the campas

the campas

Thursday, August 18, 2016

4th of July in HB- 2016!!

I looked forward to the 4th of july for FOREVER this year because Becky, Nate, Mom, Dad, and Lizzie were all in HB!  Enjoy many pics:

I met up with mom, becks, dad, and nate in koreatown after my shift Friday.  we went to a cool Korean place to eat, the tar pits and the outside of LACMA.

We met up with Bri, Tim, Nancy, and Jackie for a dodger's game!  It was Mormon night!  Lizzie was supposed to be there but had to come a couple days late because she had to go to her friend Mason's funeral. :(

haha becky got these huge nachors that come in a baseball hat! nancy loved them the most!

On Saturday we had a BIG adventure!  We jetted out to the Channel Islands and kayaked and snorkeled!  So fun!!!

Looking flyyyyy

I love my kayak buddy and all his muscles!!
me by "anacapa island, aka anna campa island!!

Sunday we went to church and then I made crazy cheese/ranch stuffed burgers for lunch!  We saw the Pretty fam who was in town, and went to the beach for a bit and then I had to go to bed early for work.  Brian and I were stayed at an AirBNB on mainstreet cause we can no longer all happily fit in the condo.  Sad day.

We had the BESt fourth!  The family ran the 5k and watched the parade.  I had a slow day at work and then came back and caught the end of the parade after a nap.  We enjoyed biking on closed down PCH, going to the beach with the pretty's and wave jumping, eating becky's JDawgs, and playing guitar hero!


We ended our night with fireworks on the beach!  Such a perfect, patriotic day!!

We took family pics on the beach early Tuesday, then we had to head back to Pasadena and Becky and Nate flew back East.
On Wednesday, I met Lizzie and mom in DTLA and we walked a very sketchy way to the piñata district which was so fun and resulted in a Double Click episode!  We loved the Trump piñatas.
We ate at a random place I went to with Marty and Laura called Clifton's.  Mom and Lizzie loved it!  After some walking and ice cream, mom went back to HB and Lizzie and I went to Pasadena to get ready for the Hollywood Bowl!!


I bought tickets to Harry Potter at the bowl FOREVER ago!  We went with all the Ngos, it was SO fun!  The LA Philharmonic played the score along with the movie!  We were in the very back row but could not have loved it more!  We especially appreciated that so many people dressed up and everyone cheered at the big parts.  Haha!

Lizzie spent the night.  The next day we walked around old town and did some shopping, then met mom at the Ngos where Baca and Diana and the kids were visiting.  I seriously think we saw half our family members in a week!!  I  love it!  Lizzie and I were in charge of picking up lunch at Taco Bell, where we did some DAMAGE.  We got so much food, haha!  We love TB for life.

What a great week.  I wish all these people lived closer to us.  Can't wait to celebrate the 4th again in HB!! ###