the campas

the campas

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

professional photog.

my sweet roommate Sarah got married a couple weeks ago!

my friend ally and i decided to put my fancy camera to use, and photographed her special day!

ally covered the mesa temple portion and i took pictures at their yuma reception.

they are the cuuutest couple and it was so fun!  (wait i sound like one of those tacky wedding photography blog.  oh no).

but really, i am happy with how the pictures turned out!  (all 352 of them.  opps).

here are just a FEW.  enjoyyyyy.###

Sunday, June 23, 2013

ShamWOW! Sea World-June 2013.

yesterday, 3 yuma friends and I went to sea world in sunny san diego!!  
i got 4 free tickets for being a media person...and ally has a season pass.  boom.  a free sea world day.
we made a last second YOLO decision to come.
last minute as in last saturday.  but that is as YOLO as it gets for me.
we all felt pretty spontaneous.

so happy to be there:

we also met up with mr. brian campa and his festive orange ball cap.
mama nat would be proud.
brian is seriously the best ever.
he is so great for me and to me.
i can't say it enough.

first on the list: SHAMU!  DUH!  isn't that why sea world exists!?
the yuma friends wanted to get wet, so they sat in the splash zone.
i said "bah humbug" and went to the dry zone with the old people.
good call.
it was an awesome show!!
i started crying i loved it so much.
then brian says:
"they're just whales...."
(he doesn't get it).

 so in love!!!  (with sea world).

we also enjoyed the new "atlantis ride."  aka splash mountain without the singing forest creatures.
this face i am making is real.  i was so shocked they drop you right away i had no clue how to react.
so i nearly broke brians arm with my death grip.  it was great.

we rode some other awesome rides, but the worst decision of the day had to be the river raft ride.
which is not fun, had a super long line, and gets you COMPLETELY soaked!!
you can't tell in this picture, but we were dripped wet afterwards.

after a busy day of running around and appreciating the ocean, we decided to ride their sky tram thingy for a relaxing end to the day.
little did we know the line was along mission beach!
so pretty!!
i felt like i was in hawaii.
we accidentally planned it perfect. 
our ride happened during the sunset over the ocean.
i was SOO happy.  i said "is this real life" at least 50 times.
i just couldn't believe how pretty it was.

the sun was very bright.  
it was a struggle!
then i put my sunglasses on and the world made more sense.

 ally snow!!!

after that we were all so relaxed and tired, we ended the day with a nice dinner, and headed home.
it was a long, tiring, perfect day!
best YOLO decision to date.
so happy i live so close to san diego, brian campa, and most importantly: THE BEACH!
until next time, SD!###

Sunday, June 16, 2013

dear dad:

happy father's day!!

thanks for always being there for me.  
for supporting me, for loving me, and for helping my sisters and me succeed in all that we do.
love you!


i love brian. that's all.

brian was here in yuma this weekend.
i wish he could stay forever.
he is the sweetest, most caring, funniest, and best guy i know!!
i am sooo lucky he found me.
these are some pictures we took at our friends amy and brandon mclaren's wedding.

also love my best friends here in yuma.  they're hilarious.

mesa weekend-june 2013

last weekend i went to mesa, az, to visit my dear blogging soul sister, ahlin.
she just moved to arizona for work *pinch me* and so a trip to see her asap was inevitable.
i loved her former seminary house, so cute!
we had a great time.  
the highlight was a trip to the diamondbacks vs. giants baseball game!!
i had never been to chase field...and was majorly impressed it's covered...since it was about 120 degrees outside.
it was so much fun!!

other highlights:
-matching shoes...matching tank tops...matching cars....
-hobby lobby
-a police officer laughing at us dancing in the car
-cafe rio
-singles ward awkwardness ("we have break the fast EVERY SUNDAY").
-walk to remember
-seeing chelsey tobar reeder
-ahlin's cute room i want to move in to.

enjoy the pics!! ###