the campas

the campas

Thursday, January 8, 2015

HB with Family/Disneyland/NYE 2014

For the Hayes/Campa/Jensen Family, our winter break party didn't stop after Christmas!  Bright n' early on the 26th, we all hit the road and drove to California.  Becky and Nate came in our car.  We listened to hilarious Bachelor podcasts and snacked our way to Pasadena, where they finally saw our place.  We took them to the Dog Haus and they were thoroughly impressed as they should be.

I had a weird shift to work that night.  1a-9a blah.  So when mom/baca/dad/lizzie arrived in CA they picked up the Jensens at Erika's house, then I (tried) to sleep.

After my overnight shift of death, I came home, napped, then we got ready and drove down to HB.  We all watched an intense BYU Basketball game against Gonzaga!  Becky and I decided we are leaving Cougar Nation.  Too much drama.

But seriously.  I wonder all the time how I am able to resist driving to the condo every day of my life.

Cute family pics during half time!

We were originally going to eat at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner, but literally 5/7ths of us were sickly, so we needed somewhere a little closer and more low-key.  Norms to the rescue!  We are starting to really love this place.  It has your classic diner food, but this is where Nate and Brian bonded for the first time last year and we just have happy memories here.  We had a great dinner!

Brian and I drove back to Pasadena that night cause we had many duties at church.  To ward off illness, we stopped by Jamba Juice where I drank a ginger/orange/Cayenne pepper shot.  So crazy! The burn!

 Baca sang "Oh Holy Night" in our Pasadena ward that Sunday!  It went great, and shortly after church ended, I drove back to HB.  We had big Disneyland plans for the next day, so I wanted to be there with plenty of time. Brian had to work.  Sadness. :(

Lizzie and I spent our evening practicing slack-lining in front of our building, right in front of all of PCH.  No shame!  We got way better!!!

The next morning, after a lot of time spent parking, we made it to D-Land!!  Oh my heavens, I have been to Disneyland many a times, but this was the MOST crowded I have ever seen it!!  Every line had hours of waiting and every square inch was packed with people.  We decided to not worry about riding all the rides, but to just walk around and enjoy the food and ambiance of the park.

We even had to wait almost an hour for the 2-minute Winnie the Pooh ride!  Haha!

We tried something new: lunch at the Golden Horseshoe.  It was fun!  They actually had good food and did a little comedy show we watched and some of us enjoyed.  Becky: "I hate audience participation shows so much."  Bah humbug!

We actually ended up enjoying quite a few rides including the Tiki Room, Small World, Indiana Jones, & Big Thunder Mountain.  But some of the most fun times were walking around the stores!

#2014DISNEYBRIDES ((yikes))

It's a!

We watched the Christmas parade...through some bushes/trees/while balancing on a wall.  Haha.  So many people.  This is my attempt to get a pic of the Frozen float.

 "Everyone has to have their innoventions experience!"  -My dad referring to how everyone thinks it's a good idea to go to Innoventions in Tomorrowland, and then they realize it's so boring.  This is exactly what happened to Lizzie and I after we wanted to go!  Never again. #boring.

Just a few people by the castle.

One of the best parts of the day was the surprise snow storm and castle lighting we saw on main street!  They dimmed the lights and lit up the castle while fake snow fell.  It was magical.

We also watched "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln," which I had never seen before.  It was hilarious and rather patriotic!!  Mom came and picked dad and Lizzie and Becky up while I drove my car back to Pasadena.  I had work in the morning so I bid them farewell.

On New Year's Eve, the fam dropped Becky off at LAX, then came to Pasadena to pick up Baca.  I had gone out to Sushi with Mary Ruth and I got to see them once last time.  Lizzie and I realized we were twinning and I guess Becky was matching us too. We are amazing sisters.

((random picture i took of all our Christmas cards we got! thanks for sending!!))

Later on NYE, we drove to Tim and Nancy's house.  Michael and Staley White were in town, and they came over to say hi.  It was great to see them!

We ended up going to a party with the White family that was seriously in the woods behind La Verne and also in a barn.  It was hosted by a family in their ward that Brian also knows, and it was so funny!  They had the lights out and it was all foggy.  They had lasers going and you had to dress up in tin-foil somehow.  How random!  But we had a great time dancing and laughing at it.  Brian made a tin-foil pioneer bonnet!

We got a quick pic when they turned the lights on.

We drove back to Pasadena before midnight so we could avoid traffic.  We quietly rang in the new year with Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift while I tried hard to open a bottle of Martinelli.  We failed and cheered to 2015 with some water!!

What a great and busy week-after-Christmas.  I am SO glad my whole family came to California and glad my work schedule allowed me to spend so much time with them.  I miss them already and wish we could always be together in the same place. ###

Christmas Eve/Day 2014

Despite the fact we've been together since practically 2010....2014 was the year of the first Christmas together for Brian and I!  I know, CWN be the weirdest couple ever?  Too late.

After months of going back and forth about what to do, we decided to spend Christmas Eve at Brian's parent's house, then drive to Las Vegas early Christmas morning.  Becky/Nate/Lizzie were all in town, and I've never been away from them for Christmas.  Even though it was a lotttt of driving, it was worth it!  Here's a wrap-up:

Christmas Eve started with a long day of work at the station.  Lots of merry and bright news stories and such.  I started feeling schhweird about half way through my day, and by the time I was driving home, I thought I might die. (drama).  I felt a cold coming on, and there was tons of Christmas traffic, so it took like an hour and a half just to get from Studio City to La Verne.  Ugh!  Tis the season to sit in the car.  I was feeling grumpy when I arrived at Casa de Campa, but as soon as I saw Brian and the crew I perked up.

We opened gifts with Brian's parents and grandparents.  They spoiled us!  I must have been super good or something this year cause both our families showered us with gifts!!  
We loved the gifts cards, clothes, and other gadgets we got, but our favorite gifts were the super safe box we got for all our grownup documents and our food storage they got us!  When the plague comes: we shall survive!!!  (For 30 days at least).

We watched the Michael Buble Christmas special together, and I went to bed super early.  We got up early and after some last minute car adjusting,  we hit the road!  I was feeling quite a bit better and ended up just having your common cold.  Yay winter!

When we got to Vegas, all my grandparents were over along with the clan.  We had a delicious brunch and tackled ALL THESE GIFTS.  Seriously so many!!  They took up all of our piano room.  I was very impressed with our generosity to one another. ;)

Our family gift tradition is the 3 Hayes sisters line up outside the living room while our parents call us in (starting with Lizzie) to see what "Santa' brought us.  It usually involves a lot of screaming, videotaping, and happiness.  This year our gift group was a lot bigger, but we didn't let the tradition die!!

Age order lined up ready for Santa!  This picture was taken at the PRECISE moment Lizzie realized Brian is actually older than both Becky and Nate.  She thought we were the same age....?  C'mon Biz. Her mind was literally blown.
(lizzie still processing new age information).



Brian and Nate: "whattt did we sign up for??"

We LOVED walking in to find Longchamp purses from Belgium for us and walking sticks for the guys!  What a classy Christmas!!

We migrated to the piano room to go through our gifts.  Some of my favs so I don't forget: Brian got me a fancy pillow, the 1D deluxe FOUR CD, J.Crew outfit, Nike running arm band, a backpack that chargers your cell phone with solar panels.  I gave Brian clothes, a basketball, a book with our pics from 2014.  Lizzie got me a signed Sister Wives pic (!!!) with a bracelet from their company and a Slack-Line.  Becky and Nate got me makeup and Brian Laker's Tickets.  Mom and dad got me a kitchen-aid and many cute outfits.  They got Brian a drill.  Im sure I am forgetting things but those are some highlights.

For mom and and dad, Becky and I both made them nice Apple books with our wedding photos in them.  When Lizzie heard what we were doing, she made her own Apple book with only pics of her and all her selfies.  Haha!!  Lizzie, you win yet again.

Lizzie's gift to me was awesome!  We went outside and after some trial-and-error, we set it up and tired it out.  Blythe and Liza even came over and tried.  It was hilarious how bad we all were.
(can we all just take a moment to appreciate brian's griswald family christmas t-shirt?)

These 3 playing Trivia Crack: the game everyone in my family loves except me.

After a rousing game of Yahtzee and watching basketball at home, we all went over the Grandma Karen's house for our annual Christmas dinner. We kept it simple this year but it was still so good!

I love my twin cousin!
Our family is getting bigger!
Ever since our wedding last March, I have been carrying around extra huge send-off sparklers in my trunk.  I have been waiting for a good time to use them, and Christmas seemed perfect.  We went outside and lit the last of the sparklers to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Mom was on hand and snapped so many cute pictures of the happiness!  Enjoy.

What a fantastic Christmas.
I loved spending it in La Verne AND Las Vegas with Brian and our family members.  We are so blessed and I am so thankful for a loving family to share this season with.  We got to spend much more time with them in HB the following week, which I will blog about soon-ish. See ya in a 12 months, Christmas! ###