the campas

the campas

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

it's weird how obessed i am with this song and with safe haven.

becky and i went to see safe haven (my second time) while she was here in yuma.
PS we had the best 4 days EVER of all time...
filled with sun...warmth....mexican travel...spontaneous tours of san diego.....HB...disneyland...and sister bonding.
i wish she never left, and i think she does too.
pics coming soon.

listen to this song and thank me later.  or now.  whatever works.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mesa Temple Trip

Today, my singles ward took a trip to the Mesa Temple.  
Because our group was small-ish...we were not allowed to make a reservation.
When we arrived and told them we came from Yuma to do baptisms, they informed us they were only letting people with reservations in because it was so crowded.
Essentially, we were turned away from the temple.
Ha, ironic??
side story: while we were waiting in the lobby, a temple worker made me wear a badge that said "unendowed adult."  just one else.  it was like my own personal scarlett letter.
Despite was still such an incredible day!
Our endowed friends were able to go in, so while they were in the temple, we walked around the beautiful grounds...visited the visitor's center...and went to Deseret Book.
After everyone was back together...we ate at Cafe Rio.
I love that place, and it was packed.
Everyone eating there was 100% Mormon, I promise. 
(Except one guy with a fire tattooed on his head).
It was an amazing day...even though I didn't actually go in the temple.
Here's some photos:

Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day: 2013 edition.

hope everyone had a great day of love.
thanks for all the cards and love. 
i have been abundantly blessed with great family and friends.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my first rodeo. pun intended.

i am slowly realizing that working for a news station comes with all sorts of perks. besides random people recognizing you in the grocery store or yelling your name during a rodeo parade and telling you how cute you are (oh...thanks for watching) can get hooked up with all sorts of things....and events!!

i took advantage of the perks of getting into local events for free this weekend. our station sponsored the annual silver spurs rodeo in yuma! i got three tickets, and brought my friends ashley and breanna from my singles ward. we had so much fun!! my eyes have been opened to an festive new sport i never really knew existed until now.

this rodeo fun technically started last saturday during the silver spur rodeo parade our on air talent walked in. there were a bajillion people and i was so surprised by how many people knew us! it was so fun...we walked well over a mile. my arm hurt from waving and my mouth hurt from smiling. my favorite fan was there waving brian campa. i loved that he was there to take pics of his #1 girl and cheer for me.

((side story-i guess the rodeo in yuma is an actual BIG rodeo in the world of rodeos. i know this because a single adult from ogden utah showed up in our ward the next day. he looked like he walked out of a western movie. me, being the award person that i am and also because i was trying to get him to fall in love with ashley so they could get married and live on a farm happily ever after...talked to him about it. i guess he got second place in the bareback category. awesome! he said people from all over the world come to yuma to compete. heyo.))

there were so many people at the rodeo, and everyone was so into it. it really added to the atmosphere. they had different events...and i loved them all except that one where they slam baby cows on the ground and tie them up. i screamed so loud when i first saw that a million people stared at me. the best was the bull riding event. cray!

we had a great time experiencing the cowboy life for a few hours. i even got to go into the VIP section since our station sponsored the event! holla for free Olive Garden and beer! (jk i had sprite guys).

it was an awesome day. i may have cried at the end when they played a country version of "america the beautiful" and galloped around on horses with american flags.  go 'merica!

here's some pics.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

throwin it back and lookin forward.

in less than two weeks...becky hayes will fly in to the yuma international airport where i will go pick her up in my ravioli and we will most likely cry.
then we will spend the next 2 days in yuma, exploring...going to mexico...eating tacos...basking in the 80 degree sunshine....and eating more tacos.
we will then drive to our very favorite spot on earth, le condo in HB, where we will go to disneyland and again cry of happiness.
it is literally the only thing i have to live for right now. 
hahah jk guys that was dramatic...but seriously, i am so excited!!!
come faster, becky!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Huntington Beach Trip

this past weekend, a couple of my friends in the single's ward here in yuma and i hit the road for a weekend in huntington.  brian met up with us, and we had a great time.  it was a much needed weekend of relaxing.  i had so many things i could have stressed about...worked on....worried over while i was there.  but i decided to not think about anything during our 3 day trip...except my friends, brian, the beach, and eating as much food as possible.  mission accomplished.

highlights i will remember:
-running through the fog early saturday along the beach and LOVING it.
-ally making ashley take a picture with a random surfer, telling him she was visiting the beach from canada.
-ally asking a surfer to take a picture of the three of us, and me running and hiding behind a pole because i thought she was going to make up some story about me to force me to take a picture with him.
-making brian close his eyes as i presented him with his ghetto obama hat.  his face=priceless.
-shopping at fashion island.
-enjoying the most beautiful sunset on balboa island.
-hearing brian perfectly predict and NBA game we were watching at B.J'.'s pizza.  the man is a genius.
-seeing huge pelicans on the newport beach pier fight over fish guts.
-a massive sea lion swimming around by the pier and posing for the camera.
-witnessing a fish flop out of a bucket and screaming and the fisherman not even caring.
-calling 911 after witnessing a car crash on PCH.
-a wind surfer almost crashing into us on a walk on the beach.
-driving back to yuma in a lightening storm.

here are a few pictures.  take me back now.