the campas

the campas

Thursday, March 23, 2017

CBS Baby Shower

A few months ago, 3 of my closest friends at work: Marty, Jenny, and Laura, offered to throw me a baby shower so I could celebrate with my co-workers.  I was so touched and excited, and assumed it would just be a little get-together with food and chatting.  They kept me in the dark about pretty much everything, so I had NO idea how much work they put into everything until I arrived at Marty's house that Saturday!  They planned every detail, had a perfect theme, and made it such a special memory for me.  I am so thankful!

The theme of the shower was "cloudy with a chance of baby," a nod to our jobs in the news business as well as the incredibly rainy winter we've had here in california.  Perfect!  They decorated Marty's house from top to bottom and it was so SO cute.  

The cake was my favorite part.  Look at how sweet this is!  The baby sleeping on the cloud!? Ah!

And that wasn't the only cake.  My producer friend Jaffa made me a diaper cake!  I have admired so many of these at baby showers and always hoped to get one.  Dreams come true people!

One of the most amazing parts of the shower was how many people came.  In the news business almost every single person has a difference shift.  One person had just gotten off a full overnight shift, but made the effort to be there!  We had a few people come early and leave early so they could get to the station and produce the weekend newscasts.  We also had a guest who came all the way from Tustin to be there.  If you don't know where that is, it's over an hour away....not in LA traffic.  I was blown away by the kindness of my co-workers who all made time to be there.  And it was in Sylmar, kinda far!

There was a ton of food there.  They had croissants and rolls for sandwiches, with tons of meat options and chicken salad.  There was fresh fruit, salad, fruit, and "mimosas" for the drinkers and sparkling non-alcoholic beverages for the rest of us.

There were 3 games.  The first was a super fun game where clues were given out to make you guess the baby name.  Such as, this is what an attorney does.  The answer was "Sue."  It was fun for us wordy-people who produce and write the news!  Then Marty's game, which was a hit.  She had us get into teams of two and we played baby pictionary, with funny words like breastfeeding and dirty diaper.  Let's just say there were lots of graphic pictures haha.  We all had so much fun.  Laura's game was another word game, she gave us a list of clues that we had to match to a list of candy bars.  For instance, one was "the baby's father," and the answer was Sugar Daddy.  

Another thing that blew me away was the amount of gifts baby Campa received!!  My co-workers are crazy!  They basically cleaned out my registry!  I was overwhelmed, as was Brian when he came down to help me carry them to the condo.  I had so much fun opening the gifts and getting excited about using them soon.

This shower was perfect.  I was so overwhelmed and thankful I almost started sobbing on my drive home, haha.  I am grateful to work at a place where I not only love what I do but I love the people I do it with.  Can't wait to show off baby Campa to an eager newsroom very soon!!! ###

Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Babymoon" San Diego Trip- Feb. 2017

I have always hated the word "babymoon."  It just seems to tacky, like why not just say vacation...??  Anyway, when we found out about baby boy I realized we needed one more getaway with just the two of us, so I embraced the concept and yes, eventually the name.  We decided that we didn't have enough time with Brian's crazy school schedule to go very far, so we decided to visit a hotel Becky told us about in San Diego with a fancy pool.

We left early Saturday morning and stopped at the San Diego temple.  We did sealings which was a great experience.  We made our way to the Marriott Marquis after that and checked into our hotel.  It was super nice!  I wanted so badly to just relax by the pool all weekend, so I made my way down there in my new maternity suit and was LITERALLY the only one there cause it was cold and windy. Haha!  Fail.

For dinner we went to Roy's which is one of my FAVS.  It's connected to the hotel so we just had to walk over.  We had such a good time talking about life/baby boy and how we hope to raise him.  

The next day Brian had to spend the morning doing homework.  Sad. I slept in and enjoyed the hotel. We ventured out around 10:30 and walked a couple miles to a hamburger place my mom read about called "Hodads."  We picked up food to go and walked back to the hotel and ate it by the pool.  It was greasy and delicious!

The afternoon was spent by the pool for me, and in the hotel for Brian as he had a big group meeting he had to virtually attend.  I seriously felt so bad for him he had to do homework during his vacation but alas, such is the life of a working MBA student.  I was so happy it was warm enough for me to chill by the pool and I spent about 4 hours just reading, relaxing, and tanning.

My intense fear of Zika is back with the warm weather.  Eek.

Becky recommended the pina coladas and I can see why, delish!

Brian was eventually able to join me and enjoy the pool and weather.

That night we walked to Ghirardelli's in the gas lamp district and ate a massive ice cream sundae, but I will jut remember Brian thinking they had the BEST free water ever and getting like 5 refills, haha!

That night we watched pretty much all of the GRAMMYs and stayed up way too late again.

The next morning we had an adventure for breakfast!  We had driven by a little place with a sign that said they were famous for their German Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.  Um, ok!  We stood in a little line and eventually sat down and ordered the famous German pancakes and some strawberry pancakes.  Oh my, we had NO idea how much food that was!  The german pancakes was like 5 inches tall and SO huge!  But so good!  And the strawberry pancakes came with like 8 pancakes.  Needless to say we came back with some leftover boxes.

We took a couple hours before we had to leave to walk around Seaport Village.  We reminisced that we came here once when I was in Yuma and we were still dating.  Brian took a picture of me on a pier and posted it to Instagram.  He took the same pic of me, this time with a baby bump!  It's fun to see how much has changed in the past 4 or 5 years.

In all honestly our babymoon was a little shorter, more crammed, and not as exotic as I would have hoped for but it was still amazing.  I'm so glad Brian and I were able to get a little alone time before the baby comes, who knows, next time we go on a trip it will most likely be as a family of 3!!

February 2017 Highlights

I am trying to get all caught up on my blogging  before baby boy makes his big debut.  We shall see if that happens!  For now, let's start with February:

Well there's the obvious part of the month, my ever-growing baby bump!  Baby boy was as active and crazy as ever.  I snapped this pic on a day the bump looked EXTRA large and in charge before the gym!  I'm happy I was able to remain so active throughout this pregnancy.

BFFL CAME TO TOWN!  Danieller's dad moved to OC recently so that means we are going to be seeing an awful lot of each other, much to my delight!!  We spent the day in Pasadena and Studio City.  It was truly a magical highlight of my year so far.

Danielle got to see the lot and the newsroom!  It was such a perfect day we could relive forever and ever.  Just chatting and catching up made my heart so happy.

We had a big ultrasound where we found out everything looks good with the baby who has the chubbiest cheeks ever!   Every time I leave a doctor's appointment with a good report I just feel so blessed and happy.  How did I get so lucky?

HAHA this might haunt me but Brian snapped this awful picture of me cause I just looked massive laying there on that table with my belly up...he loves this picture and I think it's so awkward but funny.

 We had a crazzyyyy rainstorm president's day weekend which opened up a huge sinkhole in Studio City on the road I drive on literally every single time I go to work!!!  It was like the biggest story in LA and I just kept thinking to myself "I was driving on that road literally 8 hours ago."  Cause I was.  Brian and I were watching it unfold live and it was so dramatic.  Now the repairs cause me headaches every time I try to get to work.  Blah.

Just a typical gorgeous Pasadena sunset from our balcony.  NBD.

Brian and I went out to Pinkberry after touring a townhouse in Azusa.  I ordered a massive size and was so happy to have a spontaneous date night with Brian.

I was released from my calling in the primary presidency.  The new presidency gave me this beautiful chocolate lei.  I already miss those kiddos so much.  

Someone legit brought their DOG to work on president's day.  He just starred at me all day long.  'Twas weird.

Brian supporting the Cougars!

This is an exciting picture because it's Brian walking through a model of the townhouse we just bought!!!  It's in a new development in Glendora.  I'll blog more about it soon, but it took a lot of visits/thought/prayer/convincing to get to this point and we are so so excited.  Although a part of my heart is broken to be leaving beloved Pasadena.

Laura and I finished filming Double Clock episodes.  We are now telling PR people that Double Click is on a "maternity leave."  We really are trying to get the segment sponsored, so we filmed a little promo in the studio one day which is what this picture is from.  We'll see where it goes.  Either way the past year of hosting the segment for CBSLA has been a blast.