the campas

the campas

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Phoenix/HB Hayes Spring Break 2013.

askdjcflamskfm;asjfmlasdjf I am so behind on blogggginggg!!!  :(
I moved into my new house, fondly nicknamed "orange blossom casa" by mi madre....and we did not have internet until a couple days ago!  I could blog at work, but then my co workers would see it and then they would realize I never do actual work at work.  so that was obviously a no go.

but I still want to catch up and document some amazing weekends from march and april!
let's start with spring break: 2013 edition.

I have not had a proper spring break in 4 years, thanks to brigham young university.  so this year, we went ALL out.
I drove to phoenix early on Saturday morning, march 23rd, with my friend Ashley who had to go to a bridal shower in that area.  we picked up sister becky from sky harbor and then did what we do best: SHOP.

we hit up nordstroms' last chance because we had never been.  we were both disappointed.  too crowded and the clothes were basically crappy...but...we found a couple cute things.
after that we went to zupas, then got dropped off at the hotel in phoenix to wait for the parents/lizzie!
we spent some time walking around a beautiful outdoor mall across from the hotel.  it was posh.  totes.

when the family got there, we went to an organic type restaurant where they serve only bunny food...but it was nom!!  then we checked into the hotel and immediately began to enjoy their delightful pool.  all we wanted to do in phoenix was read, chat, relax, and eat by the poor.  so, it was done!

we also made an important discovery that each night at the hotel they have what is called the "manager's special," where they serve free drinks and little appetizers for a couple hours.  FREE FOOD SAY WHAAAT!?  biiicky was napping, but it was almost embarrassing how excited lizzie, mom, dad and I all were.  lizzie and I were stealing/eating so much free food the guy behind us in line leaned over and said..."it's ok, it's not like we are all waiting..."  haha.  OOOPS.

after watching some march madness basketball, an unusual thing for us hayes' to do....we went to old town Scottsdale to walk around.  we enjoyed some ice cream at the sugar bowl, and then came home to collapse from exhaustion.

the next day...the Sabbath...we immediately broke it by attending a deluxe breakfast at the Biltmore hotel!  it was close to our not so luxurious we walked.  the breakfast was SO fancy!  so much good food in tiny sizes...and the setting was delightful.  we had a great time.

after that, we walked around the hotel grounds, then headed back to the hotel for more pool time. 
later on....we of course attended the managers free food extravaganza...and later went to the campus of ASU to walk around and see it all.  it was a pretty crazy experience, definitely a party town with lots going on!  we saw like 5 ambulances whizzing by us as we were walking around.  weird???
also: we found a Rita's!!  If you are a dedicated blog stalker you know my undying love for Rita's.  it was such a treat.

come monday...we took a nice long walk near the hotel, then pool-ed it up...then WENT TO THE SPRING TRAINING GAME!!  angels vs. white sox at camelback ranch, home of the white sox and dodgers.  it was....amazing.  we were SOOO close!  and they kept putting our faces on the jumbo tron and giving us free hotdogs.  probs cause we are so skinny and beautiful!  i decided i like spring training better than the regular season.  you sit closer, the weather is better, there are fewer people, tickets are dirt cheap, AND it's the exact same players playing the exact same game.  win win win.  speaking of winning, the angels won.  #yeay.

after the game, we went back to downtown scottsdale to see the cute little shops.  while we were there, we found a little garden area where not 1....2...or 3....but FIVE separate seniors were taking dramatic senior portraits with their mothers.  it was hilarious.  they inspired us to have a hayes family photo shoot.  we look bomb.

after that, we dropped off dad so he could go home to work and fund our lavish lifestyle.  the next morning...bright and early...the hayes girls headed off to YUMA.  wooooop.  we had lunch at chile pepper (nom nom), then i went to work.  lizzie came to watch my show that night, wearing her yuma shirt of course!  she enjoyed the show and i forced her to anchor and she was so good at it of course.  i love her too much to ever let her become a broadcaster, though.
the next day, mom and i went to MEXICO.  i needed glasses and medicine, so good thing i live next to a sketch country where all of that is readily available.  i previously posted the picture we took before crossing the border.  hilarious.  after that, becky...lizzie...and mom all went to san diego without me!  :( they used my free zoo tickets and had a great time!  then they went to HB.

I got to HB early saturday morning.  i was sooo excited!  we had a great weekend.  saturday was relaxing.  we walked around downtown and had fish tacos.  we rode bikes.  we made a blueberry french toast casserole for easter morning.  we watched TV.  we went to a delish dinner to newport's spaghetti bender restaurant.  we went to the south coast plaza mall.  we went to get frozen yogurt at cherry on top.  it was all so fun and beachy and fabulous.

the next day=easter.  we went to a ward in HB, then came home and had brunch.  our casserole was so delicious!  after that....becky had to leave.  after a week of family fun in the sun, it was time to say bye. we all went our separate ways. 
luckily, i got to spend easter sunday with b camps in la verne!  we enjoyed a lovely walk.  the campas spoiled me with a fancy basket, including tons of candy and Les Mis!  yayyy!  

i was lucky enough to get a gourmet BBQ dinner, made my brian campa, on easter!  brian fired up the grill and made us amazing fish foil dinners!! mmmmm!  they were SOOOOOO amazing!!  i was blown away by his skills.  who knew he is such a cook?  i was confused why he was hiding this light and talent under a bushel.  it was a great night.

i left la verne early the next morning to return to yuma.  sad day.  it was such a great weekend!  this was the first weekend i got to really explore phoenix, and i had such a great time.  it is such a cool city.  i could definitely live there.  although i did have to work in the middle of spring break, it was nice to spend so much time with the family both phoenix and HB.  i am so grateful i live in a place that allows me to travel and see them and spend time in these amazing places.  i am such a lucky girl.  ###

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

new specs. new home. new post.

what is up everyone.

so these past two weeks were SO busy I nearly died but then I didn't thank goodness.

I went to phoenix with my family for spring break!  we sat by the pool, ate, sat by the pool, ate, sat by the pool, ate, then ate at a baseball game.  (you get the idea).
that is me reading "is everyone hanging out without me" by mindy kaling, my new hero.  that book is amazing.

more pics and a full post coming later!

as my family was passing through Yuma en route to mom and I went to mexico and I got NEW GLASSES...CONTACTS...AN EYE EXAM...AND A CULTURAL EXPERIENCE....all for about 100 dollars.  I love living in mexico...people...seriously move here. 

you like my glasses?  no one can tell they are new but I think they look way different.

this is the pic that I wanted them to use in case mom and I were mugged in mexico and they needed a "last seen wearing this" photo for our newscast:

then I went to HB for the weekend and contemplated going back after my family left and squatting there without telling them.  then I accidentally told them and they said they'd notice when I wasn't anchoring every night. 

also: I MOVED OUT OF THE GHETTO!!!  yaaaaay.

my roommates and I moved to a nice home in the middle of the orange groves behind the marine station.   aka: it is safe and smells like Disneyland. 
as a tribute to leaving da south side o town, I will make a list of things I will miss about my old house:
-my neighbor who yells all morning and night in her backyard at her dog, cursing him to hell and beyond.
-my front yard, or lack thereof.  it is just dirt, a broken cement step, and a small, dying palm tree.
-the rabid pitbull who tried to eat me each time I took my trash out, and one time got loose and scared the pants off of me.  I nearly died.
-the dishwasher that we never had.
-the washer and drier located in the backyard....
-...and the backyard: pure dirt and weeds.
-the ally behind our home that looks and smells like rural mexico.
-the gunshots I would occasionally hear.
-when I found out I lived directly across from a registered sex offender.
-(in all seriousness) the low rent...that comes with living in the ghetto.
-the fact that it makes our new, nice house look so amazing and incredible...
-singing elvis' "in the ghetto" every night on the drive home.
so I now officially invite you all to come stay with me in my new house.  we can go to mexico for eye exams.  SYS!  ###