the campas

the campas

Monday, May 27, 2013

San Diego Birthday Weekend.

a few days before my birthday, brian informed me we would be in san diego the day after my birthday for a weekend of celebrations.
i said...uggghhhh....fiiiine.
jk...i said, quote, "GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!"
we have spent a few weekends exploring san diego together since i moved here, but this weekend blew them all out of the water!
brian campa completely spoiled me...he is ahhhhmazing!!!

when we first met up in san diego, brian informed me he would be taking me to j. crew so i could pick out a birthday outift.
say what!?!?!? present everrrr!!
the boy knows me tooooo well.
but he wasn't done....
he also got me a padres wear to...of course, a padres game!!
i was sooo surprised, i have been dying to go see a baseball game, and this was the perfect one because they were playing the nats!
i feel somewhat connected to the nats because i have been to many nats games with DC sister becky.  so i was excited!

we had a leisurely shopping trip with a delicious lunch.

after that, we went to our hotel and got ready for the game.
we decided to be adventurous and take the san diego trolley from the hotel to petco park.
it was definitely an adventure!
it was very crowded, but i have always loved public transportation for some reason, haha, so i was enjoying it.
petco park was soooo cool!!! it's a beautiful stadium, right on the water.
since it's san diego the weather was, of course, perfect.
AND it was free t-shirt night!  bonus!!!
it was a fun game...we ate ballpark food and took in the ambiance.
and the padres won!
the trolley ride home was much less crowded and very relaxing, brian and i enjoyed that a lot.

after the game, we got some yogurtland to end a perfect day!!
the next day, we went to church and then did some exploring at seaport village.
i had never been there, and i LOVED it.
we had lunch right on the water, and then walked around looking at the sights....
it was the perfect outing!
afterwards, we had one more trip to yogurtland just because we love it so much.
after a little relaxing it was time to go.
this was definitely a quick trip but SO fun.
i always have fun exploring san diego with brian, and he made my birthday weekend so memorable and enjoyable.
i am so lucky!!
i just wish we could have stayed longer, but work was calling us back to L.A. and Yuma.  blah.
i can't wait to see him again in a few days, this time in la verne!!

23rd Birthday.

on may 17th, 2013, i turned 23 years old.  eeeek!

i had celebrated my birthday plenty in las vegas...and brian suprised me with a san diego weekend the day after my birthday, so i wasn't really planning on celebrating my birthday the actual day of.
but...boy....was i in for a surprise!
this year's b-day turned out to be one of my favorites yet!
i started the day out opening some gifts my amazing family sent me.
i got what i asked for, a blender!!  yay!
i made myself a birthday morning smoothie to break it in.
i also received some great new cookbooks.

when i went in to work, my sweet friends ally and ashley had dropped off flowers and balloons for me.
i was so surprised!  and touched!  they really are the best.
shortly thereafter, a dozen gorgeous red roses came through the door.
from brian campa, of course.
love that boy!!
the ambiance made working on my birthday a little bit easier.

ally and ashley met me at kneaders for a birthday lunch.
we had a great time!
kneaders is my favorite place to eat here in yuma...maybe just because it makes me feel like i'm right back in provo.
when i got back to work, the ABC5/FOX9 staff had a chocolate ice cream cake from cold stone ready for me!
it's tradition to eat cake whenever someone in the office has a b-day...too bad the people at coldstone spelled my name wrong!

my birthday newscast went very well, and when it was over, i rushed to in-n-out to meet up with ally and ashley again for dinner and a movie.
those two are out of control, and made me look like honey boo boo with a birthday pin, sash, and crown.
i was getting double stares and lots of well wishes from strangers!
i love my friends!!
they also showered me with lots of cheetah print gifts, a jonas brothers book, and trashy magazines.
bless them!

we ended the night seeing this movie:

it was great.  go see it.

overall....what an amazing day!!
even though i had to work and i couldn't spend the day with my family or brian, i felt loved and so lucky to have great friends make my birthday so special.
i also appreciate all the texts, insta tributes, and facebook messages wishing me well.
thanks friends.
23 is gonna be a good year.  i can feel it. ###

Vegas weekend & picture overload.

two weekends ago, i took a friday off of work to have a nice long weekend home in las vegas.  
i haven't been home since christmas, which is probably the longest time i have been away from dustin avenue.  
i had many reasons to go home.  
most importantly: my 23rd birthday!  
jk...most importantly...mother's day!! the original plan was for me to go home my birthday weekend, but when we realized my dad would be at a young women's camp out and that the weekend before was mother's day....this weekend trip seemed to make so much sense.  and it was the perfect weekend.
i shall now document!
i arrived friday morning and found my mother patiently waiting for me at the airport.  we headed home...and waited at home for ms. lizzie to get back from school.  she had an AP test that morning, so she ditched the rest of school to play with me.  yes!  good choice, biz.
we went to costco to get some new sunglasses for me, and while we were there, we randomly ran into my grandparents!  not that random, since they go to costco like...everyday...but still a nice surprise!!
after that, we headed home and had a visit from aunt heidi and uncle ted, who came over to take pictures of our house with a drone.  no joke.  hard to explain, but it was for my dad's birthday.  i love how sketchy is sounds to say they were using a drone to take pictures of our house.
then, lizzie and i intiated summer fun by doing what we do best, making a slurpee run to 7-11!!  only this time, lizzie was driving.  still so weird to me.
lizzie and i also went to see the great gatsby.  it was, indeed, great.  i experienced the new "luxury" theatre right by our house, and almost fell asleep in the recliners. 
side note: i had no idea jay z produced that movie and was incredibly confused why his music was playing the whole time.  it was weird.  but awesome.

after the movie dad came home and we went to pei wei, my favorite restaurant everrr!!  after that we HAD to go to rita's for some italian ice.

saturday started early, when i had to go pick up mom, dad, and lizzie from the temple after they did a trek hike.  i was invited to walk and walk and walk, but was lazy lazy lazy, and didn't go.  
but i did get to see the temple, which was a bonus jonas!!
we went to mcdonalds after, and then lizzie and i washed her car, which turned out to be hilarious, wet, and so fun.

mom took me shopping later that day at town square!  we also enjoyed some yogurtland goodness...and of course....we had to go to trader joe's.  i love yuma...i do....but i really miss stores like TJ's and whole foods, that we just don't have.  
so i always smuggle home organic foods when  i can. 

that evening was the family birthday party for dad and i!  
a vegas may birthday celebration has been a tradition in our family for as long as i can remember, and i am SO happy i didn't have to miss out this year.  the welshes, vanderwerkens, prettys, and grandparents came...and it was so fun.  
i loved playing with cousins kinsey and liza.
kinsey is so cute, she made us dress up and play on the swing set with her.  
the highlight of the night was kinsey singing "i am a child of god" for everyone while i played piano.  that girl is a performer.  so cute.
plus....check out my barbie birthday cake!  the bakery made a mistake and made the flowers pink..instead of brown.  bah haah.
we all thought it was hilarious, and embraced the pink!
i will definitely never forget this beauty.
it was as tasty as it was pretty.

 photo IMG_2235.jpg
 photo IMG_2237.jpg
 photo IMG_2242.jpg
 photo IMG_2243.jpg
 photo IMG_2245.jpg
 photo IMG_2246.jpg
 photo IMG_2253.jpg
 photo IMG_2256.jpg

the next day was MOTHER'S DAY!!!!   it was great to spend the whole day with mom.  she really is the best mom ever, and i am so lucky to have her.  
we had crepes for breakfast...opened gifts...and relaxed all morning.  (the benefits of 1 pm church).
going to church with the family was so nice, i miss family wards.  plus i got to see my bestie megan, which was so nice!  she is moving to LA this week, so i'll get to see her more.  muchos excited.
 photo IMG_2260.jpg
(my dad got mom a trash composter).  
 photo IMG_2263.jpg

after church, lizzie and i made sish kabobs for dinner!!  they were delish.  dad BBQed them for us!!  
 photo IMG_2264.jpg
 photo IMG_2265.jpg

after dinner i spent some quality time with my best frand, sierra.  
i love that dog!  i seriously miss her too, and i definitely started crying after i had to say goodbye to her.  she is so old...and slow...but still my same old crazy sierra.  this is a picture of her post-bath.
squeky clean!
 photo IMG_2270.jpg
 photo IMG_2275.jpg

my last night in vegas, mom and dad took me to the new hike along the mesa...right by our house.  despite living next to it since i was born...i have never hiked the mesa!  
it was beautiful.  
the path gives hikers a great view of the las vegas valley.
as we were hiking, my dad spotted a fit bit along the path.  (similar to a pedometer, but tracks more and is rather pricey).  my parents are fit bit advocates and felt bad someone lost it, so we built a little shrine next to it so hopefully the owner could come back and find it.
later on the hike, we randomly ran into aunt blythe, liza, and mally dog.  
turns out...the fit bit was uncle blaines!  he had lost it earlier and they were frantically searching for it. haha. hilarious right!?  we have named the incident "the miracle of the fit bit."  

after the hike, dad and i opened some birthday presents.  
i am so grateful i could celebrate my 23rd birthday a little early with my family.  i feel so blessed to have such a great family.  their efforts to see me as much as possible make living alone in yuma so much easier.  
i love being close to's such a blessing!

 photo IMG_2281.jpg
 photo IMG_2288.jpg

it was a great trip home.  i wish i could have stayed longer...done more...seen more friends and family.  but the news must go on.  fortunately, i have a the hayes family reunion to look forward to next month. hooray!
until next time, vegas.

Monday, May 13, 2013

i love a good mash-up.

4:00.  that is all.

just got home from an amazing weekend in las vegas.  i am so tired, because i stayed up too late and had too much fun.

more pics coming later!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anchoring. As seen through my iPhone.

i love work.  it is completely exhausting, but i love it.

sometimes i feel like, if my show had credits, they would look at lot like this: (insert anna hayes for leslie knope).

REGARDLESS, i have such a great feeling each night at 6:30 when my show ends, and i know i did a great job delivering a newscast i worked hard on all day long.  it's quite a rush.

here's some pictures i found on the ole' iphone:
(top left=my new hair for le summer.  top right=me awkward filming a promo for summer baseball games on FOX.  i am not a natural athlete).

hooooome (soon)!

i am going home to las vegas this weekend!  to celebrate:
-dad's bday.
-my bday.
-madre's day.

hooray!  i can't wait to go see "the great gatsby" presents...kiss sierra...and talk to lizzie about the jonas brothers.

oh wait, you didn't hear?  yes, i am still obsessed....even though joe now dresses like an amish hipster.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Surprise Party!!!

Last night....some of us Yuma wardies/Brian threw my friend Ashley a surprise party for her birthday! When you are born on Cinco De're stuck with that theme for every birthday party. Good thing we live 5 minutes away from Mexico. It's too easy to get good Mexican food and decor!

The party was a huge success and she was totally surprised...all thanks to my amazing ability to lie. I am so glad Brian was there, too! Love him. (also, Brian and I went to Mexico today. How legit is my Cinco De Mayo this year? Too bad no one celebrates the holiday in Mexico).

Happy Cinco de Mayo from all of us here in Yuma/Mexico!