the campas

the campas

Friday, August 31, 2012

sister time is coming....

this year, my older sister becky and i have done a lot of things in a lot of different places.  

we frolicked around the bustling and crowded streets of NYC and new jersey in march.  

we celebrated my graduation from BYU (with tears of joy from her and tears of sorrow from me) in provo this april.  

we went to monuments, concerts, and all sorts of yummy restaurants in DC this june.  

we watched my cousin get married in SLC, and enjoyed a weekend of matkin madness.  

we watched fireworks on the beach for the fourth of july in HB, and cheered on our angels.

we have been all over the map together.

but we have not been one important place together this year.  we have not been home in las vegas.

for some families, that might be normal.  not seeing each other or going home for a year.  but for ours, no way.  we love being home, and we LOVE being together.  

i am so excited that becky is coming home to las vegas for the long weekend!!!  woo hoo!

i have been home wayyy more than i thought this summer, and i am so grateful for that.  but it hasn't been a full house yet.  not till tonight.  see you soon, sister becky!!!  ###

Monday, August 27, 2012


when i was in NYC last summer interning for NY1 day i was out walking the streets and thinking about what food i wanted to eat.  (that is essentially all i did while i was in NYC...seriously how did i not have to go on the biggest loser after that summer)?  my friend jenne and i passed a place called "rita's".  jenne, being from pennsylvania, was so excited to go there because apparently that is the most well know and most favoritest place in all of PA to go on a hot summer day. whilst there, i was blown away at their delicious italian ice/custard!  i text brian campa, who served his mission in PA, and asked him if he knew about it.  he, also, freaked out and was so excited that i was at rita's.

first trip:

i went to rita's a few more times after that...but as the months passed post east-coast-summer, i missed that place and their italian ice.  i actually decided that i would probably never enjoy it again.  sad day.  but alas.....

guess what!?  

the ONLY rita's on the entire west coast opened up this summer. is literally FIVE MINUTES away from my house, located at in a shopping center i frequent.  WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?  my family and i go there just about every other day, we are now basically BFF with the nice owners.  brian came and visited me for a whole week, and i am pretty much convinced he stayed that long just so he could go to rita's.  when he went back for the first time since his mission, he literally looked like a kid in a candy store.

(let's just talk about how hideous i look in this picture. ew.  what is happening)?

 anyway...i think rita's should pay me...or give me free ice for life.  i have recommended like 20 people go there and they have.  and then they love it and bring their friends.  i am single-handedly keeping rita's in business.  actually probably not, there's always a line out the door.

we took our cute cousins visiting from sandy there tonight.  they dropped their ices like 2 times each and the owners just laughed and kept replacing them.  oh gees.  moral of the story: visit rita's!  it's on stephanie street in henderson next to the target.  tell them their biggest fan sent you, maybe you'll get a discount. ###

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

book of mormon girl.

hello, blogging world.  i'm baaaack.  (ok i was only really gone like a week, but for me that's a long time).  i feel like a ton has been happening, and i have a lot of catching up to do.  brian was here (in las vegas) all last week.  we had a great time....however...whenever brian comes to LV i never take pictures.  i think it's because we are having too much fun and are too busy.  or something.  either way, the only pictures i took were from the great flood of 2012 that washed out the flatlands neighborhood (more pictures to come)...
 and from one of our five trips to Rita's (our new favorite place).....why am i using so many parenthesis?

in other news....
today i started a book this morning and just finished it.  that never happens, unless the book is really good.  well, this book is really good.  so i am blogging so you all can go get a copy and read it.  it's called "the book of mormon girl," and documents one women's journey growing up as a devout mormon and struggling to find her place in the church.  i felt like i was reading my life story for the first half of the book.  hilarious stories of girl's dances....awkward church auctions....and scripture study.  apparently this book has been quite popular, and the author, joanna brooks, has been on various talk shows promoting it.  i hope people who read it come away with a positive impression of the church and the good that it does.

anyway, read it!  more to come on the past crazy week soon.  ###

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

reason #269,496 to be on the TODAY show

One of the pictures every single London tourist has to have is the recreation of the iconic picture of The Beatles crossing the road for their “Abbey Road” album.  

Because millions of people visit London each year, and each one of these people ventures over to Abbey Road to re-create this picture, it is both difficult and dangerous to capture this photo.  People who live there HATE how annoying tourists stop traffic to pose for the picture, and have absolutely no problem honking at you, or maybe even running you over.  Because I live in Las Vegas, I can feel for them.  I don’t like annoying tourists, and really don’t like BEING an annoying tourist.

When I was in London, some friends and I went to Abbey Road one day to see it and take some pictures.  We went in the afternoon, and it was so crowded.  There were thousands of people who tried to get the picture, but failed epically because there was so much traffic.  I had already failed twice before, once on a trip to London in high school, and once when my dad and I visited during my study abroad.  Because my friends and I we were there 4 months, we decided to take advantage and come back another day at a less crowded time. 

Once we got our livign situation worked out for the upcoming year at BYU, my fellow roommies and I decided that since there were 4 of us, we should take the picture together so we could have it as a roomies picture in our apartment.  Not a bad idea, right???  As we discussed the idea more, we realized that to obtain this perfect picture, it was necessary to beat the cars and tourists and get up before the sun to venture over to Abbey Road at around 5 in the morning.  EEEK.  Abbey Road wasn't located near where we lived in London, and I am pretty sure we had to use one of our Saturdays to do this, since we had morning classes evey other day.  Overall, it was a completely miserable experience.  Looking back, I don’t know what we were thinking….however…we were pretty pleased with how the picture turned out:
I was pretty sure that’s as good as it gets.  Well, when I was watching the TODAY show the other day, they did a segment where the TODAY crew dressed up as the Beatles and re-created the picture themselves.  I didn’t think it would be believable, considering Al Roker is black, and none of the actually Beatles are/were black.  As the segment progressed, I was blown away at how realistic their costumes were!  They even had the same cars placed on the street to make it realistic.  Also, the City of London (who was busy hosting the 30th Olympic Games) somehow had time to send numerous British Bobbies (police officers) to actually shut down traffic so they could get this picture.  Seriously!?  Look at how amazing it is:
Life just isn’t fair.  I want to be a TODAY show host so I can go to the Olympics, interview Michael Phelps, and dress up like John Lennon just for fun and games. 

Also, in my picture, I am John Lennon...and in the TODAY picture, Savannah Guthrie is John Lennon.  Did you know I am obsessed with her?  And met her?  And she tweeted to me?  And we are BFF??  I think it’s a sign.  Just saying. ###

Sunday, August 12, 2012

leslie's wedding!

on friday, i woke up at the crack of dawn to go and see leslie paige macfarlane tie the knot in provo!  leslie and i go way back.  like wayyy back to the pre-existence.  but in this earthly realm, we go way back to london, where we were bunkmates and besties.  we have been roommates the past 2 years, and have traveled to different states and continents together...taken ridiculous classes together...consumed gallons and gallons of coke together...created new languages together....and on one crazy night, went to a dance party together.  it was at said dance party that leslie met her FEC (future eternal companion): Tom.  because i have watched their relationship blossom and flower before my very eyes, i knew i had to make it to the wedding....and i am so happy i was there!  it was a glorious day!

leslie looked gorgeous. (duh).  even though the cloudy skies threatened rain, we were spared any drops, and now the pictures look bomb because cloudy weather is the best for taking pictures!
all of leslie/tom's sisters were bridesmaids with me, and this is what happened when the photographer asked us to make a kissing face.  i ruined it approximately .2 seconds after this picture was taken.  i just bust out laughing and all was lost.  i feel like we were trying to be all sexy but we just looked so ridiculous.  leslie looks like she is awaiting a high-five or something.
leslie's sister caroline (who came to london with us) is amazing and made the wedding cake and ALL the food!!  CSN be so amazing!?

my amazing english professor in london came to the reception!  it was so fun to see susan and take this creepy picture with her.  

it's kind of hilarious that leslie is marrying tom, because i have been friends with his sister, laura, since freshman year!  she came to london too, and i absolutely love her.  everyone has always told us we look so alike and could be sisters!  this makes me overjoyed since she is positively the most beautiful person in the world.
overall, the wedding was a major success!  the reception was amazing and i am so grateful brian was there with me!
after the reception, we headed to sandy to spend the night at the dolan chateau.  after almost dying on the stupid torn up I-15 and setting off the loudest alarm system ever at their house, we finally got some sleep after a long day.  the next day we did a little hike, saw the tour de utah, and visited the "this is the place" monument.  we walked around the little pioneer village, too.  i decided that i would have died wayyyy before making it to SLC if i was a pioneer, so i would never have experienced the life we were seeing.  however, brian decided if he can be reincarnated after he dies he will ask to be a pioneer.  seriously?  who is this guy?
he will make a pretty great pioneer, he helped some fellow pioneer lovers make a cabinet.  it was manly and difficult.  
this picture was taken as an obese pig started to trot at me in the petting zoo.  he loved me but he was gross and i refused to touch him.  also notice there is a goat in this picture who is great at camouflage.
after that, we had a family BBQ with the dolans, matkins, and liza before i had to fly away.  
it was an amazing weekend!  i love love love utah and love all the amazing people there.  leslie and tom, congrats!  so happy i could share your special day with you.  ###

Monday, August 6, 2012

campa wedding!

on friday, brian's brother got married!  it was so amazing to be there to celebrate such a happy occasion.  the wedding and reception were at claremont college.  it is a beautiful venue.  we scored with perfect weather for the wedding, and the reception hall looked amazing!  it looked like downton abbey, and was decorated beautifully.  (brian and i most def pretended to be lord and lady grantham whilst descending down the staircase.  sans yellow labs).  i was lucky enough to be the most handsome best man ever's date.  we danced the night away, and the partayyy didn't end till 1 in the morning.  being at an all day wedding it quite exhausting, but it was so fun.  here's some pics:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my emotions about gymnastics.

i am the least flexible and bendy person ever.  last semester, i took a flexibility class.  they measured our flexibility on the first day, and on the last day they did the same. everybody improved by 2-3 inches. except me.  i got WORSE by 2-3 inches.  my teacher said she thought that was actually impossible.  well mrs. teacher, you were wrong.

so, i appreciate gymnastic more than the average person.  i also love the olympics WAYYY more than any person, which is why last night i was sprawled out on my couch bawling my head off after we won our first team gymnastics gold medal in 16 years.  i loved it.  i want to hug the Fab5 or be their best friend or their sister.  but i guess i will just settle for being their #1 instagram stalker.  

i am still opposed to gymnastics lessons, however, and my daughters will never have them.  it is kind of dangerous i think.  at least for uncoordinated people like myself.  and since my children will most likely also be uncoordinated, it just won't happen.  sorry future cute daughters.  but, go USA! ###