the campas

the campas

Thursday, November 29, 2012

a very surprising thanksgiving

this thanksgiving was amazing.
well, not the actual day of thanksgiving.
(i worked all day and anchored/produced three newscasts)
but the following friday, saturday, and sunday were amazing.

let me back up:
when i started this job, i knew i would have to work holidays, like thanksgiving and black friday.

and i was sort of ok with it, because i had to be.
but...on the monday of thanksgiving week,
i found out that if i worked like 13 hours on thanksgiving, i could take black friday off!
(my station's other anchor and i swapped so she could take thanksgiving off).
so, i frantically texted my parents about it, and told them to not tell becky and lizzie.
i have never been a good "surprise" person, but i was so excited to show up a day early.
the sisters and i spent the week texting and discussing how sad we were i couldn't be there on friday.
mwah ha ha haaaa.
i woke up bright and early on friday and drove to huntington beach. i practically flew up the stairs to the front door of the condo!
when i burst through the door, becky was so excited/confused.
"wait...what!?  what?? what!?!? anna!?"
bah haha.
lizzie was, of course, sound asleep.
soooo...i jumped on top of her.
and she screamed.
it was so fun to surprise them!

we had the best weekend everrrr.

highlights include:
-running christmas errands
-feasting on lee's sandwiches

-pinteresting holiday crafts by the pool

-beach walks

-beach sunsets

-mexican food
-bella terra tree lighting

-seeing the new twilight movie
-getting fro yo from our fav place, cherry on top

-shopping with millions of other people at south coast plaza mall

-doing a christmas puzzle
-eating at our fav. french restaurant
-matching becky after we bought the same j. crew sweater

oh my heavens, have i ever mentioned that i just LOVE huntington beach?
yes? i have?
i know i have blogged about it like 50 billion times.
i spent the week patting myself on the back.
because i somehow managed to land my dream job just 3 hours away from my beloved HB.
*high five self*

after a veryy stressful send off to becky on sunday.
(she may or may not have almost missed her flight because we were determined to finish a puzzle)
i drove to la verne to spend some time with the BF and the campa clan!
they had already decked the halls, and it finally felt like christmas.
brian took me to puddingstone lake near his house.
besides having an awesome name, it had some awesome views.
i took a gazillion pictures of brian because i love him a lot and never see him.
he was annoyed slash he secretly loved it i think.

after that, we had dinner and enjoyed the pool.
then i had a fail by having the worst migraine in the history of migraines.
i honestly think i got it because i was having too much fun, no joke.
brian was a champ and took great care of me.

i recovered just in time to drive back to yuuuuuma on monday.
thus ending a fabulous holiday weekend.
so grateful i could spend so much time with family!

i love this season.
it truly is the best season...even though it's hard to feel christmas-y when you live in yuma, arizona, where it's 75 degrees outside constantly,
despite that, i am still loving the christmas music, treats, and spirit of the season.
hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

who im thankful for this thanksgiving.

mom & dad
lizzie & becky
brian campa

Sunday, November 18, 2012

a very perri christmas.

how is it already time to listen to christmas music!?  where is my life/this year going?  it is hard to believe that thanksgiving is this week for numerous reasons:

1. i am not going home for thanksgiving.
2. i am not eating grandma's fruit salad on thursday for the first time in my life.
3. i am working on thanksgiving and "family day" aka black friday.
4. it was 87 degrees yesterday and i was sweating like a pig outside.

it could not feel any less like thanksgiving.  but since i am going to force myself in the holiday spirit just so it doesn't pass me by, i will listen to this song all week:

i love christina perri and her christmas album not only has the perfect name, but also has the perfect songs.  bless her.

many things have come to pass in my life since i last blogged.  i am now living in a cute house with cute roommates and a cute chevron comforter.  i have become OBSESSED with hot air ballooning.  (a new one is 40,000 dollars.  looked it up.  christmas present anyone!?  brian already said no).  my family came to see me for a weekend here in yuma.  and i went to see the campas in la verne and had the best weekend of my life and cried when i arrived and when i left.  and i ate 50 pounds of nancy campa's delicious mexican food and hot cheetos and am still living off of that as my fridge is quite empty.  it's called food storage, baby.

sounds like a have a lot of blog posts coming.  i wish i had time to was so much easier keeping this thing updated when i was super unemployed and a super college student.  dang.  those were the days!!!  oh well, i wouldn't trade this busy newsie life for anything....even extra blog time and a chilly thanksgiving week.  :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

sweeeeeeept away

this month is sweeps.
for you non-newsies people, after sweeps ends, we get our ratings results in, and we get to see how many people are watching our shows each day.
this is the time each news station bumps up their game...doing more in-depth stories and advertising more.
this means more commercials.
and that mean, if you have watched ABC5 during the past two weeks, i owe you an apology.
because these 2 commercials have been non-stop.
we really want to get good ratings for my new show, so we are advertising it out the wazooooo!
(i especially like the second one because it makes me look smarter than i am).

but good news, my first live election coverage was crazy...tiring...stressful....and SO FUN!!!
i love my job more than anyone ever, i think.
i feel so lucky i get to tell people important information...such as...who the next leader of the free world will be.

happy sweeps, ya'll!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

family weekend in yuuuuma.

my family visited me in yuma this weekend!  they came to bring me my wordly goods.  and also to visit with me, of course.
we missed becky!  but it was still so fun to see mom, dad, and lizzie.
also, breaking news: I HAVE A HOUSE AND ROOMMATES.
(celebration party hat emoji!!)
it is SUPER cute.
5 bedroom, 3 roommates.
meaning i have a guest room.
so....come visit me!!!
i am so excited.
this all happened yesterday after months of stress and no luck finding shelter.
and i move in on tuesday.

we did lots of fun things while the family was here.

texas roadhouse:

yuma territorial prison:

farmer's market:

 mexican food a half mile away from mexico...which i can see from my house.  don't be jeal amigos.

two trips to kneaders!!

and we also did more things besides just eat food.  but i obviously only take photos of things that go in my stomach.
it was so fun.
i love my family!!
i hope they come back soon.
but alas:
until thanksgiving....hayes clan.

88 marines

on thursday, i got to go to yuma's marine air corp station to see 88 marines come home after 7 months in Afghanistan.
one of the most powerful things i have ever seen.

we waited in a big aicraft hanger for an hour before they arrived.
there were hundreds of family members, friends, and fellow marines waiting.
all with signs, balloons, and flowers.
everyone was already crying when we arrived.
it was extra emotional because 2 of the marines in that squadron were killed in Afghanistan, and were not coming home.
there were so many kids with flags, and babies with shirts saying "nice to meet you, daddy!"
oh my gosh, my heart was bursting.
how hard would that be!?
i knew i lived in a military town, and that around me each day there are wives, husbands, and children who live here without their loved ones while they are deployed.
but it wasn't real until this experience.

when they arrive, they sounds a loud horn unexpectedly and with no warning.
then, the walls of the hanger open up and all the marines are lines up and stand there for a few minutes while we all cheer.
and everyone cries, of course.
then, as soon as their captain says so...they can run towards us all.
they find their families and then it's the waterworks fest for everyone.
so much crying and hugging and kissing and joy.
oh my gosh, it was intense.
this is all happening with a giant american flag over head.
as my marine "guide" told me, it's very much for show.
but the marines wants to make the homecomings memorable and special for families.
it is great.
i loved interviewing little kids before their dads arrived home...
and then interviewing them again in their dad's arms.
doing the news each day makes you numb to so many things.
like car accidents, homicides, fundraisers, and feel good pet stories.
but something like can never become numb to.
so glad i got to see it!

(ps-the bottom right picture is a little boy peeking through the wall that opened up.  he was there the whole time waiting for his dad.  it was too much.  he was so excited!!)

my first uncreative halloween!

each halloween...i try very hard to be creative and different.  
i try to be something that no one else would think of being...and i try to make a costume that absolutely no one else will have.  basically...something you can't just go and buy at the "spirit" store.

examples of halloween's past:
paris hilton in jail:

miley cyrus with hannah montana:                                   

jonas brothers fan girl: (not a stretch)

the swine flu:

davy crockett:

senior missionary: 

 but this year....i may have failed.

only because of the fact that during the halloween season i was busy starting a new job, anchoring and producing a show by myself, finding a place to live, and trying to constantly catch up on sleep from all my weekend trips.

so when i was at the goodwill and saw a pretty blue flapper dress for 4 bucks, i snatched it right up.
but inside i was dying, because i hate being generic things for halloween.
and how uncreative is a flapper!?  dang it.
fortunately, at my ward party.  i was the only flapper in attendance.
and i got a lot of compliments!  
i kind of fell in love with my dress.
because i am pretty sure it is actually from the 1920's.
it is so old and delicate it feels like it is going to crumble.
and you can tell the sequins are all hand-sewn on.
i love it and am definitely saving it.
so here's to being uncreative!
it is a heck of a lot easier than being original each year.
i am converted.


on halloween night, i went to the yuma territorial prison to hand out candy at the "safe and scary" trick or treat event for local kids.
it was SO fun!
the territorial prison is one of yuma's claims to fame. 
(that and being the winter lettuce capital of the whole world.  no lie).
the prison was the place to be for all prisoners a hundred years ago.
they used to lock people in a dark cell and drop snakes in there to torture them.
and apparantly it is haunted??  no wonder why.  eeek.
each year different businesses rent out cells on halloween and decorate them and hand out candy to local cutie pie kids.
i was the ABC5 representative of the evening.
and even though it was sort of spooky,
i loved it.
here are some pictures: