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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Busiest Week Ever Pt. 2: Becky Visits LA

My busiest week ever continued with a LA visit from my fav east coast sister: Becky Matkin Hayes Jensen!!  She was at a work conference in San Diego, and took the train up to spend a few days with her sister dearest.  We packed a lot into our short time together: basketball, harry potter world, searching for a Donald Trump fathead, and dumplings!  Yay!
Before picking her up at the train station, I was able to rendezvous with my dear London friend Kellen.  I hadn't seen him in YEARS due to the fact he is a very famous model in South Korea (can't make this stuff up) but recently moved back to the states and came to visit LA before moving to Utah.  We walked around downtown with his bestie from home, ate Ahi bowls, and took model shots on the parking garage roof:

I went to pick Becks up at Union Station, and we went straight to the Staples Center for a Clippers playoff game!  Becky had suggested we go cause she likes the Porland Trailblazers and that's who they were playing.  We were going to buy cheap nosebleed tickets, but then Brian who is the BEST contacted his friends the Zylstras, and bought their amazing center court seats for us!!  Ah! We were living the good life!

We ate dinner there because our seats included waiters serving you whatever food you ordered straight to your seat (!!!).  Funniest memory ever, we were in the middle so Becky had to basically shout our order to the waiter in the aisle, I was cracking up when she was like "ONE DELUXE NACHOS PLEASE!!" so he could hear, bah haha.

The Clippers won but I was impressed with Becky's dedication and knowledge of the Blazers!

It was so cool to be at a playoff game, then had such a big display at the beginning including fire and then at the end they showered us in confetti.  Amazing.

We got on the jumbotron with our amazing version of "YMCA!"
After the game we saw LITEARLLY the tallest man ever.  Probs over 7 feet.  He was so tall he slammed his head into that Exit sign seen on this pic I took trying to show how tall he is compared to little Becky.  The Exit sign crashed to the floor in many pieces momentarily after this photo, and it was equal parts hilarious and depressing.

After a late night with not much sleep, we got up bright and early to visit the newly opened HARRY POTTER WORLD at Universal Studios Hollywood!  Laura and I had the idea to film a Double Click episode there, and scheduled it for the week Becky would be in town so she could see the park and film for us!  Sisterly love!
We had so much fun.  The head of PR for the park shuttled us around and hooked us up with a wizarding wardrobe for the day, free butterbeer, every flavored jellybeans, chocolate frogs, and wands of course!  We felt like real witches! 
It was SO crowded.  And people were definitely starring at us, haha.  We even had one guy ask if we could be on his Snapchat story.  #duh!

Even though this park is nowhere near as epic or large as the one in Orlando, it was so fun to go see it with Becky.  She was an AMAZING camera woman and I swear we could NOT have done this episode without her!!!

We ended our magical adventure in the park with lunch at the Leaky Cauldron.  We feasted on British food and drank our Butterbeer!
After HP World, we parted ways with Laura and Becky and I came back to the lot to return the camera.  Becky had never been to my lot or studio, so we walked around!
The studio was pretty dead when Becky came, but I was still happy she could see it!
We decided we wanted to make a sign for Lizzie's triumphant return home to the USA from her study abroad. And what's more American right now than the election/Donald Trump?  So we went on a search for a Trump fathead, but had zero luck, so we cut our losses and picked up some supplies at Michaels, then got yummy Afters ice cream.  This new place is me and brian's latest unhealthy addiction.
We decided to just print a Trump head, so my printer used all its orange ink and we made it happen!  Brian offered emotional support as he watched the coverage of Prince's death (we found out Prince died at HP world and I literally started laughing for some awkward reason).  We tried to think of a creative phrase for so long and I am pretty pleased I came up with this!

We ended a busy busy day with DIN TAI FUNG!  We use any excuse of company to visit this place.  We ate our faces off, then returned home and drove Becky to LAX to pick up Mom's car.  She drove to HB and we came home after a long and fun day.

On Friday, I took it easy.  I had taken work off that day thinking I would go to HB with Becky but it didn't work out.  Heavens knows I needed a break though! 
That evening we had planned to go to the Saints Unified Voices choir concert in Arcadia with Tim, Nancy, and Lita.  That's the Gladys Knight choir she started in Las Vegas.  Moments before the concert though, I received a text from Brian that he had a major flood at the property and would not make it.  Despite that, we enjoyed the music.  Bri appeared at the very end, and after bidding farewell to the Campas, we grabbed InNOut.
I decided to drive to HB very late to see Lizzie and Mom after their plane landed in LA.  I beat them there, so I was able to greet them as they burst in!  The tired travelers appreciated the Trump sign!  Despite their fatigue, we chatted before all heading to bed veryyyyy late.

Do you think my busiest week is over yet?  No way jose.  It's just getting started! ;)  Coming up, I meet my nephew Crew for the first time!  Could any more amazing family things happen in one week!?  I submit not! ###

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Busiest Week Ever Pt. 1: NAB Vegas Trip

In April I literally had the BUSIEST. WEEK. EVER.  After reading the blog posts about it you will understand why.  So many good, fun things happened that week.

It all started with a visit with mom on Friday the 15th when she was in LA to catch her flight to London to visit Lizzie!  We met up at CPK and had lunch before she left.

On Saturday Bri and I had a nice day relaxing in Pasadena.  We did some shopping downtown and saw The Jungle Book at a theater in La Canada, and had dinner at a good Greek place. 

On Sunday I took a trip to Vegas to speak at a broadcast convention!  I took the bus up to Vegas early and dad picked me up.  I made him dinner, then went over to the Reed's house to see Megan and Jane!  My dad picked me up and we went over the Grandma Karen's and had a visit.

I had the next morning all to myself, so I ran on mom's treadmill, then went over the Blythe's house to see her, Baca, Alex, and BENJI!  As you can see he was thrilled to see his fav cousin, haha!

I met up with my longtime professor, mentor, and friend Chad Curtis downtown at the NAB convention.  It's a huge convention for people in the news, television, and media industries. I had a hard time finding Bro Curtis, but when I did it was so nice to catch up and chat about our panel the next day, where we were set to address other professors and journalism students about critique!

We split up and I went over to the main NAB convention where there were TONS of booths, demonstration, and people.  I was beyond overwhelmed and tired from getting all those steps!

When dad and I both got home, we decided to go to Bangkok Orchid for dinner, then watched Just Call Saul and got Sonic Milkshakes.  I don't think I have ever gone home to visit when just dad is there, it was so fun to hang out with him!  And see his beautiful garden:

I worked on my presentation before bed.  I woke up bright and early to get ready.  For some reason, I was very nervous about this panel!  I have never been on a panel like this before.  I drove there and was probably over an hour early, hah! So I practiced in the car before meeting up with Bro. Curtis.  We met our other panel member, a professor from the University of Mississippi.  We took our spots on the table as the student started to stream in.  

There were more people there than I thought.  Over 30 students and professors came!  Brother Curtis lead the discussion and had a lot of great material.  My portion of the presentation focused on how critique helped me as a BYU student, an anchor in Yuma, and now as a writer and producer at CBS2.  It went really well and the students really seemed engaged!  I was so relieved it went well and that I didn't come off like a baffling idiot.  Mostly I was honored that I was asked to participate.

I went home and relaxed till dad came home and dropped me off at the airport.  Bri picked me up from Ontario and I went straight to bed before an overnight shift.  Ugh, such is the newsie life.

More about the craziness of that week coming up...###

Thursday, June 23, 2016

AGT Outing

Bri and I went to a taping of America's Got Talent in Pasadena a couple of months ago!  I knew they were taping there since I kept driving by and seeing signs on my way home from yoga.  We snagged a few free tickets and invited the only AGT fans we know: Tim and Nancy Campa!
It was LOOONG process.  The whole thing lasted like 5 hours and most of it was sitting around waiting.  They took forever to start cause they were setting up some elaborate trapeze set they never got to work.  We did see some amazing acts though, and all of them got through which I guess is super rare!
We also saw Simon Cowell who is judging this year, Natalie Morales from the TODAY show, and the other judges: Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and the Spice Girl chick.  A long but fun night! ###

Easter 2016

Brian and I had a wonderful, low-key Easter this year.  It all started the day before when I went to the DTLA flower market with my work friends Laura and Marty.  I got beautiful flowers for my Easter mantle!  Bri and I went to dinner at a VERY authentic Chinese restaurant in Arcadia.  I think it was too authentic for poor Bri, he was overwhelmed. haha!
We went to church Sunday, where I taught the classic Easter Egg primary lesson to my demon kids who were all hyped up on chocolate eggs and would NOT pay attention, grr.
I wore my Cath Kidston dress I bought in London.  Someone at church told me "you win the Easter dress contest!" I did not know it was a contest but I'm honored to have won. :)
For dinner, we went to Tim and Nancy's.  They prepared to a true feast, with Salmon, Steak, and tons of delicious sides.  I made jello, mom's famous sausage balls, and a festive colored cake! 
We ended our night watching home videos of the Campas family vacations, and it was SO entertaining! I learned Brian was a major hottie with a body in high school.  Wait, he still is.  hehe.  Good thing he doesn't read my blog. ;)

Monday, June 20, 2016

2nd Anni- 2016

Brian and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary with a weekend in HB.  Hard to believe we've been married for over 2 years now!  It still feels like we just barely got engaged.  That's a good thing, right??

Every good weekend starts with donuts:

(showing off my skills after a yoga class.  I went through a major yoga phase in march, haha!)

Hanalei and her husband came over for a quick visit.  We've loved having them here in Southern California!  

They took some glamour shots of us before our dinner date.

Brian told me he had dinner reservations and I insisted he surprise me.  I love surprises!  I'm so glad I didn't know, I was blown away even more when we pulled up to a cute little spot right on the water in Newport.  It's called "The Dock."  We ordered big and had a great time just talking and enjoying the ambiance and living the "good life" for a night.

A few pics from Sunday:

First time seeing a shark sign.  Ah!

On our actual anniversary, we woke up to the news of a terrible terrorist attack in Brussels.  Dad was flying home from London so we were glad he made it on the plane ok.  I did yoga with Hanalei, then Brian came home a little early with this beautiful arrangement!!

He said he got plants so they will last longer than flowers.  Love it!  Three plants for our upcoming 3 years of marriage.  <3 p="">

I hit the marriage jackpot!  So thankful for this kind, hardworking, righteous man who for some reason likes me.  Here's to another year! ###