the campas

the campas

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Las Vegas Bridal Shower

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend a bridal shower in Vegas held in my honor.  My best friend Megan Gneiting's mom Angie Reed threw it, and it was an absolute dream!  

But let me back up...there was some stress before it started.  My flight from Yuma to Phoenix was an hour delayed, making me nervous for my tight connection in Phoenix.  I was a stress fest the whole flight over, and as I paced around waiting for my luggage to come off our little plane, I started badgering the pilot to call my other flight and tell them I was coming.  He goes: "well where are you headed?"  I embarrassingly replied: "TO MY BRIDAL SHOWER!"  OMG so embarrassing.  He laughed and said "I meant what city...but congratulations!"

Haha, needless to say, they held the plane for me and I ran on the plane at 11:25 and we pulled out of the gate at 11:26!  I like to keep things interesting!  I sprinted through sky harbor and by some miracle and lots of faith made it.  Hallelujah!

After that little saga we arrived to the shower and when I walked in, it took my breath away!  Angie went above and beyond with the decorations.  Darling tissue paper flowers in my wedding colors, mason jars and straws for pink lemonade, delicious pink cupcakes, cute veggies cups, lovely table settings, and my FAVORITE: the Anna & Brian banner which has our wedding date on it!  I love it!  It is now proudly hanging on our mantle at home, just to remind us all of the big day.  :)

I was happy to see so many women who have been a huge part of my life, from my neighborhood, church, and family.  They showered me with love and gifts, and I was so grateful.  It's fun to get married; you get to catch up with old friends, get cool appliances, talk about things like colors and dresses, and get praised for doing something that you totally want to do anyway!  Why didn't anyone tell me how great this is!?  Now if only the stress of planning could disappear like that cupcake I devoured at the shower....

Here are some pics of a practically perfect party!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I know she was accepted a week and a half ago, but I HAD to give my favorite little sister some blog loving for accomplishing something huge.  After tons of hard work, studying, participating in great clubs and organizations, and attending seminary: LIZZIE HAYES IS GOING TO BYU PROVO THIS FALL!  She has always wanted to go there, and we are SO so proud of her.

Lizzie will complete the Hayes BYU tradition.  My parents and sister attended, and many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins are also past cougars.  My father did his undergrad/law school there, my mom did her law school, and Becky and I went to all 4 years of our undergrad there.  I added the years....and the four of us have a combined 18 years of BYU pride behind us!  Lizzie will get us over 20!!  So crazy right?

Anyway, I compiled some of my favorite pictures from Lizzie's MANY trips to Provo to visit Becky and me.  Those were some of my favorite weekends.  Football games, waiting in line to see Jimmer, play basketball,  Lizzie actually MEETING Jimmer at the Marriot, trips to the creamery, trips to Sushi Ya, late night movies, sleepovers, walking around campus, visiting the Cougareat, playing in the was all so great.   And now I get to do the same with Lizzie, but this time she will be hosting ME!  
Love you Lizzie, congrats and rise n' shout! ###

Palm Springs Weekend-February 2014.

A couple weeks ago, Brian and I met up in Indio, California, for a weekend of fun in the Palm Springs area.  We originally planned the trip to see his cousin play a softball game with her SDSU team.  However, we found out the tickets to her tournament were weirdly expensive, so we opted to just have dinner with her and the family later that night.

After meeting up, Brian and I went over to Palm Desert to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for wedding registration.  It was hilarious.  We were both tired and hungry.  In fact, we had to tell our consultant we needed a lunch break.  Haha, CWN?  After a delicious port of subs lunch which I didn't want to leave, we trudged back over and spent like 2.5 hours scanning away.  Our consultant, bless her heart, kept suggested we register for 780 items (what?!?) and for things like razors, beauty products, and weird other items I would never use.  I don't actually think she approved of my choices....oops.  Needless to say, I didn't make it to 780 items and thank goodness Brian was there, we were able to laugh and have fun with it.

After that, we went to Soup Plantation with the Campas!  It was soooo fun to see Jacki and steal her away from her softball team for dinner.  

Post dinner, we went wedding shoe shopping (fail) and ended up getting me cute new summer sandals.  Then Brian took me to buy gummy bears because I wanted them so bad I was dying.  Weird.

We watched a little bit of the Olympics before bed.  The next day, we went to church...then broke the sabbath at Olive Garden with all the old snowbirds.  It was fun and I even got a fancy drink because we were using a gift card!  Im craazzzy.

We ended our day searching for peach ties for the wedding at the Westfield Mall and the shops along El Paseo in Palm Desert.  We failed, and it was toasty much so that I was in fact having some menopausal type heat attack.  Brian cooled me down by buying me a delicious Starbucks drink!!  We sipped, then separated and hit the road home!

It is always sad to say goodbye, but this time, it was almost exciting a joyful.  Why?  Well, next time I see Brian (now just a week away) I will be going through the Las Vegas Temple and it will be a week before our wedding.  What!?  We are so so so so sooooo excited.  Now that the majority of the planning is done, we just want it to be here!  Can't wait for our big day!!!   ###

Our poor consultant trying to help her un-picky and inexperienced bride:

new sandals that i love:

Extra long February:

Fancy Living at Olive Garden, haha:

Hanging out with old snowbirds in the desert seems to be my lot in life:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Campas (and soon-to-be-Campa) Take Yuma!

As mentioned in my previous post about my bridal shower, the Campas were in town a couple weeks ago for the long Presidents' Day weekend, the bridal shower, and to see my newscast. 

Yuma showed us a good time, with perfect weather, sunny skies (duh), and glorious sunsets.  The Campa's had the typical Yuma reaction I've come to expect from my out-of-town visitors, that Yuma is actually a beautiful large city with lots of people and buildings and cars and things.  I love it, and now they love it!  Yuma for life!!

After the shower, Nancy and I went back to their hotel (recently voted "Yuma's Best Hotel", ha) and met up with Brian and Tim who had been golfing...of courseee.  We decided to go to the Staples and get the address labels we needed for our invitations.  After that, we met up with Ahlin for dinner at Texas Roadhouse!  I feel like I only go there when people are visiting me, but I always love it.  It was a grand time!

We went to Sam's Club to get engagement pictures after that.  No no, we didn't TAKE our pictures for our announcement at Sam's, just got them printed there.  Then, Brian and I met up with Ahlin and Ashley for a late night treat....Coldstone!  I got a massive snow cone for 99cents.  What!?  Who knew they even had snow cones there!?

On Sunday, the Campas were able to come to church with us to hear me give my talk.  It was so great!  I really appreciated them being there with Brian to hear it.  It was amazing to look out and see some of my favorite people in the congregation.  

Post-talk, we had a task to accomplish: WEDDING INVITATIONS.  The daunting task had been hanging over my head for weeks, while I waited for various parts to arrive in time and made sure everything was perfect.  I was able to gather it all, and the Campas graciously volunteered to help me get it done.  With the four of us completely focused for about 3 hours straight....we did it!!  Nancy and I addressed the envelopes all by hand, whole Brian and Tim stuffed/stamped them.  We had a nice assembly line going in the hotel lobby, with plenty of people wondering what the heck we were doing.  

We rewarded ourselves with a nice hot tub trip.  Then Brian and I broke the sabbath and went to In-n-Out (sorry) to deliciously end a busy day.  Yuma blessed us with a typical glorious sunset.

The next day was Presidents' Day!!  Anna Chaulk was nice enough to take over my daily producing duties so I could hang with the Campas and come in at 5:30 to anchor a 6pm show for them.  Awww, best co-anchor....ever?

We had breakfast at the hotel, then went to the Yuma Territorial Prison.  I love that place!  The museum is so well done and interesting, and it's fun to walk around outside and see the "dark cell."  Plus it offers a scenic view of Yuma!
Sorry there are so many of these pictures, but we were having way too much fun taking fake mug shots!!  We were laughing so loud I think people were getting annoyed.  Brian thinks Tim's looks like he was an actual Mexican Bandit prisoner in the Territorial Prison.  Hahahah!
After the museum we did some wedding errands like picking up my re-sized ring and looking for wedding shoes.  Then we showed the Campas my house.  

We went to see "The Monuments Men" after that.  It was so good!  I have seen a few of the pieces of art in the film during my trips to Europe and really appreciated learning this back story.  Great movie.

After the movie we had Five Guys because that is always a great idea and Tim and Nancy had never had it WHATTT unacceptable.  It was delicious.
Then we went to work.  I gave them a tour, then anchored the 6pm show.  It was great, and they loved it!!  They even said it was their favorite part of the trip!  Whattt?
I am so thankful they got to see a show before my final day in May.  It's just around the corner!  Ah! 

 PS- 20 days till #campaweddingAND 5 more days of work till #campaweddingbreak.  
YES!!!! ###