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the campas

Monday, March 30, 2015

Long Weekend in HB and D-Land.

So the past year has been pretty crazy with us moving to Pasadena, me starting my new job, and Brian being his busy usual self.  So as Brian approached his 2-year mark at work, he realized he had a bunch of unused vacation days that wouldn't rollover. Because he is in the middle of his GMAT class that he can't miss, we are just using them here at home! 

A few weeks ago he took off a Monday and Tuesday, so we went to HB and Disneyland for fun!  We left Sunday after church and took a walk along the beach.  We saw a wedding party taking pictures, cargo ships lined up outside Long Beach, and a beautiful sunset!  I can never take enough walks along the ocean in HB.  Never ever, especially with Brian Campa.  I ask him every day if we can move there.... ;)

The next day was a busy one.  Brian had tons of homework and a practice test he had to take.  We both went for a run on the trail in the morning.  I went 6 miles, yay!

After our runs, we met up and walked to Fiesta Grill because you simply cannot go to HB and not go to Fiesta.  It would be a sin.  We had a great lunch by the pool, then I went on a long bike ride on the beach,

After Brian's test, we drove over to Balboa to enjoy a long walk and frozen bananas!  There's always money..

I guess I spent a little too much time in the sun and didn't drink enough water, because on our ride home from Balboa my dull headache I had turned into a full blown migraine.  Brian dropped me off at the condo so I could rest and he could go get the things we needed for our Disney day.  It was terrible, it hurt so bad.  #pityparty.  Luckily it was mostly gone by the morning, so after some debate, we decided to go through with our plans to tackle Disneyland and I am SO glad we did!!!

We went on St. Patrick's day, which has always been one of my favorite holidays!  I wore this cute shamrock bracelet my parents sent me.

We went on a Tuesday which was amazing, because it wasn't crowded and it appears the only people there on spring break were from Arizona (so many AZ shirts, made me miss Yuma), because they get out of school early.  

We obviously spent most of our time eating things like cream cheese pretzels, yum:

One of my favorite parts of the day was when I totally beat Brian at the Buzz Lightyear ride!  I pointed it out to him halfway through the ride and he was so shocked that I was killing it!!  Hahah, he was secretly proud of me I think.  He beat me at the Toy Story carnival ride later, so we had one final rematch at Buzz Lightyear later and he won again, oh well!

We had lunch at a new place for us called "Carnation Cafe" on Main Street.  We were so full afterwards.

We had parkhopper passes and we literally hopped all over the place.  We went back and forth quite a few times, getting different fast passes and walking all over.  It was a blissful day of Disney fun!  We saw "Mickey's Magical Map" which was a fun musical.  I actually shed some tears while Pocahontas, Mulan, and Rapunzel sang a duet.  Lame.

I finally found this sign in California Adventure every couple has a picture by!  

The Pixar Parade in CA Adventure:

We are on the top right, I was so scared because they dropped me earlier than I expected!

Breaking news: Frozen Fun is LAME and has nothing going on except some weird DJ and a huge gift store.  Major let down.

So another fun memory was us taking a little break and walking over to the ESPN Zone restaurant in downtown Disney to watch the BYU march madness game against Ole Miss.  There was a short wait so we went to the bar so we could have a coke and see the TV.  Except the lady asked to see my ID and i didn't bring any, so she asked me to leave.  Haha!  My first time at a bar and I get kicked out.  Sounds about right.

We got seated shortly after that, and watched BYU lose the game. Of course.  But we still had chicken fingers and coke so it wasn't a total bust.  But I was sad afterwards:

We ended the amazing night with Star Tours and fireworks right after.  I love Disneyland!  It was such a happy day!  Going with Brian always reminds me of the very first time he brought me home to La Verne and I met Tim and Nancy and they took us to Disneyland the next day and I was pretty sure I wanted to marry that Brian Campa.  So glad I followed through with that.  :)

A little ice cream before driving home:

It was a great few days in HB and a long weekend with Brian.  I was a little sad when he had to go to work the next day.  But he gets another long weekend this week as he uses up those vacation days.  I am not mad about it. I'll take what I can get with that busy busy Brian Campa. ###

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Youth Conference Weekend

This past weekend, Brian Campa and I were "parents" to a youth conference group of 11 teenagers in the mountains during the rainiest weekend of the year.  As terrible as that may sound, it ended up being an incredible experience which I want to document!

 I was an "aunt" at last year's youth conference, meaning they needed extra help and I got pulled in last minute cause they knew I didn't have a job.  #lame.  It was hard, not gonna lie.  I had just moved to Pasadena and knew ZERO people there.  Literally.  There were no real plans and although I loved my kids, I was just happy when it was over.

Well my current job didn't seem to get me out of this year's YC, but luckily Brian was able to take the time off of work to come with me!  And by this time we had made many friends who were also there, so it ended up being loads better.

We started out Friday by meeting the youth at the Summerkids Camp, located at the foothills of Pasadena.  It's a beautiful place, but it was raining when we got there and actually for most of the weekend!

Our first activity was a scavenger hunt at the Americana Mall in Glendale, a beautiful outdoor mall with lots of cool things to do.  We met "service warriors" who gave us clues and made us take funny pictures.  Here are a few:

Highlight of the night was probably the fact we all got to eat In N Out as part of our scavenger hunt, and we got to walk around this beautiful mall:

We had a speaker that night and all went to bed exhausted.  Us girls all got to sleep in the big mess hall with a heater and fire going.  I even had my air mattress, and was oh so comfy.  Brian and the other male leaders, on the other hand, were outside in tents when the temperatures were so freezing and it rained all night!  Brian came in the next morning looking beat and his hands felt like ice cubes.   I felt so bad!!  He said he slept a total of one hour.  Yikes!

That morning, we had our big service project.  We participated in the Alhambra Neighborhood Cleanup, where we helped clean up the houses and yards of people who had signed up, then we knocked on doors and asked who needed service.  Luckily we had nice weather, but it was a lot of walking.  And I accidentally signed up our group and a bunch of missionaries to haul hundreds of pounds of dry wall and junk out of this lady's backyard who didn't even live in the city limits.  #oops.

The amazing story of the day happened when a couple girls not in our group knocked on the door of an elderly couple asking if they needed help.  The little old lady said she would love if they could pull the weeds of out her backyard.  Our group joined in to help, and we soon learned this backyard was a NIGHTMARE.  Weeds up to our knees, random toilets strewn everywhere, tons of junk littering the place.  It took over 20 people working hard for a least an hour to get it looking decent.  We even had to bring in a lawnmower!  Well turns out, this lady told one of our sisters that she had gone out back the day before determined to tackle the mess.  After a few minutes of pain and struggle, she realized she could never do it on her own, and not being able to afford a gardener, prayed to God that he would send someone to help her with her yard.  The very next morning, we knocked on her door offering to do yard work.  Say what you want about miracles, but I believe that is one.  The kids loved knowing they were tools in the Lord's hands, and this couple was so grateful they were reduced to tears by the time we left.

We finished off the service project with a pizza lunch in Alhambra, then drove back to the camp.  Brian had to take off right after for Glendale for the first day of his GMAT Prep class.  I stayed behind for the speaker, another service project where we made military care kits, and a SNOW CONE TRUCK.  I don't know if they knew it would be freezing when they booked it, but it was still fun and tasty!!

I didn't mean to take this picture but it shows how dark the clouds were over the mountains.  I started to rain shortly after this, haha.

After some free time, it was time for the dance!  I cannot help myself, I love a youth dance, and have to restrain myself from dancing every single song.  The dance last year made the whole experience worth it.  This year was even better!  We had a great DJ and us chaperones had so much fun dancing together!  Brian and I slow danced and I shamelessly loved every second of it.  Here's a pic Brian took of me being cool and dancing by myself while the teenagers stand around.  Yup.

The next morning was chilly but NOT raining yayay!  It was fast Sunday and we had a fast and testimony meeting in the mess hall with our stake leaders.  It was a great meeting and every single youth from our ward there bore their testimonies!  Yay!

This experience was great.  I was reminded of the love Heavenly Father has for the youth and how critical this time is for them.  It's why I loved being an EFY counselor and why I loved working with the youth.  But I SWEAR if they take me out of primary of a young Women's calling I WILL freak out. I love my kiddies.

Here's our group picture!  Until next year (unless we can get out of it jkjk):


Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Weekend With Kobe Bryant & Taylor Swift

A few weeks ago, Brian told me our friend Mikey, who is a producer at ESPN, invited us to a special taping of the Grantland Basketball show where Kobe Bryant would be the guest.  Stop the presses, he's Brian's hero and favorite basketball player, and he'd be darned if we weren't going to part the red sea to be there!  I couldn't argue with the idea, I love going into LA and exploring.  Plus any chance I get to see another studio is always fun!

So we drove down to Garden Grove Friday night, and met up with Tim and Nancy to watch a high school basketball game coached by one of the Campa's family friends.  Afterwards we all went out to eat at Red Robin and had a grand time.  Brian and I drove to the condo which, by some miracle, had survived Lizzie's invasion of her college friends the weekend before.

The next morning I went for an 8 MILE RUN.  What?  I swear it's only because I was listening to the podcast "Serial" and I know I'm like, soooo late to this party, but it's sososo good right!?  I wanna be a cool crime-solving journalist one day!  It was a great run and beautiful day.

I went back to the condo afterwards and had Fiesta Grill breakfast burritos with Brian cause we can't go to HB and not go to Fiesta.  Then I showered and got ready.  When I was about done, Brian comes in and says "Anna we have to leave NOW."  I was thinking: ok gees Mr. anxious-andy, but then he explained to me that Mikey texted him that Kobe showed up early and basically demanded to do the interview an hour early.  What!??!  We were positive we wouldn't make it, and ran down to the car and took off.

After some highly-illegal driving and some prayers, we actually made it to the studio shortly after they started taping!  It was a pretty close-up experience.  The show doesn't tape in front of a studio audience, so us and a handful of others were just standing there in front of the set looking at the interview.  Here is our exact view, stolen from someone else cause we were too scared to take pictures of the Black Mamba:

The interview taping lasted about 45 minutes and it was pretty cool to watch Brian be totally star-struck standing just feet away from Kobe.  I loved it.  I was kind of star-struck cause I stood right next to the host of my favorite Bachelor podcast "The Right Reasons."  She apparently wanted to a glimpse of the Mamba too.

After the taping ended, we decided to walk right next door to the GRAMMY Museum.  I didn't realize how close it was to ESPN and had heard great things about it, so when Brian suggested we go, I was all about it!  Especially cause there was a limited-time Taylor Swift exhibit.  Fist pump!

The museum was sweet!  There were tons of costumes and memorabilia from famous musicians.  The TS exhibit was amazing.  She had donated tons of her dresses, guitars, manuscripts, and other items for the display.  I spent WAY too long in there enjoying the greatness and perfection that is Taylor Alison Swift.

After our Downtown LA experience, we drove back to Pasadena and had dinner at a Taco place downtown.  We also did some shopping.  It was a great weekend and I was sad when I had to go to bed at 8pm before an early morning shift at the station.  I love my weekends with Bri-Guy and am always thankful for the fun ideas for dates he comes up with.  ###