the campas

the campas

Monday, June 22, 2015

i hate the phrase "short hair don't care."

I am desperately trying to blog about things in my life BESIDES vacations, so here goes.  i cut ALL MY HAIR off. (slight exaggeration) but really, it's never been this short.  I have been endlessly talking about doing this for a few months, I think my family and friends were tired of me making pros and cons lists of my hair length.  I really sealed the deal when we went to the Taylor Swift concert and her hair just looked SO CUTE short with bangs!  And then the next day my mom and I were sitting in a temple session and my mom leaned over to me and asked what I was thinking about, to which I replied: "I'm thinking that I really want to cut my hair short."  Hahah oooops.

I had a gal in my ward do the cut and I was SO excited for it.  And I really like it.  I cut about 6 and a half inches off, it's never been this least not that I can remember.  It's so light and healthy.  SO I may never have long hair again!  Luckily Brian really likes it, so we are all good hah.

Here's a pic I took right after the deed was done.  It happened the night before Brian took his GMAT so we were both having stressful nights hahah.

So short.

It helped me survive the Florida humidity.

Anyways, I hate the phrase "short hair don't care," so I won't say it.  But I will say I do very much care that my hair is short in the best way possible.  Glad I took a risk. ###

Vegas/St. George Weekend- May 2015

My birthday weekend was spent in Viva Las Vegas with my perfect husband and amazing family.  What more could I ask for after 2 birthdays alone in Yuma??  I want to document the amazingness of the weekend.  Here goes:

Brian and I drove up early Friday.  He took work off for a guys weekend in Vegas that ended up falling apart when we got there...long story... and we ended up getting him to ourselves all weekend!  Bonus jonas!  

I went to Karalyn's parents house a few hours after we arrived.  She was in town with her sweet baby Samuel and I hadn't seen her since our wedding.  Unacceptable!  I miss my roommate!  Her baby is sooooo cute and it was great to see her and also our friend JaNae who lives in Vegas now.  All of their kids are so cute.

After the visit I went to dinner with the original 5 Hayes' and then to TAYLOR FLIPPING SWIFT.  (see previous post to get all the deets)

We got home at 3am hahah and I don't think I fell asleep until 4 because I was just reliving the magic in my head.  Despite sleeping so little, I managed to get up around 7 to wish my dad happy birthday!!  And of course for an iHop birthday breakfast with grandma and grandpa!  Im glad we squeezed in a visit with them during our quick trip.

Also try the double chocolate chip pancakes next time you are there.   You may gain 10 pounds, but it's worth it.

After breakfast, we came home and changed.  Mom, Becky and I had planned to go to St. George to see our dear friends Blake & Amy tie the knot.  Brian was supposed to be golfing, but since things all fell through, he veryyyy last minute hopped in the car to come with us.  Yay!

We had a quick drive up to St. George.  Brian dropped us off at the temple and went to go golf by himself.  I was glad he got to get a round in because he was so looking forward to golfing in Vegas and dragged his clubs with him.

Mom and I bid Becky farewell who went to the sealing, and we did a session.  It was wonderful.  Im used to walking through different rooms in LA so it felt really fast.  St. George is such a beautiful temple.  It is definitely the oldest temple I have been in.  

Once our session ended, we found Becky taking pictures outside the temple. I hopped in for the friends pics, which was fun.  I've known Blake since who knows when.  I feel like we've been friends for so long. Sadies20074life!  And then Amy was my TA in American Heritage and Becky's good friend in DC, so we are so happy those two found each other!

Becky was starving after the temple so we naturally hit up In N Out.  One time at this very location Brian and I had the longest conversation with a super old man who was sitting next to us.  Random fun fact.

We went to get a wedding card, then stopped by Swig before the reception!  I am alllll about the Coke with coconut in it, but I just can't get into their ginormous sugar cookies.  Sry. 

After consuming ALL the coke, we went to the reception which was in a beautiful park near the temple.  It was lovely!  They had a nice section decorated and had long tables set out.  It was great weather and the perfect setting.

So cute righttt?

My favorite part of the wedding had to be the cakes.  They had at least 8 very different and very cute cakes set out for us to enjoy.  I loved the idea and if I ever get married again (lol jk Bri) I will definitely steal it.

They also had Polaroids taken of the guests for a little book for the happy couple.  I loved how ours turned out!  On the left is Hannah, one of Becky's good friends from DC.  It was fun to see her!

We hadn't planned on staying for the whole thing, but I was so into the dancing that we ended up staying for all of it!  We didn't get home until around 10, and although we felt bad about ditching dad on his birthday :( it was a great day!

The next day was my BIRFDAY!!!  #25.  I was just so happy I got to be home for it.  We all went to sacrament meeting at the quail ridge ward, then came home for presents.

My parents got me a fitbit which I am now obsessed with.

Ally and Ashley surprised me by sending a birthday package to my Vegas house from Phoenix!  Seriously aren't they just the best friends ever??

They sent me this amazing pin:

Mom and the sisters made a lavish breaking for us, although mom had to go back to Relief Society so she didn't get to enjoy it. :(

Thumbs us, so good!

We took Becky to the airport after breakfast, then came home for watermelon cupcakes. Not just the colors, they literally tasted like jolly ranchers.  I can't get over it.

I love this picture of my dad and I!  I LOVE sharing a birthday with him.  It's so perfect that they are back to back, but not the same day.  So lucky I decided to pop out when I did.  ;)

After that Brian went and had a long nap and I helped my mom try out her Himalayan Salt Blocks, which hare literally giant blocks of salt you heat in the oven then cook meat or veggies on.  They were amazing just because they made our steak tasted super salty om nom nom.

We also had some good Yahtzee games while we were there.  I got a birthday Yahtzee which was rather festive.

Brian and I took off much later than we anticipated, probably around 5, but didn't hit any traffic somehow!  Yays.  

When we got back to La Verne we stopped by Tim and Nancy's house for some presents and a visit.

It was such a fun-filled weekend home.  It was so great that Becky was there and that Brian could also come up.  From the fancy restaurant on the strip, to Taylor Swift, to hanging out in beautiful St. George, to celebrating my birthday with everyone...I was so sad when we had to leave Vegas.  Maybe I should just go home every weekend.  :)  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rock In Rio & Taylor Swift 1989 WORLD TOUR!

The day before Brian and I left for a long weekend in Las Vegas, my mom called me and asked if I would be interested in going to see Taylor Swift perform at "Rock in Rio," the Brazilian music festival that debuted in Vegas for the first time this year.  WOULD I?!  As an early birthday gift, her and my dad bought the sisters and I tickets, and I was so pumped to see Queen Taylor Swift do her entire 1989 tour in the motherland.  I knew it would make an already epic weekend in Las Vegas even better!  

The day of the concert, Friday May 15th, started early for Brian and I.  We left Pasadena around 7am and hit the road for Vegas!  We were lucky and avoided all the crazy California weekend traffic, and arrived in good order.  Brian went and had a nap and I chatted with Mom, Becky, and Lizzie.  (backstory to the weekend, Becky was in town for her friend's wedding).  We were so excited to be seeing Taylor Swift that night we could hardly stand it.

I went to see my Vegas freshman friends Karalyn and JaNae and their kids that after noon (ill post pictures later), then went home and changed for a fancy dinner at the stratosphere for dad and mine's birthdays!  We went to "top of the world" which is a fancy ROTATING restaurant at the top of the stratosphere!  I had never been up there, but we had such a good time.  The elevator to get to the top goes sooooo fast it made me a littler nervous haha.  The food was amazing and I loved how the the restaurant slowly rotates around the entire stratosphere, giving you a full view of Las Vegas in an hour and twenty minutes!  We all had such a good time.  And my dad knew literally every single building we pointed out to him.  #lasvegaspro.  We also enjoyed watching the skydivers jump off and fall all the way down.  Even though it made me almost lose my lunch.  Yikes.  After dinner we all walked up to the very top and stood outside for a minute enjoying the view.

After dinner, mom and dad walked us over to the Rock in Rio venue!  It was really big, and super nice.  We said bye to them, then went in!  We got there right as Jessie J was starting her set, so we took some time to walk around and see all the shops and food stands set up, then we went to her stage.

We were standing for about 2 hours before taylor came out.  The most pleasant surprise of the evening was the hour long Ed Sheeran set we heard.  He is AMAZING live.  He stands on stage with just him and a guitar and a loop pedal, creating full on songs and harmonies by himself. I have always loved certain songs by him, but I am now officially hooked to his entire album.  I have listened to it a billion times since then.

There was a brief and random fireworks show after Ed Sheeran:

The Taylor Swift portion of rockin' rio was actually her ENTIRE 1989 WORLD TOUR.  what??  We live in an amazing day and age.  We scooted up toward the front after Eddie left, and stood for another hour or so while her minions set the stage up.  I swear they spent a majority of their time putting up a gigantic clothe with a boom box on it that dropped to the floor in .003 seconds to reveal taylor when she came out.  Not worth it.

Taylor Swift is an amazing performer.  I don't care what anyone says, (the haters gonna hate hate hate) but it was INCREDIBLE.  From the moment she came out and sang "welcome to new york" I literally lost my mind.  I sang out loud to every. single. word.  And dance.  Yes, lots of dancing. 

It was SO fun to be there with Becky and Lizzie.  We were all going crazy.  Lizzie and I danced so hard in "we are never ever getting back together" that I almost passed out.  Haha!

Taylor's stage moved!  The huge catwalk actually lifted up and rotated!  She was over my head at one point singing "love story" and it was amazing.  We were SOOO close to her!

Seriously with this view!?  My favorite view and Taylor Swift.  Perfection.

Homegirl had so many costume changes.  I couldn't keep up.

When we entered the venue we were given these glow in the dark bracelets.  They synced with Taylor's songs and all went off at the same time in different colors.  SO SO COOL.

OK HIGHLIGH OF THE NIGHT: When taylor bought Ed back on stage and they sang the most glorious duet of "Tenerife Sea."  It brought the tears.  If I ever get married again, this is my wedding song.  Jk Bri!!!

Here are the songs that totally exceeded my exprections:
-never ever getting back together
-shake it off
-love story
-tenerife sea
-out of the woods
-bad blood

These are the songs I wanted something more:
-blank space :(((

I also kind of hated that in between songs she had her band of model and actress besties on camera talking about how amazing and charitable she is.  OK girl, we get it, you're PERFECT.  Stop reminding us.

The night ended around 3am (!!!) with shake it off and epic dancing and fireworks.  I was so sad to leave.  It was a memorable night.  I never thought I would go to a Taylor Swift concert...but now I just can't wait to go again.  #1989forever!