the campas

the campas

Monday, January 28, 2013

Inauguration Trip in DC.

last weekend, becky, lizzie, and i met up in DC for the 57th inauguration.  when becky said she may have tickets for us, i assumed i wouldn't be able to go because of my crazy work schedule.  but, once i threw out the possibility of working at the inauguration, covering it for our station, i found out this trip would come to fruition...and bought a plane ticket!  i had been looking forward to this trip for so long, not just because we were witnessing an amazing and historic event...but because i was SO excited to have some sister time.  we spent a week together in DC this summer, and it was such a fun week...i knew this weekend would be the same!

i arrived in DC on friday night...and was planning on meeting lizzie at the airport.  well silly lizzie forgot to charge her phone, and i couldn't find her.  she was supposed to be there waiting for i was panicking when i couldn't find her.  i was literally running around the airport like an insane lady.  after about a half hour of that and me considering calling the FBI...lizzie calls me nonchalantly and tells me she has been charging her phone.  gees..lizzie lives the keep calm and carry on mantra.  

we had been planning on going to "good stuff," a great burger place in DC, as soon as we got in.  by the time we found becky, it was 10:50 pm, and GS closes at 11.  i was sad because i had been craving their mushroom burger and milkshakes.  nom nom.  luckily becky lives close to GS, and we actually drove by at 10:56...then, we spontaneously decided i would run in and order a massive amount of food for our starving selves before they close.  i know, we live life on the edge right?  it was hilarious because i was like sprinting in so fast, the cashier thought i was so crazy.  we got the food and headed home to feast and catch up...and of course watch stupid tv shows, which is what sister time is for.

the next day, we woke up and headed into the city.  we got our historic barack obama inauguration metro cards. of course.  there were literally a million overly excited old women covered in sparkly obama material from head. to. toe. ALL over dc!  i was loving it.  obama lovers unite!  
we went to the white house to see the extremely bullet proof presidential viewing box for the inauguration parade.
we walked down the national mall to enjoy the excitement of it all.  i loved seeing all the national media outlet's press boxes!  people were setting up for monday, and everyone was super excited.  it was awesome.  we saw where we could be standing on the big day, and took a gazillion pics.  
then we walked to chinatown because that is where nando's is.  and if you know me, you know i LOVE nando's!  nando's is a portuguese chicken restaurant that is to DIE for.  i went in london at least 5 times a day.  even though i don't eat meat now, i still love it.  we met nate jensen there and had a jolly good time!!

we then went ot ann taylor loft because i live in mexico and we don't have classy stores like that.  sad.  of course we found some super bargains, because that is what hayes girls do.  then we ate the most delish gelato i have had since visiting italy!  Sicilian almond and chocolate hazelnut mmmmm.  good thing i don't live in DC, i would for sure be obese.

becky ripped her coat on a plastic fence, so NJ got a little creative and tied his festive scarf around becky's arm so her little feathers wouldn't fly out.

we bought some obama swag on the street.  this is brian's hat i just gave him.  he loves it and all its ghetto glory.

we headed back to pentagon city after that to go to j. crew and some other stores.  we were tired and had been walking all day, but went straight to celebrate lizzie's birthday after that!!  we went to a great sushi place at union station called "yo sushi," where little dishes of things like sushi, soup, ramen, even desserts, go by on a little conveyor belt.  each plate is a different color, indicating its price.  you just grab what you want and pay at the end!  it was SO fun!  we ate so much and tried tons of different things.  i loved it...and the price wasn't even bad at all.. way cheaper than going out to sushi and more fun, too.
after dinner, we went to go see Les Mis at the world's most amazing and comfortable theatre, EVER.  it is amazing...each seat is a huge recliner that goes back so far and you can put your feet up too!  i was in heaven...that is the best way to watch les mis fo sho.  after that, we went home.  becky and i forced ourselves to go to the store for stuff for dinner the next day, even though we were basically zombies.
next day...sunday...we made crepes with nutella and headed out to church.  little did we know, ELDER COOK of the quorum of the 12 apostles was there!  he was in town for the inauguration and came to the singles ward.  it was neat, he gave a talk at the end and it was incredible.  you could certainly feel the spirit when he spoke.  afterwards, he was walking out by where we were standing, so we stood by to shake his hand!  it was so cool, he even reached into the aisle just so he could shake becky's hand...who wasn't even paying attention.  fail.  haha.
post church, becky took us to the air and space museum out by dulles airport.  it was sweeeet.  there were tons of old and new airplanes in this huge hanger.  plus, they have the space shuttle endeavor, which you can get right next to and look at it.  it was amazing!
on the way home, we stopped by the iwo jima monument...a monument honoring the marines.  it was really beautiful.  i had never been to that one, even though it's so close to becky's casa.
we had to go to bed early because the inauguration was the next day, and we had to get up at 4:00 am to get there in time and get good spots to see it.  AHHH.  we were obviously freaking out.
on the morning of the inag....we got ready around 4 in the morning.  we were wired and ready to go...fearing a massive line and choas at the metro station.  fortunately, as soon as we swiped our obama cards we were on the crowds!  phew.  but the worst was yet to come.  becky dropped lizzie and i off at our assigned stop to get in line with our green tickets....(great tickets!) 
(press passes!  lizzie's says "news intern" hahah i wish)!
 becky had to work all day and meet the pres and stuff like that so we were on our own.  it was pitch black...and lizzie and i got into this huuuge line, freezing cold.  we waited for a couple hours until they opened the security lines.  it took us awhile to get through the line.  they were SO thorough...patting us down and turning off and on all our electronics.  it was cray.  they almost threw away my work iphone for some weird reason.
once we got in....we found we had decent standing spots.  we could see the stage, and most importantly: the jumbotron!  and as soon as we started feeling bad about ourselves we glanced back at the hundreds of thousands of people wayyy back on the far away!
we had to stand for hours and hours...smushed in with tons of people.  somehow a huuuuge man who was 7 feet tall ended up directly in front of us, blocking our view by 100 percent.  luckily he was a jolly nice man who apologized for his height, and we forgave him.
(this is lizzie just trying to squat for a few minutes.  this is after we had been standing for 4 hours straight!)
we would have died of boredom had a crazy man not climbed a tree to protest abortion.  that's right.  a crazy old many literally risked his life climbing to the top of a tree right next to us, holding an anti-abortion sign and ranting for HOURS.  everyone around was screaming at him...but the police could NOT get him down!  security FAIL.  i am doubting their ability to deal with problems.  anyway, he kept climbing higher and higher, it was so dramatic.  no one seemed capable of getting the loony bin out of the he stayed there during the inauguration, ranting like crazy!!!  we could all hear him....i am sure pres. obama could too.
about an hour before the ceremony, there were choirs on the state singing patriotic songs....announcements of important people...and other stuff.  lizzie and i kept warm by singing along with them.  for the most part, the wait was over and we were soooo glad.  it was fun from them on, and we were so excited to see BO.  my feet were partially frozen at this point...but other than that it wasn't as cold as i thought it would be.

of course the ceremony was mind blowingly amazing!  i LOVED the speech....i loved kelly clarkson's song...and loved how beyonce was lip syncing.  NOT!!  liar!  moving on...i loved the obama girls...they kept showing them on the screen.  i want to befriend them.  i loved how the crowd booed like crazy when paul ryan came out...and then boehner came out with the president so we were or cheer!?  i cheered, duh.  most of all, i loved supporting our president and i LOVE that he won another term!!  love him!

(i saw tamron hall from the TODAY show.  omg).
(people waiting for the parade).
after the ceremony, we watched the crazy man come down from the tree and get arrested.  they asked us to leave...but we flashed our press passes and they laid off.  HOLLA AT YOUR MEDIA GIRLS.  lizzie was amazing and filmed for me while i recorded some stand-ups....footage...and even an interview with senator jeff flake from AZ.  i got to see my friend alexis there too, we know each other from BYU broadcast.  it was super fun.
after the interview...we battled the metro crowds at union station and made it back home.  lizzie grabbed a subway sandwich, then NJ took her to the airport.  i came home and crashed and had a much needed nap.  becky came home from work and we went to cafe rio and home depot.  i love love love cafe rio.  we watched the inaugural ball on tv, then went to bed.  i had to wake up at 4 again to catch a flight and get back to yuma to be on the news. 
it was great to be back in sunny warm arizona, but i was sad to leave.  it was such an amazing weekend!  covering a historic event with my sisters...i will never forget it.  i will forever be able to tell my kids i was up close at barack obama's second inauguration.  i may never be able to stand in the freezing cold for hours and hours again..but at least i did it once right!?  i had an amazing AMAZING time. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

everyone's favorite person is 17 today.

i always get the same reaction from people after they meet my little sister, lizzie.
"your little sister is THE cutest/funniest/happiest person ever!!!"
yes, i know.  thank you for stating the obvious.
lizzie and i have shared a bond since the day she was born, and i remember that day very well.
at first i did not like the new addition to the family.
i was jealous she was getting all the attention, and i used to bite her when my mom wasn't looking.
things quickly changed, though.
i stopped my biting, and started my loving.
lizzie and i get along so well.  we have so much in common, and we are essentially the same weird person.
lizzie never fails to make me laugh.
i about had a heart attack when she turned 16...and now that she is 17 i feel like i am going to explode with worry.
i hate this whole growing up thing!!!!
lizzie...i love and miss you forever!!!
i am grateful i have someone to share my love of jonas brothers, harmonization, trashy TV shows, sparkly clothes, country music, sierra dog, choir, and everything else that is good in this world.
you are the best little sister ever.
HAPPY BDAY liz biz.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

i am dating ryan gosling.

but really....

i snapped that picture of brian helping me modge podge glitter on a mason jar.

and he looks hot and i couldn't help but create a spoof of the ryan gosling "hey girl" memes.
brian was kind enough to help me with the craft i found on pinterest.
right before we made 3-ingredient nutella brownies.
another pinterest recipe.

which makes the fact that i found this (on pinterest) even more hilarious.

i am actually dating FANTASY ryan the flesh.
except he is better than real/fantasy ryan gosling.
at least in my opinion.  ###