the campas

the campas

Sunday, February 26, 2017

January 2017 Highlights

January, historically one of my least favorite months, went quickly and ended up being a lot of fun.  We were happy to stay put all month and limit our traveling after such a busy December.  It seems like my baby bump grew every day, and I got back into the gym/work flow after the holidays.  Brian started his new semester at Pepperdine, taking one Econ class in Encino and one Accounting class online.  He's as busy as ever!  We started our house hunt and also started gathering items and names for baby boy.  Here are some highlights:

mourning the loss of the greatest president we will ever know.  Miss you BO!

reuniting with my first son, Barry, and chatting about deep life things.  Love him!

Hanalei came to town and I got to see her bump!  She is due a month after me with a BOY!  A year ago we sat at the Huntington Gardens talking about infertility and babies.  Now we are both expecting.  Such happy happy times.

One year older and wiser too, if that's even possible.  HBD dinner for Uncle Tom!

My college roomie Arrin came to old town Pasadena with her family.  I got to meet her wild little boy, he got me all pumped up to have a boy!!  They are so crazy and fun!

Campa January.  Highlights include Tim and Nancy generously giving us more baby stuff than we could ever possibly use...and getting to see our boy Crew!  He is growing like crazy.

The famous Glucose test.  Good news, I passed with flying colors despite all the candy/dessert I ate in December.

I drove to HB for a lunch at Cheesecake Factory with grandma and grandpa.  Peaches got left behind.  They are 2 of the only people for which I would drive to OC just for lunch.

My worst nightmare.  Eek.

We went to see Brian's cousin play a game in Pasadena.

I get lots of weird looks at the gym now.  It's fine.

I was at work the day Mary Tyler Moore died.  She filmed her MTM show on our lot, so I walked over.  I didn't realize what a pioneer she was for women in television.

Laura and I visited a cute bakery and made Valentine's cakes for Double Click.

My parents came to DTLA for a weekend and we met up with them at a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner!  I was so happy to see them briefly and enjoy a fancy meal.

That night we got to see Barry be baptized in the coolest old church building in LA.  I am so happy for him and for the fabulous choice he made to join the church.  Plus he performed the most amazing rendition of "I like to look for rainbows" with an acapella group.  I loved it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Maternity Pictures

I have been wanting to do professional pictures with Brian for 4EVER.  And although I have always hated on maternity pictures, when I got pregnant I decided I really wanted to *professionally* capture my beautiful baby bump!  So I searched for a photographer, somehow found the PERFECTTT one, and then amazingly convinced Brian Campa to get on board!

We shot these pictures on a beautiful sunny day in Pasadena in and near Pawnee City Hall.  We loved working with Kendra and are so happy with how these turned out!  Here are a few favorites:

Last week of 2016 and first week of 2017!

Well, it's here.  2017.  The year our baby will be born!  And boy, did we ring it in in style!  In the best place in the world: HB!  Here's how we ended out the year with family.

Brian and I woke up early NYE and drove to Claremont to look at a little house for sale, then Anaheim where we met up with our friends Juli and Brian Cozzens who used to live in Pasadena.  They were in town to go to Disneyland and let us eat breakfast with them at their hotel.  We totally failed to get a picture but LOVED seeing them! 

Then we drove to Huntington where the crew was waiting for us.  The day was pretty lazy, we watched a lot of football, puzzled, made way too much food, and later on went to the Pacific City Mall and walked around.

Becky got this super cute sign so that we could have a photo session:

Party poppers!! SO fun.

Mom and dad picked up a massive amount of Panda Express and we feasted!  I am insisting that become a new tradition.

Brian ringing in the new year!  We were all re-energized by Mariah Carey's train wreck performance in Times Square.  It gave us new life.

Brian and I had to head to church early the next morning.  Becky and Nate left that morning as well, but on Monday, mom dad and Lizzie drove up to Pasadena to watch the Rose Parade!  They get there super early (apparently I really overestimated traffic haha) and we ate pancakes and watched the kick-off before walking to our spot Brian found for us a few years ago at the end of the parade route.

MR joined us because she had never been to the parade.  She is crazy and wearing shorts while we all look ready for snow.

We had such a good time and I loved testing out my new camera!  Lizzie and I were extremely disappointed The Bachelor float was filled with new no-name contestants, and not the actual Bachelor.  Boo.

After the parade we walked back home and Brian and I picked up Tommy's Burger for lunch which for some weird reason was absolutely delicious.  The family headed back to Pasadena and I had to work at 3pm.  It was a busy, tiring, and great start to 2017!

A couple days later Laura Fong and I enjoyed media passes to the float viewing so we could film a Double Click episode.  We took some glamour shots with my new camera.

I took Baca out for a milkshake later that day and enjoyed chatting with him about life.  He stayed with Erika in Pasadena while mom and the crew were in HB.

After an overnight shift, I met up with my family in DTLA.  I took the metro from Universal City.  We walked around, ate at Clifton's Cafeteria, and had ice cream at the Grand Central Market.  I was so happy to be able to see them one last time before they all left for Vegas and Lizzie went back to BYU.  I sure got a lot of quality family time during December and January!!

We wrapped up our busy week with a trip to the Spaghetti Factory with the Whites.  Staley and Michael brought Cal along for the ride and we were NOT mad about it!  He sure is cute and happy, and made us so excited to have our own little boy to take along with us soon! ###