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the campas

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ENGAGED. 12-21-13.

As most of you faithful readers probably know by now...Brian and I are ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!  What!?  Three years later and this is officially official.  We couldn't be more excited/happy/overwhelmed/giddy/anxious for the big day and the rest of our lives together.

I have shared our engagement story with many friends and family but figured I should blog it just for posterity's here goes!

When Brian came to see me the weekend before I went home for Christmas in Yuma, he casually asked me if I wanted to go out to a nice dinner in Vegas the next weekend.  I said sure, of course!  He texted me later in the week telling me he had reservations at a nice steak house for us.  He was so nonchalant about it I never though he was going to propose to me that night...especially since my parents were also playing dumb and had no idea he was planning this.

Over the course of the week, some sort of virus started to circulate around our office.  By Friday, about half of my co-workers were home sick, and the ones at work were all suffering.  I tried to think positive and take my vitamins, but by Friday afternoon it hit me.  Chills, fever, throw up, sniffling, just a lovely variety of symptoms RIGHT before my big trip home!

I was super bummed that I was still feeling crummy on Saturday before my flight took off.  I called Brian crying because I felt bad knowing I was in no shape to go to an expensive steak dinner that nigh, especially after finding out my flight home was an hour delayed.  It just wasn't going to happen. Brian was sweet as could be and told me to not worry about it...and we could go some other time.

The flights home were terrible.  Crowded, delayed, and I was feeling 100% sick.  By the time I met up with my family in Vegas, all I could do was lay in bed with the occasional throw up session.  Brian had suggested we go out and get hot cocoa later that night, so I agreed hoping I would feel better by then.

Luckily, I did!  After eating something and resting, I was more energetic and so happy to see Brian when he arrived at our house carrying a HUGE bag a gifts in his T. Campa Santa Bag, haha.  My whole family got a kick out of that.

We chatted with the sisters and parents and watched some YouTube videos before Brian and I went out.  He told everyone we would be back really soon.  I threw a beanie on and didn't fix my make-up, again, not realizing I was about to be proposed to!

Brian and I went to Starbucks to get some hot chocolate and some free treats they gave us before they closed.  Bonus!  After that, Brian suggested we go walk around the temple if I was up for it.  Hmmmm...the wheel started turning.  Haha.

We drove to the temple chatting and listening to Christmas music.  He seemed so calm and relaxed I was having trouble deciding if he was going to propose, but during the drive as we were laughing and talking I couldn't help but think how I would be more than happy to spend my life and the eternities with Brian Campa.

We got to the temple and found a nice spot to sit and talk.  We were only there about 5 minutes when one of the temple ground workers came over and told us he had to lock the gate for the night, so could we please leave?  Haha...dang it!!  I could tell Brian was disappointed, but we started to leave.  We got back to the car and as I was buckling in, Brian turned to me, telling me this wasn't ever what he had planned but he had something to ask me.  OHHH BOYYY!   I was smiling so much my face almost broke.

He told me many nice things that warmed my heart and when he pulled out a huge ring and asked me to marry him, of course the first thing I say is: "aren't you going to kneel??"  HAHA could I not?  He attempted to kneel right there in the car, it was presh, and then I said of COURSE I will marry you, and he slipped the huge ring on my left hand.

We were so happy and overwhelmed on the drive home!  He told me he had actually rented a big room at the steak house, but then decided to go to the temple after my mom suggested it when I got sick.  I guess my parents had known about the plan for a few weeks!  Crazy!!  He told me Becky and Lizzie didn't know because mom said they would "squeal like little pigs."  Truth!

I kept starring at the ring the whole ride home, unsure if I was in a feverish dream or if it actually happened.  I didn't cry when Brian asked me to marry him, but after her told me what he asked my dad a few weeks back, I lost it.  I blame the sickness, but I was a mess.  It got even worse after we pulled into my cu-de-sac and saw his parents walking up to the house.  I had NO clue they were even in Las Vegas!!!!  I was shocked and so happy!  I ran over to them, bawling, and hugged them.

I burst into the house sobbing my face off, my family didn't know if it was because I said yes or no, haha!  Of course they figured it out after I showed them the ring, Lizzie and Becky were crying with me.  My mom told me it took us so long she was worried Brian was having to talk me into it!  Haha!  Baca was also there waiting, it was so amazing to not only have my whole family there, but also the Campa's and Baca.

My mom made me sit in a chair because she said I looked like I was about to faint, and I think I was. We shared the story and started to plan, enjoying some cookies Becky had made for us.  We were all so excited!  We called a few family members and texted our friends to share the great news.

Later that night after everyone had left and we were getting ready for bed, I was up late talking to my sisters about plans and everything.  I was so so so happy.  I told Brian later that for the first time in a very long time, I felt truly happy and hopeful about my future.  It was pure bliss.  That night was hands down the happiest of my entire life.  I will never forget it.

Thanks for all the well wishes and support you have given us over the past few weeks!  These next week months will be jam packed and likely stressful as we plan a wedding/honeymoon, try to find a place to live, work on our jobs, move me from AZ to CA, ect.  Although it's a busy time, it's a happy time, and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Brian Campa this Spring!  ###

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Super Festive Weekend in YUMA.

This past weekend, Brian came down to Yuma for a festive weekend for Christmas fun. 
Right after he arrived, we headed over to MCAS near my house for a Yuma single's ward wedding.  Brian had never been on the base so it was fun to show him how it's literally it's own tiny world.  The ceremony was in the chapel there and we saw a lot of single's ward friends/Anna Chaulk and Eduardo who are friends with the bride.  Funsies!
After the wedding, we were tired so we went back home to rest before my work Christmas party.  The work party was at The Kress Longue on Main Street.  I had never been before (it just re-opened a few months ago) and loved it!  Da Boyz restaurant catered the party and the food was amazing.  We had a good time with my co-workers and loved the rooftop longue area which offers a fantastic view of the city at night.  Too bad it was so cold.  We would have stayed up there way longer!
After the party, we ran by Target to get some Christmas gifts.  We stopped by Circle K for hot cocoa before driving down Candy Cane Lane, a festive street in my old neighborhood we used to go to a lot last year.  I love Candy Cane Lane and felt nostalgic as we drove by the beautifully lit homes.  It's crazy I've already lived here for 15 months!  WHAT!?
We finished the night watching our favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Well, I watched it.   Poor tired Brian who works too many hours and drives too many places fell asleep.  I kept waking him up by laughing too loud.  Haha, opps.
On Sunday we got up early to hike Telegraph Pass, probably the most famous and beloved hike in the Yuma Area.  I did this hike last December, and knew how challenging and time-consuming it can be.  To avoid being late for church, we turned around before we reach the summit.  I usually always finish hikes, but it was still nice to enjoy the lovely weather and scenery together!
(WHAT in the world is my hair doing). 
We had lunch at home, then went to church.  Brian had to leave after sacrament meeting.  It was a busy/festive/short weekend together, but we get to share the next weekend together in VEGAS and we are SOOO excited!!!
After church I went to my friend Ally's house to see her before she drove back to Phoenix.  She came to Yuma to see her grandma and go to our friend's wedding.  It was so good to see her!!  I miss her so much.  We were laughing and talking together until the very last second when she had to go.  I also go to give her her Christmas present.  Yay Christmas! 
I am so obsessed with this time of year.  Everyone is happy, jolly, and more giving.  What makes it even better is that now I live in Yuma instead of Provo, where there are no final exams and definitely no snow.  Yuma FTW.### 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anna on FOX News.

I never thought you'd see Anna Hayes reporting on FOX national news.  But democrat and republican's true!

I aired my sweeps piece about military parachute testing in Yuma on the last day of sweeps (I know, judge me), and ended up submitting it to the site all the FOX affiliates use.  I have never seen any of our work get picked up off here, so I didn't think it would happen.  Best case scenario was, another FOX station in let's say...Vegas or somewhere...would play it.

I don't know if that happened.  And I didn't know anyone had played it over the long holiday weekend.  I honestly forgot about it.  BUT THEN...I returned to work on Monday to an inbox from the folks at YPG who helped me with my story...telling me tons of people saw my story on FOX national news!  Count on our dear military members to watch FOX faithfully.

I was skeptical since I didn't think anything I produced, wrote, edited, and delivered was national-news worthy...but my dear parents whom I love where determined to see it.  And see it we all did, thanks to a company in Oklahoma who records all the FOX content and sells it to anyone who wants it.

I wish you could see my face watching my story on FOX.  It was overwhelming.  I was happy, humbled, grateful and proud.  Most of all, I wanted to take back all the times I made fun of this network!  Haha!

So matter what happens with my career...I can always say I was a national news reporter for FOX.  And I am ok with that. ###

El Centro Christmas Parade.

This past Saturday, I drove over to El Centro, CA, to walk in the annual Christmas Parade.

It's hilarious how many parades I have been in since starting this job.  I blame it on the fact that we cover so many different towns, each having their own set of festive parades.  I don't mind at all!

This one was my absolute favorite.  First of all, it was Christmas themed, and I LOVE Christmas.  It was just Anna Chaulk, Eudardo, and myself walking.  Also, there were SO many people yelling our names!  Especially yelling: "Its' the Anna's!!" Hhaha!  We had people telling us they watch us every night...that they follow us on Facebook...that they love our shows.  I loved it.  I will never get used to people recognizing me and wanting to hug me, like the young middle schoolers we were walking next to who were so excited.

Just one example....a few weeks ago I had a father here in Yuma at a live shot come up to me with his little daughter.  He said "Anna, you have a fan!"  She wanted to get a hug from me and shake my hand.  It was so sweet.  It probably didn't seem like a big deal to that family, but those moments that happen really do warm my heart and make this whole job worth it. 

The parade was so much fun...I am so grateful to all those who came out and said hi to us.  I really do love my job and feel blessed to be here and participating in these fun community events.

After the parade, all the on air talent and our behind-the-scenes crew who came to drive the cars went to lunch at the Burgers & Beer in El Centro.  It was packed with people who were in the parade, and it was a great time.

After that, I went to the new outlets mall in Calexico.  It is hilarious how close to the border it is!  The back fence of the mall is literally the border fence!  Haha.  I took our secretary, Pam, who also wanted to do some shopping.  I got to go to the Banana Republic Outlet, Gap Outlet, American Eagle Outlet, Old Navy Outlet, and others.  It was a grand time.

Overall, it was a successful weekend.  The night before I got to leave work early to go to our ward Christmas party, then Ashley came over for a sleepover.  We made hot cocoa and watched Christmas Vacation.  I love my life here in Yuma.  When I have these fun weekends, it makes the thought of leaving this place I now call home so difficult.  I know I'll have to do it eventually, but for now, I am loving this Arizona Winter, my job, and all my friends here in Yuma. ###

Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Thanksgiving in Southern California.

I was so lucky to get this Thanksgiving off.  Last year I had to work Thanksgiving day, and I had Black Friday off, but had the whole 4 day weekend this year and took advantage of it with a trip to California!

I ended up flying to California, which was so nice.  It's a real treat flying on holidays.  The airports aren't as crowded!  I flew into the Ontario airport, which is about 10 minutes away from La Verne.  It was perfect!  I was so happy when I spotted Mr. Brian Campa waiting for me as I descended down the escalator.  

We started the day by catching up with his family and friends who were spending the holiday at Casa de Campa.  Brian recorded the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for me, so we were able to watch it together!  A Hayes family tradition I am bringing to the Campas.    

We watched/played football before dinner.

Dinner was, of course, fantastic.  Brian's grandma and mom did an incredible job and I loved how laid back it was!  We all just ate outside on paper plates buffet style.  Loved it! 

After recovering from our food coma, we had some pie and started a fire.  My family arrived from Las Vegas to pick me up for a weekend in HB.  They were able to come in and say hi to the Campas for a little before we had to take off.  

The next morning, the family + Nate Jensen who came in from DC for the holiday, tackled Black Friday after Lizzie insisted we hit the sales.  I am actually happy we did!  South Coast Plaza Mall was, of course, packed but full of deals.  It was a soggy morning which probably kept some people at home, thanks rain!

After a few hours of shopping we met up at the Wahoo's Fish Tacos for lunch.  We LOVE that place and had to introduce Nate to it.  He was naturally very enchanted with it.

After returning back to the condo, I went for a beach run.  The beach looked beautiful after all the rain stopped.  

We enjoyed an evening of relaxation, puzzling, and Thanksgiving leftovers after that.  Everyone else went to Balboa Island but I had been like 4 times this year, ha, so I decided to stay home and relax. 

The next day...we started our morning with a trip to Norms Diner!!  The NEVER close!  Hahah.  Dad had been talking about going to Norms for awhile so his wish was granted.  I will be honest, the rest of us were skeptical, but literally ate our words.  It was delicious!!  This might be a new tradition.

Brian met up with us at Norms.  We had so  much food he didn't even have to order!  Haha.  After that, we went back to the condo and decided to take a family beach trip to take advantage of the perfect day.

We played frisbee, did crab walk races, and ran around.  Brian and dad tried to teach me how to throw/catch a frisbee, but it was a fail.  Hence I look like I am interpretive dancing in all these pics.  Dad brought his nice camera and snapped some great pictures, so forgive me while I posted them all.

After our beach escapade, mom and dad took me to Gap to get some new jeans and food at Trader Joes.  The rest of the gang stayed home to watch BYU football.  After that, we watched the UCLA/USC game...largely because Brian was in our presence.  It was a good game though!

We also went to Fiesta Grill, the BEST Mexican Food in Orange County....HANDS DOWN!  


Brian and Lizzie and I went to get frozen yogurt during UCLA's half time.  Lizzie, apparently, stole my camera and finished the puzzle.

On Sunday, we all got ready for church and attended sacrament meeting.  The parents/sisters/Nate had to the leave to catch a flight and drive to Vegas after we said goodbye.  But Brian and I had the whole day to enjoy HB together!

Due to the fact mom and dad accidentally took our lunch/dinner supplies home to Vegas, ha, we broke the sabbath and went to In n Out.  It was a delicious decision, and we saw some famous USC quarterback who asked Brian for our table.  It was hilarious.

After that we watched a Christmas movie at home, then walked downtown to see HB's Christmas tree. Well, we ended up having a Ferris Bueller moment when we turned the corner and HB's Christmas Parade was starting!  I didn't even know we had a Christmas parade, but our timing was impeccable!  

The parade was so fun!  There were local bands, clubs, and even a tropical Santa Clause!  It was the perfect ending to the week.

On our walk home, California blessed us with the most perfect sunset ever.  These pictures doesn't do it justice.  It made leaving that much more difficult.

Brian took me to LAX the night, where I flew home on this tiny airplane.  Propellers!?  Oh gees.  I, obviously, made it, but was a little scared.  

The long holiday weekend was perfect.  I am thankful we had everyone together in our favorite place.  I am thankful I had work off.  I am thankful we did so many fun things.  I am thankful my family lives close to me.  I am thankful the Campas hosted me for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I am so blessed and appreciate this time of year when we remember all that we have.

Can't wait for Christmas! ###