunt Erika and went to the Despasco Gardens in La Canada.  Reid slept like a champ, of course, and we got lots of steps in!

We walked to Michaels and Rite Aid one night with mom to figure out mothers dad gifts for the ward which Brian got put in charge of.  And of course we cream!

This was taken the day mom left after nearly a month of being here almost every day (minus a few quick trips to Vegas).  I knew I wouldn't see her for a couple of weeks.  We took a big walk and then she left.  I cried and she cried.  It was sad.  I didn't know if I could do this whole mothering thing without her, and jury is still out to be honest!  Moms make everything easier!!  (PS she knit that hat Reid is wearing. Super grandma.).

All bundled up for a chilly night walk around old town.

We took a walk around a nice neighborhood in San Marino one Sunday after a big rainstorm.  It was gorgeous weather but very chilly.  I remember I started crying to Brian as we walked because I was so unsure I could do this all by myself.  #Hormones.

Later that night Reid BLEW US AWAY!  We put his tummy time blanket down and were sitting there as he laid on his tummy and all of a sudden, he ROLLED OVER.  I was blown away!  We tried again, and he rolled over again!  Totally intentioanl!  I called my parents and they confirmed it was crazy early for that.  I was so proud of him haha.  

Nice little Sunday family walk.

Sarah came over a couple of Tuesdays while Brian had class. She helped keep us company and helped give Reid a bath when it was still a 2 person job!

Reid's 1 month appointment.  Our doctor was so amused with him and impressed with how well he was doing!  This was my first solo outing far away with Reid and I was prepared!  It went great!  The doctor couldn't believe he had already rolled and was sleeping so well.  He said "this baby think he's older than he is!"

First trip to Aunt Erika's for a visit!

Love these post-nursing snuggles

Some other things about the first month: it was kind of hard.  I mean, no surprise there.  Recovering from my C-Section went as well as I could have hoped for, I was off pain meds after a few days and was able to get up and walk around pretty quickly but it was still hard.  It hurt to get up and down and I couldn't hold Reid or move around that much.  And my pain meds made me super constipated.  I was also pretty sore for a few weeks as I adjusted to nursing. Eek. I am SO thankful my mom was there for so long.  She stayed 2 full weeks and did literally everything: shopped, cooked, cleaned, burped Reid, walked him when he was fussy, and kept me going.  I cry thinking of how thankful I am for her help.  Especially since Brian had to hurry back to work so soon.  The first couple weeks we had Reid in the baby box in the living room.  It was easier for me to get up and down from the couch after my C-Section.  He was a decent sleeper for a newborn, woke up every few hours to eat.  I didn't sleep much.  When Brian had to go back to work my mom stayed with me on the couch for a few nights to help out.  A true saint, I'm telling you.  We eventually got him into our room with the box because I was able to get in and out of my bed again.

A few things we found out about Reid during month #1:
-Loves loves loves stroller rides and always fell asleep in the stroller during walks
-Champion eater!  No problems nursing!
-Loves being outside and it really calms him down
-Could spend all day starring at the fuzzy dots lining his diaper pad, so funny
-Super long nails I had to cut which made mom so nervous
-Always had his hands next to his face or above his head when he was sleeping
-Sweet and cuddly and calm baby, only screamed when he was hungry or tired, didn't really ever scream just for the sake of It
-Did NOT enjoy bath time and still does not
-Took his binky so easily!  Loved it especially when dipped in gripe water
-Strong neck!  Everyone was amazed he could hold his neck up so easily and quickly

Being a new mom is overwhelming, but throughout the first month I kept having (and still do) these moments of realizations: this perfect little baby is MINE. I'm a MOM.  I am so blessed and will forever cherish those precious first few weeks getting to  know and love Reid Hayes Campa. ###