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the campas

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dodger Dugout Experience!

Yesterday was THE BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES...!!!  (ok, slight exaggeration, sorry, but it was seriously amazing).

At work at CBS2 they are always giving away tickets to Clippers/Lakers/Kings/Dodgers/Angels games but i have never been able to enter because my schedule is crazy and I never seem to be there when they want us to pick them up by. 

But yesterday our general manager's secretary sent out an email that he couldn't use his season dugout tickets so they were giving them out for that night.  I entered the raffle and WON somehow (holler!) I texted Brian to tell him and he was like "yes!  are they seats good?"  When I texted him back telling him they were dugout seats with free parking and free food he flipped out!!

After rushing home and meeting Brian there, we ran to the car (literally, Brian ran) and after I had a minor meltdown using the Waze app, we arrived!  We were so lost when we got there cause the dugout section is apparently so exclusive none of the employees knew where it was **eye roll** but after finally taking 3 huge escalators down, we were greeted by men in suits to the "Lexus Dugout Club!" WHAT THE FANCY!

Picture a nice Vegas buffet, and that is what the food was like.  seriously delicious.  Gourmet ballpark food but also things like simon filet and fried pineapple- and lots of delicious desserts.  

We found our nice cushiony seats then went back to get food, they had these plastic containers you could fill up and then take them to your seats.  I had delicious pasta, salmon, a bratwurst hot dog, and pork sliders.  (yes I ate like twice as much as Brian).  They also had soda machines and a bags of cracker jacks, potato chips, and peanuts.

The dessert bar was also incredible.  I was stuffing a chocolate macaroon in my mouth when Brian pointed out there was a left handed batter and I could be seen on TV.  Awesome.  

Brian enjoyed the view the most.  We were right by home plate and super close to the players.  It made the game so much more exciting!!  There were also waiters walking around asking if they could bring you food or drinks.  Oh man, it was fancy living and we were loving life!

We missed the first two innings because of work, so I was really excited when the game had an extra innings, and the dodgers won!  We got to see them pour gatorade all over the player who hit the final home run.  It was exciting!  And after some guys closer to the camera left, we moved over and my mom saw us on TV.  #famous.  ;)

After the crowd started to leave, we noticed a lot of people gathering around the dugout club entrance.  We stuck around, and are glad we did because that's where all the players walk by when they leave!  They stopped to take pictures with people, but we just enjoyed creeping.

It was a great experience!  We kept saying we needed to soak it in because it was never happening again.  Now every time we go to our normal nosebleed seats we are going to be jealous of the dugout club.  Oh well!  Thanks CBS2 for the amazing night.  We had so much fun!

Here are all the bajillion pictures I took in no particular order:

Vin Scully:


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our FIRST Anniversary!! 3/22/15

okkkkk can we all just take a minute to freak out about the fact that this ^^^^ was  YEAR AGO!?  What??  The phrase "time flies when you are having fun" has never made more sense.  Actually, more like "time flies when you are both working/job searching/starting a new job and moving into a new places and new ward and new city and trying to get used to living with each other and being married and stuff." Yea, that's more like it!  But the first sentence is shorter.  :)

**disclaimer this post is really long but it's just because I want to remember everything about our first anniversary!**

Our wedding day was THE BEST of our lives.  I cannot really express all the happiness and joy I felt on that day.  Everything made perfect sense and I felt like I was floating blissfully all day long.  It was sad when it was over, but really, also felt like that was the beginning of the rest of our lives. 

Our anniversary fell on a Sunday, so we decided to do our main celebrating the evening before.  Brian told me he wanted to take me to a fancy dinner after his GMAT class ended.  He said we would go to a restaurant located in the outdoor mall where his class is in Glendale.  I noticed they have a Cheesecake Factory, a few nice sushi places, ect.  I assumed we would go to one of those places.  A few days before the date, I asked him if he had decided on a place.  He say, "Oh yea, well I did a lot of research and looked at all the menus and none of them blew me away.  So I made reservations at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Pasadena!"  Ok what??  First of all, danka for doing all this research!  Who does that?  And then RUTH'S CHRIS!  I had never been there, but knew it was fancy and was excited to try it.

My mom was in town that Saturday on her way from HB back to Vegas.  We went on a walk around the Huntington Gardens and I told her where we were going.  She told me "you know every steak there is like 50 dollars right?" WHATT NO I DIDN'T.  brian must love me or something. ;)

Later that day I went to the mall with Brian, and while he attended his 3-hour long class, I went shopping at J. Crew (after throwing up all the greasy carna asada french fries we ate with my mom for lunch into a J. Crew bag in the car violently while brian worried and rubbed my back.  he is sosososo nice) and saw "Cinderella."  (rough life right?)  When we got back to Pasadena, I got all fancy and we went out for our dinner!

The restaurant was delicious!  I mean, kind of seriously expensive but SO worth it.  We had a great time, reminiscing about the past year and the future.  Brian insisted I order a fancy drink so I went all out and got Lemonade :)  and we toasted to another year of wedded bliss!  The steak was fantastic, and that is coming from a former vegetarian who doesn't really like steak!

BEST PART of the night was when our enthusiastic waiter came out proudly holding a plate of dessert.  He told us it's on the house because he heard we were celebrating our anniversary.  He plopped it down, and we all read: "happy 11th anniversary" written in chocolate.  Hahahaha he was so mortified and told us they were supposed to write 1st anniversary.  He was about to take it back to fix it but we convinced him it was amazing and we loved it!  And we did!!  We took pictures, and decided we'd have to come back to that exact table on our 11th anniversary!

I had to work early Sunday morning, blah, so I went back to bed after I finished my shift at 7am.  I accidentally slept too late and Brian didn't want to wake me up, so we maybeeee slept through stake conference, oops!  

I had to rush off to the church to practice a musical number I was playing piano for, and Brian had to go to Elder's Quorum stuff, so we started our celebration a little later on in the afternoon.

On our wedding day, Brian and I exchanged letters right before our sealing.  I saw the idea on Pinterest (so basic I know I know) and was really glad we did it!!  I still cherish my letter from Brian written on tiny sheets of hotel notebook paper from the hotel his family was staying at.  We decided to carry on the tradition and exchanged letters again.  Both were very sweet and mine maybe made Brian cry which ended up making me cry and then we were all just crying like a bunch of saps.

We went on a long walk around the Rose Bowl later that evening.  It was the perfect day outside and we had a great time!!  

I made a dinner of salad and pizza rolls with some Coke bottles for dinner.  We toasted our Coke because that is the way any occasion should be celebrated!

At our wedding reception, we had wayyyy too many desserts!  Our venue package included a dessert buffet that was huge.  We also had the Rita's surprise for Brian, and a huge wedding cake from Freed's.  Point is, we had a ton of leftover cake.  So for the past 9 months since arriving here, there have been 2 huge boxes of wedding cake taking up freezer space.  My mom reminded me we needed to take pictures of us eating our old cake, and I was anxious to do it just to get it our of my freezer!

Brian was so apprehensive about this tradition, and I kind of was too, but breaking news: THE CAKE WAS STILL DELICIOUS!  Seriously, we thoroughly enjoyed it and maybe even served it during a dinner gathering at our place the next day.  Oh wait, we DEFINITELY did that.

Here's a picture of us cutting the cake on our wedding day and then eating it one year later:

Also I accidentally set our self-timer to take like 20 pictures in a row which provided for some hilarious and candid photos of us looking crazy:

It was a fantastic anniversary.  After my BFFL Danielle asked me about it, I realized it's like another fun holiday you get to celebrate after you get married.  I was always big on celebrating our "first date" anniversary on January 7th.  Brian indulged me and would send flowers, but this seemed so much more official and real.  

The past few weeks have set this "one year ago today" timeline in my mind going.  One year since our honeymoon, one year ago since returning from our honeymoon, one year ago I returned to Yuma, and so on.  It's made me realize how great those few weeks were.  So much love, happiness, and celebrating.  But it has made me realize that we have a lot of that ahead of us, and a lot more anniversaries to celebrate!  Happy 1 year Brian Joel! ###