the campas

the campas

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Busy BF/Beach weekend

Last weekend was a busy but happy one!!
I have been looking forward to this weekend for awhile.  My dear dear friend Ahlin came down from AZ for a Brandon Flowers concert.  Plus it was the primary program and the wedding of my LA news bestie!  Lots to discuss.  Let's get to it:
We started the weekend off on Friday night with a "date night."  (brian hates that term so I am not technically allowed to use it).  He took me to In-N-Out, one of the only places I can eat on my Whole30 diet.  Holler at all the protein burgers out there!  Also huge shoutout to La Croix.  I'd be d-e-d dead without ya.
We then went to see "the perfect guy" which was the perfect amount of creepy/scary for me.  I LOVED it!  It made me happy that none of the guys I broke up with stalked/tried to kill me.  #winning.  Brian liked it so much he legit forgot we went to see it the next day.  He's so great that he lets me pick all the movies. :)
Saturday morning I had a grueling primary program run through.  Those kids make me tired but I sure do love them with my whole heart.  All of them.  More about my love for them later.
Ahlin arrived Sat afternoon.  We caught up, made spicy paleo chicken poppers, and watched part of the women's conference.  Then we got ready for BRANDON!  I have been a long time Brandon Flowers/Killers fan but haven't ever seen him live. 
Of course I had to wear my fabulous Las Vegas leggings Lizzie and mom got me for my honeymoon!!  Hahaa.
The concert was at the old Wiltern theater in Hollywood.  It was a really cool venue!  The concert was sold out and lots of fun.  We had plenty of room in the back to dance and sing.

Be still my heart.  Such a good concert.
On Sunday, the primary program went off without a hitch!  It was honestly such a miracle/blessing.  It went quicker than we though and all the kids showed up knowing their parts.  I was so proud I felt like I literally gave birth to all of them. hahah.  So glad it's over though!!  Ahlin got to see it too before she took off for Scottsdale.
Brian and I left after sacrament meeting for Malibu.  We got a wee bit lost thanks to my GPS but eventually got there!
My dear CBS2 friend Laura married her high school sweetheart on the beach and was sweet enough to make room for us at the wedding.
Laura and I have become so close.  Besides producing/filming out side project "the best of" together, we talk on the phone everyday about work and life.  I would die without her.

The venue was a beach house with a great view.  We especially loved the cup holders they gave us!  If only I could have coke.  Darn Whole30.


We left a little early and saw the blood red supermoon on our drive home.  It was a great and tiring weekend.  We were so tired, in fact, that we actually went to bed at 9:45. What what new record!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Zarate Wedding/Weekend in Vegas

On August 20th we got to see Brian's cousin get married with the Campa family, then the next day I flew out to Vegas to see Becky who was in town.  I have so many cute pictures from that weekend I wanted to post them before I forget.
I joked with Brian that Friday was "take your wife to work day," because he took me to work with him so we could head to the wedding as soon as he was done.  I went to the hardware store with him and spent some time at a Starbucks while he went to an appointment.  We grabbed lunch at a delicious bagel shop in La Verne, then he took me to his parents house while he went back for a few hours to work.  I got to take a walk with Kayla and spend some time with the Campas before Brian came home and we all packed in Eric and Kayla's car and drove to Corona!
We wanted to be early to the wedding, but we ended up being soooo early it was sort of a fail.  That and the invitation had the wrong time on it plus the whole wedding party was late.  We had plenty of time to kill, so Tim ordered a bunch of snacks at the bar and we ate/visited/took pictures until the ceremony started an hour and a half late. 
The ceremony happened on a golf course RIGHT next to a train track, so the wedding periodically had a very loud train make an appearance.  haha.  After they Mikey and Yvette got married, we went inside for an Italian dinner and celebration.  I literally married into the most fun/lively family and I feel so SO lucky.
As any good wedding should ... they had a photobooth!  And the Campas DOM-I-NATED.  Haha.  I think we took like a hundred pictures total.  Can't help it. Don't even invite me to your wedding unless there's a photobooth there.
We got home from the wedding soooo late.  I hurried and packed because we had to leave for the airport around 5am.  I somehow woke up and dragged myself to the car so poor tired Brian could drive me to LAX.
My wonderful family greeted me at the airport.  I just love coming home to Las Vegas.  It will never get old.  Everything about that city makes me feel so happy and right.  The heat, the landscape, and especially my house.  Being in Vegas just makes me happy.  I wish Brian could come with me every time.
We went out to breakfast at Hash House a Go Go with Becky's friend Hannah who was staying with us.  I really like that place, if you go get the Banana pancakes.  They are literally like a foot and a half in diameter.  Noms.
I also got to meet Larson and Marissa's sweet baby Benji while I was there!  He is so cute, although he permanently looks scared which makes me sad.  I love him!
After some Target, swimming, chicken sandwiches, and puzzling (just a few of our favorite things), it was time for Becky to go her friends' wedding reception.  That was the reason she was in town in the first place, although I like to pretend it was to see me.  :)
While she was gone, the 4 remaining Hayes' decided to venture over to the dark unknown side of Las Vegas, aka Summerlin, to dine out and shop.
We went to Capriotti's and the outdoor mall out there.  It wasn't too hot and we had a great time walking around.  We didn't buy anything which is weird for us, but we got some huge ice cream cones from a popular place that came from San Fran.  That ice cream was so good I wasn't even mad that I accidentally ordered too much.



After ice cream Lizzie and I made fools of ourselves running around and getting our steps in for the day.  Haha, #hayesfamilyfitnesschallenge
The next day, we all went to Stake Conference together.  Then Becky had to leave to go back to DC.  :(  I always hate when we have to say goodbye.  She lives sooo far away.
Luckily we kept our matching at church tradition alive for stake conference:

 I got to see my pregnant friend Megan that afternoon, and Lizzie and I went to practice the organ together at the Stake Center. 
A little later we went on a big walk around Sunset Park.  It was fun and we saw literally a jillion rabbits out there.  Lizzie and I walked so fast so we could get home for Bachelor in Paradise hehe.


On Monday, dad went to work while Mom and Lizzie and I hung out.  Lizzie and I went for a very hot run around the neighborhood where we got yelled at for running right under a huge crane, lol oops.
Later we went to the mall.  We went out for sushi at lunch as well, noms.  Later on I took another dip in the pool.

 My dad came home early so that him and Lizzie could go to the Harry Reid fundraiser and MEET THE PRESIDENT.  No joke, they met president Obama and got a picture with him.  How cool is my family?  So so cool.  And we are democrats which ups our cool level significantly.
While Lizzie and dad were off being political, mom and I went out to eat at Whole Foods where the hippie checkout man complimented me on my salad making skills, obvi.  We also wen to the Loft where mom bought me a few really really cute on sale tops. 
I had to leave after our dinner outing.  I always get a little down when I have to leave Sin City.  It's home and I love it.
Luckily, Brian was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs at LAX with his perfect smile and so I wasn't too sad to be home.  It was a great weekend home with family and friends.  ###

Monday, September 14, 2015

Quickie Vegas Trip-September 11/12, 2015

I went home to Vegas last weekend for literally 24 hours to shower Megan Reed and her baby girl with lots of love and cute onesies. 
I flew in on Sept. 11th straight from work, and after a delayed flight I snapped this great picture of our house from the airs of Las Vegas:
When I got home it was a crazy couple hours getting ready for the shower.  My mom had cleaned our whole house and done all the hard work. Our theme was "ready to pop!" and we had soda pop, cute pink popcorn, fruit, and 2 delicious cakes.
I made those popcorn boxes and was super happy with how they turned out!
We also played a baby version of "the price is right" I planned out.  We had guests guess on how much common baby items cost.

Our friend Ashley was also there:


On Saturday, we spent the morning at Ray Buckwalter's funeral.  Ray was our longtime neighbor/ward member/ MOST FAITHFUL home teacher ever.  I was sad he passed away and was glad to go to his services.  He really did care about our family!
After the funeral while mom cleaned up, dad took me to Costco to  make my wildest dreams come true by gifting me his Costco membership!  I have wanted one for SO long and was soooo happy to get this blessed card:
We did a little shopping after that and as we were exiting, we saw my grandma waving us down!  Of course she was there!  Her and grandpa drive down to Costco every week for hot dogs.  I was SOO glad to see her during my quick trip.  We ate lunch with them.  Meaning, they all ate delicious pizza and hot dogs while I sadly ate my shrimp and apple.  (curse you, Whole30).

Here's a little gem for you.  Can't get any cuter than these dems!  This is the pic from the fancy fundraiser dinner my dad took Lizzie to last month:
I left Saturday evening.  I think this was my quickest trip home!  Despite that, I was glad to be there and so glad to see so many people.
 SYS, homesies.

Family HB Visit- July 25th-August1st

The fam bam came to HB for a week in July and it was so fun!  Here are the highlights:
Mexican dinner with the Ngos in Pasadena. Brian was there too, just taking the picture:
Having work off and getting to go down to the beach for a few days:
Finding amazing ombre cake pans at the south coast plaza mall and making a Bachelorette finale cake:
Just this in general:
Going to the LA Flower Market early and still missing most of the hustle and bustle.  It was so cool to see all the flowers!!! 
We got flowers to make our floral crown dreams comes to pass:

My parents went to visit Brother Buckwalter at Cedars-Sinai hospital so Lizzie and I took a walk (Lizzie was getting over a bug so no hospital visits).  We just HAPPENED to walk by the GT Cupcakes LA location!
Seriously with how huge LA is, what are the chances?!
We took a hike near the Hollywood sign to the Hollywood resvoir.  It was short and offered the perfect picture spot!

Later that night we made our floral crowns but since they took longer than we though we literally had to chance so fast and RUN to the beach to get our pictures in!

So dramatic.  So flawless.  LOL JK.

We went to the OC fair the next day!

Spying on the cutiez:


We paid $1 to go in a butterfly ten and we wore our crowns ... SOOO many butterflies landed on us and we were the coolest kids in the tent.

Don't be jealous.

So many treats and so little time to eat them all.
Dad had to leave before the weekend, so I joined Lizzie and Mom for Ruth's sons Sam and Ben's bar mitvah!  It was my first one and SO informational!  We wore prayer shawls, saw scrolls, and sang songs.
The luncheon and party afterwards were so fun.

Lots of dancing.  Shalom!

Mom's friend Selena and her daughter were there and staying at the condo.

This festive dance made my Jewish dreams come true.

I wanted to get on that chair but I guess that's not kosher.

Cutest little lady ever!  She was seriously like 4 feet tall!

It was a great week with my family.  I really love having them here, but it's probably good they don't come more often or I might have to move down to HB and I would never see Brian. :(
I can't wait for them to come this weekend for the UCLA/BYU game!!!