the campas

the campas

Friday, June 29, 2012

just got back from utah.

i just got home from 9 days in the great state of utah. 
it was wonderful to see my cousin, sarah, get married in the salt lake temple.  

i love my cray cray aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, sisters, and grandpa.  it was fun to be together again....wearing plenty of pink, champagne, and peach.  #weddingcolors.  hope everyone had a great week. ### 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


lizzie and i just got back from a wonderful, patriotic, humid, happy week in our nation's capital:  (cue john philip sousa music)  WASHINGTON DC!!  we went to see the older sister, ms. becky hayes.  she lives in a cute attic in virginia and was nice enough to host us for a whole week.  unfortunately, senator reid needed lizzie and i played away all day while becks worked hard.  then when night fell: we all painted the town red.  it was such a fun trip!!  i will now document and overload on pictures because this is my blog, and i do what i want, fools.

 day 1-SATURDAY:
woke up juuuust a little late...err...noon.  blame the time change?  get a late start and kayak along the potomac river!  so fun and festive...why didn't i take a picture?!  blame the time change...again?

it was also the girl scout convention in DC.  the city was crawling with crazy cookie loving tweens in green sashes.  blahhh.

that night, we went to a wonderful concert at the kennedy center.  broadway music, sisters, and watching the NBA game at a swanky sports bar?  winning.

day 2-SUNDAY:
8 am church.  what singles ward does that?  the one in arlington, virginia, apparently.

after a glorious sabbath nap...we drove to annapolis maryland!  what a charming little nautical town.  everyone is out lounging on the chesapeake bay, sailing, and eating fresh crab.  it was all so picturesque!  i am ready to move.  that crab was to dieeeee for.

ended the night with the TONYS.  so sad i wasn't there this year like i was last year.  of course my boy nick jonas was there.  wrong year, nick.  wrong year.

day 3-MONDAY:
while becky is away, the sisters will play....or shop.  lizzie and walked the charming streets of georgetown and waited on the always long georgetown cupcake line!  the cupcakes are so yummy, it's worth it.  watch the show on TLC!

just to make sure we OD'ed on sweets, we met up with becky and enjoyed the sweet lobby, a macaroon bakery.  so fun.  and yum.

rainy day=museums.  we went to the hershhor modern art museum.  boy do i hate modern art, but loved their exhibit on light.  we had fun taking lots of pictures.  we also visited the native american museum and ate about 30 pounds of fry bread.  sorry i'm not sorry.

we ended the day with a trip to the botanical gardens right next to the capitol.  they have pretty much every plant and flower.  did i mention all these museums are totes free?  thanks smithsonian.

we met up with the sister and saw the new MLK memorial.  so amazing!  we also saw the FDR monument.  lizzie and i met some hobos.

we had a late dinner at good stuff.  they have great shakes and veggie burgers (and yet i am displaying my free water cup in this picture?).  it's a DC favorite that i've been anxious to try.  and i was not disappointed!

lizzie forced me to go to the holocuast mesuem.  depresssssinggggg.  i have been once before and swore to never go again.  don't know how lizzie got me there.  it takes 3 hours and sucks the life out of you.  it is humbling, however.  and it makes you count your many MANY blessings.

we visited the washington monument, then marched along pennsylvania avenue to visit our good friend, barack obama.  he was away, so we took pictures in front of his house, wearing our obama gear.  #obama2012

after a little downton abbey break, (we watched all of season 1 with lizzie during the week) we met up with becky and some friends at the new NANDO'S by her house.  nando's is a fabulous chicken restaurant i ate at basically every day while i was studying abroad in london.  i know....i am a vegetarian now.  it is kind of depressing.  but i still always go and eat plenty of sides and smell everyone's chicken.  nom nom nando's.

we woke up early to head to the hill with becky for her weekly welcome to washington extravaganza feast!  each thursday, senator reid meets with visitors from nevada and talks to them.  it is so cool.  i went last year, but lizzie had never gone.  becky schedules the visits, so duh we got tickets.  it's amazing to be in the nation's capitol with fellow nevadans.  such a beautiful building.  becky took us on senator reid's balcony at the front of the capitol.   i cried.  obviously.

after the breakfast, becky gave us a little tour and we said farewell to uncle harry.  lizzie and i went to the natural history museum, then to the old post office for an amazing view of the city.
after work, becky took us to a nice dinner and then to georgetown to shop for dresses to wear to our cousin's wedding.  we ended the night at the lincoln memorial, then walked to the WWII memorial.

(for my BFFL, sister ycmat.  while i was taking the picture, she was in an iloilo hospital having her appendix ripped out of her.  no joke.  she's ok.  miss that crazy sista!)

day 7-FRIDAY:
watched J. Biebs sing his little heart out on the TODAY show.  perfect start to the day.  everyone who was there was crying.  i love fan girls.

lizzie and i went to the navy memorial, smithsonian gardens, air and space museum, and then we ate at nando's...again...because i love it.  after that we visited ford's theatre.  we learned more about the assassination of lincoln...and saw like 50 polygamists.  oh hey, cousins.

that night becky took me to my birthday present: THE NATS GAME!  the nats played the yankees for the first time at nats stadium...meaning a sold out game.  we may have lost to the worst team everrr, but we got to eat shake favorite burger joint in NYC.  worth the mile long line?   oh, most def.

we woke up early to visit another georgetown cupcakes location for FREE CUPCAKE DAY!  what what!?  we finished the trip with a visit to eastern market to see the farmers market and flea market.  always an adventure.

wowwww.....what a trip!  i loved playing tourist and seeing becky own the streets of DC.  she is slowly becoming 100% east coast..which kind of makes me sad...but also makes me happy she has found the perfect job in the perfect place.  i wish we could stay in her little attic for forever...but alas...i would lose too many brain cells hitting my head on her slanted roof.

thanks for the great trip becky.  until we meet again, DC...###

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day!

today i am spending father's day sans father.
i get to see him tomorrow, so it's not too bad...
(and i was definitely hugged by many wonderful fathers in my home ward today to make up for it!)
today makes me appreciate even more the amazing father that i have blessed with.
while my sisters and i were together in DC this past week, we decided that we have the absolute
hands down most INCREDIBLE father.
(we actually decided this a long time ago, but reaffirmed it once again).
he is kind, smart, funny, and good to his family...wife...3 daughters...and absolutely everyone else he knows.
everyone who knows him looks up to my dad.
me, most of all.
i am so grateful for his example of kindness.
i owe every success and joy i have had in my life to how my father raised me...and the love he has for me.
happy father's day, dad. ###

Thursday, June 7, 2012

#throwbackthursday and a sister reunion.

once upon a time (last week) i was anti #throwbackthursday.  probs because i am bitter because most of my friends seem to have skipped the awkward phase of life that i was stuck in for about 10 years (huge glasses....colorful braces....and wayyy too much denim).  but alas, i've come to love and accept the throwback thurs.  especially after deciding to only throwback to my "cute years:"

awww.  look at us.  my mom thinks this picture is foreshadowing my glorious habit of opening my mouth huuuge in every picture possible.  

exhibit A:

exhibit B:

exhibit C:

oh and that cutie blonde in the throwback pic?  that's just my awesome, smart, talented, and successful older sister: becky.  she lives in DC and hangs out with senator harry reid like it's NBD.  they are actually friends and chat and stuff.  yes really.  she is so cool.  #teachmeyourways.

tomorrow lizzie and i are going to go see older sister in DC and stay in her cute attic.  this means lots of patriotic good times in DC.  i cannot wait to see her!  i went twice last year and it was the besttttt.  i miss living with her...going to BYU with her...driving around with her....and everything else us sisters love to do together.

so here's to america, throwback thursday, and sisterly love.  ###

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

medication to music rut....

the past few months i have been stuck in a music rut.  i accidentally over-listened to the new jason mraz album....and then couldn't find any new music i liked.  everything on the radio seems pointless and poppy....meaningless lyrics set to robotic auto-tuned voices.  i began to lose faith in the music world.  that is untillll.....
enter jon mclaughlin!  da da da daaaa.  jon mclaughlin is a wonderful and under appreciated artist with a syrupy voice and genius lyrics.  (he is also the singer at the ball at the end of "enchanted").

his 3rd album came out at the end of may: "promising promises."  oh boy...this album is near perfection.  

story time:  back in the days of freshman year when staley white and i were young single dating machines (yeaaa right)....we went on a double date where we did some byu-esque activity involving a candle lit cereal dinner...and then a jon mclaughlin concert.  it was one of the BEST concerts i have been to.  there weren't many people there, but jon rocked the house and blew me away with his voice, piano skills, and song writing ability.  after the show, he stayed and talked to audience members.  he was SO nice!!!  he signed a poster for me, and then took a picture with me on some random girl's camera who promised to email me the picture (speaking of promising promises...what a liar.  she never did)....and a jon mclaughlin fan was born.

so...somewhere in the world...there is a picture of me and this beautiful artist who creates glorious music.  one day, i will find it.  but for now, i'll just obsess over this album.  

top five tracks:





SUMMER IS OVER: (feat. sara bareilles)!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

we're dancing on the edge of the hollywood sign.

so now that i have OD'ed on gracie pictures on le blog...time to document the rest of a fabulous 8 days in so cal:best place ever.  no wonder there's so much traffic and so many millions of people.  perfect weather, lovely beaches.....and last week: perfect company for me.

last summer briana carr and jenne anderson and i partied hard in NYC while interning at various news stations in the big apple.  and it was the best. butttt we may have topped it this summer.  we traded harlem town for huntington beach...not mad.  it was so fun having jenne and briana stay at the condo in HB with my mom and i.  
after the gracies...we headed back to the OC and passed the beautiful LA temple on the way.
and of course enjoyed some slurpees for freeee!  and it wasn't even 7/11!!  bonus jonas.

any trip to HB isn't complete without the staple hayes family stops, including  frozen bananas from the banana stand at balboa island and then wahoos fish tacos at fashion island.  yes you heard me...slurpees, frozen bananas, and tacos.  in that order.  #healthy
double temples in one day.  i love the newport temple.  sometimes it makes me angry that i can't go inside...bah...oh day.
and after that, three very fun and enjoyable days followed, which i failed to take pictures of for some reason.  but festivities included:
 sadly sending jenne back off to be a star reporter in texas
 visiting the anteaters at UCI
seeing the avengers for so much money at a swanky newport beach movie theatre that looked like a museum
 walking on the HB pier and eating above the ocean at Ruby's Diner
visiting my aunt and uncle and cousins in pasadena
 taking a unicycle ride with them and admiring their abilities and talents
going shopping in downtown pasadena with my cousin sarah who will soon be wed
yup, lots of picture worthy and fun activities that somehow went uncaptured.  fail.
on saturday, my mom had to get home to vegas, but my trip was just beginning.  she dropped me off at the campa casa in la verne.  it was great to be there with him.  i even got to go to brians home ward and meet lots of people in his ward that helped him join the church.  so cool.  
 later on sunday afternoon, brian's family and friends had a little graduation party for him since he wasn't able to go home after graduation to celebrate.  it was quite festive!  lots of people, food, and great weather to celebrate the life of BYU graduate brian campa.  the campas know how to party.  pretty sure the party went from 1 pm-12 am.  holy cow.  i think i went to bed before it was over but i can't really remember.  so fun!
memorial day was spent recovering from the party of the century and hiking in la verne.  with the mountain lions.  not really though.  just a lot of lizards.
on tuesday brian and i went to downtown LA and then to an angels game!!  i love love love angels baseball.  i grew up going to those games with my sisters and i was super excited.  brians cousins were there too.  they are hilarious and love angels baseball.  we got free MLB backpacks AND beat the yankees!  best night ever!  
we arrived back in las vegas on wednesday, which was also brians 25th birthday.  my amazing mom and dad were home ready to greet us with a birthday luncheon and plenty of cake and gatorade for the birthday boy.  he opened his gifts and hit the road for p-town.  sad he had to drive 9 hours on his birthday...but it was the best ending to the best week ever.  i wish we never had to leave.  but i'll be back reallll soon, california.  ###