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the campas

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Day I Accepted a Rose from The Bachelor

OK so I meant to blog about this FOREVERRRR ago and realized I never did. So for the sake of not forgetting, I will now blog about one of the most hilarious experiences of my life that was half-way shared with all of American on Oscar Sunday.  What a great set-up!

Brian and I have always loved The Bachelor series.  I had never watched it before I met him.  (ok that's a lie, Liza and I sneakily watched an entire series of The Bachelorette one Summer behind our parents' backs.  secrets out).  But almost as soon as we started dating, Brian and I started to watch Brad Womack's season, and Brian immediately swept me off my feet with his flawless impression of that guy.

Years later, we are still watching the time-draining series, so when Jimmy Kimmel came on this season as a guest host, we were dying laughing, and I had the idea to get Brian Jimmy Kimmel Live tickets for Valentine's Day, since he films super close to us in Hollywood!!

they were setting up for oscar sunday, so cool!

It worked, and I was able to snag 2 tickets for President's Day when Brian had the day off and the show still filmed.  Perf.  I gave them to Bri for V-Day, and we went 2 days later!

Our tickets were "priority," whatever that means, so we had to get there early to stand at the front of the line.  While we were standing there, some producer lady came up and down the line looking for people who faithfully watch The Bachelor and had seen last night's episode.  I had literally just watched it before leaving for JKL, so I told her I had seen it.  A couple girls in front of us did the same, and she asked if we could be interviewed for the local ABC7 affiliate.  Me, being a newbie genius of sorts, knew if was probably something for the show since ABC7 literally has nothing to do with JKL, but I was still game since I have no shame or boundaries.

The producer came and grabbed the girls in front of me, and when one came back and acted perfectly normal, I assumed it wasn't a big deal.

When it was my turn to go, the producer took me about a block down the street and we chatted and waited for the other girl to finish up.  Once that was done, they walked me in front of a full on camera crew with about 4 people, and got me ready to go.  They even all were telling me how i look like Cameron Diaz, umm what thank you!!! ;) ;)

Some girl started asking me questions about the bachelor, Chris Soules, after they started rolling.  Like "what do you think of Chris?"  "Do you think it's bad Chris kisses so many people."  "Would that bother you."  "So is Chris a player??"

I was answering honestly, um...yes he kisses a lot of girls, idk if it would bother me I'm married, he isn't a player he's the bachelor for pete's sake, um ok I guess he is a little bit of a player."

As soon as I said Chris is kind of a player....CHRIS WALKED OUT and actually grabbed me by the sweaty hands and pulled me in super closed and started this long explanation of how he knows I think he is a player, but he hopes I will understand he is just doing this to find true love, and he hopes I can forgive him, yada yada for what felt like a really long time.  Long enough for me to smell the nasty beer on his farmer breath.

It's hard to explain but it was kind of like he was roll-playing an awkward heart-to-heart bachelor convo they always have on the show.  I was of course playing along with it!  I mean, right after I screamed CHRIS!!!! when he came out like a lunatic.

When our little role-play ended, they shut off the cameras and laughed at me, and Chris and I were ushered into a little souvenir shop.  He was also laughing at me (??) and hugged me and thanked me for being a good sport.  He also gave me a long-stemmed rose and I said the most important thing ever aka I"I accept this rose," then I started into some monologue about how I had just finished last night's episode and was JUST ABOUT TO tell him in great detail that he really needs to pick Whitney since she is the only normal non-hussy there, but stopped myself realizing he had already picked his fiancee like 4 months ago.  Gah.

We took a very close photo together and I left.  It was sooooo funny I couldn't wait to tell Brian, but then the producer lady was like "you really can't tell anyone in line about this or it will ruin it for the other girls doing it.  don't even tell your husband!"  WHATT WHHYYY!!  I wanted to respect their wishes so I gathered myself and went back into line like NBD.  Well, sneaky Brian, just hands me his cell phone without saying anything...yea, he had been snapping pics from afar.  He thought it was hilarious though, and didn't even care another guy just presented me with a rose.
hahahah this makes me laugh.

We went inside and watched the show.  We got front row seats which was cool. The guests were Benedict Cumberbatch and some lady from the TV show "Castle."  Jimmy Kimmel wasn't that interactive or friendly, probably because it's so busy and hectic during the taping, so I forgive him.  Chris did in fact make a small cameo but it lasted like 10 seconds and wasn't that funny.

We ended the taping dancing to some random band that was playing for a later JKL show, then went home.  I had to do an overnight shift so I had to get to bed, but not before texting the sisters and fellow Bachelor-fan friends.  Everyone thought it was hilarious I met Chris, and many people didn't believe the picture I put on Instagram was real.  Haterz.

Ok so as far as the actual clip airing that part is still confusing.  I feel like it never did air because I would have hear about it, BUT there were numerous promos aired across the nation which I received texts about.  One played right after the Oscars (seriously?) and then a few aired later that same week. So maybe they changed their mind about it or maybe it did air, but who will ever know?  I am kind of glad I never saw it, I probably would have been ashamed, haha.

WOW this post was 10x longer than I planned but yea, that's the story of how I got my first (and last) Bachelor rose!  The end.