the campas

the campas

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

San Diego Weekend, March 2013

During my work Christmast party, I proved that I truly am a genius by winning some "name the celebrity" game we all had to play.  (thank you...thank you....*bows*)

My prize=4 tickets to the San Diego Zoo!  Holler!  Only problemo is that they expired at the end of this month.  Sooooo Brian and I decided to use them 2 weekends ago, since we had a wedding reception in San Juan Capistrano to attend anyway.
(how hilarious is that little girl in our picture...)

It was a fabulous weekend!  We met up at the zoo...and saw all sorts of creatures.  I wasn't expecting to enjoy the zoo as much as I did.  I thought it would be too big and too crowded...but we ended up seeing pretty much everything without exhausting ourselves.  And it wasn't even crowded...despite the perfect weather.  I loved this zoo because it does a good job of allowing you to get close to the animals!  I love how it is set up....letting you take different paths to see different animals.  It was great.
Our favorite part was this ski lift type contraption called "Skyfari."  You go up in a bucket and go from one end of the zoo to the other...but the best part is the AMAZING view of downton San Diego and the zoo.  We were literally freaking out we loved it so much....and yes...we rode it FOUR times.  yayyyyyy skyfariiii.
other highlights include:
-baby panda viewing.  enough said.
-randomly running into brian's grandma's sister and her family.
-seeing the hippos, brian's favorite.

After the zoo....we went to Brian's friend's wedding.  It was such a pretty venue!  It was right by the mission in San Juan Capistrano.  Most definitely a trendy wedding...complete with pink lemonade in mason jars...a candy bar...and a sparklers exit.  It was fun because we got to see all of our old Provo friends we used to hang out with...once upon a time before everyone moved away to work and have children.   I especially loved seeing my Staley Carter White...past roommate and BFF.  Hannah and Miley 4ever!
On Sunday we went to church, then visited to Mormon Battalion Historic Site.  It was awesome!  I think I went here when I was like 2 years it was all new for me.  Apparently they re-did it about 3 years ago...and as my mom kind of feel like you are at Disneyland.  They take you on an interactive tour through different rooms.  It was really well done.  Plus, at the end, you get a free picture taken!  booonus...

We also tried a place called lucha libre right near the battalion site.  It was delish!  I guess it was on man vs. food.  There were a bajillion people there...and their chips were green for st. patty's day!  I just love festive-ness so much!  (st. patty's is my fav. holiday).
After that, we took a trip to coronado island for the afternoon.  Brian quikcly became a leprechaun and took his shoes off for a nice walk around the Hotel Del Coronado area.  He is such a classy fellow.  We pretended that we are cool and rich enough to stay there.  It was the perfect day!  I so wish i could go back to the beach, sitting next to bri guy and eating an ice cream cone while watching the waves crash.  perf.

The rest of the trip we spent going back to work.  You know the drill.  But it was such a great weekend!  I can't wait to go back to california in just a couple days for another great weekend filled with family, friends, food, and fun.  ###

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yuma/Disneyland week with the family!

hey peoples.  here i am...finally finishing this blog post i had to pause because i almost died.  don't event worry i had the virus of death from tuesday night to sunday...aka 5 days.  it all started with a trip to disneyland....

but let me back up for a quick second....and document one of the greatest weeks ever.

becky hayes landed at the yuma international airport on wednesday night.  i went to pick her up, and then of course cried when i saw her.  becky was maybe just jet-lagged...or maybe truly as shocked as she seemed...but she was amazed as we drove home through yuma that night.  "you guys have a sonic!?!" 12.  haha.  apparently becky thought yuma was a lot smaller....dustier...and more depressing than it actually is.  yuma is, in fact, a wonderful place where old people come to spend their golden years.

on thursday, i showed becky my new house i am moving into in less than a month!  (eeeeek).  it is actually in the very middle of a bunch of orange groves, and reminds me of soaring over california when you smell the orange peels.  yummmm.

after that, becky ate two tacos from jack in the box at like 10 am because apparently they don't have JITB on the east coast..!?! nooooo.

then i showed her the yuma territorial prison...which has a super cool museum and lots of history.  it was an absolutely perfect day outside...sunny at perfect weather.  we were loving it!

then we went to the garden cafe, a cute outdoor cafe in a secluded garden downtown . they have the absolute BEST tortilla soup ever of all time amen and amen.

after that we saw the colorado river....and visited the mormon batallion statue. #gomormons.

after our tour de yuma, we picked up some spicy mexican smoothies, and becks dropped me off at work.  she came to see the 6pm show that night and it was SO amazing having her there!  she offered me and the other anchor valuable make-up advice and met all my crazy co-workers.  they all love her of course.  becky said she was stressed out watching the show.  that seems to be the reaction i get from anyone who comes to see it.  i don't get it.  i don't really feel stressed out.

after the show, we grabbed some burgers and fries at in-n-out (again, another establishment the east coast is lacking), and went to go see "safe haven."  it was even MORE amazing the second time around, which i didn't know was possible.

on friday, we went to kneaders for breakfast to have some provo memories.  after that we hopped the boarder and landed in los algodones, mexico!!  it was SUCH a crazy experience!!!  THERE WERE A BILLION OLD PEOPLE THERE.  there is a huuuge parking lot you park in before you cross the border, and literally every spot was i was expecting a crowd...but it still blew my mind.  each car was from oregon...idaho...washington...utah....alberta....saskatchawan....or other canadian provinces.  and in mexico....old people galore.  walking around, eating tacos, getting their teeth fixed, and chatting it up with their snow bird pals.  hilarious.  we were loving it!  i felt like i was back on my mexican cruise, being with becky enjoying the sun and ambiance of being in a different country.  it was so awesome!  we bought some mexican coke, mexican treats, and becky got an adoarble hand painted bowl with flowers on it for a sourvenir.

becky watched the 6pm show again, and we snapped some pictures after it ended.  she sat in the director's booth for half the time, and my director made her hit the button to turn my mic on and off.  she was freaking out and it was so funny.  i wish becky could watch the show every night!!!

after work, we picked up some of the 8th best burritos in america, mr. G's of course....and hit the road for huntington beach!  after a few short hours and accidental tour of san diego, we were there and so happy to be with mom, dad, and lizzie.

the next day bright and early (emphasis on early): THE LONG AWAITED DISNEYLAND TRIP.
it was a tiring and amazing day.  we met up with brian at the entrance, and all of us were going to burst because we were so darn excited.  because i am a news anchor, i get two free tickets to disneyland when i go!!!  SO COOL RIGHT!?  i died ten times, and told my dad since i was saving him $250, i demanded sparkly minnie ears.  he was more than happy to deliver.  :)

anyyyyway...disneyland was of course crowded because it's the happiest place on earth, but not as crowded as i thought it would be.
we got fast passes for cars land right away, and thank goodness we did because a few minutes after we got them they were alllll out.  cray.  we road a few rides in california adventure, thend headed to D-land for the classics.  the thing i will always remember about this trip is that my mom was with us.  if you know my know she HATES disneyland with a passion.  too much money, too many lines, too many people, ect.  but since we were in town for such a short amount of time, she wanted to come to spend time with us.  awww.  i was in shock the whole time that my mom was actually legitimately there.
we enjoyed some of the staple disney rides...splash mountain, pirates, indiana jones, and haunted mansion.  we almost died laughing after my mom sat down on splash mountain, and we started the ride.  even after a half hour waiting in somehow occurs to her as we started there is a large drop and you get soaking wet.  hahaha.  duh, mom.  she was freaking out.  on our picture, we are all scared to death, brian is acting gay, and you can't even see becky cause she is so little.  it's a winner.
we also ate at the blue bayou restaurant, that restaurant you pass on pirates of the Caribbean.  it is SO good and we always go with our dad at disneyland.  it's kind of dark in there, so we all had to bust out our iphone flashlights to read the menu.  we are super classy.
after that, we watched the "soundsational" parade.  i still do not know what soundsational means...but i will always remember how brian told me he'd get ariel the little mermaid to fall in love with him...and of course...he did.  she was waving like a maniac to him and blowing kisses.  backoff, ya stupid skinny mermaid!!  my mom said it's only because they share a ginger bond.  after that i told brian i would get peter pan to fall in love with me, and i did, and i regret it because he was the ugliest person ever and was 5 feet tall.  fail.

we split up after the parade...because my parents wanted to go spend their precious time at D-land watching a fake abraham lincoln lecture them about history.  (zzzzzz).  so brian and i took lizzie back to california adventure...where we got on the roller coaster in .02 seconds because we were "single riders."  all thanks to lizzie for the great tip!!  we road a couple more rides, including the new little mermaid ride.  it was boring, or maybe i was just harboring a grudge from the parade.

 then we met up with mom, dad, and becky and rode CARS!!!  and it actually changed my life.  we only had to wait 5 minutes instead of 5 hours with our fast passes.  it was so so fun.  i was like crying of joy the whole time. 
after cars...we went back to disneyland to ride star tours.  my mom forget she gets motion sickness so she closed her eyes the whole time.  fail.  it was at this point that little lizzie started to wilt a bit.  she had been on the verge of being sick all day...and it was starting to hit her.  i knew she was sick when she didn't even want to ride space mountain.  WHAT!?  so she got some ice cream, and brian, becky, and i rode space mountain.  we headed home after that...but it was such a fun day.
lizzie woke up the next day with a name it!  we all felt bad for her, and spent the day caring for her, walking on the beach, and eating mexican food.  my mom and i went to her friend's academy awards party in newport beach after becky left for DC.  then, i went to la verne with the campas and watched the academy awards while the rest of the hayes clan hit the road.
that nasty sickness lizzie had quickly spread to ALL of us.  becky got it...then my mom got it...then my dad got it...and finally...i got it.  i blame disneyland.  i ended up having to miss 3 days of work because of the fact i could not even stand up, let alone anchor the news. 
luckily, i am dating the nicest guy in the world, and he drove to yuma to pick me up and take me to la verne so i could still go the BYU basketball game with him.  welp, i didn't get better in i missed it.  but, i still had a nice relaxing weekend in sunny so cal!!
so....overall this past week and a half has been crazy!  i loved having becky in yuma, and i want her to move here and live with me.  i don't know if i can convince her though.  fortunately i get to see my family once again in just a few weeks for our phoenix spring break trip!  yay!!  i love living in a place sooo close to so many warm, pretty, amazing places.  and i especially love my family, and how we make it a priority to see each other as often as possible and do as many fun things together as we can.  miss you guys so much!! ###