the campas

the campas

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Watching a Good Husband Become a Good Dad

Today I can't stop thinking about how thankful I am for Brian. I'm writing this post not to publicly embarrass his humble self, or even brag about him, I just want to remember for myself some of the small things that he does for our family. He is honestly the busiest person I know, yet he always makes time to help me and Reid. 

These past few days with Reid have been a little tough. He's gone from my wonder baby who loves nothing more than an outing and a long nap to a normal baby....who fusses and doesn't necessarily enjoy sleep. Yesterday was especially tough. Reid was quite fussy and I was struggling all day. Brian has had what he calls "the worst week of his life" at work, he is so busy at that place that he has to work late every night plus do his schoolwork. As his semester is wrapping up, everything is getting crazy. He had to work until 8:30 last night and when he got home absolutely exhausted, I think I just handed Reid to him and walked away. He had been screaming and I was over it. But Brian didn't complain for one second as he spent the night holding and comforting Reid and playing with him while I sat on the couch, eating a bowl of cereal and enjoying some time off. I'm sure in reality Brian needed the time off more than I did, but he never complained. 

Then early this morning Reid broke his award winning sleeping streak. He's been sleeping through the night for almost 2 months now, and has never once gotten up in the middle of the night. Other moms, please don't shoot me ha ha. We have been enjoying it all too much. :) But last night he woke up around 3:30am. I had just pumped as I do every night, so I told Brian to go back to sleep and I would give Reid a bottle. But he got out of bed, took Reid and gave him a bottle and while I rocked him back to sleep, he sat there and stayed up with me. I would've been fine doing this all alone, but it was so nice to have Brian there and just know that he is with me through everything. There was no need for both of us to lose sleep, but that didn't matter to him, he just wanted to help. 

Brian took today off of work. He plays every year in a LAPD golf tournament at the Rose Bowl and always enjoys taking the day off to do that. I wanted him to sleep in today since he never has the opportunity to do that but instead he woke up early, and when Reid and I woke up we decided to all go to The Lincoln for breakfast. Brian ordered for me and got me a surprise chocolate favorite! He held Reid he was fussing so I could eat my breakfast. We had so much fun just sitting there playing with Reid and enjoying time together. I was so glad that Brian didn't sleep in and decided to take us to breakfast, even though I really did want him to get some extra rest. 

When we got home from breakfast I think Reid's little stunt last night caught up with him. He fell right asleep and Brian told me to go back to bed so I could get some sleep while he sat the living room and watched Reid in his stroller. (I get so nervous when he sleeps in his stroller, ha ha, one of my ridiculous things I'm afraid of). I think I slept for about three hours and Brian only woke me up because he was leaving to go to his golfing tournament. As I was laying there in bed while Reid was still asleep I was just thinking about all these nice things Brian does and seriously never complains. And it's not like the past 24 hours have been anything special or unique. This is how it is every day. Brian works so hard, is going to school, and still wants to do everything possible for his family. Today in the car on our way to breakfast I was saying I'm feeling guilty because he works so hard and all I do is stay home and hang out with Reid. But he was telling me he thinks my days are harder than his. It's almost comical! But I'm so thankful to have married a man who is so giving up his time and loves his baby so much. I need to start writing down these instances more so that I never ever forget them. Oh and thank goodness Brian doesn't read my blog! :) ###

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