the campas

the campas

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yuma Bridal Shower!!

On February 15th, Ashley Chadwick and Ally Snow threw me the MOST beautiful bridal shower ever!!  I have so many friends and family not in Yuma who couldn't go, so I want to do a very detailed blog post about it!

The day started with me playing at a baptism for a co-worker.  The whole thing was in Spanish and I didn't know that so I just played when it got quiet and people stared at me.  But i digress.  After that, I drove over to Ashley's to pick up Ahlin who came in from Tempe for the occasion!  Ahh so nice!  We went to lunch at Las Palapas, chatted, then went home to change and get ready for the shower!

As soon I walked in the door of Ashley's I noticed this AH-MA-ZING CAKE.  What the heck!?  The shower was Vegas themed (just like our wedding) and she took the theme and ran with it!  From the invites to the food to the decorations to the favors, it was 100% FABULOUS Las Vegas.  I loved it!

I almost cried looking at this cake.  It really is amazing.  I don't know if I can talk about it enough.  I literally sat in silence for 5 minutes just taking it in.  The best part is the car on the side with our wedding date on it!  3-22!!

All the decorations were darling.  Ashley, her sister, and her mom are amazing!!!!!  I almost had a heart attack when I saw that 35 on the board!  Ahhhh YYYYAYYYY!!!  I told the Chadwicks I expect them to continue to update the board.

Tim and Nancy came into town for the shower/to see Yuma/my show.  How nice right!?  Brian and Tim drove to Ash's to drop Nancy off and got to come see the decorations.  They were impressed, duh!

OK here is the highlight of the day.  Ashley and Ally came out with a tray full of lovely cupcakes.  Then this happened:
Ally and Ash: "Anna, doe these look familiar?"
Anna: "uhhhhhhhhh"
Ally and Ash: "Think hard, have you seen these before.....?"
Anna: "uhhhhh"
Ally and Ash: "Think hard."
Anna: "Oh!  Did I pin them!?"
Ally and Ash: (laughter) "No....Becky sent them from Georgetown Cupcakes from DC thi...."
*No exaggeration 

Seriously Becky.  CYN be so stinking amazing.  I am so thankful for a thoughtful sister who makes me feel loved from across the country and sends GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES to my shower.

Duh there was coke zero for my love of coke and also to honor and respect the wedding diet.

Ashley had a fun game where she asked Brian a bunch of questions about our relationship and ourselves, then asked me the same question to see if we matched.  After each answer, I got a kitchen utensil!

It was so fun!  We did pretty well!  Probably because we have been together like 20 years.  Everyone's favorite answer was when Ashley asked Brian the thing I do that bugs him.  He said "she is always stressed out.  She needs to stop, her life is NOT that stressful."  Awww man.  Yes it is yes it is!

Brian is still making fun of me for my answer to "what would Anna be if she wasn't a news anchor?" I replied, "well probably a famous singer" all seriously.  Ha.  He said A TEACHER.  Can I not shame myself like that.....?

I was showered with many gifts and I am so thankful!  Everyone was laughing at me because apparently you are supposed to register for more than 25 things at Target and maybe something over 20 dollars??  Who knew?  Not this bride!  Not my fault, I have never been married before.  My guests cleaned out my registry!  And don't worry, Brian took me to Bed Bath and Beyond and we scanned the daylights out of everything.  Crisis averted.

Then Ally read some of my reactions to gifts, telling me it will be what I say on my wedding night.  For the sake of my G rated blog, I will not list them.  But let's just say there are some reallll doozies.

The whole gang!!

Kelly Clark, my broadcast buddy from FOX9!

The wedding dress brigade reunited!  Love all these girls.

Roommates, past and present.

My future MIL!  SO grateful for her!

My bud Virginia from church.

Ahhhhhhlin! loooooove.

Ashleyyyyyy. Best hostess ever.

Overall it was a magical day in the life of Anna Hayes (soon to be Campa).  I was showered with love and definitely cried out of gratitude numerous times.  Thanks to all who helped and attended. ###

Sunday, February 23, 2014

YSA Women's Conference 2014

As a member the Yuma YSA Relief Society presidency, I was really involved in this year's YSA conference.  It's our second conference.  I couldn't make it to last year's, so this was my first, and I LOVED planning it!  Our theme was love, and it was cool because of lot of single women who attend family wards because they have kids, or are older, or whatever were able to come.  I loved meeting them and also hanging out with our YSA sisters.  Mostly I just loved planning and executing the day with Ashley, my partner in crime.  It's like our 5th party we have planned, and we just keep getting better!  #ourownbiggestfans #butreally

I was running around like a mad woman during the 4 hour event, so I didn't get any pictures, but realizing that would happen, I snapped a few iPhone pics before everyone arrived.  I am so happy with how it looked, and especially with that fact people brought donations for my "warm some hearts" PJ drive I am having for local domestic abuse survivors.

I was in charge of the craft.  This took a lot of time and energy for me to decide which craft to do, and how to get the supplies.  I decided on these cute "X O" stand ups, and am so glad we did this!  This is one girl's final product.  It was a hit!

After setting up at 8am, attending for 4 hours, and breaking down for nearly 2, when all was said and done, Ashley and I were SO tired!  We forced ourselves to go to the gym and worked out, then went back to her place.  By the time we were showered and ready, it was about 5pm and we had hardly had a bite to eat!  We decided to go to Cracker Barrel.  It was SO good, my first time there!  We pigged out, but hey we ordered off the lighter fare menu, so it's healthy right!?

We finished the night by going to see "Labor Day."  It was good..but sad.  Definitely a Red Box movie.  It was an exhausting day, but very worth it.  I know it's cliche or cheesy to say this, but nothing makes me happier than serving in the church, serving others, and working hard on service projects for the community.  Focusing on this activity and my warm some hearts drive has helped me immensely these past few months, as I have been dealing with the very overwhelming task of a planning a wedding, ring ceremony, and reception for hundreds of people on short notice and from a different state.  Truly, service helps you forget your problems as you focus on others. ###

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend in La Verne-February 2014

I drove to Southern California this past weekend to spend time with Brian and his family.  The majority of the weekend was spent cuddling and snuggling (TMI? hehe) and watching the worst super bowl game ever.  The highlight of the trip had to be a quick visit with my mom and some family on Saturday.

I truly failed at taking pictures.  I used to be so good at documenting these fun weekend trips!!  I'll try to improve.  New years resolution starting now.

I got to the Campa Casa and realized Liza/Mally are still prominently featured on the Campas wall even though they have never met them.  LOLs.  Single people Christmas cards are truly the best.  I may do one of just me even after I marry Brian.

Nancy gave me this fun frame and picture!  I looove that frame and keep quoting it to myself everytime I see my ring.
Mom was on her way back to Las Vegas after a Mexican cruise with her college friend.  (must be nice right).  We figured out literally the night before we would be in the La Verne area at the same time, so she organized a meet up with our Pasadena family!  I loved seeing Erika, Sarah, Chad, and of course Baca (also recently off a cruise.  what's with my family and just cruising around the world?)  We went to Chipotle and had a blast.

After the meet up, Brian and I went to a local jewelry store to buy him a wedding ring (ahhhh!!) it's when we are doing things like that and I see things like a wedding ring on his finger that it hits me.  WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!  Sometimes I feel like it's this fictional event that will never actually happen in our lifetime.  But people: it's real.  And it's coming soon.

We went to the store to get super bowl treats ingredients and stopped by Jamba Juice (one of our favorites.  I am really overusing parentheses in this post aren't it?) on the way home!  Nom.  All fruit, duh weddddding dieeeetttt 4 lyfe.  

 We watched Brian's cousin's basketball game that afternoon.  His cousin is like the star of the team, whatttt, I told his aunt I am not used to having athletic family members so it's new to me to actually have a reason to cheer at the games.  She thought that was a funny joke but it wasn't a joke.  At least I will have kids who will be 50% gifted athletes.  All thanks to me.  Hahah.  THAT was an actual joke.

Brian's Uncle Johnny and his family came over later that night.  He made me give him an autographed news picture for Christmas.  I felt way too weird doing that so I gave him one of Anna Chaulk and me...but he did not like that and showed me his new photo shopped edition.  Haha!  Poor Anna Chaulk.  Also....Uncle Johnny thanks so much also for photo shopping Brian's date out of that high school dance picture.  I am sure I am FAR better looking than her.  :)

Brian and I went to church the next day, then came home to prepare for the big game.  I made 7-layer dip which turned into still delicious 6-layer dip due to unripe avocados.  I also used Anna Chaulk's homemade chili jam to created a cracker spread that was delicious and well received...despite the fact that it looked like a science experiment gone wrong.

 Remember how boring the Super Bowl was and how sad every commercial was?  I do!!  I would say Bruno Mars did a great job but Brian would break up with me.  He thinks Bruno Mars is "a punk who needs to be roughed up a little."  His words, not mine.  I accept you Bruno.

Even though the game was boring, it was fun to have a lot of Brian's family and friends over to watch it and enjoy good food and this cozy fire.  I was content as can be.

On Monday Brian left for work, I packed up and went to the Trader Joe's to stock up on healthy groceries before the drive home.  Because it's literally across the street from his office, Brian came and met up with me for a bit.  As we were wandering the aisles and he was making fun of me for buying teenie tiny potatoes and we were laughing, I couldn't help but realize this was a glimpse into our future.  

I am SO beyond excited to do the simple things, like grocery shopping, with Brian.  When people ask me what I'm excited about when it comes to getting married, it's not the big things.  It's the little things.  I am excited to have lunch with him on a weekday.  I am excited to go to Trader Joe's with him to buy our favorite yogurt and power berries.  I am excited to go to the gym together.  I am excited to be in the same ward with the same last name.  I am excited to rent red boxes and make breakfast burritos together.  I am excited for frozen yogurt runs and I am sure all sorts of other ice cream runs.  I am excited to live in the same place as he does, no not just same house, same CITY and STATE for pete's sakes!  It's been almost two years!!  Holy cow.  March 22 cannot come fast enough.  ###