the campas

the campas

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BFFLs Take Austin-Jan. 2016

My junior year at BYU, I met a real special lady named Danielle Ycmat, aka, the love of my life (shh, don't tell Brian).  Daniellers immediately became my best friend for life aka BFFL.  Despite that, she left me all along in Provo to go on a mission and it nearly killllllllled me.  

((TBT to an HB trip; when we were tan, unmarried, and allowed to wear booty shorts.  Simpler times, indeed.))

Since her triumphant return from the mish, I have only seen the BFFL a number of times.  In Utah, Arizona, and Vegas for my wedding.  That magical day of my life was the last time I saw her, and after a failed attempt to see her during a work conference in Vegas, I bought a ticket to Austin to see her and her husband Ky in Austin, Texas, where they have lived for a couple years now!

 I left for Austin after a long day at work where I had to attend legal seminars to learn how to NOT get arrested or sued (useful) and produce the blasted weekend shows.  
Despite my fatigue, I hurriedly arrived at LAX and talked to a jolly large Texas man who offered me a slice of his pizza which I reluctantly turned down for safety reasons.  My flight took forever cause I was so excited, so I didn't sleep a wink and just took pics out my window for entertainment:

This was my first trip back to Texas since I was an EFY counselor many years ago.  I love that state!

After landing, Danielle and Ky picked me up.  I literally ALMOST got into the wrong white car which could have been very embarrassing.  Danielle and I ran into each other's arms while Ky taped the whole thing.  I want to see that footage in slow motion with dramatic music playing the background.  It was seriously SO good to see the Biff again!!!  We decided to hold in the craziness for Ky's sake.  Haha.

We went out to dinner at a delicious restaurant that serves amazing cinnamon roll pancakes, yum!!

We watched American Idol and visited Danielle's friend Britt, then hit the hay.

On Friday I woke up as early as possible with the time change jet lag, then we went out to enjoy the literal PERFECT weather Austin blessed us with!  We went to Mount Bonnell, which offers a great view of the city and Lake Austin.  Austin loves its view points, and I'm all about the picture opportunities that come along.

We went downtown to see where my software-sales-bestie works: Tableu!

Daniellers works in a high rise right in the heart of Austin in one of those fancy modern Google "everyone collaborate and use standing desks and drink free coke during work" places.  How jealous am I.  I work in a dreary newsroom in the dead of the night where there is literally a sign that says "don't open makes talent look bad."  Haha, no words.  -__-

I also got to meet Danielle's work friend, Tiff, who I have heard so much about!  She joined us for a walk down to the State capitol, which is of COURSE it's 5 feet taller than the US capitol just cause Texas, duh!

My political loving self was enjoying all the portraits of the Bush's, Rick Perry, and other cray Repubs.  I was hoping for a Perry or Ted Cruz sighting, but they're probably both in Iowa campaigning or something.

We went to lunch at a sandwich shop opened by SANDRA BULLOCK IM NOT EVEN KIDDING, where D ordered "the butterfly cake," which is a mound of chocolatey goodness.  Then we walked around a street with lots of fun shops and I bought a beanie, cause it was like 80 degrees yo.
The next activity surpassed all levels of epicness I have experienced in my young life. 

It was a GORGEOUS day so we decided to rent water bikes on the lake and paddle around!  The weather was perfect and the normally crowded lake was empty!  We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed the view of downtown Austin.  Man, I was so happy.  I couldn't paddled around all day.

We ended a long day with a trip to a gigantic store to get stuff to make a salad, but despite our best efforts, we forgot numerous items and Ky had to make 2 extra trip to the store.  Oops!

I learned the Jansson's use mixing bowls to eat their salad out of.  How I loved this fun fact:

Later on we went to Gordough's Donuts, a food trailer (which is the texas version of a food truck), which offers deluxe and delicious dessert donuts.  (alliteration much)?

Twas cold but soooo yummy:

Saturday morning we all went on a nice hike near D's house with their doggy, Scout.  It rained a little but was still so beautiful.  I love the Texas landscape.  I reminded me of my EFY counselor days in Dallas and San Antonio.  sigh.
We went to South Congress street a little later.  There's lots of fun shops and boutiques along the street with plenty of locals and tourists out enjoying it all.  We grabbed some pizza and cupcakes for lunch because calories don't count on vacation, yo:

This mural is a popular spot for a picture, and perfectly sums up our feelings towards one another:

We went back home to relax after walking a lot.  Later on Ky and D took me to their favorite taco place called "torchy's" which was so good and offers amazing queso!!

I think the next activity deserves it's on post or national holiday or something, but I'll try to summarize.  Danielle got us tickets to a "Best of 2015 Sing Along" at a local theater that offers events like this pretty often.  Pretty much they give you inflatable mics, guitars, and props to jam out with...then they play hours and hours of music videos from 2015 of all the hits while everyone sings along and even dances.  It was EPICCC!  I am embarrassed to reveal how loud I was singing and loving life.  It was totally up my ally, and I LOVED when they played 1D's "drag me down," plus all the Taylor Swift and Bieber hits.  My mainstream music heart was happy.

(plus we matched from head to toe, because obviously):

I think we got home after 1am, still a little crazed up from the fun.  We danced so much at the end with everyone in the theater...the host even let Danielle pull the trigger on his confetti gun. Haha!

Sunday morning we got up super early to film our traditional BFFL music video!  We decided on 1D's drag me down for the song, and made up a dance and filmed at the 3M campus where Ky works.  It was trying to finish this before I had to leave.  haha.  At one point I actually fell on my face trying to do a leapfrog over Danielle.  Hopefully that's saved on the cloud somewhere for our descendants to see.

We ended the video at a beautiful viewpoint, where we danced until other hikers joined us.  I love how Danielle brings out my crazy fun side.  It needs to be out more often, I think.

I left a sadness when I flew away from Austin Sunday afternoon.  As happy as I was to see Brian, it was just so fun being with Danielle for the weekend.  I wish so badly we lived closer to each other.  Until the next amazing BFFL reunion.  Already counting the days. ###

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas Eve/Day--2015

Christmas 2015 was memorable for many reasons.  First of all this was my FIRST Christmas ever during which I did not wake up on 4171 Dustin Ave.  The first one where the 3 Hayes sisters did not up in the hall as my parents called us in one by one to see what Santa brought us while my dad filmed.  The first one during which Becky and Nate were with the Jensens in Portland.  The first one spent with the Campas.  It was different for many reasons, but still amazing.

I worked an overnight shift on Christmas Eve.  After work we had a little baby shower for our morning meteorologist who was just about to burst.  There was lots of food and a festive atmosphere. It was great.

Brian and I drove to La Verne after where I promptly fell asleep.  When I woke up he had finished his half day at work and we took a trip to see Brock and Sarah Zylstra and their two sweet girls.  We had brought Sophie a little book and doll and she was thrilled!  The look on her face was precious.  I love kids and Christmas.

We went to the Miller's house for Christmas Eve dinner.  It was so delicious and we all sang Feliz Navidad together on the guitar!  I also got to Christmas songs on the piano while everyone sang along, one of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions.  Sadly we didn't sing the Star Spangled Banner like we usually do at Blythe house, haha.

We ended the night by going to Brian's nino's house, a yearly tradition for him.  They had tons of people over with tamales, rice and beans, and delicious tortilla soup.  I was starting to really get tired so we didn't stay too long, but it was a great night.

Christmas morning was spent at our little condo with just the two of us.  It was only our second Christmas together and the first one spent with just us.  It was wonderful!  We slept in, started a fire, turned on the KCAL9 yule log, and opened presents!

I was under specific instructions from Brian to NOT get him any presents since he had just gotten a new car and a trip to London, but you know me, I rejected that REAL quick and surprised him with a few gifts!

He got me some really nice Nike jogger pants, Nordstrom cheetah gloves, and a complete J. Crew outfit.  He truly does know the way to my heart: new clothes and cheetah print!

Problem of a two-person Christmas morning: no one to take pics of you!  So here's to awkward mantel self-timer pics!

Brian's favorite gift was the yearly book I made him with pictures from each month.  We have one for every single year we've known each other!

I made chocolate chip waffles for breakfast:

We packed up and went to Tim and Nancy's to open presents with them and Kayla and Eric. Our stocking were hung by the chimney with care:

They had gotten us SO MANY gifts.  We were truly on their nice list this year.  Thank goodness baby campa will be here next year to take away some of these gifts from us, we are not deserving! haha.

The rest of the day was spent eating, chatting, and even watching Tim and Nancy's wedding day video!  We got to see lots of family members.

Around 5 we drove to Las Vegas to end Christmas day with the Hayes crew.  We made great time and even saw some snow as we drove by the airport!  A true Christmas miracle!  

It was so good to see Lizzie, mom and dad, and Baca.  We loved opening gifts with them and spending part of the day together.

We stayed up way too late talking to Lizzie and FB stalking all the boys she is in love with.  Oh how I love the little sis.

Although I really missed Becky, Christmas 2015 was still a major success.  How lucky are we that we get to see both sides of our families and can enjoy a day off of work to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Christmas, you have my heart forever.