the campas

the campas

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our "huuuuuge" 2015 Halloween costume

Brian and I have a longstanding history of epic couple's costumes for Halloween.  From senior missionaries to the government shutdown ... I spend a majority of the year worrying about it.  :)
I had invested lots of time and unfortunately money into a costume this year we ended up scrapping at the last minute.  After a great idea by Becky and numerous trips to the very crowded and stressful Party City, we came up with the plan to be Donald Trump and Miss USA. 
Our inspiration:
The Donald has been in the headlines a whole lot lately...being our future president and all (eeek!) he used to own the Miss USA pageant.  Don't worry, I'm not vain enough to just dress us like a beauty queen for the sake of it...although some of my ignorant wardies didn't get the connection.  Fail.
Here we go:
I love our costume!  I can't even believe that Brian let me put bronzer and highlighter on his face.  What even happened.
We debuted our costumes at the ward Halloween party.  The primary was in charge and our presidency spent a lot of time making this party perfect.  Here are some shots from earlier in the day:
so many balloons:
The highlight of the party wasn't the chili-cook-off or the costume was the fact that our dear couple friends the Cozzens were in town after returning from their summer in Alaska!  We got to hang out with them and it was glorious!  We miss them:
Here are some party shots and trunk or treat shots:


Brian had the Donald wave, thumbs up, and face down too perfectly.  I sort of felt like he was Donald for a little bit, which is kind of scary.  He had the crowd cracking up when we walked the catwalk during the costume contest.


Such a great night!  And I will forever cherish this picture of Brian aka the Donald:
Until next yearrrrrrr!