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the campas

Friday, May 19, 2017

Reid Hayes Campa Birth Story

It's hard to believe that our little Reid Hayes Campa is over a month old.  I figure I had better write down his birth story before I forget any more important little details.  Life has been kind of crazy lately, but each morning (or middle of the night for a feeding) when I wake up I have the same thought: I cannot believe I have this perfect little boy of mine and that I’m a mom!  I feel truly so blessed, happy, overwhelmed, tired, and in love with Reid.  Here’s how it all went down:

The weekend of April 7th-9th was kind of weird.  It felt like it all happened in slow-mo.  Friday night we went out to a Mexican restaurant and I ate a TON.  I was starving and craving Mexican food and I figured it would probably be our last date night before the baby/last chance to use my favorite “eating for 2” excuse.  I was right.  

We stopped at the store after to get some frozen meals and things so we would be ready for the baby whenever he decided to come.  Saturday we hung out at home, went and got Wahoo’s and a lemonade, put together a stroller, and Brian watched The Masters. 


Sunday Brian had a practice exam, I skipped church, and we sat around watching The Masters….I made a massive amount of homemade brownies for some reasons, then we took a walk around CalTech to see if we could get labor going, then we drove on the famous Pasadena bridge.  

Ultimately, I felt super normal (besides being a gigantic pregnant lady) and couldn’t imagine giving birth anytime soon.  I just didn’t feel any contractions, pain, ect.  Sunday night I woke up to go to the bathroom and discovered I lost my mucus plug.  That doesn't meant labor is coming extremely soon, so I didn’t think too much of it, but I was excited that labor may be getting just a little closer!! 

On April 10th, my due date, I puttered around all morning, cleaning, resting, watching TV, eating as much as I could.  It was truly a weird morning and I felt like I was in limbo.  I did some more reading and realized what I assumed was my mucus plug was actually the blood show, meaning labor was coming quicker than I thought!!  I had an appointment set up with my OB for that afternoon, so I was anxious to get some answers!  Brian was going back and forth about coming with me because he had class and I was so sure I wouldn’t be admitted to the hospital but ultimately he decided to come so I didn’t have to drive myself in rush hour traffic.  Bless him.  We took all our hospital bags with us just in case. 

I was able to see my actual doctor in Burbank which sometimes doesn't happen because she is super busy and has tons of patients and deliveries.  She checked me and told me I was actually 2cm dilated, and experiencing contractions!  In fact, when I was laying on the table and she was examining me she said “you’re having a contraction right now!” But I couldn’t even tell.  She told Brian and I she “wouldn’t be surprised” if she saw us later that night or early the next morning.  What!?  I kind of thought she was insane.  She did a quick ultrasound and told me that he was moving from sunny side up to face down, thank goodness.  He had been sunny side up for a good portion of the third trimester which makes labor and delivery more painful/difficult. We left the appointment feeling excited...and hurried to text our families who were eagerly awaiting an update.

When we got home, I almost IMMEDIATELY started to have contractions.  It was hard to tell what they were at first, but they progressively got stronger and stronger and Brian started to time them.  Bri made a frozen pizza and I nibbled on some crackers while we watched Harry Potter movies.  I was surprised the contraction didn't hurt as bad as I imagined, and tried to do my breathing exercises through them.  Brian was super helpful and supportive.  He was also able to give me a blessing that was so comforting and helpful.  Around 10:30 they started getting lots stronger and longer, and I was getting nervous about getting to the hospital, so we decided to go!  I was 90% sure they would admit me but also nervous about getting sent home to keep laboring.

We had to enter the hospital through the emergency room entrance since it was so late.  A nice nurse came out to the car and brought me in in a wheelchair.  I came in the same time as another lady in labor, and we waited in the same hall together for awhile while Brian parked.  She seemed like WAY more pregnant and uncomfortable and in labor than me and I started to worry I came too soon haha.  I eventually got up to labor and delivery and met my nurse.  She was not necessarily a friendly lady.  She didn't really explain what was going on, and was pretty old and seemed like she might just be tired of her job and working with crazy pregnant ladies in the middle of the night.  She also had like NO sympathy for my labor pains ha.  Also it took her like 3 hard stabs to get my IV in.  ((eye roll)) But enough about her.   I got into a hospital gown, got in bed, and waited while they checked me out.  I wasn’t as dilated as I hoped, just 3cm!  But my contractions were getting stronger so they admitted me officially.  Thank goodness.  After what felt like forever waiting in that little room, I got my own delivery room.  By the time I was in there my contractions were HORRIBLE.  They hurt much worse than the contractions I had at home, and I wasn’t handling the pain well.  I told myself I wouldn't be that girl, but I was….I was screaming out in pain, I couldn’t help it!  I kept telling Brian to keep asking about the epidural because I didn't fee like my nurse was even worried about it AND it was after 1am at that point and I figured there weren’t a ton of extra anesthesiologists on hand. I feel so bad, a really nice guy came in to draw my blood and he was asking us questions about the baby and if we had other kids, just trying to be friendly, but I couldn't even answer him I was in such pain, and when he actually drew the blood I got an awful contraction and screamed out in pain and I think it scared him.  Oops!

Brian was a champ and got me the epidural much faster than if I just waited for the grumpy nurse to get it.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil, or in our case, high powered pain meds!  He was asked to leave for the epidural (a hospital policy) and the anesthesiologist got it hooked up.  She was also not a very nice lady.  She also didn't really explain what was going to happen, and I got a really bad contraction right as she inserted the needle so I figured I should inform her but she just said WELL DON’T MOVE! haha.  I guess they put the grump people in charge at night.  But as soon as the drugs were flowing I felt a ZILLION times better!!  It worked like a charm and I couldn’t feel any pain. 

The rest of the night was a waiting game.  I was hooked up to a million things including a blood pressure monitor.  I was exhausted and trying to sleep, but every time I would doze off that things would squeeze my arm so tightly I woke right up.  Brian couldn't sleep much either, mostly because nurses kept coming in to check on me and see how things were progressing.  At one point they decided I had a slight fever, so they gave me antibiotics.  They also realized the baby’s heart rate was dropping, so they gave me a shot of medicine to slow labor down.  The medicine made me shake like crazy and made my heart race, not too fun.  I wasn’t really that worried about the news the baby’s heart rate was dropping, I guess I figured that was normal during delivery?  Or maybe I was drugged out so much I couldn't really stress??  They also gave me an oxygen mask to help him get more oxygen.

The rest of the night had a few more instances like that.  Another injection to slow labor down and another round of them worrying about baby’s heart rate.  The nurse told me she assumed I would start pushing around 7am, so in my mind I was just trying to get to that point.  Around 4 or 5 she told me I was only 7cm dilated, not enough to start pushing.

My parents had driven up from Vegas once we told them we were going to the hospital.  They had gotten a hotel room, kind of slept some, and then texted Brian.  I didn't think they were coming until after he was born, so when Brian told me they wanted to come by while I was still in labor I almost cried out of joy.  I juts needed to see my mom for some reason, not like Brian wasn’t doing a FANTASTIC job supporting me!

Around 6 my mom and dad came in.  I remember seeing them and just feeling a rush of happiness.  I think my mom may have started crying a little bit when she saw me, and I would have too if I hadn’t been on so many happy drugs! She did seem extremely concerned I was on oxygen though, which made me start to wonder just how routine that was.  After chatting with them for a bit, my nurse came in and found out I still had a fever, wasn’t progressing past 7cm, and the baby’s heart rate was dropping again.  She said she wanted to bring my doctor in.

When Dr. Cashie came in she was all business.  She studied the baby heart rate charts for what seemed like forever, then felt my cervix for again what felt like forever.  Then she looked at me and said the baby’s heart rate is dropping, you aren't getting past a 7, and now you have a fever.  We could keep waiting and things would probably be fine, but I think we need to get your baby out now and do a C-Section.  I knew right away this was what needed to happen, but I glanced at my mom and Brian for reassurance.  My mom did a thumbs up and Brian looked as perplexed yet sure as I felt.  As soon as I said the word yes, things happened SO fast.  It’s like a line of people were lined up outside my door just waiting for the word go.  Almost instantaneously about 10 people rushed in and just started poking, prodding, moving, and talking to me.  I guess they had to classify the C Section as an “emergency” so people have to move fast. It was such a blur and I was starting to panic a little.  Brian and my mom were off signing papers so I couldn’t really see them, so by the time they started to wheel me out and my mom was saying goodbye and good luck I had NO idea where Brian was or if he was allowed to come so I remember yelling down the hall “is Brian coming!?” And someone said yes, I think, so I felt better haha.  

There was this nice young man who was the surgical anesthesiologist and I think he could sense my fear so he kept reassuring me everything would be alright, these procedures were common, and it would all be over soon.  I asked him if I would be able to feel anything and he told me no, but they would do some small test cuts before the surgery just to make sure.  Phew.  I was starting to really have anxiety about my heart palpitating because they had given me that medication to slow contractions down, but the nurse said it caused fast heart rate.  Plus my heart tends to palpitate when I am stressed out, and let me tell you, my stress level was OFF THE CHARTS at that point.  I was praying SO hard that everything would be ok and that my body could handle the surgery and I wouldn’t pass out and cause harm to the baby.  It’s amazing how much you rely on prayer during times like that when you have nothing else you can do.  

As soon as I was in place in the surgery room things seemed to move in slow motion and fast forward all at once.  I remember looking around and thinking is this really happening?  Am I really having an emergency C Section?  I had never been in an operating room and it’s kind of stressful to see all the gear and people scurrying around.  Brian was off putting his surgical gear on and I figured they wouldn’t start until he got there...but I was wrong.  Who else was wrong? That anesthesiologist.  They didn’t do any “test cuts” but thank goodness I was so dang numbed up I couldn’t even move my toes at all.  They started to cut and I could feel it.  It wasn’t painful, I could just feel it.  Right after they started Brian came dashing in.  Thank goodness he read my mind and grabbed my nice camera, because I was super worried we wouldn't get any brand new baby pictures from the OR.  

I was SO worried and Brian could tell, so he just got right by me and held my hand and kept smiling and saying it was ok and we would get to meet our little boy soon.  I kept telling him how scared I was and he was just so calming.  I am so glad he was there.  Brian does not really do well with medical stuff like this so I am really truly grateful that he stepped up to the plate and was my rock when I needed it.

The whole cutting process was so fast.  Dr. Cashie and a male doctor who had some cool British accent (or maybe not, could’ve been the drugs haha) were working so quickly.  They had a sheet up so I couldn’t see anything but I could hear them.  My anesthesiologist told me when they were about to pull the baby out, and he said I would feel a lot of pressure.  He was right, it felt like someone sat on me.  But then it was like a weight had been taken off of me, and I heard it, that beautiful first cry.  Just like in the movies.  He was here!!  Some doctors and nurses started rushing around, I assume cleaning him off and checking him out. 


Someone called for Brian to come over, and then he did what he swore he would never do: cut the umbilical chord!  He was so against it because he didn’t want to see all the blood and goops but since it was a C Section it was a little different and I'm glad he was able to do it.  All of a sudden a doctor brought him over to me and I saw his little perfect face and Brian held him against my cheek.  It’s hard to describe that moment.  SO much relief and love poured over me at once.  I fell in love instantaneously, and it felt like I knew him my whole life.  I was crying so hard and just telling him I loved him.  I kept telling Brian “he’s so perfect!”  And that’s because he is.  I can still feel how it felt when his little cheek was against mine and I can still see his face at that exact moment I met him.  Those minutes while I was laying there on operating table and Brian and my baby boy were right next to me are sacred and precious to me. I will never forget them. 

During the whole bonding with baby experience my anesthesiologist said to me “ok they’re just sewing up your uterus and placing it back into your body.” haha!  He was so serious!  I think he was trying to keep me informed and make me feel better but honestly it was just TMI, I had no idea my uterus was outside of my body and I think I liked it better that way!  But I am thankful for him because he took some pictures of us as a newly minted family of 3.

A C-Section is 10% getting baby out and 90% sewing you back up.  They took baby boy away after a few minutes and I just laid there getting stitched up.  Brian was over taking pictures and watching over baby boy.  My C Section was unusually quick, about 45 minutes, and I remember hearing Dr. Cashie and the other possibly British doctor chatting away about co-workers, life, how much doctors get paid, like random chatter and I was thinking ummm they must do like 20 of these a day cause they could NOT be more casual about sewing my body back together right now!

After it was over Dr. Cashie came over, congratulated us, and I grabbed her hand freakishly hard and just started thanking her profusely (I’ll blame the drugs for anything weird I said) I just was SO thankful she decided to do the C Section.  It was the right call.  I know it was.  It turns out that stubborn baby boy WAS sunny side up, which is why things weren’t progressing.  At my ultrasound Monday he was starting to flip but I guess he changed his mind. 

At some point, Brian and I easily decided that little baby was in fact Reid.  I think I already knew but I needed to see him, and I’m glad I did because it solidified our decision.  When it was all over they handed me Reid and I held him against my chest as they wheeled me out of the operating room.  I remember being so blissfully happy just holding that tiny little baby against me.  

I was taken into a recovery room where they monitored my heart/oxygen rates for about an hour after the surgery to make sure everything was ok.  I had to wait until they told me my parents could come in, and I was SOOO excited for them to meet Reid!  Brian called his parents during that time and told them everything.  Then he went and grabbed my parents.  I remember them coming in and i just lost it, my heart was racing so fast the nurse told me I needed to calm down haha.  They came in and my mom just started crying and my dad had the biggest smile.  Thank goodness Brian taped it.  I kid you not EVERY time I watch it back I cry so hard.  That was a special moment for me, my parents meeting my baby.  My mom told me she heard him cry down the hall when he was born, ha!  

A lactation nurse came in and told me she would help us start the breastfeeding process.  As soon as we were both in position Reid just latched right on and started sucking away!  What a champ!  The nurse was literally like I guess I don't need to be here anymore?? Ha.  

After it was determined that I was stable enough to be moved to my own room on the new baby floor of the hospital they wheeled me on up as I held onto Reid so tightly.  I know this blog post is getting to novel-status so I’ll end here and continue to blog about the next 4 days in the hospital on a new post.  To wrap it up, Monday evening and Tuesday morning are precious to me.  The whole process of getting Reid here was at times painful and scary, but I wouldn't change a thing.  It’s a beautiful thing bringing a baby into the world with your husband.  And it’s true what they say, it’s ALL worth it.