the campas

the campas

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Here's another quick California Catchup according to my iPhone.  I love this pretty place I live in a and all the pretty people in my life!

The view from our balcony here in Pasadena.  Seriously is this even real life??  Although Yuma still has the best sunsets...just saying.

Caught up with my girl Amanda after the 1D concert at her swanky hotel in Pasadena!  Shout out to all the tweens playing Marco Polo in the pool but shouting "Harry!"  "Styles!"  instead.  No lie.

The outfit I wore for my interview at KCAL9!  Must've worked...can't wait to start my fancy new producer job!

I've gone to USC a couple times with cousin Sarah to test her new app she's developing. We've met some intersesting characters but this girl was one of the normal ones haha.  We staked out in front of Starbucks for hours on end..good times.

This is the organ I get to play each week!  It's been redone recently so we had a big inaugural concert and I was in charge of the desserts! 
 I did a bomb job if you ask me.  Jk...delegation is key!
 We went to the Santa Anita racetrack to recreate a bachelorette date we saw and also to go to the huge GREEK FEST there because I loooooove Greek food more than I love Brian.  Kidding!

I got my Greek freak on with this delish Gyro!  Best one I've had since going to Greece...and I eat a lot of gyros.
 Yea we ate....a looooot.


Celebrating our 6-month-iverssary together at 21 Choices downtown!  We would seriously go there every night if we were skinny enough.

AWWW!  Brian came home for lunch one day and surprised me with this huge edible arrangement just to remind me he loves me!  *tears*  He specifically told me to not post a picture on social media but a blog isn't social media right!??!

Those Pasadena palms get me every day.
 every. DAY.

I crashed a Ngo family outing to the Dodger game when Chad had to cancel last minute.  It was so fun!

 I purchased this lovely Dodgers tee and then felt bad for betraying my Angels.  But it's so cute.  Cool that both teams let me down in the post season.  I was praying for a Dodgers/Angels world series. 
We love going to Brian's cousin, Devin's, football games!  He is SO good!

 I took this selfie at the precise moment Devin scored a huge touchdown.  CIN!?!  Also this explains Brian's lack of commitment to the photo.
 Watching conference.  Hashtag newfound respect for the organists!


I've spent a lot of time babysitting the past few months.  These are some of the cute kids I get to chill with.  This photo was taken moments before my new boss called me to tell me I got the CBS2/KCAL9 job...and I couldn't answer because the kids were screaming and I was dying.  Good story right.

 Nice dinner at Yard House celebrating my work news!!
 Another one of my little people friends.  He wouldn't get off my legs while he was watching TV.  Haha.  I don't even think I invited him up there.

 But he's so cute so it's fine.
 Go Devin!  Go Lions!  Go football!  (homecoming game.  i ate a lot of nachos and caught all the candy from the floats).
 Mmm Lee's sandwiches after hitting the gym on Saturday.
 Ok this was the highlight of my life. Ally Snow (my Yuma BFF) passed through Pasadena with her friend Jeff while they were driving back to Phoenix from 6 Flags!  She stopped by and we had brunch and caught up and I LOVED it so much!  I miss my Yuma people!  Plus Ally served her mission in Pasadena so she felt right at home.  :)

Phew...all caught up!  The next blog post will be about BECKY AND NATE'S WEDDING WHICH I AM LEAVING FOR IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES OR AS SOON AS BRIAN WILL COME HOME FROM WORK TO DRIVE ME THERE!.  I am clearrrlllyyy excited.  I can't wait to see family, friends, and party it up in honor of this amazingly good looking couple.  SYS Vegas. ###

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My first UCLA game!!!

Soooo if you didn't know this...the Campa family members are huuuuge UCLA fans.  As in...they travel to numerous away games and have been season ticket holder for 15 years.  Wowie!  They didn't even go there for that is seriously dedication if you ask me.  The only thing I knew about the Bruins before I got married was that:
1. Their colors are blue and gold (cute!)
2. They almost killed me when I went to a game with Brian, Tim, and Nancy 2 years ago at the U of U and it was literally a blizzard and I almost got hypothermia.
3. I was also almost killed because I yelled "GO BEARS" during the game and apparently they are the bruins not the bears duh....seriously don't even know the difference. 

So anyway....a few weeks ago Brian bought me a cute UCLA shirt that I love and I have been dying to wear it aka I needed to go to a game!  So Tim and Nancy gave us their tickets to the U of U game vs. UCLA last Saturday because they were going to a Blake Shelton concert.  Jelly.

I was pumped!  We were thiiiis close to wearing BYU gear to make the Utes mad, but then BYU had an embarrassing loss the night before and we chickened out.  Thank goodness for that.

We started the night out by walking along Colorado and old town Pasadena to see how many Utes were crawling around.  We did some shopping then had dinner at Noodle World nom nom.

We took the shuttle to the Rose Bowl...aka the same place we saw 1D, be still my beating heart.  I love the Rose Bowl!  It is so beautiful and festive!  It was fun to be there during a game day when everyone was pumped and ready to cheer on the I mean, the BRUINS.  I was going to the bathroom when my stall started to shake because the marching band was marching right by.  Terrifying aka earthquake alert.  But it was fun to watch them!

The Campas season tickets are CLOSE why didn't anyone ever tell me!  They are awesome!  

The game was off to a bad start from the second it started...we were down for most of it.  And the lady in front of us had such a bad potty mouth I almost asked her to chill out but for the sake of not embarrassing the Campa family name I did not.

It was fun to be there though and watch literally a bajillion high school band members play during half time.  Cuties.

So the end of the game was crazy because we had a field kick and we couldn't won the game if we made it, but we didnt, so the Utes all stormed the field and freaked out but then there was a penalty and we had another chance aaaand...drumroll please...we blew it.  It was sadness.  Especially because Ute fans are the WORST.
(ewwww to all of you horrible people)!

Win or was still fun to go to the game with Brian.  Go Bruins!

(still sadness in the car, clearly). ###

Monday, October 6, 2014

ONE DIRECTION CONCERT-best night ever.

Last month, Becky Matkin Hayes (almost Jensen eeeee) texted me to inform me that One Direction aka my current favorite boy band obsession (only cause the JoBros broke up) was coming to the Pasadena Rose Bowl on their stadium tour.  Becky and Lizzie had attended the concert together at Nats Stadium in DC earlier this summer, and I was soooooo jelous!  Especially after they raved about how amazing it all was.  

I felt ashamed I had no idea they were coming let along how cheap tickets I got onto stub hub, found some good ones, then wore Brian Campa down for about a week until he agreed to go with me.  He's da best!  We bought the tickets, I listened to nothing but 1D for a week straight, and we went to the best concert ever!

I actually spent 3 hours getting ready the night of the concert (shameful) but it was totally worth it cause I obviously looked amazing for my boys.  ;)  Or just Brian.  

It's so nice we live really close to the Rose Bowl, it's literally just down the street!  So we were able to leave shortly before the concert started.

The opening act was 5 Seconds of Summer.  The only thing I knew about this band was that they sing that American Apparel Underwear song and that Lizzie wants to be their groupie next summer.  Weird.  They were interesting...definitely not as good as 1D.  We tolerated their music as we patiently waited for our British boys.

Ok FUNNY STORY TIME.  Brian kept saying how he was expecting so many screaming girls to be at the concert.  But when he got there and it was still at least an hour before the 1D boys came out, he was shocked at how much shrill screaming was happening. 
 HAHA I love this picture!  I snapped it when he was trying to escape the screaming.  I think he eventually just got used to it.

Before 1D came out they were playing this commercial on the jumbo trons for their perfume, meaning they were on screen.  You wouldn't believe how much screaming just that got!  So when they finally came out...oh loud...and amazing.  I was definitely screaming along with everyone else!

One of the coolest parts of the concert was that they had TONS of fireworks displays!  It was amazing!  They went along with their songs and were so fancy.  It was a concert and fireworks show all in one.

They also shot confetti out numerous times on the ground. 

I think my favorite moments were when Harry Styles was caught on camera eating a banana (random) and when they introduced their band members, and the bass player started playing Blurred Lines so naturally 1D sang all of us part of that great song.  Amazing.  I also really liked this grown man with no kids wearing this creepy shirt. 

My favorite songs were probably the classics.  "What Makes Your Beautiful" was so great because Brian knows that song so he appreciate it.  "Story of my Life" was also amazing.  During "Moments" they had everyone turn on their iPhone flashlights and wave them.  It looked beautiful!

Here are a few more pics I snapped during the show when I wasn't singing/dancing:

The last song was "Best Song Ever" and it was AMAZING because they had tons of fireworks!  I loved it.  I was legitimately sad when the concert ended.  It was a great experience and I am so glad we were able to go so close to home/for so cheap!  Blessings from above! ###