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the campas

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Reid's Hospital Stay

I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to blog about Reid's hospital stay, mainly because so many details are starting to slip my mind, but also because I started and basically completed this blog post and it took FOREVER and then it deleted itself -_- gah.  Oh well, such is life.

We LOVED our time at Providence St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank.  We loved it so much, in fact, that when Dr. Cashie cleared me to go home she could tell how sad and upset I was and offered to extend my stay by a day just for the heck of it.  As tempted as I was I resisted the offer and forced myself to go home and face real life with a baby.


As soon as we were cleared from the OR recovery room, the nurses wheeled Reid and I up to our hospital room while my parents and Brian tagged along.  Then, they all heaved me over to my new bed (which went up and down and back and forth as I pleased, I seriously loved it) using this inflatable mattress thing.  It was equal parts embarrassing and funny.  We all stood around admiring Reid, and I was given a lunch of liquids, like Jello and soup broth, which is a shame cause I was starving.  Tim and Nancy arrived from visiting Eric and Kayla in SLO and were so excited to get their hands on Reid.  It was wonderful getting to watch them meet their second grandson.  Details at this point are blurry for me because I was so tired.  I had been up for well over 24 hours and the adrenaline of giving birth and meeting Reid was starting to wear off.  I can truly say I was more tired than I had ever been in my life.  My parents and Brian convinced me that Reid would be there when I woke up, and I needed to nap. So I did.  

When I woke up I was so hot and sweaty from the pain meds I was on and all the hormonal changes.  I felt like a smelly hot mess but I couldn't shower yet.  I threw on a little makeup and just accepted I would look awful in all pics.  Brian was pretty tired too, so he  hitched a ride to Pasadena with his parents and went home to shower and get a nap in while my parents stayed with me.  The rest of the day was spent admiring Reid and having lots of nurses come in to check on him and me.  I felt pretty good and was enjoying my catheter and not having to get out of bed to use the bathroom!

I loved texting my sisters and family and friends pictures of Reid and details of his birth.  I wish I could go back and find and save all those texts somehow, people were just so excited and happy for us!  I didn't even feel bad for spending so much time on my phone.  No one told me how much newborns sleep on their first day alive!  Reid was hardly awake and he was so still and swaddled while just laying in his plastic box next to me I was sort of concerned he wasn't real hah.

At a certain point our nurse came in and gave Reid his first bath.  Well, it was really more of a rinse.  He didn't love it but after it was all said and done she posed him in a cute way with his bum in the air and we got some great pictures!

Brian came back that evening and spent some more time with Reid and I.  My mom convinced him to sleep at our place and let her stay the night shift with me so he could actually get some real sleep and studying for his upcoming exam.  (Brian had an exam that next week, awful timing).  He agreed and went home.

That night went pretty well.  We were up worrying a lot about if Reid was breathing, and at a certain point my mom was worried Reid was looking blue and dashed outside yelling for a nurse to come.  She did come in and assured us he was perfectly fine.  I guess we were just too worried haha.  He slept for a good portion of the night.  I truly had no idea how much newborns sleep.  He had hardly been awake that whole day.  Our night nurse, Baxter, was great and helped me figure out breastfeeding positions that worked and helped us swaddle him.  We were sad to heat it was her last night before vacation and she wouldn't be back the next night, but she promised to get us a great nurse and she delivered on that promise!  My mom and I didn't sleep much, and morning eventually rolled around and my dad came in to take over while mom went to their hotel to get a nap.


I spent the morning watching the news and enjoying solid food for the first time.  Those boring old hospital eggs and potatoes couldn't have tasted more scrumptious!!  Before Brian got there a nurse came in and told us that Dr. Cashie was ready for Reid's circumcision.  She does those kind of on the fly whenever she has a spare moment at the hospital, meaning we didn't know when it would happen.  I was planning on Brian staying with Reid for that procedure but he wasn't there, and my dad could probably sense my panic, so he assured me he would go with Reid and make sure he was ok.  It felt like that took SO long, and I was so worried and sad for Reid the whole time thinking about how much it would hurt.  Well turns out they numb it so much that he hardly cried, and also passed his first hearing test and blood work hey did on him too.  My dad said he was a total champ!!  Only problem was they did some test that showed he had high levels of stress, but they said it was probably just from the birth since he was facing the wrong way and struggling.  Overall he was passing every test and was a healthy baby boy!

Brian eventually got back and his parents came over.  We all sat around, visiting, enjoying Reid.  Mom and Dad went to Huntington Beach that afternoon and it took them a whopping 2.5 hours to get there, yikes.  Tim and Nancy stayed with us awhile.  

Aunt Erika and Sarah also stopped by to meet Reid!  I am SO glad they did!  They brought us lovely white roses and enjoyed holding Reid and visiting.  It was good to see them and I loved being able to show baby Reid off.  They eventually went home, as did Tim and Nancy, and Brian and I were alone on Reid duty for the first time!

That night wasn't super fun.  Reid screamed a lot and seemed STARVING.  Despite our amazing night nurse, Katie, checking on us a lot, the night dragged on and we were both tired.  At one point she came in to check on him and as she was changing him he peed on her while pooping, and then started to choke!  So much happened at one time, but I could tell when he started to chock she was worried.  Luckily she's a pro and grabbed the suction thingy and got whatever was blocking his airways out and hit him on the back until he started to breath normally.  It was terrifying and I felt helpless and scared of what I would do if this ever happened at home without a nurse.  She assured me it was normal and we could handle it, but I wasn't so sure!  We spent the night trying to comfort Reid while watching whatever garbage was on TV, I remember we watched like 2 episodes of Law and Order SVU? Random? Hah.


I think Brian and I eventually got some sleep, it's all a blur.  This day was our easiest as we felt Reid was a little older and was figuring things out.  Our day nurse was amazing, I wish I could remember her name.  She was so patient and caring and answered all our questions....and we had many.  

Mom came back pretty early that morning after she heard Reid had a tough night.  Dad stayed in HB all day.  The Campas also came back and left later that afternoon after a long visit.  

We had some super annoying people came take newborn pictures of Reid, it took forever and we were pretty much over it as soon as it started.  The day before a random pediatrician popped in to inspect Reid but didn't say or do much (she was filling in for our pediatrician, a devout Jew who was off for Holy Week).  So this day a NEW doctor stopped by and said the previous doctor didn't document her visit (???) so he had to check Reid again.  We really liked him and felt he was thorough and really cared about how Reid was doing.  He ordered some extra tests to make sure Reid didn't have an infection after his fever he got during birth.  He was fine thank goodness.

Dr. Cashie came by and cleared me to leave the next day.  I was equally sad and happy to get real life started.  I got way too used to my amazing bed, the great nurses, all my meals brought to me in bed, and constant help.  I was able to take a couple of short walks around the hospital floor and though I was moving in slow motion it felt good to get out and about and out of my room.  The nurses were so sweet and encouraging when I passed by them haha.  The theme of the floor is "It's a Small World" since it's funded by Disney (the labor floor's theme is Dumbo but I was in way to much pain to enjoy it while I was there!) my family loved this theme and kept talking about all the cute originally Small World artwork on display so I was glad I was able to enjoy some of it myself!


Reid had a great night on his final night in the hospital.  Mom spent the night and everything went well, we were able to get plenty of sleep and hardly saw our night nurse.  At one point Reid started to fuss and I sang him some primary songs and he seemed to like that.  It made me so happy because I have always dreamt of singing primary songs to  my babies and I just loved finally being able to do it!  One time Brian asked me what I was looking forward to as a mom and I said "singing primary songs to him."  It did not disappoint.

The next morning Brian came back and we started the process of getting ready to go.  I showered and got into some real clothes, which was very daunting considering I could still barely move.

Leaving the hospital is a LONG process.  You have to get cleared by like a million people and all these people come in to see you.  Nurses, pediatrician, my doctor, a breastfeeding expert, the billing lady, the photo people, ect.  There is so much paperwork and information thrown your way, it made my desire to stay at the hospital forever quickly disappear.  When we finally did get ALL the stuff we dragged in together and Reid in his cute "going home" outfit, I picked him up and started walking out the door.  I got maybeee 2 feet before 5 nurses yelled at me I'm not allowed to walk, I have to get pushed in a wheelchair.  Hah oops!  SO we went back in and waited for a wheelchair.

Brian drove the car up and we tried to get the car seat ready for Reid.  This was a nightmare.  We through it would be easy but we could NOT figure it out and it was so frustrating.  My mom was holding Reid inside while Brian and I were getting so frustrated trying to figure it out.  After awhile a kind nurse came down to help us.  Our first task as parents on our own and we basically failed, great, haha!

We finally strapped him up and started to leave.  Mom drove her car separately.  Brian drove so slow and cautiously home while I sang primary songs to Reid.  I asked Bri if he was nervous and he said yes and it seemed like everyone around him was driving like a maniac.  We concluded everyone always drives like a maniac we just noticed that day haha. 

We brought Reid upstairs and he was finally home!  This wasn't as emotionally as I thought it would be.  Maybe because I was just so stressed and overwhelmed and still on pain meds.  Mom came by and then ran to Target to get a few things we needed.  The rest of the evening was spent with just Bri and I while mom returned to HB.  It was a quiet evening.  Brian did homework.  I nursed Reid.  Mainly it was one of those weird "holy crap we have a baby now" nights that didn't end after that night.  More about that later. ###