the campas

the campas

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Best Trip Ever.

I just got back from the best trip ever.  We spent 9 days in London/Scotland and my heart has never been happier.  It felt like coming home 6 years after my study abroad.  27 Palace Court was waiting for me and I nearly burst with excitement walking in the doors!  Plus running around with Becky and Lizzie, dragging Brian and Nate along was amazing.  Brian LOVED Europe, of course, and we had the best week together.  I don't know how any future trip can top this trip, but I am up for the challenge!

I plan to do thorough blog posts on each magical day, but for now, this happy picture will do.  :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rees & Kelsey's Wedding in San Diego

My longtime Yuma roomie Kelsey married her longtime significant other, Rees, in the SD temple on January 2nd, so naturally an A-Cubed reunion was necessary to kick off the year!!
I drove down New Year's Day after a work Friday and met Ally and Ash at the Marriot La Jolla hotel where we spent the night.  If that sounds fancy it's because it IS fancy.  :)
We ate bad Hawaiian food cause every other restaurant was closed, then spent the night catching up and watching inappropriate Amy Schumer videos.  Of course.
The next morning we got ready and had breakfast at Corner Bakery, then went to the sealing.  It was wonderful, of course.  I was so happy to see Kelsey...I lived with her for so long and she was an amazing roommate.  Who else would have picked me up at random hours from the Yuma International Airport??  And she even bought us a house to live in.  No joke.

I need more weddings in my life.  Or else Brian and I will have to renew our vows just so I can see all the people I love.  That's what marriages are all about, after all. ###