the campas

the campas

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ahlin & Anna Take Yuma-July 2013

soul sister ahlin came to yuma last weekend!!
*hallllelujah!  halllllelujah!*
it was so fun.  the weekend started with ahlin visiting the abc5/fox9 station.
she watched me film GMA and then we took cute pictures.
after that, we went to da boyz!  
it's the best italian food in it has a fantastic hipster atmosphere.
we ate lotssss of food.
ahlin snapped a pic of the old man who creeped up to me twice to command me to stop dying my hair.
"this is the right color for you.  stop changing it please."
i wish i had someone to take pictures of every time a random soul stopped to give me advice.
after dinner...the fair on main street!
i think it's called rock the block.
it was so festive.
the smells of mexican food, live bands, and plenty of yumans having a grand ole' time.
i saw my favorite ten year old, bella.
i work with her mom.
we are best friends for real.
the next day, after a trip to target, we stopped at the in-n-out.
i ate meat!!
om nom nom...cows.
...still getting used to it.  i have been a vegetarian for over 2.5 years.
then, we made festive homemade tank tops!!
i think that it was so hot, the t-shirt paint melted.
after pinterest craft hour...
hollla best water park evaaa.
we floated around the lazy river...screamed like 5 year olds on the slides...and beat the yuma heat.
it was amazing.  
i want to live at waylon's.
then...we saw the most incredible sunset.
typical yuma.
such a great end to the day.
after waylon's...
all caps means all fun.
we met up with ashley, ally, sarah, jessica, and kevin.
we rode the go karts!!
it was a long line, was sooo worth it!
i felt hardcore and was laughing hysterically the whole time.
can you find the awesome abc5 sign?
 after go karts and dinner, we battled it out on ddr and air hockey.
so awesome.
best franz:
after that...we went came home and watched hot rod.
who knew that movie is so hilarious?
wait, everyone except me.  i realized every great quote comes from that movie.
cool beans.

on sunday...
we ate ben and jerrys for breakfast...(no judging).
then we made black bean burgers and went to church!
after church, ahlin returned to the land of tempe.
i was sad to see her drive away in her rav4...but so happy we live so close!
can't wait for our next yuma adventure.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'll miss you......

I won't see Brian Campa again for well over a month.
Good thing we had such a great weekend in Yuma!!
We ate frozen yogurt...went swimming in my pool...made dinner....watched Safe Haven...went on a rainy summer walk...and enjoyed church.
Brian even got to hear me play a special musical number in church, and play the organ!
The weekend went too fast, I'll miss you B-ri!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Parents in Yuma/HB Weekend-July 2013

last friday, my mom and dad drove down to yuma to watch my show and pick me up to go to HB!!

oh, it was a happy, happy day indeed!!

my dad watches my show each night, but had never seen it in person.  i loved having both of them there to see it.  it was fun to look over during breaks and commercials to have them snapping me thumbs up and telling me how good looking i am.  normally no one does that for me!! :)

i introduced them to my awesome-opossum director, tim!!!  we have good times, GTs.
here's me doing my thang'! #lovemyjob!!

and from the control booth.  my director and our summer intern.  basically, my slave.  jk jk guys...but really.
and my desk.....heyo OUAT poster!
LOVE THEM SO MUCH!  also in this pic i think i like like the perfect combo of both of them.  not mad.

obligatory fancy background pic:

dad and his #1 show!

after the show, we went to Da Boyz Pizza...a delicious and trendy italian restaurant in downtown yuma.  it was SO good!

later that night, i showed my dad my new house, aka the orange blossom casa.  he loved it!  duh.
then we spent the night at the yuma holiday inn!
early the next morning, we took a scenic drive to Huntington beach.
after a few pit stops at Grower's Direct and Trader Joe's....we got there and i saw this and started to cry:
welcome home tooo meeeee!

i went for a quick beach run....then brian campa came to join in on the fun!
we went kayaking in the harbor next to sunset beach...a hayes family tradition!
it was so fun to go with the parents:

they had their own kayak, and brian and i had our own.
we raced them at one point, sure we would beat them by a lot.
turns out, brian and i need to hit the gym!  they killed us.  dang it.
it is always such a beautiful experience to kayak in the harbor with all the beautiful houses and the perfect weather.  i was so happy to experience that with brian for the first time!

after that, we went home to get ready for our fancy dinner a the chart house!  the chart house is a fancy seafood restaurant in newport beach where my parents like to go...and have taken my dearest siblings numerous times...just not me.  (middle child probs).

after all those years my wish was about to be granted...till we pulled up and a nice valet man informed us it CLOSED DOWN!  turns out there one i made reservations in was in san clemente!  FAIL!  i was sad but not really, guess it's not meant to be!

we finally decided to go to the old spaghetti factory, a family favorite.  you just can't go wrong!

the next day my mom flew off to utah to go to a family friend's brian and i went to church while my dad dropped her off.

here is us looking all fancy:
brian clearly wanted to take this selfie.

after lunch, dad and brian and i rode to newport on our bikes.  the beach was so crowded!  but we got to hear a surfer music free concert on the boardwalk on the way home.  it was really cool!

i love downtown HB even when it is overly infested with tourists.
brian and i ended the perfect weekend on the beach...relaxing and creeping on cute babies.
it was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend!
i was sad when he usual.
here is me looking disgusting and bleh in my cute new surf open tank top!!!
that night dad and i watched the avengers together....then hit the hay.
i had to leave around 5:30 to catch my flight home from LAX.  it was a brief trip, and my only one this summer!...which is weird since im used to spending a month or so in HB each summer.
but i'm not really mad i am going to europe instead...not mad at all!
thanks for a great weekend mom and dad! ###

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

La Verne Weekend- July 2013

i always enjoy a trip to la verne, CA, birthplace and home of brian joel campa and family.  
so, a couple weeks ago, i packed up the rav and hit the road to escape the triple digit yuma heat!

it was fabulous...although hotter than i expected.

this is what we did most of the weekend because it was so flippin' toasty:
fresh smoothies in the pool all day? #notmad #bringontheheat #heisHOTTERthantheweather

one of the highlights of the weekend was meeting up with my best friend, megan, and her husband!  they recently moved to now we get to see more of each other!  hooray!!

brian was laughing at us because he said we talked and caught up for 2 straight hours without stopping to take a breathe!  i guess that's what happens when you've been close with someone since you were both babies.

here is a pic.  we met up with them at the block at orange in Anaheim and got jamba juice!  om nom nom.

after that, we went to angel's stadium to catch the angel's vs. red sox game!  this was brian's father's day gift to his dad, so it was fun to have his parents and brother there.  we loved the game, but hated how many obnoxious red sox fans were there!

the angels were dying, so during the 8th inning we left, confident they'd lose.

turns out, they made a HUGE comeback during the 9th inning and WON the game in overtime!  FAN FAIL!!   we couldn't believe it.  such fair weather fans, right!?

on sunday, we watched andy murray win Wimbledon, went to church, went swimming again, then had dinner outside with the campa cousins. we went to a weekly outdoor concert in the park the city of la verne hosts in the summer.  it was a combination of jazz/rock music...and was great!  we loved being outside.  the whole family had a great time.

i don't need to say it...but i was pretty sad to leave that monday.  it's always hard to go back to work after a relaxing weekend in california with my guy.  but, that's life!  i can't wait for my next trip to LV. ###

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Any of you who really know me know my obsession and love for Danielle Ycmat, aka my BFFL!  If you need to get all caught up, please read this.  now!

did you read it?  do you now understand how much i love daniellers??  yes?  ok, good.  moving on.

danielle became sister ycmat back in 2011 and left me, her lonely BFFL, all alone in the states.  although writing snail mail was reallll fun for about two seconds, i struggled missing her!!  i needed her during my last semester at BYU...during the job search...during the move to yuma...and so on.

when danielle came home last december i was so excited to see her!  i just didn't know when it would happen.  when i got word i would get to go to utah for the hayes family reunion, i knew i had to see danielle!!  at first, the plan was to see her briefly on saturday morning.  then the idea evolved into a quick sleepover before i flew out monday morning. family decided to hit the road earlier on sunday, meaning more time with my BFFL!  we were not complaining...many screams and tears were exchanged as we worked this plan out.  i have not anticipated a reunion like this one...ever!

on the day of the #bfflreunion2013, my parents dropped me off at temple square.  i sat and waited for daniellers...heart racing!....then all of a sudden....i hear: "OH. MY, GOSH."  the next ten minutes are a blur of laughing/crying/hugging/jumping/freaking out.  the reunion did NOT disappoint!  oh how i wish we filmed it!  these broadcast majors really failed on that one.  we were of course on temple we had to quietly scream and freak out...but we still did.  oh man it was good!!

we snapped this picture like a married couple.  i dare any married couple standing on this pedestal to look happier than we do!!

after getting to danielle's house in northern salt lake, i caught up with her sweet mom for a bit...and then my BFFL and i talked and talked and talked and talked....and called her fiancé, ky.  i finally got to see her mission pictures and hear more stories.  it was such a good afternoon!

we made homemade pizzas with her mom and sister and doggie.  dinner was delicious!  we jammed out to 1-D/weird christian rock and i shredded way too much cheese.

after dinner, we of course had to make a music video!!  if you have not seen our number 1 hit video: tonight, tonight...please partake of it here.  note it is on the same YouTube channel as all my professional news videos...yea, so hopefully future employers will find this one day and hire me based off of my awesome dancing skills and choice of friends.

we went with a One Direction song, and headed over to the ycmat's family friend's house to film in their backyard!  we were told they were out of we showed up in our matching dresses, ready to dance our hearts out.  yea....they were SO not out of town.  in fact, they were in town...freaking out that two grown women in matching dresses were performing a choreographed routine on their trampoline.  welcome to our friendship, people...these things just happen to us!

after a quickie explanation...the filming went on!  i will post the finished masterpiece as soon as i finish editing it.

after the music video, we went to the bountiful temple to walk around and chat.  i had never seen it...and it is gorgeous!  the sunset was bright red over the salt lake valley, and my BFFL and i walked around the whole temple, commenting on how we hadn't ever had a better day.  it really was one of the best ever.  period, amen and amen.

after the temple, we came home and made some reese's puffs cupcakes!  who even knew those existed!?  danielle did...and they were so good.  we maybe each had two...three....ok fine, FOUR.  whatever don't even judge us.

after that, danielle gave me my present from her mish!!  a colorful "lola dress" from the Philippines! these are the dresses women there do housework in, and i am 150% obsessed with it!  each time i wear it i think of my BFFL and all her mission buddies in the pines.

we popped in "my big fat greek wedding" and snuggled up on her basement floor and dozed off.

the next morning bright and early daniellers took me to the SLC airport to catch my flight to yuma.  all in all, it was a short reunion...but jam packed with fun!  all day, i was reminded why danielle and i are BFFLs.  even after nearly two years apart, we got back together and started hanging out and doing crazy stuff like she never even left.  it was perfect, and i wouldn't change a thing about it.  danielle's mom kept telling us we were like giddy middle school girls!!  yes, that IS a compliment.  i just love daniellers so much!!  now if only i could go back in august for her wedding.  :(  i am sad to be missing out on this big event in her life, but can't wait for her and ky to tie the knot!!

until next time, BFFL! ###