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the campas

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Triumphant Return to YUMA, AZ. August 7th-10th, 2015

In May 2014 I moved away from Yuma, Arizona, with tears in my eyes, my car bursting at the seams, and bag full of burritos on my passenger seat.

It's really hard to describe what Yuma means to me or how it changed me.  I moved to a place I had never heard of a month before... not knowing one person or one thing about my job.  I left with the best friends in the world and the greatest memories of a job I still  miss.  I look back at my Yuma years in a way I think returned missionaries look at their missions.  It was the greatest time and the hardest time.  While I would NOT change my life right, being married to Brian and living in our cute condo in perfect Pasadena and working at CBS2, I have missed Yuma and wanted to go back.  I'm so glad it finally worked out that Ashley, Ally, and I could all be there the same weekend!!

I decided to go to Yuma during August (yes I know I am insane) because Brian was taking a weekend family golf trip to Palm Springs, like he does every year.  I decided to drive down with him and Nancy, spend a night there, then keep driving to Yuma while he stayed and golfed.  

I worked an overnight the Friday we left, and after a quick nap drove to La Verne to wait for Nancy and Brian to finish work.  After running in circles in their garage like a crazy person so I could get my #hayesfamilyfitnesschallenge steps, I realized I packed in such a delerious state that I FORGOT my air mattress.  Doh.  So Nancy made some calls on my behalf, and when Brian got home we stopped by his uncle's house to borrow one.  Yay family.

Earlier in the morning Brian drove by a donut shop I've been wanting to try; Donut Man in Glendora.  He got me one, bless his heart.  It was so gooood.

We took off around 5:30 and had an easy drive to Palm Springs.  Brian and I spent many weekends there during our long distance relationship.  It was fun to be back!

We spent the night hanging with Tim and Nancy and a few of their friends.  We had pizza, played Banangrams, and Brian and I floated around the resort's lazy river, which was gloriously relaxing.

I left early the next day after Brian was already golfing.

I was so anxious to get to Yuma.  I was even excited to do that dang drive I was so tired of when I moved away.  When I got off the 8 and drove into old downtown Yuma, I actually shed a few tears.  There is such a big place in my heart for that city.

I drove straight to Ashley's house, and said hi to her parents, who were possibly my most faithful viewers.  We caught up and then drove to Ally's beautiful house in the foothills.  It's her parents dream home that they finished building last year and is so nice!

I gave Ashley and Ally their birthday presents a little late for Ash and a little early for Al.

The best gift was probably the gold and silver metallic tattoos.  I have been wanting to try them for awhile, so I am glad Al and Ash were on board with my dreams.

We all went swimming in Ally's new pool for awhile, which is about the only thing to do in 110 degree weather.

One of my most visited intersections.  :)

After swimming and getting ready, we went to Chile Pepper so that Ashley could pick up burritos to take back to Phoenix for her boyfriend.  They have re-done Chile Pepper and I was confused why it's so fancy now.  I  miss the ghetto cafeteria.  :)

We went by Squeezed after, my favorite smoothie shop in Yuma.  It felt so normal and great to be running around Yuma with Ashley and Ally!  Just like old times.

Ashley and I needed a little Coke to boost our energy.  Clearly she is healthier than I am with her Diet Coke.

After Squeezed, we went by Ashley's house again, then went to our favorite place to eat together: Las Pallapas.  They have the best tacos there!  Slash the best everything.  Nom.  Miss that place.

Cute pictures fails all over:

I look in my car and what do I see??? 116 degree weather staring back at me!

After dinner we walked over to the store to pick up some desserts for Ally.  She was so excited to show us that Fry's Food has the best gluten-free foods.  Once she was checking out, she realized the whole time we were actually in Albertsons!  Hahaa. Oh, Ally.

Ally and Ashley left after the store and I went over to my dearest Anna Chaulk's house for a game night.  How I miss her!  My other Anna co-anchor-other-half and I have been separated for a year and a half, so it was great to see her and Eduardo Santiago.  We all loved working together and still miss "the good old days" now that I am in LA and Anna works for APS.

Game night was fun!  I got to meet cool new people and see my anchor-replacement Christy Wilcox, as well as my former director Tim Timato, as I call him.  He brought his adorable dogs and I became obsessed with this puppy:

Can I has one?

After game night, I went back to Ashley's for an A-Cubed sleepover.  Ally slept in the toy room with some creepy dolls that stared at her all night.

The next day I left the Chadwick's in the morning for a brunch with Anna and Eduardo.  We tried a place I had never been to called Penny's.  It's a cute little diner in an aluminum box.  It was great!  We got to catch up for a few hours.  I  love my news besties!

After breaking the Sabbath I went to the Yuma YSA to repent and attend church.  Oh my goodness, so many memories in that building.  Leading the music, attending FHE's, Brian standing up and announcing he's my boyfriend in Elder's Quorum so: hands off, guys! Haha.

The best part of church was seeing Kelsey Hall, my long-time roommie.  She is getting married soon so we got to talk about that.  Miss her!  It was fun for all 4 of us to be together again.

Ally took this picture of me saying bye to Ashley, who had to hit the road after church, but she took forever taking the picture so she made us hold this pose for like 2 minutes.  Haha. Also we saw President Slade in the parking lot when Ashley was leaving!  It was such a pleasant surprise!

After church, I met up with Christy at KECY to see the newly re-modeled station.  I was hesitant about going at first, because I knew it would be so different and I was nervous it would make me sad.  But I am happy I went.  They really have done a beautiful job combing all three stations there and adding a new studio.  It has a more newsroom-like feel, and is less ghetto and so fancy!

After a visit with Christy, I went back to Ally's and had a delicious pot-roast dinner with her family.  Later, we went on a walk to the Peanut Patch so I could get all my steps in.  We saw yet another beautiful AZ sunset.  They're the best!

Check out how many stickler's I had in my shoe.  It took like 20 minutes to get them all out!

More tattoos, because YOLO:

We read scriptures with her family, exercised a little more, then went to bed.  As I was falling asleep on the floor I remembered Ally talking about scorpions in her house.  I immediately became convinced I was going to be fatally stung in my sleep, so I hopped into bed with her for a restful bug-free night.

The next morning I picked up my friend Virginia for a breakfast outing!  We used to go out to lunch every single Friday, so I knew I had to see her while I was in town.  We went to Kneaders, aka the best place to have breakfast if you are in Yuma or Provo.

After running a few errands with me (like getting super cheap gas), I dropped Virginia off at her Pets Mart job, picked up burritos at Mr. G's and hit the road.

It was sad to leave Yuma after such a fun weekend with friends.  In fact, I cried in the Mr. G's parking lot like a weirdo realizing how great this place was to me and all the amazing people who I met here. I never thought I'd miss Yuma as much as I do, but I realized while I was there it really is the people more than the place.  As much as I loooove basking in 120 degree weather, I would never want to go back if Ally, Ashley, Anna, Eduardo, Kelsey, Virginia, and everyone else weren't there.  I love my Yuma peeps 4 life.  Thanks for a great weekend, Arizona!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I was looking through wedding photos the other night while Brian worked on his application for business school.  I was reminded of how our wedding day was the best day of our lives, but more importantly, how much we have grown as a couple since that day.  There have been lots of ups and a few downs, but I am SO thankful to have Brian by my side for all of it!  I have yet to meet a kinder, more understanding, or better person.  He is the best of the best.

us at the Nats vs. Dodgers game last week.  so fun.

In other news, I have a new favorite wedding picture!  I set it as my lock screen and then yesterday Brian saw it and said "hey that's a great picture!" Glad we are on the same page about that one.  :)


Friday, August 14, 2015

Campacation: Hawaii Trip-July 2015

Last month the Campas graciously took Brian, Eric, Kayla and I to beautiful WAIKIKI for a good-old-fashioned-fun-times-family-vacation.  The first of its kind with all 6 Campas!  There were lots of  memorable moments and severe I'll highlight some of the best of #Campacation moments (yes I did think of that hashtag *bows* thank you, thank you).



-getting our free 7/11 slurpees and subway before we all left for the airport

-nancy talking her way past a crazy long baggage line at LAX. don't check bags, ppl.
-switching seats for an emergency exit with a crazy amount of leg room.

-watching "the longest rid" and crying on the flight, then nancy coming over and saying "the greatest love the longest ride." #dead
-singing the Arthur theme song with kayla in the Alamo rental car place. we are annoying.
-splitting up and buying a crazy amount of groceries at the sam's club and walmart.

-mcadamia nuts getting their very own aisle:

-getting a condo upgrade to a super nice room with a better ocean view.
-eating pizza on the balcony.
-a jet-lagged-late-night beach walk with brian.


-seeing sweet Ashley Moser do her thang and anchor the news in the morning.

-going on a hecka long run and having it start pouring rain and not even giving a care.

-walking around downtown with Brian and getting POG juice from the ABC store.

-hitting the beach and randomly watching a red bull boating competition with homemade floats  like a cool runnings sled and gilligans island raft.

-floating in the warm water with brian and swimming so far out with him.



-seeing the most glorious rainbow over the ocean.

-driving to the north shore and getting tumbled in the waves and trying to take mermaid pictures with our underwater disposable camera. (spoiler alert, they didn't work).

-brian and eric twinning on accident. #brothers.

-eating famous shaved ice highly recommended by Obama.

-meeting mr.  matsomoto and realizing hes the coolest dude ever.

-seeing pretty turtle bay.

-waiting 4ever for shrimp at a famous truck but then eating it and being like "totally worth it!"

-watching the bachelor with everyone and answered all of tim and nancys questions while being ashamed because of how trashy that show really is.



-a beautiful view on my morning run.  I loved running in Hawaii!

-getting picked up by a nice Mormon man driving our tour bus and hearing his pearl harbor rendition.

-seeing pearl harbor again.

-visiting the USS Arizona Memorial and seeing oil still leaking up.

-playing Yahtzee and banangrams

-late night Waikiki walks with Eric and Kayla, and Eric taking a billion selfies.

-late night Yogurtland with Brian.
-brian's sleeping mask being caught on film. (we had to use headband-sleeping-masks because our couchbed was in the living room and it never actually got dark.


-driving up to the north shore again and seeing BYU Hawaii which was empty and on break

-seeing the beautiful temple.

-walking around the PCC which was sooooo hot and seeing all the dancing and other sights.

-tim falling asleep during the beauty of hawaii iMax movie.

-watching brian and eric tap into their tongan side with some dancing.

-going to a luau and drinking festive beverages from pineapples while making fun of cheesy "cousin T," our host.


-Thai food lunch with Ashley and her husband who are so super cool and live in Hawaii aka the dream life.

-my sunburn peeling in the ugliest way possible.

-going to the beach and then brian buying me expensive ice cream.


hiking diamond head which was crazy steep with a zillion other people.

-the view at the top of diamond head.

-trying to figure out how to snorkel in Hanauma Bay when the parking lot closed.

-getting to snorkel and then having the rain pour down which was so beautiful.
-seeing soooo many pretty fish.

-eating at Cheeseburger in Paradise, one of my favorite HI spots.

-taking glamour shots on the beach

-spending our last night out with Eric and Kayla, walking around doing some shopping.
-trying not to think about waking up at 4am to catch our flight home.

our trip was amazing!  I feel like this is such a lazy blog post, there are so many fun things I did and so many memories we made that I didn't write down.  I just wanted to get my pictures online before I forget anything else.
Aloha, Hawaii!!!