the campas

the campas

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

i just cry every time.

watch this and cry with me:

oh my gooooosh.  seriously!?  i am so excited for Les Mis to come out in december!!!  everyone is freaking out because apparently it comes out on the exact same day as The Hobbit....and i guess this is some major dilemma picking which one to see first.  sorry...for me....there is absolutely no question of what i will be doing on the day les miserables comes out.  it looks beyond incredible.  the actors...the music...the story.  seeing les mis in london is one of my very favorite memories from my study abroad experience...and i remember thinking to myself they need to make a movie out of it ASAP.  

well #dreamscometrue2012.

also...i showed this to brian.  and i look over and i am pretttty sure he was crying too.  awww bri.  he promised to take me to see it.   be still my heart.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

they are killing me.

the killers are coming out with a new album.  i love the killers for many many many reasons.  some of those reasons are:

1. brandon flowers (lead singer) is a mormon.  and he loves it.
                     2. the killers are from nevada.  and they love it.
3. they sing "home means nevada" better than i do.  and that is saying a lot.
4. they write songs about nevada.  and las vegas.  and about love.  and pain.  and their lyrics speak to my soul.
5. their new album is called "battle born," which is of course a tribute to nevada, the battle born state.  also it is just a purely awesome name.

the killers made their album available on iTunes a week before it is officially released.  you can stream the whole album for freeeee and i can't stop listening to it.  i will officially have it memorized before it is even realeased.  i love it oh so much.  not as much as this girl, but still, so much.  so many feelings right now.  i am just going to curl up in a ball and continue absorbing these songs one by one.  ###

Monday, September 10, 2012


On Friday, Lizzie, her friend Madison, and I all went to see Wicked at the Smith Center in Las Vegas!  The Smith Center is a gorgeous building that is relatively new and absolutely amazing.  It look like a Broadway hall inside.  It's home to the Wicked traveling company this month, and I am so happy I got to see the show.  I have seen the show a few times before in California and London...but always seem to forget how incredible it is!!  If you have seen it, you know exactly what I am talking about.  When Elphaba sings "defying gravity" right before intermission.....incredible.  Seriously, my jaw was on the floor and every inch of my body was covered in goose bumps.  

That show has the most infectious music, and a great storyline on top of that.  Our Elphaba played the same part on Broadway, and was just as good (if not better) as Ms. Idina Menzel herself.  It was a great night, if only the gay pride parade didn't complicate our journey home.  Seriously, it took so long to get home because of all the gay traffic.  Grrrr...oh well, I forgive them.  ###

yesterday.....i went to mexico

yesterday i went to los algedones, mexico, with my family.  it was so fun.  it's crazy how even though it's a border town and so close to america, it feels SO different.  

highlight of the trip: we got a huuuge case of mexican coke (which is better than american coke) for like 9 dollars.  and lizzie spoke spanish, which was hilarious.  and now i am back in american blogging.  i would say any weekend you can go to another country one day and be back in your bedroom the next is a pretty succesful weekend.

viva, mexico.  ###