the campas

the campas

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

super fun california weekend.

this past weekend was crazy busy and crazy amazing.  i was able to spend saturday in redlands and yucaipa california to celebrate the wedding of chelsey tobar (reeder).  chelsey helped me survive my first semester in the broadcast program was which was stressful, challenging, and emotional, (to say the VERY least).  i have become so close with her the past couple years and it was so amazing to be at her reception!  she looked stunning and so happy, of course.
on the way, brian and i were driving on some random road in redlands on our way to yucaipa, where chelsey is from.  all of a sudden we turned a corner....and BAM!!!  the redlands temple literally appeared out of nowhere.  i screamed when i saw it and scared the pants of brian.  but not literally off.
when i got back to huntington beach, the welsh clan had arrived from las vegas and invaded the condo for a few days.  it was so fun to have my cousins at the beach!!  the water finally warmed up, and we played frisbee in the ocean...which was completely exhausting.
we also got to go to the US Surf Open, which is in huntington beach each year at the end of july.  it's become a tradition for the welshes to come and partake of the "freebies" they hand out.  this year, we got some great hawaiian tropic sunscreen swag.
 the US open also provides a venue for every 14-18 year old girl in california to gather and wear their skankiest swim suit.  seriously where are these girls parents?  some of them even had tattoos!!  ugh.  

other things we did during their visit:
-watched the olympics.
-watched the olympics.
-watched more olympics.
-pretended to be synchronized divers from the oympics.
-watched aunt blythe do a cartwheel and tell us about her gymnastics history.
-watched some more olympics.

this happens every summer every four years.  and i am totally fine with it.  i plan on doing basically nothing else for the rest of he week besides watching more of the olympics.  go USA!

also, i am contemplating going out to get a cupcake today to celebrate harry potter's birthday.  by myself.  is that lame?  don't care.  ###

Friday, July 27, 2012

london olympics.

finally.  today is the day.  the olympics are HERE!  there are no words to describe my love for the olympics.  i love it when the entire country unites together to focus on sports we normally do not care about, to rally around our heroes, to watch new heroes emerge, and to all say together, as Visa does: GO WORLD.  the olympics make me cry tears of joy and sorrow.  they make me wish my mom signed me up for gymnastics as a wee toddler.  but most of all, they make me sit on the couch for 2 weeks and obsess over it all.

this year, the olympics happen to be in a city that is very near and dear to my heart.  a couple years ago, i was able to go on the BYU study abroad for 4 months to london, england.  that was absolutely positively the best experience of my whole life.  we lived in a gorgeous house in the heart of london.  i met some of my dearest friends.  i learned so much about the country, the culture, the people, and the church.  i obviously learned a LOT about the food, because i became an actually overweight human being there thanks to gelato, pastries, and bread.  i fell in love with the country and the city and never wanted to leave.  i even prayed every night i wouldn't have to.  and i guess Heavenly Father really loves me, because the day before i was scheduled to leave, a gigantic volcano erupted in iceland, canceling all flights.  i got a bonus week in london!  and it was fantastic.
although i blogged the entire trip, i thought that today would be a good day to post some of my favorite pictures from my journey to london.  i don't care if it's cliche...but to me, london seems like home.  i had the best four months of my life there, and seeing all the sights on the news makes my heart ache.  i miss it so much, and can't wait to go back someday.

see ya in two weeks when i get off the couch after the closing ceremonies!  ###

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

sawdust festival.

today, i went to the sawdust festival in laguna beach.
i have been before, but this year's sawdust festival was the best one yet.
the sawdust festival is where artsy fartsy people set up cute booths and sell their paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and other knick knacks.
mom, lizzie, and i went this year with lizzie's friend madison, who is visiting the beach for the week.
we had a great time listening to bands,
walking around the booths,
and watching a glass blowing demonstration.  (so awesome, i've never seen anyone do that before!)
we even went to a free "abstract painting" class.  i think the teacher hated me.
apparently i am not abstract enough.  here is my work of art:
i will sell it to you for a quarter if you want it.  because it is making our fridge ugly right now.

after sawdust, we walked around the downtown laguna area.
we ate at greeter's corner, which has unbeatable outdoor seating!
i had some fish and chips to prepare for the olympics.  (2 days!?!!? is this real?!)

oh my goodness, i love this place.  being here this summer has been the best thing ever.  when i graduated, i thought that i wouldn't get to come to california for the summer.  i assumed i would be here eventually, working or reporting somewhere in the area.  things have turned out differently  than i thought (and hoped).  BUT, i am so grateful that they have....because i have been able to spend so much time with my family who i love so much in a place i love so very much.  i know that everything must have happened that way for a reason.  and although it is still hard for me to see the bigger picture right now, having this summer off has been great for me, and i am certainly not complaining.  i am thankful for this summer and how everything has turned out so far.  i can't wait to see what else the summer has in store for me.  ###

more wedding pictures.

a few weeks ago, my cousin sarah got married.
i feel like i have already posted SO many pictures from the wedding on the blog....
and i am about to post more.
i can't help it, it was such a happy day and everyone looked so beautiful!
my (favorite) cousin liza took many of the wedding pictures.
she has been working on her photography skills for the past few years,
and she is so talented!  
this is her:

i was beyond impressed with the pictures.
thank goodness for relatives with useful skills.
she mailed me a disc of all the pictures, and i checked them out last night.
i love them all, but...
these are a few of my favorites.

and yes...i did catch the bouquet.  and it was epic.  the end.  ###

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pioneers and my pioneer past.

HAPPY PIONEER DAY!  for all you no-mo blog stalkers out there that are wondering to yourself what kind of a wacky holiday pioneer day is...i shall enlighten you.  when brigham young led the mormon saints westward into the utah valley to escape persecution, the first group of pioneers arrived in the salt lake valley on july 24th, 1847.  over the next few years, thousands of saints followed and began to establish the salt lake valley and the state of utah.  today, we honor all those pioneers by observing pioneer day every july 24th.  you even get the day off work and school if you live in utah!  (moments i wish i lived in utah again).

pioneer history has always been a big deal in my family.  both sides of my family have pioneer ancestors, and my parents raised us to know and appreciate those ancestors.  i love hearing pioneer stories, and have grown up attending pioneer parades, events, celebrations, and reenactments.  

i used to think it was normal and awesome to do things like dress up like a pioneer and climb in a handcart to be in a parade, or go sit in a booth at the old mormon fort in my pioneer get-up to show kids how to make old-fashioned button spinners.  i thought it was pretty amazing until i reached my awkward-rebellious teenage phase.  then it became an annoyance and embarrassment.  however, looking back, and i so thankful i have these memories with my family that brought us together and strengthened my testimony about the good ole' pioneers.

so, in honor of pioneer day 2012, i have found some hayes family gems to show: 1.  how awesome i look in a dress and bonnet, and 2. how hilarious mormons are.  i seriously love us.

this is us on one of our visits to random cabins that belonged to pioneers.  we no doubt drove 3 hours out of our way to see it.  we all look terrible.  eek.

i believe this was a for a pioneer re-enactment were we drove in this humungous wagon through las vegas and out in the desert for a bit.  i am pretty sure this is the cadillac of wagons, and that no actual pioneers had clothes and pants as ugly as mine:

we were selected for a parade in las vegas to ride around this wagon and act like pioneers.  my dad looks more like a mexican farmer than a pioneer.

this was at a mormon fort celebration where i was in charge of showing kids how to make button spinners.  i think my mom is making butter or something else inedible.  

when becky and i went on a 3 week long church history trip, we stopped at every major pioneer site and memorial.  we also crossed the sweetwater river, where young men carried a handcart company across the icy waters.  i think i was carried across by someone.  it was probably awkward and he probably dropped me, hence i blocked it out of my mind and can no longer remember it.

my grandparents served a mission in nauvoo, illinois.  that's where the pioneers left on their journey.  we went to visit, and they looked pioneer-ish and amazing.

and last but not least, this is me just dressed up like a pioneer one night because i felt like it.  do you think they had lovely earrings like i had when they crossed the plains??

 i am so thankful for the pioneers, and so thankful i don't look like i did in those first 2 pictures anymore.  happy pioneer day, ya'll!!! ###