the campas

the campas

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why I Became a Weather Whimp When I Moved To Southern California.

In an effort to blog more about random things that pop into my brain each day...I would like to take this opportunity to vent about something.  The weather.

As you probably know, I recently moved to Pasadena from Yuma, Arizona.  Yuma is actually the sunniest city on earth.  Seriously.  And it's probably top 10 hottest cities in the world.  Yuma is very very veryyyy hot.  Hotter than Vegas, hotter than Phoenix, hotter than Hades.  When you wake up in Yuma each morning from basically look at your weather app, see that the high is 115 degrees, and think: "BRING IT ON."  Back sweat?  Aint no thang.  Needing oven mitts to touch your steering wheel?  Puhhlease.  Yumans are tough, and triple digits are no match for them.

I have recently noticed something, however.  We are in the middle of a "heat wave" here in sunny SoCal.  Take a look:

Ever since I moved here, whenever the weather man (whose name is Dallas Raines, no lie) would tell us it's going to be in the 90's....I would immietly grown and complain.  And it felt SO hot hotter than those 115 degrees felt in Yuma.  I was disappointed in myself, as a proud desert girl.  Then today, it was triple digits all day and will be for the next week or so....and I have been furious.  I swear I almost passed out today from heat.  So I started pondering....WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!??

Then I realized the answer: because of the fact that we live in Southern weather is worse.  Stay with me...heat in Arizona is just normal.  And you deal with it, because it's your fault you moved there knowing it was basically the hottest place on earth.  But in Southern California, it's just not fair.  We all put up with terrible traffic, ridiculous rent rates, and wayyyy too many people for perfect weather all the time.  It's practically the best part of living here.

In conclusion, maybe this was obvious to everyone already except for me...but dealing with weather is actually mental, and it will feel hotter when hot weather happens in normally pleasant climates.  So.... I'm going to blast my air conditioning and go to Rita's all weekend. ###

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

California Catch-up. June-August 2014.

Soooo I had kind of a realization the other day.  My blog is becoming a diary for my vacations...which is fine...but I used to blog about daily occurrences, struggles, fun dates, or things going on.  I don't know why I used to be better at this when I had a full load of classes to handle....and now I can't keep up even though I'm not even working.  Odd.  BUT that being said...I am trying to be better about documenting things other than our fun trips.  So here's a recap of the past three months!

Probably my biggest cooking fail.  I attempted a beautiful fruit torte...followed the recipe...and this happened.  Thanks to my mom for taking me through a quick-fix cobbler over the phone.  

The cobbler was enjoyed by all at Shakesperare in the Park!  I enjoyed going with the Ngos and Cannons.

So one night Brian took me to the Cheesecake Factory downtown and we ate a ton, of course.  Right after we were done I declared I wanted frozen yogurt and Brian looked at me like I was an alien.  Girls gotta eat...right?  He thought it was so weird I was still hungry.  #neverfull.

Tim and Nancy took a trip to the Costa Rica and brought us back some goodies!

I went to the Getty Villa in Malibu with Aunt Erika and a couple of their friends.  I love that place!  It kinda makes me feel like I am back in Italy sight-seeing. 

One of my favorite days in Pasadena so far...Ashley (one of my Yuma besties) came to SoCal to help her roommate house search.  They came to lunch in Pasadena and got to hang out at our place!  I was so sad to see them leave!

Uncle Tom asked me to help out the company he works for, 3D+Me, for a day at the Disney Headquarters!  It was so fun!  His company takes high-def pictures of your face and puts that photo on an action figure.  It is really cool...and it was fun to be a Disney.

Oh and in case you were wondering, here is what I look like as a bald Captain America.  Hahah!  They needed me to test out that was hilarious.

One of the very best date nights ever.  We went out to eat at a burger place and ended up having a blast exploring Pasadena's hidden areas and talking about Harry Potter after our major HP movie marathon.  I love spending time with this guy.

So we frequent the Rita's in Arcadia a little too much.  As in...they know us there now.  Haha.  

We took a trip to the LA Temple and visited with Reese and Megan in Westwood.  SO fun!

At the Angel's game with Tim and Nancy!  It was great!  We even got a free hotdog and soda with our tickets.

The game went like 5 innings it lasted 4eva.  But we won!

When it finally ended, there was a fireworks show!

We drove to La Verne to celebrate Lita's birthday at a Hibachi grill!  It was so fun, especially because they brought her an extremely fancy beverage in a huge pineapple.

They also gave her a birthday hat which I believe looks fabulous on Brian.

Brian went with his dad and some of their friends to Palm Springs for a golf trip, so I went to Nancy and Tim's to hang out for the weekend so I wouldn't be lonesome.  We just relaxed by the pool and had fun.

We went to Dodger's Stadium to watch them take on the Angels.  We were proudly wearing our red, and it helped, because they won!  Yay!

Gotta love #42.

One of the things that has been keeping me busy is my calling: WARD ORGANIST AHHH.  It's been hard and there has been a ton of practicing and learning, but it's coming along!  I am learning a lot more songs with pedals.  This picture shows our new organ being installed.  This is a huge deal because it's an extremely fancy 28,000 dollars pipe organ....which not many other churches have.  WE only have it because Howard W. Hunter designed our church and it's preserved in honor of him.  I feel very blessed to have been called to play it each week.

Sometimes I go with Brian to late night property emergencies.  I am never really much help though....aka I was sitting in a chair taking pictures of him instead of helping him.

I went REAL golfing for the first time ever!  I finally have some women's lefty golf clubs (the unicorns of golf clubs) and new Bio balls thanks to Becky...and I am excited to get better!  I will see Brian SO much more if I can go golfing with him hahah!

We celebrated Sarah's birthday with some cake at the Ngo's house.  We also took a tour of their new mansion, which is lovely and so fancy!

Brian's Uncle Miguel turned 60 recently, so his family threw him a surprise party in El Monte and we went to the fiesta to celebrate.  It was Mexican themed with tons of authentic food, music, and decorations.  We utilized the photo station a little too much.

Brian and Lita dancing the night away!  So sweet!

I babysat perhaps the most hyper boys in our ward this past week and...phew...those kids are crazy but so cute and fun...and tiring.  Ha.

There you are faithful blog reader!  You are all caught up on our fun lives.  I am still looking for work, but keep getting distracted with trips and other exciting things that one can not do while working.  I'll keep you posted! ###

My first trip to SLO: August 2014.

So a few weeks ago, Brian and I took a drive up the coast to visit San Luis Obispo!  His brother Eric and wife Kayla have lived there for a long time, so it was a little ridiculous this was my first time.  However, after hearing this little place talked up SO much for years, it did not disappoint!  I'm ready to move!   Here's a little recap:

Brian timed our drive so we got to see the sun set over the water past Ventura.  It was glorious and so beautiful!
 We arrived and chatted then went to bed...the next morning Brian and his cousin Mikey went golfing and I went for a run in this beautiful setting:
We all took a walk together downtown once the guys got back from golfing.  We ate at Firestones which was deeeelish!  Then we went over by the shops.

This gum wall is well known in SLO but if you know me, you know my spit phobia.  I was struggling but eventually worked up the courage to enter and even stick some gum on the wall before running out almost crying haha.

Later on Saturday, we went to a wine vineyard near Eric and Kayla's house.  It was so pretty!  Although Brian and I obviously didn't sample any wine...we enjoyed the view and especially loved playing bocce ball!  They had courts there and we had so much fun!  Things got a little competitive...haha..but the boys took the W.

(girls team is still #1, obviously).

someone got a little sleepy after our busy day.

We went to an Italian place for dinner called "Mama's Meatballs" which was so good!  Then we got frozen yogurt and said bye to Mikey and Yvette.  We went back to watch Divergent at the house, when Brian's co-workers called him.  They were in the area for a wedding, so we ended up meeting up with them for a little at a local pub.  It was fun to see them!  We watched Divergent afterwards which was really good, although not as good as the book which I loved.  It was a busy and happy day!

On Sunday, Brian and I got up early to go to sacrament meeting at the local church, then met up with Eric and Kayla for breakfast at a cute place called Apple Farms.  It was delishhh!  We decided to do a hike after that, so we changed clothes, picked up Kayla's brother, and did a beautiful (and steep!) hike along the coast.

Not gonna lie, the hike was a little more challenging than we thought.  The view up top was so worth it though!  What a remarkable sight:

 I love love loooooove my hiking buddy:

We stopped by the store on the way back to get road trip snacks and LOOK WHAT I FOUND.  I have seen numerous other ones since this moment but I was so excited to spot an Anna coke.  We clearly had to purchase it.

It was sad to come home from such a fun and relaxing weekend.  I LOVED the SLO area and am looking forward to many more trips up the coast to see Eric and Kayla and continue to explore this glorious part of California!###