the campas

the campas

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Promises, Promises.

I, Anna Matkin Hayes Campa (I really need to decide on a middle name haha), do solemnly swear that I will blog about our wedding day this week.  I have no excuse now that I have no job or friends or life.  (Which is totes fine with me, BTW).  Be ready for a jillion happy pictures and special memories. ###

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The BIG 2-4!

Soooo my 24th b-day was yesterday (party hat emojis!) and it was a blessed day of celebrations.  Also, it was my last Saturday in Yuma, AZ.  Sad day!  Brian wanted to come to Yuma for my birthday, but we had to talk ourselves out of it.  We couldn't justify him making a trip when I will see him in a few short days (yayayay)!!  I was worried  I would be sad celebrating my birthday sans husband and family, but it turned out to be a wonderful day filled with happiness and love.  Here's a recap:

(Quick rewind. Brian had these gorgeous flowers sent to me at work on Friday as an early b-day surprise.  Love love!)

I woke up nice n' early to this profound text from my wonderful husband who keeps me laughing:

My roommate Brooke also had a message waiting for me on our bathroom mirror!

My family had mailed me numerous boxes filled with goodies and I had the best time opening gifts.

My parents spoiled me with tons of clothes and Lizzie gave me lots of new Bath and Body Works products.  I love them all!!  I have the most thoughtful family:

A close-up of probably my favorite gift.  SO AWESOME right!?  Owning this makes me feel like a cool Killers fan with Nevada pride...which is exactly what I actually am.

My grandparents, in-laws, and friends also sent me birthday cards.  

Ahlin knows me a little too well.  Rita's gift card!?  Yes please!  This will be used next weekend (!!!!)   when we got to Rita's in PA.

I went shopping at Sephora and then went to the movies by myself, which may sound loser-ish but was actually really relaxing and fun!  I got to pick whatever movie I wanted and duh I picked Spider-Man 2 and NO ONE TOLD ME IT'S SAD!  I wasn't emotionally prepared and cried!!!  Our Yuma house doesn't have AC currently, and yesterday we were under an extreme heat warning with temperatures around 110 degrees.  So mainly it was great to just sit in a cold room for a few hours haha.

I went home and got ready for my farewell/bday party at Anna Chaulk's house.  She threw it for Delbert (our director who is moving to Austin, TX) and me and it just so happened to fall on my birthday, which was perfect!  When I arrived cute little Isabella Santiago was hard at work on my double chocolate cake and tasty fruit salad.

Seriously cheek this out.  This is my DREAM dish!  I love fruit and this was so delicious.  I can't really express how much I loved this fruit salad haha.

Anna had a nice set-up on her patio. We had our co-workers and friends in attendance and it was SO fun to see everyone!

Eduardo grilled Mexicali style hotdogs.  Those are a favorite Yuma delicacy.  Hot dogs with nacho cheese, bacon, onions, salsa, and anything else your heart desires!

The cake was delicious!

The highlight of the night was definitely the karaoke machine.  One of our co-workers, Jorge, has a party supply business he does on the side.  He wanted us to have a karaoke machine at the party, so he brought a deluxe one by and we LOVED it!  Basically everyone tried singing and my versions of "Oops I Did It Again" was very moving hahah.  Isabella and I had fun singing tons of Beatles songs. 

There ya have it!  I am officially 24 and I feel the exact same as I did when I was 23.  Oh well.  Thanks to everyone who called, texted, sent gifts, came to the party, and helped make my day magic! ###

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pics from a Palm Springs Weekend.

On the weekend of May 3-4, Brian and I met up in Palm Springs for a couple of days.  It was HOTTER than HOT, hence all we really did was eat, drink slurpees, hide inside, and swim.  It was great though!  We stayed at the nice resort Lucy and Ricki founded.  Hilarious, because their pictures line the walls along with other famous old -timers.  It was a great weekend, thanks to Brian for planning it. ###

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter Weekend in HB.

Back in April, I took a Friday off of work to go to Huntington Beach for Easter weekend!  It was great, of course, and I never wanted to leave, obviously, but alas here I am in YUMA typing this.  It's ok...soon enough Southern California and I will be one at last.

I arrived at the Long Beach Airport Friday morning.  I love that airport because I feel like I am living a 1950's movie because it's so cute and small and old school.  I always snap a picture....I guess it's tradition. 

After a Target run with mom and dad (plus a quick stop to Chick Fil A for lunch, we went back to the condo.  Miss Lizzie was waiting for us using her time wisely watching "19 Kids and Counting" haha.  It's a great show, don't judge.

We ate lunch and I worked on Lizzie's hair extensions I brought her from Yuma. Fun fact Yuma is the home of cheap and quality hair extensions.  

We walked downtown with mom and dad for the Friday Farmer's Market.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a SNOW CONE!  Lizzie and I took a ridiculous number of selfies of us sipping away while random old people walked by and said "selfie!!"  I feel like the selfie has been a thing for people our age for like 6 years but old people recently discovered it and now its some huge thing we all have to talk about.  Am I riiiight?

After our downtown outing, we walked back to the condo where we found some intruders in our pool aka the Hayes/Pretty crew!  They were in HB for spring break staying at a super cute place downtown and using our pool for post-beach purposes.  We went swimming with them and I loved seeing them all, especially our favorite little cousin Ms. Kinsey too-cute-for-words Pretty.  She leaned over to me in the spa and said "Anna, you are my favorite cousin, just please don't tell Lizzie....."  Haha.  Your secret is safe with me Kins.

After swimming Lizzie and I watched Scandal and waited for Brian to get there after work.  When he did, my parents went to Target to pick up some patio furniture while the three of us went to our favorite yogurt place: Cherry On Top!

On Saturday morning I went for a nice long bike ride and enjoyed the gorgeoussss weather.

A little later on, Brian, me, Mom, and Dad all went to Roger's Gardens, the fancy gardening store in Newport Beach.  None of us are rich enough to actually buy anything there, so we just walk around and enjoy the flower and take pictures of things we say we are going to make one day and actually never do.

Our favorite part was learning new names of roses, like "Julia Child" and "Ketchup and Mustard."  We must have come on the perfect rose blossom weekend because there were SO many roses at Roger's and Balboa Island as well.

Brian and I chilling on some seriously expensive pool furniture.

After Roger's we went to Balboa Island and made a loops around the island. 

Familia pic for snapchat use.

Those gorgeous roses I mentioned.  Unreal!

Annnddd you all new this was coming. The real reason we go to Balboa all the time.

Ok I did something crazy.  I ordered an Extra Large banana for the first time.  Check that thing out.

Quick size comparison.  I always order more food than Brian but I am never embarrassed by it.

Anna Banana and crew

A little later on Brian and I got ready and went to La Verne to see his 2 younger cousins get baptized. Brian showed me his mission album his mom had recently put together and I cried my way through it.  I have never really seen pictures of Brian on his mission besides the 3 or 4 on Facebook, so to see the ones he sent his family and the captions he put on the back was honestly a special thing for me.  I will never forget it...

At the baptism!  We were so happy to be able to see all the Campa crew, especially Eric and Kayla.  This was my first mass and I enjoyed all the songs about Easter we got to sing.

We came back to HB late Saturday so we could be there bright n' early for the Hayes Family Easter Egg Hunt!  Mom and Dad stuffed those eggs with various dollar bills, hence MAJOR incentive to find them asap. 

The best part was when we thought we had found them all, but mom and dad told us there were two we all went crazy for about 5 minutes trying to find them,....before the two forgetful parents realized we had actually found them all.  Hahhah.

We went on an Easter walk to the Pretty cabana, aka a cool re-done garage with some sort of Asian/Indian hippy theme.  It's awesome.

Ready for Easter Sunday;

Right after we took this pictures a lady drove by with her kids and asked us if this was a Catholic church.  My mom answered no, but she could come to the Mormon church if she'd like.  A few minutes later the lady drove back in and said she was looking for a place to take her kids to church on Easter Sunday.  Mom walked her in and handed her off to a relief society sister who showed her to the primary.  So cool right!?  I will credit this photo with converting a family.  Too far?

Brian and I went back to La Verne after a nice Easter brunch at the condo.  We had an egg hunt with his family, who had gathered to celebrate the boys' baptism.  Not long after arriving I had to head out to the Ontario Airport where I nearly had a mental and emotional breakdown because I didn't want to leave Brian and California.  Oh well.  It was a fabulous weekend and I am so glad I got to see my family/husband for so long and celebrate a sacred holiday together.  ###