the campas

the campas

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I caught fire in Catching Fire.

Have you seen Catching Fire yet?  It is soooo good.  And I am not joking.  I haven't been to a movie like that in YEARSSS.  It is well done, perfectly cast, has a fantastic message, and kept me interested the entire time.  I can't stop thinking about it!!!

I was maybe a little TOO into it.  STORY TIME:
If you have seen the movie, you know it ends on a bit of a cliff hanger.  Despite reading all three books way back when, I forgot the plot twists and turns, so I was as surprised as anyone!  I was so into it, in fact, when it ended, I actually had a major sweating attack.

I started to pour sweat and get all panicked.  I have no idea what happened!  My dear friend Ashley was feeling my sweaty head positive I was dying.  And I think I was.  After about 2 minutes of me drenched in sweat, mortified, the lights came on, and I panicked and started to cry.  This was a world class anxiety attack break down, the likes of which Harkins Theatre has never seen!

I was sobbing and sweating and, being in a group of 6 friends  from my ward, was super ashamed.  So I did the logical thing and grabbed my purse and literally ran outside as quick as possible until I recovered.  It was very embarrassing seeing as how my friends, of course, waited for me and were all quite concerned and also very impressed I was THAT affected by the movie.

Moral of this story is: go see the movie, and bring a little fan in case you get a case of the movie sweats, as well.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Palm Springs Weekend-November 2013

This past weekend, Brian and his parents met up with me in Palm Springs for a super fun weekend.

Brian and I started our desert adventure by meeting up near our hotel, the Palm Springs Hilton.  I had troubles with my brand new iPhone 5S, so we headed over to Apple Store in El Paseo Village.  El Paseo felt more like Rodeo Drive...with very nice and fancy shops and rich looking people walking around.  I wish we had explored more there!  Oh well, next time.

A nice man at the Apple store fixed my phone and got me all set up.  We praised him (literally) and took off! 

Our hotel was located right across the street from a casino resort type place.  We found the Campas, had a quick lunch together, and caught up which was oh so fun!  After that, Brian and I headed off to the Desert Hills Premium Outlet Stores near Palm Springs.  Brian and I drive by those stores every time we go to/from Yuma and La Verne, and Brian knew I had been wanting to hit up the J. Crew!

The Outlets were bustling with holiday shoppers.  Also in Palm Springs it was a sunny and pleasant 75 degrees, and at the outlets it was like 50 degrees with ominous storm clouds.  How?  Idk.  We were chilly for sure!

We had a great time shopping together and snuggling to stay warm but ended up not actually buying anything at the outlets, so unlike me...I know.  It was at this point I remembered I had a new iPhone with a sweet camera and decided to use it.  Duh, Anners.

After we got back to Palm Springs we walked from our hotel to the main street area with all the restaurants....shops...and of bars!  Haha.  Modern Family did not mislead me in their Palm Springs episode, I think half the population is gay.  It's hilarious.

We ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant called Maracas and enjoyed the nice weather outside. 
We stopped by the huge statue of Marilyn Monroe to take pictures...and were actually the only people not taking pictures under her dress and looking straiiighhtt up.  eeek.
cutie campas!
The Palm Springs walk of fame!
After that we went back to the hotel to watch the USC football game and chillll.  The Campas were actually there for a  teaching awards ceremony so they went and met up with some co-workers while Brian and I watched the weirdest movie ever, aka, "bringing down the house."  so hilarious and random.

The next morning we went to Sherman's Deli right across the street from our hotel.  It was poppin' and apparently is a famous place to eat in Palm Springs and was oohhhh sooo good!!
I had the eggs benedict, nom nom nom.

After that, the Campas took off for La Verne and Brian and I went back over to the Main Street area to enjoy the day. 
It was a toasty one, even in November, so we went to a froyo place and got DELICIOUS smoothies.  No joke, this smoothie was the best thing ever.  Amen.
We walked around the little shops and enjoyed the nice day.  I was dreading leaving and going back to Yuma just one day after getting there, but alas, it had to happen.  We stopped by Jack in the Box for a quick bite to eat and then said farewell.  It was a great weekend!  Thanks Tim & Nancy and of course my boo for a relaxing few days in Palm Springs.###

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My BFFL Came to Yuma.

Last weekend, Daniellers Ycmat Jansson BFFL came to the desert southwest to see Yuma and of course visit me.
It was the besttttt 4.5 days of my short life, and I wish every moment of every day she could come back!
We started our long weekend on Thursday night, when Danielle flew in to the Yuma airport from SLC.  I made an embarrassing excited video on the drive to get here because I literally could not contain my enthusiasm she was about to arrive!  I also filmed her walking into the airport and me meeting her.  He he he he heeeee.
We went back to my casa in the orange groves where we proceeded to stay up until 2am gabbing and chatting away like little girls at a slumber party.  What else is new!?

The next morning we did some retail therapy at the mall and met up with my dear friend Ashley for a proper Mexican lunch.  It's really the only food one should be allowed to eat when visiting Yuma. 
After that, we went to work!  Danielle helped me produce all 3 shows I had to anchor!  She also learned how to direct using our system, and gave it a try.  She rocked it duhhh she's amazing!!  Everyone at work loooved her and Anna C actually asked if we could hire her!  Umm, yes please!?!?  We went to Pita Pit for dinner and almost collapsed from sheer exhaustion.  I do not recommend anchoring 3 shows after staying up until 3am.  Failsies.
On Saturday we had to get up earlier than we would have liked to be in the Brawley Cattle Call parade!  Thank goodness for the time change in California or we would have truly died.  The Cattle Call Rodeo happens every year and is celebrated with a massive parade.  And when I say massive...I mean MASSIVE.  There were thousandsss of peeps there to wave to!  We were both shocked!  Brawley really has a special place in our hearts now.  It's so weird that these people are so far from us but many watch our newscast each night.  One man told us he loves watching us every night and Daniellers started to cry, haha!  Love her.
After the longest parade in the history of parades...we were pooped.  We went to a fun food festival with my newsie co-workers where we enjoyed some snow cones and reporter Eduardo's cute daughter, Isabella.  Serious child obsession over here in the non-creepiest way possible.
After that we drove back to Yuma, picked up some authentic burritos, and took a much needed nap!  After awaking and feeling rested, we went to cold stone and then to see new crush.  (sorry Bri guy).  It was a great movie!
The next day we went to church and made soup for dinner which was delish...and monkey bread for dessert which was far from delish.  Still trying to figure out how we messed up a box recipe!  We redeemed ourselves by making delicious sugar cookies.  We called our sweet Chelsey Tobar Reeder to chatsy and Danielle got to talk to some of her friends in the Philippines hit hard by the typhoon, and watch the first Thor on Netflix just to further my God of Thunder obsession!
On Monday...Veteran's Day...we continue with our parade theme!  Yuma has a rather festive parade honoring our veterans, and Your Local News team walked in it.  It was lots of fun....we waved and waved and waved!  I was even called un-patriotic, andddd that was fun.  #crazysnowbirds.
After the parade we went back home to pack Danieller's stuff up.  Then we went to lunch at Ah-So sushi.  Yummmm.  Danielle introduced me to the Bento box and I cannot wait to go there with Brian to enjoy it once again!
After lunch I showed Danielle the river crossing part of Yuma with the Ocean to Ocean bridge, then we went to drop her off at the airport. 
I kept saying I didn't want her to leave...and my wish was granted...because her flight out of Yuma was canceled along with all the other departing flights!  There was an oversight and the marines in charge of producing the weather reports for airlines had Veteran's Day off so the airlines canceled the flights.  What what whattt dreams come true!?
Danielle got to come with me to work once again where we decided to go live from the airport to report on the flight delays.  We had a good live shot with Eduardo and even got to interview a rather winky man. 
After work we went to bed and woke up to get our eyebrows threaded, a task we tried to accomplish on Veteran's Day only to find out it was closed.  I dropped of my BFFL at the airport after that, and it was sad, but I was happy I had her for an extra day.
Overall it was an incredibly happy weekend I hope to re-create soon.  I love my BFFL and am grateful we've remained so close through internships, a foreign mission, and me moving to the middle of nowhere Arizona. ###


Monday, November 4, 2013

HB Weekend-October 2013.

On the last weekend of October, I took a day off of work to drive to Huntington Beach for a Fall weekend with mom, dad, Lizzie, and Brian! 
I had so much fun.  It was so relaxing and so nice to get out of Yuma and spend quality time with my most favoritest people...(we were missing Becky).
I started the weekend out with a nice run on the beach in my new sneaks!  Do you think they are bright enough??
Then we all got ready and went back downtown for a beach walk.  The weather was perfect and downtown wasn't as crowded as usual.  We went to the farmer's market and strolled along the pier.

We had a new experience...up close and personal interaction with a couple of pelicans!  They seems weirdly used to guy was sticking his hand in their beaks! 
It was awesome when a fisherman tossed them some fish and they went wild...swallowing them as quickly as possible.  We were thoroughly entertained!!
After that, we went back to the condo where Brian Campa met up with us!  He was at work in Orange County for the it was perfect!  We enjoyed part of the BYU football game, then went to dinner at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant...a Hayes family tradition.
Brian had never been, and apparently was our lucky charm.  Although we had to wait on a long line of cars to park (it was the big weekend for "knott's scary farm), there was NO line for the restaurant!  Anyone who has been to this fine establishment before knows how strange that is!  We were all thrilled and enjoyed a delectable dinner....I even captured Brian's first bite of Mrs. Knott's fried chicken.

after dinner we walked around the little shops where Christmas had arrived a few months early.  Can I please have this tree one day?  Please?
After a long and fun day, we said bye to Brian and drove back to HB.
The next day we exercised and headed out to see the OC swap meet!
Apparently we used to go a lot when we were little, but I couldn't remember it was a fun adventure!  We got some cheap make-up, produce, and delicious peanuts.

After the swap meet, we went to a culturally enlightening lunch.
We decided to get Vietnamese Pho at a place near our condo.  It was delicious, although mom regrets that decision very much.  She ended up getting food poisoning like crazyyyy from it!  Sad day!  :(  Luckily we had an enjoyable few hours before the sickness hit.
This is pho:

When we got back to the condo, we got super festive and made some candy apples.  And when I say "we," I mean "I" because everyone else was napping.

Later on we decided to go to the Fashion Island Mall and Balboa Island.  Here is Lizzie looking all cute:
Love this mall.

We got some pinkberry there...I LOVE pinkberry frozen yogurt!

Balboa Island was so nice.  So many homes were decked out for Halloween...I decided I love the idea of decorating your house for Halloween!  It's like we all secretly just want to decorate for Christmas...but settle for Halloween.

On Sunday...Dad, Lizzie, and I went to church without mom due to her sickness.  Sadddd.  We ended up scoring big.  Our HB ward had their primary program, then after that, they split the ward.  We <3 are="" called="""" eapoint="" exciting="" good="" nbsp="" now="" ole="" p="" seapointpride.="" some="" the="" ward.="" ward="" was="" we="">
After church and packing up...I said bye to the family (sniff, sniff) and drove to La Verne!
When I got there, I went to the Campa's fall picnic for their church.  It was a lot of fun!  Beautiful weather, but then again, it's Southern California.
At the picnic, we bought a pumpkin from the boy scouts.  Because one of the World Series games was on that night, we decided to show our Red Sox love and carve a Boston "B" pumpkin!

I think it turned out great, considering I basically free handed the B and we were only using kitchen knives to cut!  Haha!  However...Brian's grandma thought the B was for Brian.  Haha.
The next morning was a rainy one in Southern California.  I was planning on taking a tour of Brian's new fancy office and finally meeting his co-workers I keep hearing about.  But that silly boy left his car keys in his mom's car, so we went over to her middle school to pick them up before that.  It ended up being so nice having a little bit of extra time together, and driving through cute neighborhoods talking about where we want to live.  I wish we could have spent our whole day just driving around together!
After that we went to Brian's office.  It was so nice to see it finally and meet everyone!  I had a great time.
It was a fantastic 3 days...certainly hard to drive home after that.  I can't wait to go back in just a few weeks for Thanksgiving!