the campas

the campas

Monday, February 23, 2015

California Catch Up-October 2014 -Feb 2015

So I was looking back on my blog and realized I haven't done a California Catch Up in for-eva..forever ever?  forever ever! So, here goes nothing!  And in an attempt to not take 6 hours typing this, I decided to keep each picture description to a sentence or less.  Doubt that will happen but it is a worthy goal, to say the least.


I struggled to come up with a Halloween costume for Brian and I (just can't top last year's govt shutdown) and settled on 2 of the main characters from "Meet the Mormons."

And we won THREE prizes!

My parents gave us annual passes to the Huntington Gardens and we love it there!

At a swanky grand opening for one of Brian's buildings he snuck me up on the roof for a pretty view. Plus there was free coke and sliders, winning. (sorry two sentence fail).

At another work party for Brian with an In-n-Out truck!  

Getting my hair did!

Erika and I went to the Getty and about died laughing at this overly obvious sign.
 Love living so close to my aunt.
 A little temple trip.

lololol Brian and 1D!

Thanksgiving at the Campas!

When we went to a party we thought was tacky sweater themed and it was actually very classy and we looked like fools.

Roscoe's in Pasadena with Mom and Baca!

Our cozy condo and tiny tree!

Spent a few days in HB with my mom!

Brian came too!

This germy bear played a large part of my childhood.

Brian and I went to Vegas for a couple days for his uncle's wedding and we got to decorate the tree!


Sorry Lizzie, there's a new tree-topper in town!  

Ready for da wedding.

It was a masquerade, what?

Weird, Gene Simmons was there.

It happened.

EmmaJane and Staley came to town!

Cousins, Bollywood, and facials.


New Year's pre-party with the Whites!

The tinfoil party we went to in the middle of the mountains.

Ringing in the new year with the bae.

At the Rose Parade with Brian and the Bachelor!

One of the overnight shifts I have endured. #death

Puzzling with the cousins.

He's there for the food.

Babysitting on a day off with this cutie!

New Huntington Gardens opening.

Slacking off.

MR struggling.

We went down to Escondido for Campa Christmas! (In January).

Ashley came to Pasadena for a few hours and it made my heart very, very, very happy.

Love my new calling as 2nd counselor in the Primary!!!

Sushi burrito food truck is everything!

Love these peeps.

Costco with the cutest kids.

Our first Lakers game together!

Thanks Becky and Nate for the tickets!

A quick lunch date with Mr. Campa:

Our balcony is my favorite place.

More cuteness.

Not sure what's happening here but I really love him and wearing his shirts.

Walking around CalTech and feeling too stupid to even be there.

Doesn't it look like Hogwarts?  A little bit?

Not grease- I dyed my own hair!

Another temple trip.  So much goodness inside there.

One of our best memories this year- the Farmer's Open Golf Tournament in San Diego!!


We loved it.

We took Lizzie to and from the airport during her girls weekend trip to HB and loved every second of seeing her!

Sooo I got super sick the day before Valentine's day, fail, and Brian had made super fancy restaurant reservations. In an attempt to keep me from getting more sick, we opted to do take-out Thai food.  It ended up being one of our favorite valentine's dates ever.  I love that guy and how great he is to me.

And these gorgeous flowers.  Seriously?? He also got me Newsies tickets!! Yayay!

Running 8 miles in HB thanks to the Serial podcast.

Our friend Mikey is a producer for Grantland Basketball on ESPN and invited us to stand in the studio during a taping with Kobe Bryant!  Brian loved it!  We were sooooo close to the Black Mamba!

We went to the GRAMMY Museum after!

I spent way too long at this.

As you can see, life is amazing.  I am thankful for my job and for Brian and for all the crazy fun times we have together.  Someone recently posted on one of my pictures on Facebook from a San Diego trip: "do you two have jobs?" Haha seriously!  We do and they are CRAY CRAY.  But I love that we both make time to explore and do fun things together.  Here's to the next 4 months.  The past 4 were sure great. ###