the campas

the campas

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GBA in #HB (4th of July)

A few weeks ago all 5 Hayes' + Brian Campa (yes I am technically still a Hayes, need to do that name change thingy) joined forces in Huntington Beach to celebrate America the only way we know how: with a 5k, bike riding on PCH, and fireworks on the beach.

Due to the fact that I am still not working (heyo) and have a life of leisure here in SoCal, I decided to meet up with the family on Tuesday, 3 days before the 4th of July, for some beach fun.  I am so thankful Brian encourages me to do things like this, even though it means he still has to work and stay in Pasadena alone.  He knows how much I love hanging out with the fam bam!

I arrived in Huntington Beach on Tuesday, July 1, the fateful day of the USA vs. Belgium world cup soccer day.  It was intense anxiety of Lizzie and the parents and I as we watched our hopes and dreams slowly die.  Remember how every American was a huge soccer fan for like 4 weeks and it was magical?  I do. 

Later that day we went down to the pool for some sun bathing and then to downtown for the weekly street fair and farmers market.  

We also got to see our friend Carly Presher who we both went to high school with!  She is in HB working for the summer and found out we were there on instgram so we went to see her and it was so fun! 

Lizzie spent her precious Coldstone gift card on me, aww, and we also got fried donuts.  #fatties.

On Wednesday Lizzie and I waited for a jillion years for it to get sunny and it finally we went to the beach and rocked our Downeast modest swimwear... #modestishottest

Later that night we went to the South Coast Plaza mall to eat at "The French Place," one of our family's favorite restaurants.  Lizzie and I got the same thing, that deeelish salad.  It was a great dinner.

We wrapped up our shopping and stopped by Cherry on Top in HB to finish a great night.

Wednesday was an exciting day for all of us, because Becky was arriving and we hadn't seen her since Nate Jensen put a ring on it!  Lizzie had the great idea of making a sign to welcome her at the airport and we got so into it.  I think it turned out beautifully:

My eyes shed tears as soon as I saw Becky.  We loved showering her with love and checking out her new rock!

After the epic pick-up, we went to Marina Del Ray and walked around the harbor and got lunch at Wahoo's Fish Tacos.

I went to the store with mom and dad after getting home.  We had to get all our food ready for the 4th of July!  
Then Brian Campa arrived at the condo and had the great idea of going wave jumping at sunset.  I hadn't done this in so long, so Lizzie and I were excited to go.  Plus I just felt safer with Brian since one time Lizzie and I actually got caught in a rip tide and probably would've died if Brian wasn't there to drag us in hahhaha.  It was SO FUN!  The water was warm, the sunset was glorious, and we had a great time.  Such a good memory.

Mom was already feeling festive for the 4th and made these red white and blue strawberry milkshakes.  Nom!  We ended the night watching "Independence Day" together.  I had never seen it and actually screamed numerous times.  It was a great movie!  Especially when Brian perfectly quoted Will Smith's "Welcome to Earth" line.  Classic.

Our 4th started earlllyyyyy when we all got up for the annual 5k HB Surf City Run.  We have done this for many years, and always have a great time!  Brian and Dad dropped us off and saved seats for the parade, and the 4 Hayes gals ran our legs off.  I think we look amazing in our action shots, haha.

After the race, we walked back to the condo where Brian and Dad were waiting.  Bri and I went to get donuts, then we all went downtown for the parade.  Brian and I are California whimps, and only lasted a little while at the parade where it was toooasssttyyyy.

Mom continued with her festive food streak by making these rice crispies.  CSN be so amazing!?

One of the best parts of the 4th in HB is the fact they shut down PCH for most of the day for all the festivities. I rode around numerous times, but the most memorable had to be when we went around sunset and all the teenage drinking crowd was out and about.  A drunk dude literally grabbed my back and laid is head on me and I so quickly yelled GET OFF OF ME in a very authoritative manner.  Becky almost died laughing about how quickly I responded.  Hahah, all my women's self defense paid off.  Looking back, I think I scared him, but I wish I pepper sprayed him heheh....

Listening to some live music:

We ended the night watching fireworks on the beach, but mostly watching some guy work his drone and film the fireworks.  Also, the city of Huntington Beach banned fireworks this year, meaning everyone did even more fireworks apparently in rebellion.  We walked around the neighborhood after the fireworks on the pier and saw so many cops and so many people doing illegal fireworks.  It was a mad house.

On Saturday, Lizzie and I made a cool craft for her dorm room with this Killer's quote.  Pretty pinteresting right?

I went to the Swap Meet in HB with dad, then the Erika, Tom, and Baca came over.  Baca visited Pasadena for a couple weeks and wanted to see Becky.  It was so fun, we went to Fiesta grill and had a tasty lunch and good time watching the world cup.

Later on, we went wedding dress shopping with Becky!  We pretty much all think we are pros now that I got such a gorgeous wedding dress.  We had a great time watching Becky try dresses on at a place in HB and at the South Coast Plaza Mall.  Even though she ended up buying her dress in DC, we loved starting the process with her.

On Sunday, the sisters and parents took off for LAX and Vegas, but Brian and I stayed behind to go the church and enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the beach.  We didn't end up going back to Pasadena till later that night because we were having such a lovely day.  It was the perfect way to wrap up a festive week in HB with the family.  So thankful we were all able to celebrate this important holiday together in our favorite place!! ###

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gator #3 Graduates!'s officials.  Despite all three of us being zoned for a different school, thanks to my parent's persistence (stubbornness) and even an apartment purchase, all THREE Hayes sistas are now GVHS Alumni!  Woo!

Brian and I traveled back to Las Vegas to celebrate Lizzie's graduation.  I actually arrived a few days early...the life of an unemployed woman.  

We welcomed Lizzie home on Wednesday from her job as a kids camp counselor at the Parks and Rec Center.  She told us she had her kids calling each other "Fat Hamsters," giving us a perfect nickname for her kiddos and the perfect excuse to go to Cafe Rio for dinner.

We visited Eliza at work at Yogurtland after dinner.  It was delicious and my mom accidentally looked like a fellow employee.  Lololol!

On Wednesday we welcomed Becky home with a trip to Taco Bell.  It was during said dinner she reveled she hoped she would be proposed to soon in NYC.  (cue freak out session at local Taco Bell). It was a happy lunch.  Dad was there too!

Becky and I accompanied mom on some errands to get ready for the party...and made a pit stop at Nielson's Frozen Custard.  Best decision ever!

We started Lizzie's graduation celebration early with a trip downtown.  We rode the new High Roller Observation Wheel.  We went before it got dark, which is apparently the best time, because there was no line and we had a huge pod ALL TO OURSELVES!  We went crazy....dancing...running around taking pics and looking at the view.  It was a little scary at the top but overall a wonderful experience!

After the ride, we walked to dinner inside Caesar's Palace Forum Shops at a place called Carmine's.  It's Italian family-style dinner....soooo good!  We shared a couple dishes and ordered a yummy salad. Lizzie also fell in love with one of our servers who was giving her some flirtatious looks.....I suggested we invite him to Lizzie's graduation party but she rejected that idea.

This is the only picture I have from the night....?  So distressed about something.

The rest of the night was so fun!!  We explored the new Linq shopping area by the High Roller.  There's a Sprinkles Cupcakes, pretty fountain, and a Poloroid store where we all printed some of our instagram pics out.  It was a great evening!  We were all exhausted when it was over.

We started graduation day early by finally moving all mom and dad's new furniture to it's place.  (They got new hard wood floors so it was kinda chaotic for a while).  We went to Lizzie's graduation that afternoon where she got some big screen time during her choir song.  Go Biz!

It was a crazy windy day...but we still got some good pics after.

I decorated Lizzie's car earlier that morning and she loved it!  We even got some honks from fellow Gator lovers.  My favorite window (not pictured) said "One Sexy Grad Inside!"  Lololol I'm hilarious.

It's a good thing Lizzie doesn't read my blog because she'd kill me for posting this pic.  Becky and mom and the genius idea of ordering fat heads of Lizzie, but they didn't get there till after the gradation ceremony.  No matter- we will took hilarious pics with them.  Too bad Lizzie rejected the fat heads and hid them in an undisclosed location.  Boo.

After the tradition Hayes-Family-Celebration-Lunch of chicken sandwiches, flaming hot cheetos, and was time to get ready for the party!  Luckily the weather cooled down and the wind it was the perfect temperature for a partayyy.  Brian arrived shortly before the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Truck (the third time it's come to celebrate a GVHS graduation), and everyone started to come!

The party was soooo soso fun!  So many family members and friends were there.  I loved seeing my mini-me too.

The amount of ice cream I ate is unbelievable.  I have no control when it comes to "free" food.

As the night started to wrap up, Brian and I watched the LA Kings came, and my good friend Carly and her boyfriend came by to say hello.  It was actually the first time Carly met Brian oddly enough.  It was fun to see a best friend of mine and to catch up!

Saturday was a blur of activity.  Brian and I did some errands in the morning, then cooled down with a dip in the pool with da sistas.  Love these pictures my mom snapped of us having fun:

After swimming Becky joined Brian and I for some Rita's.  Then he picked up the UHaul, and his uncle and grandpa came over to help us load it!

Side note: check out this amazing watermelon cake I made!  Sooo good and healthy!  It combines two of my favorite foods:

Mom and dad took Becky and I to the temple later that night, then we visited Grandma Karen and Grandpa Chuck and Sister Peaches.

The Welshes came over to help us eat homemade cafe rio and play Banangrams later that night.  On Sunday, we woke up bright and early on Father's Day to have a waffle breakfast and open presents before Brian's grandpa came over to pick us up.  We picked Megan up and hit the road for California!

It was great to be home to celebrate numerous happy occasions with the family.  I am skillfully avoiding Las Vegas this summer due to the fact it is a jillion degrees, but I can't wait to get back sometime soon .  It's home and will always be one of my favorite cities, and I had such a fun trip last month.  ###