the campas

the campas

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

in love with san diego.

this past weekend, i got in my car, blared my new t-swift album i drove to target just to buy...and drove a couple hours to san diego to meet mr. brian campa.  

we had the BEST weekend.  ever.  it was seriously one of my favorite weekends i have ever spent with brian.  we were on cloud 9 the whole time, frolicking around paradise.  i have been to san diego many times, but not for a while.  and i have never really gotten to explore it like we did this weekend.  

all was 75 degrees, sunny, and perfect.  san diego is a glorious place, and it was so nice to know that this is just the first of MANY weekends together there.  and i love that it is SOOO close to yuma!!  can i just leave yuma and anchor there...please!?

here are some pictures from the weekend!

a long, relaxing walk on mission beach:

enjoying the westfield mall and the knitted street lamps:

lunch at ruby's!  a california tradition:

tailgate with the campa's and brian's cousin, jacki, scanning us in at the SDSU vs. UNLV game.  (she is on the softball team, and they volunteer at the football games!)

watching the reeeeebels lose!  hate them!  and i love when the lose!!!

visiting the gorgeous san diego temple after one of the funniest primary programs ever of all time in escondido:

really with this visitor center?  i pay enough tithing to do better than this, come on:

la jolla!!  so PRETTY!!

we were SOOOO close to like 7 seals!!  they were just playing on the rocks and it was so fun to watch!!

brian made us risk out lives to climb out on a little island to see the seals.  it was so worth it though!  i love that brian makes me do scary things....such as not just sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun.....and then i do them and feel accomplished.  

see ya soon, SD! ###

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a full and fall weekend HOME!

this weekend i was home.  it was amazing.  i loved being home in vegas with mom, dad, and lizzie.  (if only sister becky was there).
it felt so nice to be home.  it felt like i hadn't been there for forever.
i love this time of year in vegas, perfect weather and everything smells like fall.
when i arrived on saturday morning, i was insiting everyone catch me up on everything i had missed and all the changes in the house.  
but the family just stared at me and informed me i had been gone..what...4 weeks?
hahah.  feels like forever.
i had the iPhone out all weekend snapping memories.
here's some pics:

got home to see sierra girl.  she's been sick but was happy to see her mama:

after doing some last minute mall shopping and homecoming prep for ms. lizzie, we had mexican coke, trader joe's salads, and cheered on the cougars!!!

i spent 3 and a half hours getting lizzie's hair and makeup done.  seriously.  i also did her friend's hair and make up and helped them make boutonnieres.  so fun!  i miss high school dances guys.  hahhahah jk i def. dont.

lizzie looked like taylor swift in her sparkly dress!  i was taking a bajillion pictures of her and her group.  i couldn't get over how great she looked!!!!

after the drop off, mom and dad took me to dinner!  i got to pick, and we ended up going to a buffet,  which is hilarious, because brian bet me a million dollars we would eat at a buffet whle i was home. and i kept telling him we wouldn't.  whoops.

after dinner, we did some shopping at ann taylor, and enjoyed a classic vegas view.  love this city.

 mom and dad had the not so smart idea of going mattress shoping at 9 at night after i'd been up since 3:30 am, and going strong alllll day.  the mattress salesman showed me the comfiest mattress that gives you a massage while you lay on it,  and i was out.  definitely was on that bed for at least an hour.

after that, we got some italian ice at RITA'S!  love that place!  the owners welcomed me back.  duh they remember their most loyal customer.  mom got a bright orange one to match her shirt and love of bright orange.

after church on sunday, i gave my sick dog a bath.  
i found out my mom has been giving her medicine from the people pharmacy.
haha, my sister.  sierra matkin hayes.

we enjoyed a nice walk outside in the PERFECT weather, and made homemade banana bread....which has since been consumed by a very hungry ABC5 newsroom.  mom also utilized her perfect tortilla maker for me.  yum!  (as seen on TV....yup).

then things got reallll festive when we carved this, as honey boo boo would say, BEAUTIMOUS obama pumpkin!, i love you.

we finished the night illegally watching the new season of downton abbey on the laptop.  my mom couldn't see so her face was approximately .01 inches away from the screen.
we love the new season, tears were shed.

 can you tell how perfect this weekend was!?  leaving on monday was so hard.  i love being home and being with the family, but i also love being in arizona and i love my job.  work has been going so well. i have loved growing and becoming more familiar with the area and the market.

we've had such a big week.  it's been insanely busy.  we've been filming commercials, hosting major senatorial debates, and....yesterday i got to wear lizzie's cheetah print dress i stole from her AND a breast cancer awareness ribbon on the air.  oh yea baby.

yup, yuma keeps me busy.  but i like it that way.  ###

Thursday, October 18, 2012

highlights of the week.

top 12 pictures to describe a great week:

presidential debates mean i don't have my 6 pm show, meaning i get to play reporter for the 9 and 10!  love it.

celebrating lindsey's birthday at a fancy asian restaurant with fried ice cream.  lindsey is a beautiful person from england, meaning when we hang out i instantaneously feel classy.  she is so nice and has great manners and likes nandos. #bff.

then i ate half of this ice cream cake and felt great about it.

illegally watching the new season of downton.  so many tears were shed by myself.

taking a work trip to our other major city we cover: el centro, california.  we had to pull over to get crazy rain footage!

a co worker brought her cute daughter in.  she wanted to pretend to anchor!  i was dying.  can i have her?

i was greeted by this large poster hanging in the lobby when i walked into work this week.  hello self!

getting ready for the air.

bonfire with the YSA peeps!  so many s'mores.  mmmm.

tie dye FHE.  i look sooooo happy about my life.  i literally used the entire bottle of blue dye so no one else could use it.  haha oops.  also my tie dye didn't work.  it just came out ombre blue which is even more awesome and i am so ok with it.

I AM SO EXCITED AND CANNOT BREATHE BECAUSE I WILL BE IN LAS VEGAS THIS WEEKEND TO SEE LIZZIE GO TO HOMECOMING AND DO HER HAIR AND NAILS AND MAKEUP AND TAKE PICTURES AND CRY AND LOVE IT.  this is me when i went junior year.  i was ugly and gross and she will obviously look better than this since she is wearing a bomb taylor swift dress that takes my breathe away.  and also kevin johnson is a baby in this picture and looks 2 years old but he's getting married soon and i am still processing that.

yuma has great tunes.

so there are many fantastic things about yuma, arizona.  examples:

- if you go 5 minutes south on any road you will be in mexico, no questions asked.  a country that offers delicious tacos, pinatas, and free dental care.

- it was a pleasant 75 degrees all day and i hear that's as cold as it'll get this winter.  and i love it so much.  

- it is 7 dollars to attend a movie.  it was 17 in NYC.  holler.

- the sunsets here a freakin un. real.  unreallll.  no words.

there are many other reasons yuma and i are getting along fabulously.  but one major reason i like it here is the radio stations ROCK.

in vegas and LA and NYC and other big cities, the stations play the top 12 songs and nothing else.  my favorite stations here have so much variety.  i come home every day with like 3 new songs i love that i discovered on the radio.  it is refreshing and so informative.  and also ALL their commercials are in spanish so it isn't even annoying to listen to them.  it is sort of fun and cultural.

i spent an hour today searching for this one:

i memorized the lyrics in my head and then they seeped out and as soon as i tried to search it.  god bless google.

this one:

it came on when brian was here and he sang to me and i almost died.  #swoon.  he sounds like brad paisley to me.

i love you zac brown band.  marry me.  all 7 of you.

oh and they play gangnam style on EVERY station all the time no matter what genre of music they are.  which is obviously acceptable and causes many spontaneous dance parties in the car.  also, does this really REALLY have 495 million hits on youtube?  yes, it does.

i love little big town more than a little which is a lot a lot alotalotalot.

so there's some random tunes brought to you by the random folks here in yuma, AZ and el centro california.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

a show.

here's one of our shows!  i put it up on youtube so family and friends can see what exactly goes down on ABC5 News at 6 pm :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

conference weekend and a work update!

this past weekend, brian came to visit me!  i was so excited to see him on friday!  he is so great, he greeted me with dinner since i just got off of work and a ton of halloween candy which i cant stop eating.  i am so thankful to live in a place close to where he is....just a 3.5 hour drive from la verne!  i always associate watching conference with people i love while eating good food, so this year was no different.  i am grateful he was able to come and keep me company while we watched our prophets and church leaders give us great direction.  (can you believe about the new missionary ages!?!?  wow!!!  my mouth was open for about 16 minutes after it was announced!)

we had a lot of fun.  besides eating ice cream like 5 times and cooking some delicious meals....we went tubing on the colorado river.  well, we mostly floated.  but it was so fun!  i was cracking up looking at my friends instagrams of them in utah wearing jackets...and here brian and i are in 90 degree weather and 80 degree water, floating our worries away.  haha.  gotta love yuma!!!  we also went to kneaders...twice.  fun fact....there are kneaders ALL of utah, and it's one of our favorite places to eat.  well there's also 2 in yuma, and as far as i know no where else in the world.  basically Mr. kneader must have moved here or something in his golden years to make endless french toast in the yuma sun.  so we are grateful to have a piece of utah in yuma.

i was sad to see brian leave, but i have so much to look forward to.  i get to go home next weekend!! yay!!  lizzie is going to homecoming and i am going home to see her and to do her hair in a fancy up-do!!!

oh, and as far as work: i am LOVING it!!  it is so hard though....haha.  i am producing an entire half hour newscast by myself.  that means: managing reporters.....writing the stories i read as an anchor...finding those stories to write...finding national news to cover....finding video..editing video....timing everything....and lots of other things.  basically, i am doing what 30 people did at eleven news every day to put on a half hour newscast!  i never thought i would be able to do all of this, but somehow it is all coming together and the show is looking great!  i love what i do!  for me....anchoring is the easy's the producing i am trying to wrap my head around.  but we know people in are watching and liking the show!!  and that is great news.  well, except one lady wrote me a hate letter that i took away her nightly routine of watching "the big bang theory."  i will quote her letter now:

"I hate your news at 6. You took away one episode of big bang theory that makes you laugh-not depressed. Plus your contests are made up. I feel those are fake names u announce as winners. I have lived in Yuma most of my life and have not heard one name I recognize. "

apparently i am depressing her.  not sure how, i make sure to smile really big during the show. and she is mad she didn't win tickets to disneyland too.  sorry lady.

another update: my hair is now quite dark.  i guess when you become a real news anchor you lose your hair color agency.  haha.  i dont mind at all...i am willing to try anything to be/look better!  

this is the most random post ever.  you are probably reading it wondering how the heck i am capable of writing news stories that make sense and are grammatically correct.  i promise i can.  i will be better at updating the blog more!  thanks for following!