the campas

the campas

Monday, April 28, 2014

Campa Honeymoon- Cabo San Lucas

So I was determined to blog all the wedding festivities and events in order....meaning I should be blogging about our big day right now.  Buttttt our pictures are in Vegas and I am in Yuma, so we are going a bit out o' order.  Stay tuned for the mega-wedding blog post!

Our honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was incredible.  Brian planned everything and chose the location.  I had never vacationed in Mexico, and being used to sketchy Yuma border towns, was almost skeptical.  But the beauty of the area we stayed in blew me away!  It was wonderful!!

Let me start at the end of March 22, 2014.  After our wedding we hurried off to our hotel for the night, the Encore Las Vegas Resort.  We walked in with our nice clothes on, and the front desk lady asked what brought us to Vegas.  We explained we had just gotten married, and she immediately upgraded our room to a nice suite with a great strip view!!  We loved it!  They also brought us a mini Encore made of chocolate....I am assuming because we were on our honeymoon?  Or maybe they do that for everyone?  Who knows!  The room was so nice and spacious, we could have stayed there all week...but we had to get to Mexico!

(that golf course is the Las Vegas Country Cub, where our ring ceremony and reception were!)

The next morning, we met up with Eric and Kayla and Tim and Nancy.  They carpooled with us over to the airport and dropped us off, then took Brian's car to my place.   I was happy they were there to send us off and snap this cute picture!

We flew from Vegas to Phoenix, then caught our flight to paradise.  The flight to Cabo was bumpy and loud, due to the fact that absolutely everyone on the plane was a spring breaker...except us.  We had been contemplating venturing into Cabo on our trip (our resort was outside of town), but pretty much decided there we didn't want to deal with the crazy college crew!

Once we got to Cabo, we waited in a long line of Americans going through customs, then caught the bus that would take us to our resort, Secrets Marquis.  The bus was (again) full of college spring breakers already guzzling down the beers.  When the bus dropped us off, we were the only ones to get off not surprisingly and I heard one guy say "I wish we were staying here" haha.  Classic.

I kept staring at this all week.  I am obsessed with how Brian looks with his ring! #taken

This picture cracks us up!  Only in Mexico is it ok for this many people to ride in the back of a truck.

Our resort BLEW MY MIND.  I had no idea it would be that nice.  It was absolutely perfect for us!  Right on the beach, and all inclusive.  That means absolutely everything is paid for and taken care of as far as food and drinks are concerned.  It's like a cruise on dry land. 

After check in, we were escorted to our room where we found this beautiful banner welcoming us.  Haha!  We loved that.

Our room was amazing.  Perfect size........perfect view.

This made me freak out.  Also shortly after we got settled in we called in some room service.  The man picked up the phone and said "hello Mrs. Campa."  I was like wait WHAT THAT'S MY NAME! Hahha.

Ok but really.  Check out this view from our balcony.  It was amazing!

We ate room service, walked around the resort, and relaxed after so many busy and stressful days.  Our first day of the honeymoon ended with a beautiful sunset.

We ordered breakfast the next day and enjoyed this view while eating the spiciest salsa to ever exist (I forgot we were in MEXICO when I poured it on my eggs).  Also we are 85% sure we saw a whale while we ate but I wasn't wearing my glasses, hence the 15% uncertainty.

To explain, I realized my glasses were broken the first night of our honeymoon.  I didn't bring extras or anything, so I was half blind for half the honeymoon.  We eventually asked the hotel's front desk crew for some super glue and they happily helped us.  Mexican super glue is NO JOKE people.  Miracles happen.

Checking out the infinity pool in my cute new honeymoon suit!  The water was the perfect temperature and the resort wasn't that crowded so we felt like we had the place to ourselves.  It was amazing!


One of the best parts of the Secrets Resort is that every 2 seconds a kind Mexican man comes up to ask you what you would like to drink.  It is glorious and we got used to it wayyy too fast!  Brian found out he loved the Mango Smoothies and consumed like 40 that week.  I had so many Mexican cokes I lost count.

We had lunch at one of the many restaurants they have at the resort.

This was great.  We realized there was some soccer game happening right outside our window.  They were so good and so into it!  And best part is when they made a goal, they announcer guy said "goooooooaaaaalllll!!!"  Hahah!  We loved creeping on them.

Ready to go out for our first fancy dinner.

We decided to go to the hibachi grill restaurant so I could have sushi, duh.  It was amazing.

Our view at breakfast at one of the restaurants.  One of the most lavish all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets my eyes have ever beheld!

We found this lil' guy wandering around.  And by little I mean probably like 2 feet.  I have no idea what it is but it looks like a dinosaur and I was sort of freaked out by it...but not enough to not get dangerously close to take a picture.

We decided that instead of doing one of the many excursions that take you places outside the resort, we'd rather use our time and money to relax at the resort.  So we both got massages at their super fancy spa.  It was amazing and I honestly think I medically needed a massage after 3 months of wedding planning!  This is the view from their hot tub area.

After our spa day, we decided to walk along the beach to the beach area.  Because the waves and surf are so rough outside our resort, you aren't allowed to swim.  To swim in the waves, you have to walk to the next resort over, I believe it's a Hilton, and use their beach.  We enjoyed the fabulous beach walk and the perfect weather.

This is the Secrets resort (our resort).  We had a big view from the beach we walked to!  We also enjoyed looking at all the crabs running all over those rocks.

That night we mastered to self-timer by balancing various items of furniture on top of each other to get this picture.  Our last night of the honeymoon, before a very fancy dinner at one of the restaurants.

Fancy food=tiny food.  Hence Brian had to order a huge hamburger to our room at 11pm at night while we watched Duck Dynasty, the only thing on TV in English.  Haha.

Our last day.  We had such a great time, it was hard to leave.  Luckily our flight didn't leave until that afternoon, so we had the morning to relax, swim, tan, and of course stuff our faces with Mexican food and coke.  We loved wearing these fun shirts Sister Davis from the Whitney Ranch Ward gave us at our wedding.

On the drive to the airport I found out Brian Campa can, in fact, speak Spanish.  He lied to me and said he couldn't.  Well, at least he speak it well enough to communicate with our driver who spoke zero English! 

We had a smooth flight back to Phoenix filled with a much calmer crowd of hung-over college students, which was nice.

During our long layover in Phoenix, I went to my favorite Sky Harbor location, the Pei Wei, and got some dinner.  My fortune was the perfect way to remind me of how much I ate in Cabo.

After we arrived back in Vegas, my parents picked us up and we spent one final night in Vegas.  While it was fun to see the family and talk about the wedding, I was very sad the wedding week was officially over.  It went too quickly, and I really do wish I could do it all over again just because it was such a happy week.
In concluuusion.....going on a honeymoon is a very strange thing.  You are so wrapped up in wedding plans and your wedding day, you forget you have this HUGE vacation coming up right after the wedding that, were it not for the wedding, you would be consumed with thinking about.  Honestly I almost forgot to pack for it and am just surprised I even remembered we were going.  But it was PERFECT and it's all thanks to my perfect husband, Brian Campa, who planned it all and made sure ever last detail was in place.  I will forever cherish that trip, the first vacation and trip we made as husband and wife. ###

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#CampaWedding Eve- March 21, 2014!

I was very stressed out about Friday, March 21, 2014.  I was worried because so many of my friends, family members, and future in-laws were coming into town on the same day, and I wanted to give everyone ample time while still having time to remain sane and collected the day before my wedding.  It was a major stress in my life, until the day actually arrived.  It ended up being, quite honestly, almost as great of a day as our wedding day!  Having the full day to do nothing but celebrate with friends and family in my favorite city was blissful!  

I woke up bright n' early to go pick up my bunk-mate and lifelong friend Leslie.  I was so happy she was able to come into town for the wedding.  She came a day before her husband, Tom, so she could come to my bachelorette breakfast!  It was great because I hadn't seen her in well over a year, and we were able to have about an hour driving back from the airport and at my house just to chat and catch up.  I wish we could have had all day!

The sisters, Leslie, and I left around 9 for my bachelorette breakfast at the Green Valley Ranch Feast Buffet.  We had decided to have the event at a buffet to keep with the Las Vegas theme, and the GV Ranch was centrally located.  In attendance: Lizzie, Becky (who had arrived the day before), Leslie, Ahlin, Ashley, and Danielle.  Danielle had flown into town the day before from Texas, and I picked her up from the airport before the sisters nail outing.  Ahlin and Ashley had driven in from Phoenix the night before and were staying at the Hilton with Danielle.  We were certainly missing a few key friends but I was thrilled to have so many of my besties surrounding me the day before the wedding!

We enjoyed the buffet food, talked about the next day, opened a few gifts, and all chatted.  It was wonderful!  We had to leave about an hour after breakfast to go pick up Nate Jensen at the airport.  

Becky ended up dropping Lizzie and I off at home so I could finish packing for the honeymoon while she went to go get NJ.  When she returned with him, the four of us chatted and watched some March Madness (Nate was shocked Brian agreed to have our wedding during March Madness, haha)!  Dad arrived home from work early just as we were leaving for an outing to the strip.  We had gotten about five minutes away from the house when dad decided he wanted to come, so we turned around and all piled into his car!

Mom was out with her college friends who came to town for the big day.  One of the weirdest thing for me about getting married was having SO many people come to town....for me.  I kept thinking oh so-and-so is in town!  how convenient!  I kept having to remind myself duh anners, they are in town for YOUR wedding!  Haha.

After we arrived at the Bellagio, we parked and walked around the gardens together waiting for my friends to arrive.  Mom let Lizzie ditch school that Friday, and I was so thankful!  It wouldn't have been such a great day if she was missing out on the fun.  It was nice to walk around the gardens with the family.

We eventually located the Anna Hayes friend crew who had been hanging out at the Fashion Show Mall on the strip.  I was ecstatic to see them again because I honestly didn't know if I would have time to!  It was great.  We parted ways with the family and walked around the garden together.

After that, we all walked down to the fountains.  We ended up having to wait nearly an hour for the show to start, but it was fun just standing there next to the water talking and catching up.  We even had two random dudes walk up and serenade us with some weird rap love ballad.  Only in Vegas!  Once the show started, we thoroughly enjoyed a very dramatic water display to "My Heart Will Go On."   Perfect.

After the fountains, Danielle met up with her family who had come to Vegas from Utah to see her, and the rest of us walked to the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Mall.  We ended up stopping at Panda Express for some drinks and food for Ashley.  It was SO fun to just hang out with all my friends in the same place during such an exciting time of my life.  I was on cloud 9 all day long.  Looking back those were some of the happiest times ever.

We met up with my mom afterwards at the gardens and drove back to the house to get ready for the "rehearsal" dinner with the Campas.  It was kind of exciting that I didn't see Brian all day!  He had driven down from La Verne with his family that morning, and then all his guy friends and family members went golfing.  I was super excited to see him after a week of separation.

We had a few hours before we needed to leave for dinner, so we decided to finish "Frozen" before leaving and before our 24 hours expired.  Best choice ever.

We arrived at the dinner location, Viva Michoacan,  a Vegas-y Mexican restaurant with a stunning view of the strip.  The Campas were running late, so my family, Baca, Grandma Karen/Grandpa Chuck, and Brian's grandparents were at the restaurant and waiting for nearly an hour.  

I was anxious about the next day, frustrated Brian was running late, and worried about everyone having fun and being comfortable at the dinner during the wait.  Needless to say, I wasn't in great spirits while we waited and was feeling super annoyed.  However, when Brian walked in the door for our rehearsal dinner finally, all those negative feelings went away!  I know, so cheesy right!?  But honestly,  I felt once again calm and sure we were doing the right thing and I was doing it with the right person, and I immediately become excited for our wedding all over again!

The dinner was a grand success!  The food was good, except apparently Brian's grandparent's giants fish they ordered haha.  We all enjoyed each other's company, and it was good to see everyone together.  

The highlight of the night for everyone had to be when the waiters found out it was our wedding-eve.  They brought over the mariachi band, and put HUGE sombreros on our heads while singing a festive song of congratulations and presenting churros with candles on top.  Hilarious!  All of  sudden, I felt someones hand on my face forcing my mouth open from behind while raising a glass to my lips.  I was so confused, but Kayla, Brian's brother's wife, wasn't!  She yelled "No!!!" and practically knocked it out of the waiter's hand.  I realized all of a sudden: it was a shot of tequila!  Ah!  I almost partook of alcohol the night before my temple wedding hahah!  The waiter was worried and confused, asking Kayla if I was pregnant.  She proclaimed: "not pregnant!  Just Mormon!" hhaha.  We all laughed at that for so long!!!  The waiters tried to get Brian to drink some too, but he resisted on his own.  :)

Another highlight of the dinner was the speeches.  Tim, Brian's dad, made a very nice speech and toast to us, followed by a speech by my dad.  He told the story of when Brian and I first started dating and I would tell him and mom about our dates and times together, and he would always ask if it was my Uncle Bryan who lives in Utah I was talking about.  It used to seriously make me mad hahah!  Lizzie also gave a speech that was very touching and sweet.  She told us how excited she was for us, how I am her best friend and now Brian is her best friend.  We were all misty-eyed, especially when Lizzie literally started bawling.  Poor Lizzie was so emotional that whole week.  Probably more than anyone else.  Many tears were shed by Ms. Lizzie!  
Nancy, Brian's mom, had a game for us where we practiced opening wedding gifts.  She brought us many nice wedding gifts off our registry we opened that night.

We ended the night sharing the churros they brought us.  It was a wonderful evening and set the right tone for the big celebration the next day.

We parted ways with the Campas and I drove home with the family.  I was so calm and relaxed that night as I got ready for bed and packed a few last minute things in my wedding-day-emergency kit.  We were all just really excited for the next day to get there.  Granted, I did take some sleeping medicine that night, but I was able to quickly fall asleep.  I was up, however, for like 3 hours later that night out of excitement.  But overall, the day before our wedding was one of the happiest, most fun, and enjoyable days of my whole life....only to be topped by the next day!  Our wedding day! ###