the campas

the campas

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lizzie's Yuma Trip-January 2014.

For christmas, Santa brought Lizzie a weekend trip to YUMA AZ.  Thanks so much Santa, I needed to see the little sis here in sunny arizona to take my mind off of wedding planning stress and work stress.  It was a weekend of pure bless and Yuma fun! 

I picked up Lizzie late Thursday night after my show.  She was shocked how I was standing there to second she got off the plane.  If you are a terrorist trying to hijack a plane, please head to Yuma.  Literally no security.  It's almost concerning.  But I love it.  We went to Sonic right after for drinks before going to bed!

The next morning I forced lizzie out of bed earlyyyy so she could accompany me to a local spelling bee!  I was the "celebrity judge."  Oh man, what fun!!  We got WAY too into it and I found my eyes watering as I had to ding my bell and send some kids out.  I also got emotional during the final round when the cutie winner won.  Afterwards some girls came running up wanting to hug me because they see me on TV. Awwww!  Perks of my job!!

Lizzie and I went to get a pedicure then to The Garden Cafe for lunch, a charming outdoor restaurant with great food and ambiance.

Lizzie came to work with me!  I had a live shot during our 6pm show at a street fair.  It was actually over at 4pm (oops) and I didn't know that so it was kinda dead.  Hence, I forced Lizzie on camera and interviewed her!!  No joke we had people commenting on Facebook how cute she was and one random lady said she saw Lizzie at Mr. G's burritos after.  Um Lizzie CYN already be a Yuma celeb!?  One guy at church also recognized Lizzie from her debut.  Loveeee it.


Watching my 10pm show:

On Saturday we woke up and went to the gym then rewarded ourselves with smoothies.  

Later on we went to see "Frozen" and learn to let it go...let it gooooooo!  Then we went to sushi, a Lizzie/Anna tradition!  We <3 and="" p="" salad.="" seaweed="" sushi="">

After sushi we went shopping around the mall for a bit then went to Z Fun Factory and decided to do the go karts!  The line was long but it was worth the wait, we had so much fun!!

After church on Sunday, we packed up for Vegas.  I ended up taking that Monday and Tuesday off for wedding planning/a dermatology appointment, so I got on Lizzie's flight kinda last minute.  Best choice everrr.  We had to get my wedding dress home.  STRESS FEST.  After stuffing it into a plastic bin/suitcases/Tupperware for an hour, then fasting and praying how to get that beast home in one piece, we ended up taking it as a carry on.  Because the flight was fairly empty our flight attendant gave it it's own row.  She even tried to buckle it in.  Um what??

The next three days were a whirlwind of wedding planning, doing errands, and trying to get skinny to fit in that dress.  I took 0 pictures except one of my plate at our cake testing, that is obviously the MOST important event of my trip home.  I chose to have a cake with ALL the flavors!!  JK apparently that is not allowed or classy.  

What a fun week with Lizzie and the family!  Thanks, Saint Nick for sending Biz my way.  Sure do love her. ###

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013-Year In Review.

2013 was quite the year.  I was in Yuma for all of it, by myself without Brian and my family.  It was tough but my great job and plenty of weekend trips kept me occupied!  I enjoyed accepting my new calling in the relief society presidency.  I found any excuse to get to California and see Brian.  I traveled Europe with the family.  I said goodbye to my companion of so many years, Sierra Matkin Hayes.  I survived my first (and last!) AZ summer.  I kept up on running, reading, blogging, and feeding my television addiction.  I moved into a beautiful new home with my roommates in the middle of orange groves.  (Mom named it the "Orange Blossom Casa.")  My hair went from dark brown to veryyy blonde, oops.  I switched shifts at work, becoming the anchor for the 10pm ABC5 show.  I celebrated my one year anniversary at KECY and in Yuma.  

And there was something else...hmmm...oh ya....I GOT ENGAGED!  What a year!

Here's a monthly summary:

Brian took advantage of the nice weather in Yuma with a few golf games.  

Lizzie and I traveled to Washington DC to attend Barack Obama's 2nd inauguration.  It was frigid and fun!  We ate nandos, met NJ, bought some ghetto Obama swag, stood in the cold for hours, and saw Beyonce lip sync.  I also got to do some reporting there for our Yuma newscast.  Lizzie helped me out with the filming!

Ally, Ashley, and I met Brian for a weekend in HB.   It was chilly but so fun.

Brian came in town for the rodeo parade:
rodeo fun:

Becky also came to the sunniest city on earth for a quick visit to the show and of course to mexico.  
Then we drove to HB for a disneyland weekend with brian and the family.  Thanks to my media passes Brian and I got in freeee!!

Brian and i went to San Diego for a weekend.  We used my media tickets to go see the zoo.  Our favorite part?  The skyfari!
We saw our Provo friends at a wedding reception:

Later that month I drove to Phoenix to meet the family for Spring Break! We stayed at a nice hotel and enjoyed the gloriously warm weather, pool, and complimentary manager's special snacks.
We also went to an Angles spring training game!
After the Phoenix weekend, we drove back through Yuma (where I had to work a few days) then went to HB for a nice weekend.


I did the Color Me Rad run with Ashley.  It was very very messy.  Never again.

We went to HB again with A cubed plus our friend Brandy.  Brian took me to a VERY nice dinner on the Balboa harbor.  It was swanky and I liked it.

I drove to Mesa for a weekend to see my broadcast buddy Chelsey.  We went shopping, ate Mexican food, and caught up.

Birthday month!  Brian came down to Yuma for Ashley's surprise Cinco De Mayo b-day party!  Thanks to my incredible lying skills, she was very surprised!

I went home to Vegas before my birthday to see the family and celebrate me and dad's b-days.  We had a family party, went shopping, and went for a walk on the Mesa, where we had "the miracle of the fitbit."  (We randomly found my uncle's missing fitbit.  crazy).

I had to work on my birthday but Ally and Ashley made it special!  We went to Kneaders for lunch, In n Out for dinner, and saw Iron Man.  Brian also sent me flowers at work.

Brian took me to San Diego the weekend after my birthday.  He took my shopping at J. Crew at took me to a Padres game!  So fun!

I met Brian in La Verne for a weekend so we could go to MR's high school graduation.  It was good to see the Matkin clan and eat Korean BBQ.  

I went back to Mesa to welcome Ahlin to AZ!   We went to a Diamondbacks game, ate cafe rio, and crafted.

A-cubed drove to San Diego to meet Brian and use my media passes to visit Sea World!   (obviously I love media passes).  I love Shamu have no shame in it.  

June was a sad month because my sweet dog, Sierra, passed away.  She was old and sick but I got her when I was just 11 so it was hard to not be there for her in the end.  I still miss her everyday.

Right after the sadness, I went to Park City for a quick weekend trip for the Hayes Family Reunion!  We were all together and it was a fantastic time.  I love Park City and Utah in general.  Becky and I drove to Provo to pick Lizzie up from EFY and we took a trip down memory lane.  Cougars for life.

June 2014 was a momentous month because my BFFL and I were reunited at last!!  She had been home from her mish for months but due to the fact that Yuma is so dang far away I hadn't seen her yet!  Although it was jut for a day, we had great times.

I went back to California in July to see the Campas and go to an Angels game.  We met up with Megan and Rees before it started and it was so fun to see my best friend!

Mom and dad took a trip to Yuma in July.  Dad had never seen my show in person.  Here we are on set:

We all drove to HB after that to meet with Brian and enjoy kayaking and other beachy things.

At the end of the month Ahlin came to Yuma!  We went to a water park, ate too much, and (duh) crafted.

Oh August, you were good to me!!!  I spent nearly the entire month traveling around Europe and loving EVERY second of it!  Please enjoy how I get progressively plumper in each photo.  (curse you cruise food!!)

We started out in Athens, Greece:

Then boarded our cruise ship near Rome:

Then leaned our way to Pisa:

We visited Aux En Provence on Mom's birthday!  We had pastries instead of cake:

We went to Spain and fell in love with Palm de Mallorca.

Barcelona was also amazing!!  La Sagrada Familia is UN-REAL.

Then we went to Napoli, *shudder*, where someone tried to pick-pocket my dad.  Luckily vigilante Becky saved us!!

Then back to Rome for a few days.  We saw the new temple:

We went back to my favorite spot from our trip to Rome a few years back, the Spanish Steps:

We soaked it all in....

and ended the trip with a trip to the pope's summer home at Lake Albano.

Right after Europe I battled jetlag and went to Vegas to be a bridesmaid for Natalie Timpson:

September meant back to work for monsoon season and my new time shift.  With the new shift I report live a LOT more (for the earlier shows) which I love/hate.

Becky and I both went home to Vegas for a Fall weekend. 

We remembered Sierra with a little memorial and planted a tree in her honor.  Tears....were shed.

Brian came to Yuma for Ashley and mine's EPIC Halloween ward party!  It was crazy fun.  Brian and I won a prize for our "government shutdown" costume:

Daniellers came to Yuma for a nice long weekend!  She helped me produced and was in TWO parades with me!  (one in brawley for the cattle call rodeo and one in yuma for veterans day).

I didn't have to work on Thanksgiving so I went to La Verne for food, family, and football.  After that, my family + Nate Jensen picked me up for a nice long weekend in HB.  We went black friday shopping, ate mexican food, and watched football with Brian and NJ.

December was busy at work because of the holidays, but the highlight of the month was coming home sick as a dog on the 21st and having Brian pep me up with a proposal!!  Happiest night of my life!  SO happy my sisters and parents could share the special night with us.

Time for my traditional "what a year" rant.  But seriously.  I thought living in Yuma by myself would be the worst thing ever, but clearly, I still had a lot of fun this year!  I am so thankful I live in a place where I get to see my family often and still get to live my dream.  I am thankful that on March 22nd of this year I will be sealed to Brian 4eva.  I am thankful I have grown as a person over the past year.  I cannot wait to see what 2014 will have in store.  I have a feeling it will be a very VERY exciting year.  Stay tuned! ###