the campas

the campas

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Day I Met My Role Model

A couple weeks ago, I met my role model.  Ok,  maybe a close second to my actual role model, because obviously:
I have sort of worshipped Mindy Kaling for years, ever since reading her first book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" and then watching her clever and relatable show "The Mindy Project."  Mindy is my writing idol, fashion icon, inspiration, and the best creator of personal nicknames.
Mindy's new book came out a few weeks ago and I heard she was having a book signing at The Grove in LA.  I obsessively checked the website until details were released, and discovered tickets would be given out at the bookstore in LA right after one of my overnight shifts ended.  Can you say delirium!?
I hurriedly left  my shift on that blessed day, drove through windy Laurel Canyon, then stood on a hecka long line for a wrist pass.  I made besties with the 2 Mindy lovers next to me, and we chatted for the 2.5 hours we stood there waiting.
When it was finally time, I purchased my obligatory book which I obvi already own, and got the wrist band!! I was beyonnnnnnd excited. 
I came back to Pasadena, napped, then immediately started the beautification process.  When you know you are going to have your photo taken with someone as flawless as Mindy, you gotta prep.
Brian came with me to drive me to the Grove and I was sooo nervous about being late the whole drive I was a basketcase.  Bless Brian for understanding my addiction.  He dropped me off at the curb and I raaannnn and met up with my Mindy friends.  We waited for awhile and then her blessed holiness Mundy Kailing came out and eeeeee!

She gave a great talk with her writer friend Tacey Wigfield.  They discussed how tacky weddings are (agreed), how Mindy has career success but doesn't have family-life success (sad), and how anyone can be successful with a good mentor and determination (yay).  It was ahhh mazing.
Then we stood on line for 5ever while Brian came to say hi and I saw one of my London study abroad friends randomly and casually yelled her name across the Barnes and Noble to get her attention.

Creeper pics as I edged closer:

My conversation with Mindy was kind of amazing. Things I remember:
Mindy: you are so sweet!  and you are so cute!
Anna: *dies*
Mindy: are you alive? no? ok. here ill still sign your book.
Anna: *briefly comes back to life.*
Mindy: do you like the book?
Mindy: wait you're already done??
Anna: Yes! And now I have 2 copies so I can read it twice!
Mindy: *heartily laughs*
Anna: inner thoughts: "omg mindy just laughed at my joke. am I funny????!!"
Mindy: Bye!
Anna: Bye, best friend! See you tomorrow!
Mindy whispers to assistant: call security......
It was all very exciting and called for selfies and Sprinkles cupcakes afterwards.
Here is the picture I cherish and have hung on every wall of my house. 
In Conclusion: Mindy for President!!  Because you know I agree with her platform:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cousin Culinary Fun

The past couple weeks cousin Alex has been in Pasadena to code for Tom. 

It's been fun to have him here.  We had a few fun cousin-culinary experiences this past week.

we had a "cook off" with some Blue Apron meals Sarah and Chad ordered.  It was fun, expect I cut my finger and sarah burned her hand.  the things we do for food.


tom, sarah, alex, brian, and I all went to Din Tai Fung in arcadia and ate so many dumplings.  it was baca's 85th birthday and we missed the fancy celebratory dinner in Utah, so this was out excuse to eat out.

we wen to Benten Ramen in San Gabriel.  I haven't had actual ramen since LONDON and it was so good!  plus we learned even against a curb and 3 inch wedges, cousin alex will always win the height contest.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

BYU Brings Us Together-September 2015

If there's one thing that brings the Hayes/Jensen/Campa families together, it's a deep love of BYU.  We are now ALL Byu alums (holler), and happen to have the biggest BYU football fan ever in our family, aka Lizzie.  Ok so maybe she isn't the biggest fan EVER, we are just very impressed with her dedication to our team.

When we found out that the Cougars would be in town to take on the UCLA Bruins in September, Becky and Nate decided to come for the game and for a visit.  I was ecstatic, even more so when my parents and Lizzie decided to join in!  Although Brian had to miss the game, it was still an epic outing.

I had been looking forward to this trip for such a long time.  It all started on Wednesday the 16th when I picked Becky and Nate up from LAX.  We drove to the condo, and after picking up some Fiesta for Nate, we met up with mom and dad who had arrived from Vegas that evening.

I spent the night at the condo, then we all get up early Thursday for a DISNEYLAND DAYYY!  No one loves Disneyland more than my dad (again, probably an exaggeration) so we had to take advantage of the day we all had to visit the park.

Mom of course opted out.  We all thought the park would be empty since it was a random time of year and not a weekend.  Jokes on us, apparently Disneyland is NEVER not crowded.  Ughs.  So many people there.  This is a picture from us in a super long line for the Jungle Cruise.  The Jungle Cruise, people.

Despite the crowd and the warm weather, we still had an incredible day.  Highlights include Cars Land:

FaceTiming with Lizzie on the Tower of Terror line:

 The beautiful fall decor and dinner on Main Street at the Carnation Café:

Nooo line on Small World:

the Diamond Celebration decorations and festive atmosphere:

The best part was the new Diamond Celebration fireworks show and parade.  I seriously cried during the show they used so many great songs.  It was so beautiful! Nate was just getting over a bad cold so he had to plug his ears the whole time.  Twas loud and sad.

My biggest victory of the night was probably the fact I stuck to my Whole30 diet and didn't waver ONCE at the most delicious place on earth.  I go.

I worked my half shift on Friday, then once Brian was done with work, we packed up and drove to HB to greet Lizzie who had just flown in from Utah.

Yet another culinary challenge: a delicious dinner out to BJ's Pizza in HB.  We had a nice big table in the back, and I was able to order an Ahi Tuna salad which was good, although my mouth longed for deep dish pizza and a pazookie.

Lizzie was all decked out in Cougar gear, and mom and dad had prepped for her arrival with their flag, so a cute Cougar pic was in order.

The next day was the day of the game!  I started with a long run and bumped into dad on the pier, then Brian on the pier, then Becky on the trail!  We all started our exercise separately and finished together.

So backstory: Brian's cousin Brad who lives in Las Vegas decided to get baptized.  He has an LDS family on his mother's side, but has never really been interested.  When he made the incredible decision, Brian knew he had to be there!  Only problem?  The baptism was literally the same time as the big UCLA game. Brian is a die hard UCLA fan and enjoys Cougar football as well so it was a tough call, but I am so proud of him for being there.  He ended up being a witness and bearing his testimony at the service.  I wasn't there but I know it was incredible.  He was also able to go with his grandparents and uncles.  Isn't he the best!?

Ok enough of that.  Before he left we took this festive Cougar balcony photo.  It's a great picture, and it was hilarious us trying to use iPhone self-timers to capture the moment.
also it's funny the flag is backwards. haha.

Lizzie and I dropped Brian off at the Long Beach airport, then we came back to the condo, packed up, and drove to our Dim Tai Fung experience!

Becky and Nate rode with me.  We wanted to go to Din Tai Fung because Nate has wanted to go for a long time.  I am a huge fan of Din Tai and their pork dumplings, so it took a lot of control for me to not eat anything except garlic green beans and broccoli.  Sad day.  I am glad my family loved it though!

After eating, we all went to the Japanese discount store "Daiso," so Becky and Nate could experience it.  Then, everyone went to Rita's and I watched them eat delicious ice while I imagined I was eating delicious ice.  We were missing Brian so bad while at his favorite place.

We were all pretty pooped after our exercising, eating, and exploring Arcadia.  So we went back to our place and relaxed for a couple hours.  I was so happy to have all my family relaxing in our condo I was just beside myself.  Nate, Dad and I went to Vroman's book store so they could see it.
Pretty soon it was time for the big gameeee!  There were soooo many BYU fans, and it became obvious as soon as we parked at Parsons that we were in good company.  I figured there would be a lot , but half of California Mormon?  I was overwhelmed by all the Cougars.

Lizzie and I sat next to each other on the tiny Rose Bowl benches.  We were so smushed in there that we didn't get up to leave once during the game, new world record much?  We were ALL so into the game because it was so good, and BYU was ahead for awhile, but managed to barely lose it by a point last minute.  Go cougars amiright? 

Either way, it was fun to enjoy it with the family, have Erika join us, and sing the fight song a few times.

Lizzie didn't get her win, but she did get a selfie.

We visited some of the season ticket holding Campas after the game and they took us into the tunnel where the BYU team would exit.  We saw the players families who looked sadder than we did.

We walked back to our car together and said farewell in the parking lot.  Erika and I sat for nearly an hour in the car as we waited for cars to leave, aka we didn't get home till nearly 1am.  It was a LONG night and day but worth it for us to all be together.  I picked Brian up early the next morning before church and we resumed normal life. 

I can't wait for my whole family to be all together again at Thanksgiving! ###