the campas

the campas

Friday, October 7, 2016

Provo Trip- September 2016

In September Brian and I went to beautiful Happy Valley aka Provo Utah for a football game!! Bri hadn't been back to the motherland since he moved in 2012, and he was excited to return!  It worked out that Becky could come between their big DC/Chicago move, and so of course mom and dad came too!  And Tim and Nancy came because it was a UCLA football game.  I am SO happy it turned out to be a big old family affair!! 

Lizzie picked us up Friday morning from the tiny Provo airport, which I have sworn off (story to follow).  She introduced us to SODALICIOUS AND OMG it is SOO Delicious!!  I am a huge fan!  We saw her swanky apartment, ate at Spicy Thai, went to Swig as well (for comparison), duh, and walked around the bookstore with her.  When she went to class Bri and I walked around campus and visited his major's building, the Snell.  It was a beautiful warm day on campus and my heart ached to be a carefree student again!  I asked Brian if 4 years ago he could have imagined returning here with me as his wife and he said "never."  I don't know if that's a good or bad thing haha!  Brian told me how much he loved BYU and how he realized you can't truly appreciate it until you leave.  Agreed. :)

We went and checked into our hotel and had a nap because we literally had to get up at 3am to catch out flight that morning.  When we woke up, we picked Lizzie up and fought the P-Town traffic (???) to go to the old Spaghetti Factory to eat with my parents and Becky who had just gotten to town!  It was fun but we didn't take any pics! :(

After dinner my mom and I drove to Sandy and had a visit with Baca and the Dolans.  It was great to see my tall cousins!  Brian had to stay to do HW and the rest of the crew went to the MOA for an event.

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious hotel breakfast, then met up with my dear dear beloved London friend Kellen, who was sweet enough to drive from SLC to an Orem Starbucks to see us!  He got to meet Brian and we had a great time catching up!

The next stop was seeing my BFFL!!!  We got to see their beautiful town home in Pleasant Grove and OMG we loved it!  Our visit was way way way 2 short and it was almost tragic.  I never get enough BFFL time!  But I will take what I can get!!  Here we are standing on her balcony which was a gorgeous view of the mountains!  Love!!

We drove to SLC and picked up Brian's parents.  We dropped their stuff off at their hotel, then all met up at our hotel and went to dinner Brick Oven Pizza where we ate a TON and had the most hilarious young server ever.  It was so much fun, I love when the Hayes/Campa clans get together! We all get along so well!!!

After dinner I waked to the MOA with mom, dad, Nancy, and Becky.  Brian and Tim went back to the hotel and Lizzie went to get in the student line for the game.  The MOA had a Minerva Teichert exhibit of her Book of Mormon art and it was amazing.  Justin, Diana, and the kids also stopped by!  They were in town for the game as well.  Noelle was getting antsy in there so Diana and Nancy and I went outside with her.  All of a sudden Jack ran to us and was like "Uchtdorf is here!!"  And he was!  He was getting a tour of the exhibit!  We loved creeping on him and Becky took tons of creeper pics of us by the Silver Fox hah.

After the museum we rested a couple hours and then walked to the stadium!  We were staying super close by which was nice.  The best part of the whole game was the beginning when the band played, there was a flyover, and the team ran out to flames and cheers

We literally had THE WORST seats, so high up. And to get to the bathroom you had to go down all these ramps.  Such a hassle, but so worth it to be there!!

Leslie came up to see us in the nose bleeds during half time!  I was SO happy to see her!  Oh how I miss my bunkmate and our crazy times together!

Sisters.  So rare for us to all be together.

Brian went to the UCLA section to sit with his parents during halftime and never returned.  UCLA ended up winning, so he was happy!  Becky used my dad's fancy binoculars and found him all the way across the stadium and spied on him after UCLA got a touchdown.  It was so funny, she was giving us a play by play of his reaction: "brian is standing up...and cheering!! he's high fiving Tim!!" She said all this with disgust in her voice, hahah!  Speaking of the Campas, they loved the game!  The BYU band played the UCLA fight song before the game started, and staff members gave all UCLA fans creamery ice cream during the game, plus all the BYU fans were super nice to them.  Love that Provo hospitality!!

I ended up leaving a little early with mom because I had a migraine and I knew we would lose.  And we did.  Classic BYU.

The next day we bid farewell to the parents and Becky, and met up with Tim and Nancy.  We drove up the canyon to behold the gorgeous fall colors, and made our way to Sundance!  We decided to ride the lift.  Tickets were 17 bucks each, but when we went to buy them, the guy just handed them to us and said "it's on the house." What!?  Still no idea why by so #blessed.

We loved the ride!  They really slow the lifts down so you can enjoy the scenery.  And it was gorgeous.  The weather was perfect too.  All this Sundance fun really made me want to ski!!!  Wah!!

When we got to the top we entertained ourselves by watching people on the new ziplines!  They are so high up and go so fast!  It was a lot of fun to watch.

When we got back down to the bottom, we ate lunch at the Owl Bar, and sat on the back patio.  It was such a nice setting and they had a fire going.  The food was good and we enjoyed chatting!

We picked up Lizzie on our way home and hung out with her.  We stopped by Sonic as we drove her home.  Sweet Lizzie let us borrow her car all weekend, so we enjoyed driving Bunny around and loved that she let us use it!!

We stayed Sunday night at the Nielsons!  They made us a delicious homemade taco dinner, it was so yummy, and we got to see sweet baby Maggie who i LOVE.  She is maybe/probably my favorite baby ever.  She is just so smiley and sweet.  And we learned she LOVES Brian!  After dinner, she was bringing him all her toys and happily let him hold her for pictures.  It was amazing!  Although I am so jealous, I want her to love my that much! :)

We stayed up late catching up with Leslie and Tom, we love them!  We spent the night in their mansion, they seriously have like 10 bedrooms so we probably could just live there.  I wish.

The next day we learned our flight was delayed.  So we went to the mall with Tim and Nancy to kill time.  I ended up buying some nice Downeast dresses.  We took them to Sodalicious too!  Tim is a fan!!

We dropped off Lizzie's car at her place, and then walked to campus to drop her keys off.  We bumped into Alyssa Timpson on campus and snapped a cute pic!

I'm glad we got to see Lizzie at work in the Kennedy Center.  She was so busy!  And looks so professional!  I love that she wants to work during college.  I had absolutely no desire.  She is so driven!

Our flight was about 4 hours late when all was said and done...hence I am swearing off the Provo airport and Allegiant.  It is just easier to fly a better airline in and out of SLC.  Brian ended up having to take an entire day off of work instead of just half a day.  And he almost missed his Monday class.  But we made it home and we had a great trip!

I love Provo.  I will always love it and will always go back to visit.  Those really were the happiest years ever.  I made so many good friends at BYU and was lucky to see a handful of them during our trip.  Oh and how can I forget, BYU gave me Brian! So even though their football team always lets you down, a trip back to campus never will.  See you soon, Utah (i hope!). ###