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the campas

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Very Sleepy Day Trip to Catalina Island

For Valentine's Day this year, I got Brian a day trip to Catalina Island.  I found a great Groupon deal for a boat trip on the Catalina Flyer there and back and couldn't resist.  Well silly us got so busy this summer and never used it.  I remembered we needed to use it and checked the expiration date.  November!  Ah!  We booked it for the last possible weekend we could haha.

The trip was so fun but definitely not what I was expecting.  I'll give a lil' recap with some of the pics I snapped on my trusty iPhone.

We had to start the day early so we decided to drive to Huntington Beach Halloween night and spend the night in the condo before our trip.  It was a great decision and definitely made for a shorter drive to our departing spot on Balboa Island.  

The boat was crowded and there were dark clouds looming over us threatening rain.  Brian had stopped at the store the night before to pick up some Dramamine because he sometimes gets sea sick. As he took one, he convinced me to take on just in case it got stormy and rocky.  I took one not thinking about it...only to realize after the fact that drowsiness is a side effect of the pill.  Crappp!  I am the side effect queen (bows) and knew this would be rough for me.  And it WAS, lemme tell ya.

Pretty much right after this picture was taken I got super sleepy and had to poke myself to stay awake, even on the open seas.  Fail.

Before I fell asleep we saw a double rainbow all the way across the sky!!  So pretty after the morning rain shower.

Once we arrived we took a long walk up to the big garden they have there.  We enjoyed strolling through the cute little neighborhoods.  I love Catalina so much.  Everything there is mini!  And I love how everyone drives around on golf carts and not cars.  My dream world.

Still fighting off the drowsiness, we decided we needed food, so we stopped at this cute place that had great Yelp reviews near the water.  The view was fabulous and so was the food!

We walked along the water after lunch and decided to go do a tour of Avalon Casino (the big round building behind me).

The tour was so interesting!  We learned this 1920's building isn't really a Casino, rather a still-functioning movie theater with a huge ballroom on the top floor.  It's a beautiful building and we got to see the massive pipe organ!  I wanted to play!

I guess they used to broadcast dances live on CBS.  Holler that's where I wuuurk.  

The view from the top was so pretty.  I almost fell over the side though trying to stay awake.  I cannot over-emphasize enough how tired I was haha.

A nice man offered to take a picture of both of us and somehow managed to capture none of the view.  Haha bless him.

We slept the whole boat ride home, only to be randomly awoken by a very drunk girl yelling obscenities.  Ah, the joys of a booze cruise.  Newport welcomed us back with a pretty sunset.

Like I said, not really how I pictured our mega-adventurous day going on Catalina Island, but very memorable!  I won't be taking any Dramamine anytime soon, that's for sure. :) We finished our night with Fiesta Grill and a UCLA game on TV, which I slept through.  I think I slept for about 15 hours that day and night.  Whoops.  Until next time, Catalina!! ###

#beckyandnate wedding- 10/18/14

Last month Brian and I were able to be a part of Becky and Nate's wedding.  This was a huge event for the not only for the Hayes and Jensen families, but for me especially.  This was wedding #2 for our family this year, but for me if felt like #1 and I was an emotional mess.  It's so different when it's not your wedding.  I think weddings are such huge deals because my family is so when one of us gets married....we are truly adding another member to our closely knit family.  After months of planning by mom and Becky and a little help from me, the wedding went off without a hitch and was a happy event for all!  Here's a recap:

Brian and I took off Thursday evening after he finished up work.  We sat in a quite a bit of traffic getting out of LA, so we had to stop at In-n-Out after passing through the Cajon Pass.  

We made it home to a very hyper Lizzie Hayes catching up with her high school friends in town.  It was fun to stay up and catch up with my parents and Lizzie!  After the parentals and Brian went to sleep, Lizzie and I stayed awake doing milk shots and being crazy waiting for Becky to get home (her and Nate went to get their marriage license after NJ got in late).

Friday was crazy busy.  I went with Brian to the stake center so he could play basketball, then we picked Ms. lizzie up and went to the rehab center where my grandma was.  she recently broke her arm badly on a trip to peru and had to stay at the rehab center during all the wedding festivities, so we wanted to see her as much as possible!

when we got home, dad had a new iPhone ready for mom!  her first one!  cue matkinhayes instagrams.  we also had some delicious chicken fingers for lunch before the sisters had to run off to our nail appointment.

ze blushing bride!!

our nail experience was funny.  the place we went was good, but they were SO thorough.  almost too much so.  as took like 3 hours and becky had to leave early for her appt at the reception venue while lizzie and i finished up and had brian come get us.  

admiring the finished product while waiting outside 7/11 like homeless people cause we didn't have a ride.  lolz.

when we all got home, we hurried to get ready for the rehearsal dinner!  it was at Olives at the bellagio, one of becky's favorite restaurants.  it turned out to the perfect place for the event.  we had a nice little area to ourselves and we could see the bellagio fountain show right outside the window!  talk about a vegasy dinner!  this was also my first time meeting the jensens.  they are a wonderful family and I'm so happy we all had a little time to get to know each other!

three of my favorite people with one of my favorite sights.  is this even real life?

the three amigos.  lizzie is our third wheel always.
ah ah ah!!!!  there was so much happiness at this dinner.  

after dinner, we said bye to the jensens, becky, brian, and i all walked across the street to the shops at planet hollywood.  the earrings becky got for herself and lizzie and i turned out to be weird, so we needed some last minute ones!  we found the perfect pair at Francesca's.  It was great to spend the last night of becky's single life with her.  i was grateful for every moment with her and soaked it all in.

when we got home we tuned in to FOX5 to see uncle ted's forecast for the big day.  he kept saying he had a "big event" to go to the next day and we were all so excited about getting wedding shoutouts.  well turns out he was talking about some event he had to host for work!  haha! 
brian and i ended up going to get neilson's frozen custard that night because he's been wanting to try some.  we were also able to stop by the walgreens to get last minute wedding supplies.  

we were all a little crazy the night before the wedding!  hence these pictures happened and i hardly remember it.

the morning of the big day was weird for me.  i remember i spent the morning of my wedding rushing to get ready (and throwing up) and then it was there so fast.  well, i fell like that's probably how it was for becky but i felt useless and wandered around like a zombie until we had to leave.  i did get to go see my favorite makeup artist jen rose work her magic!  the sealing wasn't until 1pm so we had plenty of time.  becky was super worried about rain because it was overcast, but we lucked out and it didn't rain at all during the day.  (a little at night, ill get to that later)!

the sealing was crazy emotional.  i was a nervous wreck.  it was my first sealing I've ever witnessed besides my own, and i was feeling all the anxiety and stress for becky.  weird?  nope, sisterly love right there!  she was sealed by the same man who sealed brian and i, our former stake president/patriarch/home teacher/neighbor/temple architect george tate.  our family loves this man and was sad to hear he put his house on the market the week of the wedding.  well we get to the sealing and he announces with emotion in his voice this will be his last live sealing EVER.  what??!!?  the tears came for all of us.  he has sealed hundreds and hundreds of people and for becky to be his last, what an honor.  it was a beautiful ceremony to be sure and i was crying from start to finish.

i also got to go to the bridal room with becky after the sealing to help her get ready and get into her dress.  it was a chaotic few minutes but special to be able to do that with my mom and of course see NJ's face when he saw becky and her dress for the first time.  love!

my favorite bridesmaid sister was waiting outside with the rest of the crew.  she started bawling when they came out and so of course i did too.  i promise i had my makeup done all nice before but then i decided to cry it all off.  ughs.
i wish i had more photos of the day.  ill just wait for the professional ones, but here are a few i snapped.  one with my mini-me and flower girl, doing her duties as flower girl for becky!  we love kinsey!

my mom, her friend selena, and i all had bow shows.  time for a pic!
brian and nate's brother matt were the only groomsmen.  it was fun to be in a wedding party with brian again, last time we did that it was for our friends' wedding and that's where we met at aka i don't remember brian there but he clearly fell in love with me.  hehe.

the flower were UN. REAL.  they made the whole wedding.  becky's bouquet had real gold roses in it!  not dyed...real!  what!??!  and our hot pink bouquets put pinterest to shame.  joanne spelts is a flower goddess.

side story i didn't get to witness: becky saw her long time boss slash the senate majority leader SENATOR HARRY REID at the temple!  hahah what?  it was amazing i am sure.

after all the craziness of the temple, lizzie brian and i packed up and went to sonic.  i guess this is what my family did after our sealing but i wouldn't know because they failed to get me some food.  the poor withering away bride.  boo.  BUT I'm glad i got to experience this new tradition on my own.

Oh how i WISH i had photos of the next few hours that ensued.  we all rushed home, shoved a bunch of chicken fingers and french fries in our mouths, then still wearing our nice clothes, made a perfect assembly line to get becky's georgetown cupcakes ready.  becky and NJ decided to give out little boxes with a georgetown cupcake inside as a favor and tribute to their love of DC.  it was a genius idea, except for the fact we had to keep the cupcakes in the freezer for as long as possible before putting them in cute little pink boxes.  lizzie baca and i were stuffing, brian placing boxes in coolers, and mom was ordering us around mostly.  it was hilarious and crazy.  we finished just in time, and went out to the venue at lake las vegas.....which LOOKED LIKE THIS SERIOUSLY CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT!?

AMAZING.  becky is a genius wedding planner.  she had these cute letters at the event for photo opts and general beauty points.  plus 10 for becky.

again, what is life even?

cute pictures and decorative touches all over.

las vegas blessed their marriage with the most perfect sunset.

we took a bunch of pictures and finished setting up before everyone arrived.

love me some cute pale matkin cousins.

another amazing part of the wedding was the cake.  SO sososo cute and so golden.  those letters lit up and at night it was amazing.

one of the funniest parts of the wedding was the wedding party's "grand entrance." matt jensen introduced us all and we took turns walking over the letters.  first, kinsey and noelle as flowers girls...then lizzie and i...then brian (who had to walk by himself hahah)...then my parents...then the jensens.  he almost forgot to introduce becky and nate but luckily remembered.  that would have been tragical.

the dinner was delicious and everyone had a great time.  here's the cake cutting:

another major success of the night was our coke surprise.  at the start of the summer, coke came out with their name promotion.  aka different names on coke bottles to promote sharing coke and also their sales....but whatever.  my genius mother had the brilliant (brilliant i tell ya!) idea to gather all the nate and rebecca cokes across the land and surprise the couple, then distribute them as favors at the wedding.  it was a great idea.  i helped her a few times throughout the summer.  it's easier with two people..less frozen hand syndrome and such.  brian and i also looked all over pasadena and huntington beach.  all in all we had about 100 cokes with their names and various family member's names on them.

we surprised the happy couple and they loved it!  i can't believe we were all able to keep a secret slash keep all those cokes in our kitchen without drinking them.  the temptation was very real, people.

we had some dancing and bouquet tossing and before we knew it..the night was wrapping up.  but not without a little rainstorm.  it was kind of perfect though because it was toward the end of the reception and got everyone to funnel inside for the big send off.  i think becky had a panic attack though when the rain started and decided she wanted to skip the send off.  she was all worried so lizzie and i took matters into our own hands and went all olivia pope with organizing it and getting the couple ready and in place.  it was perfect, of course.  plz, IT'S HANDLED.

Once the jensens left, we cleaned up and stopped by brians uncle's home to drop off some flower to his parents who were in town for the big day.  we came home to find a magical array of hot pink flower arrangements.  lizzie and i stayed up late putting them in vases for family members and making sure none went to waste.  we heart floral design.

our pics from the Photo Booth!  we are sososo cute right?

more flower power.

the next day we visited grandma at the rehab center one more time before hitting the road.  we had some nate rebecca cokes to keep us alert.

i also stole many flowers to decorate my abode with.

overall the weekend was amazing.  i am so thankful that becky and nate got married and that our family is growing.  plus two weddings in a year was cray and fun...but best be waiting at least five years.  just saying. ###