the campas

the campas

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

UCLA Game- Nov. 2015

After spending all our money buying a beautiful new car, Brian and I went to the Rose Bowl to see UCLA take on the Washington State Cougars.
We decide to avoid the traffic nightmare that is the Rose Bowl, so we walked from our condo to Parsons which was very enjoyable, and then hopped on a free shuttle.
We tailgated for a little with the Campa clan.  Their tailgates are no joking matter.  We enjoyed the TV, hot chocolate, steak, salad, and plenty of company.
Then we joined the throngs of Bruins and settled into the Campa's seats they've held for years and years.

It was hecka cold.  For us Califronians, at least. 
We enjoyed a patriotic tribute to Veterans during halftime.  Also P. Diddy was there to honor his senior son.  hilarious.
We walked down to the field during halftime.  The Campas run the Rose Bowl.

 The Bruins won I think.  I was too cold to notice, I am just glad that it didn't go into overtime.

After we got home we were still so frozen that we turned on the fireplace and warmed our toes.  It was like 12:30 am and we were pretty delirious, so a lovely photo session followed.

Go Bruins!  but mostly go courgars!!!
 Noooo, not those cougars, obv.
BYU 4 life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Farewell, trusty Civ. Hellooo new car!

Since I have known Brian Campa, he has driven a little white Honda Civic his grandpa gave to him a long time ago.

The civic was:
-the car Brian picked me up in for our first blind date, where we quickly learned about each other and went on to beat our married friends in the newlywed game (true story).
-the car that we had our first (and last )DTR in while my roommate stared out the window at us.
-the car that took Brian to and from Yuma...back and forth....for 2+ years.
-the car we drove off in after our wedding reception to go on our honeymoon.  Becky and Nate took it to get cleaned earlier that day and it definitely looked spiffy.
-the car that has safely transported Brian around to oversee all his properties in OC and LA.

It was a good car, but it was time to say farewell.  Brian just needs a little bit of a newer car for all his driving.

The idea of getting a new car came on suddenly.  One day Brian just said "I think it's time I get a new car."  I have been campaigning for a new car for awhile so I was excited by this idea.

We looked around at different options for a new car, including CarMax and a used car auto auction in Vegas.  After pondering, we decided we like the Toyota Camry, and stopped by the Pasadena Toyota dealership one Saturday to see what they were going for.

Little did we know we'd be leaving in our new car!  We were able to haggle for an almost-new 2015 Camry with 11,000 miles on it.  We got a great price and were so excited!

Here's the little beauty:

Me nervously driving it for the first time later that evening.  Brian was telling me I was driving like a grandma but I was scared of crashing it.
We love it!  I joke that I'm jealous I used to have the fancy car in the relationship and now I'm the uncool one.

Farewell, faithful Civ.  Im glad Brian's cousin bought you so we can still see you every so often.  thanks for the mems. ###

Faux-Giving-Nov. 2015

Due to the fact that the Ngos/Cannons/Campas will not all be in Pasadena for Thanksgiving, Erika and Tom hosted a beautiful family and friends Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.

Here's the best headline of the event: I made a pie!  I hadn't made this apple pie since my BYU cooking class when I had the culinary expertise of Leslie helping me out.  It turned out wonderfully!  I think Brian yelling at the TV watching the UCLA game as I made this helped in some way.  I was laughing the whole time.
Here are some pics!  If only I had the video of Brian and Uncle Tom trying to move the huge turkey onto a platter.  Twas hilarious.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Getaway to Ventura and Santa Barbara- October 2015

A few weeks ago Brian and I went to Ventura and Santa Barbara for a weekend getaway.
We left Friday after we finished work and drove straight to Ventura...past the Kardashians...down the Ventura highways listening to Brian's favorite song for the drive, and to our hotel near the beach!
 enjoy my awkward attempts at a cute-couple mirror selfie.  #failsofmylife 
I had casually mentioned I wanted to eat sushi that weekend, so Brian being the nice person he is took me out for a sushi dinner even though he can't handle raw fish and rice.  nom.
We landed in a delicious little spot thanks to Yelp!  It was soooo good and so beachy.  We got way too  much food and had a great time.
after feasting we walked up and down main street.
Ventura has such a charming downtown with lots of quaint places to eat.
We even had a run-in with the newly-sainted Junipero Serra.

After a quick breakfast at Denny's (our hotel gave us free breakfast at Denny's across the street, isn't that funny/awesome?) we left fairly early Saturday morning for Santa Barbara, just about 30 miles up the road.
I have been wanting to explore Santa Barbara for foreverrr and the #1 thing on my to-do list was rent bikes!
My friend Megan gave us a good recommendation and we rented 2 beach cruisers and hit the road.

We road up and down the beach path and State Street (their main street) and it was so glorious!  Perfect warm weather and the best biking buddy ever.
Our iPhone self-timing game is on point. Haha.


After returning our trusty steeds, we walked on the huge wooden pier with lots of places to eat on the end.
We settled for some clam chowder and fish tacos and soaked in the view, ocean breezes, and tourists taking selfies.

After lunch we drove back over to State Street (in cars, not bikes, much better).

Eric and Kayla and unborn Baby Campa drove down from SLO to hang out with us for the day and we were so thrilled!  We have so much fun with them.  And we parked on the prettiest parking lot ever.
 We spent a few hours walking around with them and going into stores and making a frozen yogurt pitstops.  It was such a pretty day, we got lots of steps in.
We met up with Eric and Brian's cousin Joey who lives in Santa Barbara, and had dinner with him at a really fun outdoor Mexican restaurant called Sandbar.  I ordered a big salad but could hardly eat it I was so full.

Dinner was really fun!  Kayla and I enjoyed watching drunk college girls embarrass themselves publicly.
We ended the day with the famous McConnell's ice cream.  I was so full I nearly burst but we HAD to try this Santa Barbara staple.  And I am glad we did.  Still drooling over their cookies & crème om nom!

The next day we went to breakfast at Denny's againnnn cause it was free and yummy, then we took a walk along the beach.
It was overcast but we love the beach so who cares.
Also right after I took this picture I saw a little black pug digging through the sand sneeze really hard and get scared at his own sneeze. I loved it!! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

After checking out of our hotel we went to church at a Ventura ward.  Brian was appalled at the maintenance of the building, haha, but we enjoyed the service nonetheless.
After church we went to the Ventura Mission and looked around their small museum, then waited in the beautiful courtyard until mass ended and we could go inside.  It was really beautiful.
Stuff from the Canonization ceremony in DC for Serra:

 We drove back to Pasadena after a great weekend away.  I love living in the LA are because we can so easily take weekend trips to places like Santa Barbara, HB, San Diego, and even Vegas.  It's hard to not do that every weekend! 
I definitely feel like I need more time to explore the Santa Barbara area, but this trip was a great start.  Until next time, SB! ###