the campas

the campas

Friday, July 15, 2016

Donut Day 2016

On Donut Day, the Ngo/Campa clan decided to go all out and make our own donuts!  We tried a recipe Aunt Erika had to make CREME BRULEE DONUTS.  Yes please to ALL three of those words.  They were so  much work but SO delish.  Erika made the dough earlier in the day, then we made the cream filling, fried them (which i was horrible at and there was much screaming involved), and then Phil used a blow torch to create the crunchy top!!  MMMM!  I am already counting down the days to next year's donut day! ###

A-Cubed Takes HB...Again! May 2016

I am glad I moved to Yuma because it was the greatest part of my career to date, it made me realize Las Vegas isn't THAT hot, and most importantly: I met Ally and Ashley!!  I love these girls!  And now that we are living in 3 different places our time together is rare.  So we decided to do a HB weekend in May to get some A-Cubed time in.  It was our third beach weekend and just as fun as the previous two!

I drove to the beach after my half shift at work and met up with the girls at the condo Friday evening.  Brian was there too to join us for dinner!  We went to Islands and caught up.  Ally drank a juice because she is on a crazzzzy strict diet.  Doesn't she look bomb!?!?  We ate enough calories to make up for her. :)

(who is that tired looking bum next to Brian)?

Brian left after dinner, and we came back to the condo and did birthday gifts for Ashley and I.  They got me coke, a Target gift card, and a "treat yo' self" tank top.  I have decided that's my life motto.  Not bad right?  Then we watched "Save the Last Dance" which is a 90's classic that I had never seen.  I fell asleep, hehe oops.

On Saturday I ran in the morning while Ally and Ashley slept in.  We spent all morning at the beach!  We even witnessed a wedding near us!  Poor pale Ashley sat under an umbrella in her sweatshirt, haha, she is so dedicated to not getting burnt, and it worked!!

We walked downtown for dinner and ate at BJ's!  Ashley and I were so hungry we ate so very much it was embarssing... AND we had a pazookie.  Nom.  It was so good!  Then we went to the new mall and walked around and enjoyed the evening.

On Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting, then took some classic balcony pics, and walked downtown.  We got smoothies, then walked on the pier.

Ally and Ashley had to hit the road Sunday afternoon, so I left when they did.  I was truly sad to say goodbye, my time with them is always so fun and never lasts long enough.  I am so thankful for such good friends who care about me and stay involved in my life and make an effort to get together.  I am learning those friends are few and hard to find.  Love you girls!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Brian's Birthdayyyy!

Brian's birthday has come and gone, and he is one year older and wiser too!  He probably won't want me blogging about his age, but let's just say he is currently enjoying his final year as a 20-year-old! ;)

Have I mentioned I love this guy?? yes? I have?  ok.  he's just the best.

Bri requested a HB weeked so the condo owners granted his wish and we went for the long weekend!  His bday fell on Memorial Day so it was the perfect weekend to go!!

We left early on Saturday.  Brian wanted to get one of my tires fixed, so we dropped the car off at a repair place and enjoyed breakfast at MiMi's cafe while it was getting fixed.  Yum! 

We arrived and then went for a beach walk where I managed to get tar on my foot, weird...

My parents had gotten us good tickets to the Angels game for Brians bday (are you noticing a birthday trend here?) and I wanted to surprise him!  I had him thinking we were going out to dinner somewhere...but once he told me he wanted to finish his online class that day I felt obligated to tell him, so I did, and he was super excited!
The game was amazing!!  They won and we enjoyed fireworks after where of course I cried during Calling All Angels.  Duh!

On Sunday we went to sacrament meeting, had lunch, and then I went on a big bike ride before I had to go to sleep at 5 before my overnight shift.  bleh.

Fortunately work was easy and went quickly AND I got paid extra cause the holiday, so holla!  When I got home I napped so I could be fully rested to shower Brian with honor and glory all day!

We opened presents and then walked downtown to the new mall cause Bri had never been.  He got a bday lemonade!  It was pretty crowded downtown because of the holiday.

The sun finally peeked through and we went to the beach to try out the new Frisbee I had gotten Bri!

I made Brian pizza pretzles, chicken wings, and salad for dinner. (per his request).  The pizza pretzles were a Buzzfeed experient and were SO messy.  Never again.  That cheese literally baked on the pan. -_-

6 days later, on Sunday, Tim and Nancy came over and made us stir fry for dinner to celebrate Brian's birthday.  We walked around the Rose Bowl so we could get our steps, and then ate pie for dessert!

It was a fully week of celebrations and Brian deserved all of it and more!  He is literally the most hard-working, spiritual, and kind person I know.  Happy birthday Brian Joel!! ###

My 26th Bday!

Guess what!?  I am 26 years old!  Yikes!  I am celebrating though because I can't complain about getting older when so many people don't get to do that, and also this was the FIRST year I didn't cry on my birthday cause I am getting older!  Hip hooray!
I will try to cover like 2 weeks of celebrating in one post so bearrrr with me.
The festivities started the Sunday before my bday with a family party for Bri and I at the campas!  Have I mentioned how much I love having a birthday near my husband and how much I adore living by my in-laws!?
Auntie Linda brought us this scrumptious cake filled with peanut M&M's (aka me and brian's crack) and we opened presents, ate too much, and partied!  It was so fun!!

(sorry to blog about something negative but I am trying to keep it real over here).  My mom mailed me a little bday package, and when I went to go get it downstairs, I found this!!! Ahhh!

:( My heart literally sank and I called brian and my mom sobbing.  Fortunately the package thief didn't get much, just some bday trinkets.  We got footage of her from security cameras, but despite me making an official police claim, she is still on the loose!  But since I know what she looks like I am constantly searching for her, so watch out HOMEGIRL I'M COMING FOR YA! ;)
Anyway, the day of my bday I worked 3-11am.  I thought it was be a downer but it was really great!  My dearest Laura Fong left me flowers, cupcakes, and a card signed by the work team on my desk!  And since it was such a public display everyone knew it was my bday and treated me nicely and didn't give me breaking news!  yay!

After work I went home and changed before getting picked up by Aunt Erika and cousin Phil for a bday lunch.  I was craving InNOut so my wish was granted!  Chad came along too and it was good to spend time with the Ngo clan.

After getting home I napped and then got ready for the main event: a baseball game!  I had been bugging Brian to go to a game for forever and he kept making up excuses.  Finally, the week before my bday he spilled the beans he had already bought tickets to the angels vs. dodgers game for my birthday!  yay!  I am such a nag though I ruined the surprise!  hehe.

It was PERFECT weather and we had great seats!  We were able to see Mike Trout vs. Clayton Kershaw and it was epic, even though our Angels lost. (ignore brians hat, I stole his Angel one haha).
We feasted on ballpark junkfood and had the best time!


When we got home I opened presents from my family.  Mom and Lizzie had gotten me a Cath shirt in London, becky/nate got me a salt and straw gift card, bri got me DryBar gift cards, BFFL got me makeup, Lizzie got me LuLu Lemon workout clothes, and the parents got me a kate spade bag!  Ah!  I have the best family and friends!

One of my favorite parts of my bday is getting cards from people who I rarely get to see like my bunkmate, cousins, grandparents, and other friends.  I think I hit a new world record this year!  These were balanced on our piano for so long just cause they made me happy. :)

The week after my bday some of the ladies in the ward took me out to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate.  It was a joint party with another gal in the ward and it was SOO fun!  Plus they brought me ice cream and a sombrero to wear for the birthday song!  Living for it!!
(me with bri before I left)

What a great birthday!!  I am reminded each year on May 17th of all of my blessings and all of the people in my life who love me and take time to celebrate with me.  It really is the best day of the year. ###