the campas

the campas

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Disney Holiday Media Day 2016

Last week Laura and I got the idea to go to Disneyland to film a Double Click episode on the holiday festivities there.  We asked the PR guy if we could come Thursday, and he told us that was their media day for the the new Festival of Holidays, and we should just join in.  UMMM OK!  

We got there and checked into the media station, complete with swag bags and food.  Laura's friend and photog Kevin came with us to shoot everything.  It was so glorious to have a photog there and to not have to worry about getting footage.  As much as I love shooting, I was happy for the day off!  They gave us 2-day park hoppers tickets and our own Disney expert guide to show us all the great things.  Ours was named Cameron and we LOVED him.  He is a totally Disney pro and honestly believes in the magic of Disneyland so much it scares me.

We shot stand ups and footage at California Adventure, then watched a new Christmas parade.  We got front row seats and didn't have to wait, holla.  

We went over to Disneyland and shot some more, then went to Small World to wait for the lighting of the building.  We were early so got a snack and waited.  People visiting the park started to gather in the roped off section behind us, so we shot some stand ups near them and people were taking pictures of us and one little girl asked to hold out microphone.  I die.

When the lighting did happen it really was so magical.  They had the SoCal children's choir there singing a medley of jingle bells and it's a small world, and there were dancing like the little dolls in small world, so cute.  then it lit up!  after the lighting ceremony, they parted the red sea of a billion guests and took us all to California adventure for the Princess Elena parade debut.  it was kind of confusing because i don't know who she is.  after, we had a private dinner party with tons of samples of food from the park they are debuting for the festival of holidays.  plus festive beverages and delicious dessert.  i was in heaven.  

after dinner we got front row seating at the new world of color holiday show with tons of Christmas music and movie montages.  so good!  after that, media day officially ended, but they closed the park down and left it open for us till 1am with no lines on the rides but TBH we were just so tired we went home.  plus I can't ride and rides because of the bebe.
it was a magical experience seeing Disneyland the VIP way!  this thanksgiving week i am thankful for my job and Double Click and how many fun opportunities it gives me.  ###

Monday, November 21, 2016

Baby Boy Campa-Halfway Done!

Tomorrow I will officially be 20 weeks pregnant.  I cannot believe it.  The time is flying by, and as much as I am enjoying being pregnant (no sarcasm there, I really do love it and am soaking in every minute/new experience), I can't wait to meet this baby!

I wanted to blog a few highlights, like telling my family and finding out the sex of the baby.  And share an overload of pictures now that we announced it on social media this past weekend and it's public knowledge!

I visited my parents in HB literally the day after we found out about hte baby.  I was so torn about whether or not to tell them, but we decided to wait since it was still SO early.  We went back and forth on when to tell the family, and decided out mid-September UCLA/BYU football game trip was the perfect time because my sisters, parents, and Tim and Nancy would all be togehter in Provo!  I was 11 weeks at that time, so it was a safe time to share the news, too.  We sneakily requested that we all go out to dinner before the game, to which everyone agreed would be fun, and we decided to go to Brick Oven.  I got the idea that at some point, Bri and I would go to the BYU bookstore and get a BYU onesie, then at dinner, we would tell them we bought something we wanted to show them and would bust it out.  I wanted this to be a surprise for everyone!  We bought the onesie the Friday we got there after Lizzie went to class.  Saturday we saw my friends Kellen and Danielle, then left to the airport to get Tim and Nancy, and had a minor freakout session in the car!  We were both so nervous for some dumb reason!  We knew everyone would be thrilled.  It was an exciting day.  When we got back to our hotel, my dad was walking about the entrance.  He said everyone was waiting in their room for us, so let's all meet there.  Ah!  That was even better than telling people in the restaurant.  We hurried to our room and grabbed the onesie and decided to do it then and there.  My hands were sweatng like a crazy person.  It was all so perfect.  We came back to my parents room and sure enough, everyone was sitting there.  After some small talk, I said "Brian and I bought something at the bookstore we want to show you."  I pulled the onesie out of my purse and Nancy and Becky were like "Oh cute for Crew!"  I said "not for Crew..."  I was specifically watching my mom's face because I knew she would be the most surprised of all and OH MY she did NOT disappoint haha!  Her face was a mixture of happiness/confusion/surprise and it was glorious.  Becky and Lizzie and Nancy started crying which made me cry.  My dad was also so surprised.  We all hugged and took pictures!  I wish Nate could have been there but it was pretty miraculous so many of our immediate family members were gathered in one spot!  We went to Brick Oven and had a joyful dinner celebrating the news.  It was a magical day....till I got a migraine at the game and had to leave early/miss out on some activities the next day. haha!  Good ole' pregnancy!

 Nancy got us this sweet frame for ultrasound pictures:

This is the first day I noticed a little bump:

Getting bigger!

Another ultrasound:

We went to HB for a weekend and tried to get some bump pictures:

This is my FAV ultrasound picture!  He's waving!! What a sweetie!!!!

Pregnant Kim K:

Trying to find a cute outfit for pregnancy pictures:

My mom came down for a few days and I went to HB to see her.  We went shopping for maternity clothes and spent a smal fortune at "Pea in the Pod!"  It was such a great thing to do with her.  I didn't have any maternity clothes but thanks to her I am good to go!  This great outing was followed by a massive migraine and throw up session.  Just keeping it real.

Larson and Marissa sent me this cute book to read to the baby while he's still baking away.  I love it!

I had my 20 week anatomy scan and the ultrasound was so crazy!  They were able to show me his little profile!! I love that you can see his little hand too!  Brian says this is creepy and mom says he looks like Brian. Hmmm....haha!

Taken the day of my ultrasound before we went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  I was feeling my bump look, haha!

I went to a 16 week appointment at my OB (before I switched to my new one in Burbank) and I was curious if he would be able to tell the gender.  I asked him if he could tell, and if he said yes, I was going to ask him to write it down so I could reveal it with Brian since he couldn't make that appointment.  I was thinking I could see the signs of a boy, but what do I know.  So after I asked my doctor if he could tell, he looked, and said "it's a boy!" Haha, well, that was anti-climatic.  Oh well.  I wish Brian could be there, but I FaceTimed him right after and told him.  He was SO excited and surprised like me!  We REALLY thought it was a girl!  I was actually positive.  But mom did tell me because I think it's a girl, it's a boy, and she was right!  I have no clue what to do with boys, but I am SO thrilled my oldest will be a boy!  I already love him so much!  The night we found out we called and FaceTimed all our family members and they were all as surprised as we were!  My family especially, they kept saying "a boy!?" Haha.  This will be a new experience for all of us!  I am so excited he will be pretty much a year younger than his cousin Crew.  We already know they will be BFF.

The day my mom came in she took some pictures of us in Erika's backyard.  I love these balloons I got!  The blue confetti was pretty fun too, but not fun to pick up.

this is the one we ended up posting:

Overall I have been feeling great and feel like a different person compared to the first trimester!  I had such bad morning sickness and threw up randomly like it was my day job.  Now I am growing more than ever, can share the happy news, and feel so good.  I love this phase, especially since it's happening during this Thanksgiving/Christmas season.  My heart has never felt so full or happy.  I have so much to be Thankful for this year.  The excitement is building for this boy, and he will certainly be born into the most overjoyed family ever. ###


It still feels weird to type that word out, but it's true.  Brian and I are HAVING A BABY.  A boy.  A real life baby boy is joining our family next April, sooner than we could have ever imagined.  This little miracle is coming at the perfect time and to say we are excited/feeling blessed and thankful is the understatement of the century.

I journaled (in great detail) how we found out about the baby, but just in case I lose my journal I want to have a digital version, so here is a shortened version of my life during those crazy few days:

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016 (the day after our big Nevada road trip, during which I felt nauseas for a good chunk of it):
I woke up super early and packed up my stuff, watched the news, chatted with the family.  Mom and Lizzie dropped me off at the bus station around 9:30 and I rode the Bolt Bus back to LA.  I had a seat to myself and was able to listen to music.  Despite my best efforts, I slept for almost 2 hours.  I wanted to stay awake so I could sleep well tonight at 5.  I took the metro back, then walked back from the Allen stop.  i was lugging quite a bit of stuff but it wasn’t too bad.  Brian got home shortly after I did so we had a couple of hours together to enjoy.  I loved hugging him and catching up!  I missed him!  I told him about how nauseous and tired I had felt all week and he wanted me to take a pregnancy test!  I took one just last week because my dentist wanted me to before he took X-Rays.  He never took the X-Rays, but my test was negative so I assured Bri I wasn’t pregnant, even though Lizzie and Becky were teasing me all weekend.  Lizzie even told me in the spa she really thought I was and when I was leaving Becky said “good luck with your baby.”  Hah.   Brian and I watched some Bachelor in paradise before I went to bed at 5.  Luckily i slept well.  When I woke up poor Brian was sleeping on the couch.

Wednesday August 24th 2016:
I worked 12-8am and felt super sick when I got there.  I eventually had to hurry to the bathroom where I dry heaved a ton.  I didn’t know what was going on!  I finished my shift as best i could.  Laura was there so that was fun.  I went home and napped, then went to the dentist briefly so he could file down my cavity-filled tooth…..again, ugh.  Then I stopped by Jamba for a smoothie since I had no appetite.  I went to the store and got some groceries for the week.  When I came home, I decided to take a pregnancy test for the heck of it.  Despite my negative test last week, all this sickness and fatigue had me wondering.  i grabbed a 2.5 year old off-brand target test, and the blue line appeared instantly: pregnant.  what??  I didn’t believe it.  I had forgotten to check if the spot was blank before I used it, so I was positive it was a fluke or mistake.  I carried on with my day and chatted with Laura, but still had that positive test in the back of my mind.  So….I grabbed a newer, name brand test.  The line appeared SO FAST: pregnant.  My heart was racing and my hands were sweating.  I couldn't stop shaking.  I just walked around, crying, praying, unsure of what to do.  I called my OB/GYN doctor and the nurse asked me a bunch of questions, then told me to come in to see Dr. Matsuda in the morning.  Thank goodness!  I was unsure of whether or not I should tell Brian since i still didn’t even really believe it.  When he came home, we started chatting, and I casually dropped that I had taken 2 pregnancy tests with positive results.  His face was priceless!  He thought I was kidding and kept saying “are you serious??”  I showed him the tests and he hugged me so tight!  We talked for awhile about it but I kept telling him we cannot get our hopes up!!  I had to get to bed early but realized that I shouldn’t take ZzzQuil like I always do in case I am pregnant.  SO I tried to sleep without anything, and after 3 hours of trying, I gave up and called out sick.  Brian wanted me to so I could feel well rested at my appointment tomorrow.  I got up and tried to watch TV but couldn’t focus.  Brian was at a work appointment and bishopric meeting.  He came home at 10:30 and I was asleep on the couch.  We watched an episode of Suits.  Then we moved to the bedroom and prayed together that everything would work out the way it’s supposed to tomorrow.  I didn’t sleep a whole lot, and had to get up to throw up badly.  I haven’t been able to keep any food down I am so sick!!

Thursday, August 25th 2016:
I am so glad I took work off today.  I slept as long as I could and woke up and got ready to go to the Doctor’s office.  I was pretty sick.  I got to the doctor’s office at 10:30 and was so nervous to hear the news.  Brian wasn’t able to come but was very anxiously awaiting a phone call!  They had me do a urine sample, then wait in the waiting room some more.  They called me back to do my weight and blood pressure.  The nurse asked me how my morning sickness as and I wasn’t sure if she was indicating a pregnancy.  I had to wait in the waiting room some more, for what felt like forever!  They finally called me back and had me change into a gown in an ultrasound room.  As I was waiting, I saw the screen said my name, my birthday, and the day April 10, 2017.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?  I was sweating I was so terrified to hear the news that I might not really be pregnant.  When Dr. Matsuda came in he calmly greeted me and asked how i was. I said “fine, I just want to know what’s going on.”  He said, “well what’s going on is you’re pregnant.”  The room felt like it was spinning in that moment.  My heart was racing.  I nearly cried.  i really am really pregnant!!!  He did an ultrasound and I was able to see a tiny little fetus so clearly and I can’t remember being so happy in a long time.  He showed me everything and said it all looks good!!!  I kept saying “this is beautiful.”  He told me that everything looks great, I only have 1 baby, and told me sure enough my due date is April 10th and I am around 7 weeks pregnant.  what!?  this centimeter long child has been to NYC, Philly, SLO, and all over Nevada!  Wow!!  He turned up the volume and I heard a very clear heartbeat.  That was incredible.  i want to re-live that moment forever.  You always hear from moms how amazing it is, but you can never fully understand until it’s you on that table.  I was overjoyed everything looked good!  After the ultrasound, he gave me a print out and answered a bunch of my questions, then I left still feeling stunned.  I called Brian in the parking lot and said “we are having a baby!”  He was so happy I could hear the tears in his voice and I started to cry as well!!!  We were so thrilled!!  That has to be our happiest phone conversation ever.  He kept saying “I love this, its beautiful,” just like I did.  :)  I sent him the picture of the baby they gave me from the ultrasound. The rest of the day is a happy blur. I felt pretty good so I was able to do laundry, dishes, and even cook dinner. When Brian came home we talked forever about the baby and just got so very excited.  We wanted to go pick up a morning sickness RX from target but they hadn't filled it, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the day.  Brian gave me a beautiful blessing that night telling me to enjoy this time and not worry too much.  It was incredible to have him comfort me with that blessing.  I went to bed so happy, and even though I didn’t sleep great I can’t complain about anything right now. ###

my first ultrasound pic:

 taken the night we found out:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thoughts on Election 2016

Yesterday I woke up with butterflies in my stomach because I thought it was the day my country would elect its first female president.  A qualified, intelligent, wonderful woman who has worked her entire life for children, families, and the needy.  Instead, I sat in horror at work with my colleagues who were busy taking anxiety pills and freaking out, as my nation elected a racist, sexist, orange clown to the highest office in all the land.  I have many thoughts, and while I have typed out two heartfelt Facebook statuses, I deleted them both.  Unfortunately I am scared of ignorant and rude "friends" (if any pro-trump friends survived my un-friending spree last night) who may comment on my status.  And my heart just cannot handle that right now, so the blog is where my thoughts will go.

(happier times yesterday at work, before that map became alarmingly covered in red).

I have always been involved in politics.  I come from a family of politically-minded people, some who have even held pretty important offices.  I campaigned for Barack Obama 8 years ago, and watched history unfold when he was elected as the first African-American president.  Both my sisters have worked for politicians and on campaign in Nevada and Washington DC.  I have been to political fundraisers with my parents, and know the importance of being politically active.  I campaigned for Bernie Sanders, and happily voted for him, then accepted his loss and supported Hillary Clinton for president.

Over the past year and a half I have watched in half-amusement, half-horror as the campaign of Donald Trump has picked up steam.  The man is a former reality TV star, a known bully and self-proclaimed sexual abuser.  I know way more about him than I ever wanted to, so here are some highlights.  He's a con artist.  He has ripped off people who have worked for him, and people who trusted him and his fake university. He is a racist.  He didn't let black people live in his apartments, and is openly endorsed by the KKK and has never disavowed them.  He is intolerant of others.  He openly mocked a disabled man and never said sorry.  He is delusional.  He says crazy things, then honestly believes he never said them, or won't admit he was wrong.  He is arrogant.  He is sexist.  He is a BULLY.  He led chants of "lock her up" at each of his rallies about a perfectly innocent woman.  He is a hot-head.  He taunts people on Twitter and goes on rants so bad his campaign manager had to take his Twitter away.  He makes up cruel nicknames for people he doesn't like and spreads them around like he's in high school.  He doesn't like Hispanic people or people who have different backgrounds.  He called Mexicans rapists, and wants to build a wall to keep them out of American, a nation built by immigrants.  He wants to keep refugees out of our nation, even though there is a system in place to help them and take care of them.  They are the victims, they could die because we won't allow them here.  He is a cheater.  He cheated on his first wife to be with another woman, who he divorced, and is now with his current wife Melania, and omg, our future first lady, ahhh.  She has modeled nude and posed for playboy.  What a role model for my future daughters!  He is sexual abuser.  A video surfaced of him on a bus, bragging about how he abused women who were not interested in him, all because of his celebrity status.  He said "they just let you." I'm sorry? They just let you?? Who??  That question was answered when many women stepped forward to share their stories of when Donald Trump sexually abused them.  He denied each allegation.  I could go on, but I am getting too depressed.

Last night we elected this man I described to be PRESIDENT. OF. THE. UNITED. STATES.  Omg.  While it breaks my heart that poor Hillary lost to this Muppet, and it does break my heart, I am even more saddened by a few other things.  Like the fact that over half the people in this country were able to sleep last night knowing they cast their ballots for this hateful man.  I am sad that this nation is so afraid of electing a woman that they elect Donald Trump.  I am sad that our country had not made progress like I thought we had.  We are still a racist nation.  We are still divided.  I am sad that all the hard work President Obama (bless him, I will miss him so!) has done could be undone.  I am scared because we need gun control, and now we may never have it.  Me or someone I know could be killed in a mass shooting that could have been prevented.  That blood will be on Trump's hands.  I am so sick to my stomach for my LGBTQ, Muslim, Black, Hispanic, and female friends.  Each of them (and us) were insulted by our president-elect at some point over the past year and a half.  I don't assume those insults will stop when he takes office.  I am so sad that 61% of my church that I believe to be true voted for Trump.  How!?  I am sad that the former relief society president was at a Trump Rally in Utah.  I feel betrayed.

I also feel betrayed by the people posting on Facebook that they support this monster for president.  That being said, the past 24 hours have brought tears to my eyes as I have read dozens of posts and statuses from friends denouncing this decision, extending love and acceptance to all, and expressing their disdain for Trump.  This gives me hope.  I will never stand behind someone who teaches hate, and I am comforted to know that many of my family and friends won't either.  We are all recharged to take a stand against hate, and to become politically active.  To be better friends, people, parents, and church members.  We have to do something, because doing nothing means he really does win.

Yesterday, Brian texted me in the morning asking if I had voted.  I told him no, I wanted to get all ready before hand so I could take a cute selfie.  I wanted to show it to my daughter, to show her that I voted for Hillary Clinton.  I thought I would show her the picture and say "this was taken the day we elected our first female president."  I won't get to do that, but I will still show her the picture.  I want her to know I voted against hate.  I cast my vote for peace, love, and tolerance.  And I always will.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall Fun 2016

Shooting Double Click episodes in Culver City.  Mr. Bones pumpkin patch was so cute!!

I wont tickets to the CBSLA suite at the staples center!!  We saw the Lakers play the Blazers in a pre-season game, and brian's friend Mikey came up too.  It was such a fun night!

Quick weekend trip to HB when it was stake conference.  We went to the Newport Temple for a session, ate way too much Fiesta grill, and relaxed.

Visitng Galco's soda stop to film a segment!

The primary presidency was in charge of the halloween party again.  It was so much work, but we had so many people there and it was a huge success!  Here's my trunk or treat view:

Bri and I kept with our costume theme of timely and slightly controversy.  :)  I was Kim Kardashian being robbed by the Paris jewel thief!  People thought it was hilarious, we even won "funniest costume."

We took this selfie on the stage during the costume contest!  We had to incorporate a selfie into a Kardashian themed costume.

We carved pumpkins and watched Hocus Pocus.  I made a Harrt Potter pumpkin and Brian made a creepy face.

Laura and I both worked Halloween and decided to wear Minnie ears, which got us lots of compliments.

I went to HB for a couple days with my mom and it was so great!  She came with us to do 2 Double Click shoots, one at a donut place called Sidecar and one at Roger's Gardens, which is all decked out with Christmas decor!  I am so ready for Christmas!!!

I love hanging out with my mom in HB.  We had perfect weather and the beach was so pretty.