the campas

the campas

Monday, April 30, 2012

can your dog do this.......?

my dog, sierra, has many talents.  one of them is catching any and all types of food/treats in her mouth...mid air.  can she do this with a ball?  no.  just food.  #understandable.

other talents of sierra:  she can wave on demand.  

andddd....those may be all her talents.  unless you count being cute as a talent.  if so, she definitely got has that one in the bag.  i love my dog.  she gets me.

love my sierra girl.  ###

Sunday, April 29, 2012

room makeover.

so now that i have blogged about my graduation weekend, i guess i am allowed to start the exciting blog posts of post-grad anna hayes.  let me tell you in my most sarcastic tone, my life is prettttty exciting right now.  

as much as i adore (still using the sarcastic voice) the "soooo what are you doing with your life now?" question that i have gotten from every person i have ever met in las's starting to get old.  so i will tell you.  i am at home, in las vegas, hanging out with my family until i find a job i want to take in a place i want to be!  and while for some people this may not be fun or exciting, i am really loving it!  i am seeing lots of my little sister, parents, and cutie pie puppy dog sierra.  it may not really be the definition of exciting, but i am loving my life. a few months i can start being a reporter in some town in some place....but for now....i just want to be a hayes girl living in the hayes house.

over the past 4 years, i have never really been home for an extended period of time.  between BYU semesters, internships, and trips to huntington beach....i just came home to vegas for short trips.  so when i came home from BYU with my diploma in hand and feeling like an depressed me walking in my bedroom, which was covered in an inch of dust, with high school memorabilia (like my prom court sash and musical posters) plastered all over the wall.  even my comforter is the same one i used when i graduated kindergarten.  long story short, i was feeling ambitious and the room needed a face lift!

soooo, i got to work.  i went to the hardware store 6 times (yes, i counted), and filled up my car with items for the D.I.   and if i was some mormon mommy blogger, i would tell you all how fun it can painting a room, and maybe include step by step instructions on how to paint a temple on your child's wall with the phrase: "i'm going there someday."  but, since i am not, i will be honest and say it was one of the worst experiences of my life.  seriously.  next time you want to paint a room: DON'T.  i thought there were 2 steps to painting:
1.  move furniture
2.  paint walls.  

NO.  wrong-o.  there are about 15 steps.  and they are all progressively more miserable than the one before. 

it took me 6 days to do it all.  but, i'd say it's worth it.  i love my new room!!!  i may be here for 5 more weeks or 5 more months.  but however long it is, at least i'll have a remodeled and very "anna" room to stay in.  here are some pics: ###


Saturday, April 28, 2012

the big fat graduation post.

sooo this post is long overdue.  and it is going to be, as promised, big and fat.  sorry people, but you only graduate from college once right!?

graduation was a major success.  and i won't lie: i had my doubts.  definitely spent the night before throwing up and the entire day of randomly crying and fighting back more throw up sessions.  true anna hayes fashion: the night before something big or joyous happens i have the throw up unnecessarily.  gosh.  why me.  anyway: although i was depressed about being done with BYU, leaving provo, and having to grow up and find a job, i managed to have a pretty dang good time at graduation.

BYU graduation is a 2 day process.  the first day (thursday) ALL the BYU grads get together in the marriott center and we hear from our president, other leaders, and an apostle of the Lord.  this year the honored speaker was Dallin H. Oaks.  he did a fabulous job, of course, and the spirit was certainly present in the marriott center as the grads filed in and our families cheered for us and waved to us as we sat down.   it was hilarious slowwwwly getting the marriott center with all my graduating broadcast friends, many of whom i hadn't seen in a long time.  there were sooo many people there, and it was incredible getting into the room and seeing thousands of happy people there.  the whole ceremony gave me the chills as we stood up and everyone applauded for us.  i felt like i was winning a gold medal in the olympics, something i didn't expect.  i thought this whole thing was just a rite of passage that everyone in the world did, and that it was really NBD.  so wrong.  the theme of the evening seemed to be: this is a big deal!  you did it, and you should be proud of it.

after the ceremony, i found my family/brian and we took about 5949382 pictures.  i cannot express the feeling i had seeing my happy family there...many of whom traveled long distances just to be there to support me.  i am so lucky!  my family is da best.  clearly.  i tried to absorb each and every mili second of the evening with my family.  i decided that's what the celestial kingdom will be like: all of your family together in a beautiful place celebrating being together...and eating lots of pasta.  ohh ya.  we went to the spaghetti factory for my graduation dinner, mm mm mmmm.

the next day was just as great and happy.  i got to walk in my communications commencement with my BYU BFF, staley carter white.  on my first day at BYU, she talked me into going to a communications major informational meeting in the DeJong Concert Hall.  it was there that i learned about the broadcast program, met the professors, and become familiar with it all.  honestly, i do not know if i would have found my perfect major if it wasn't for her.  4 years later, we walked through the that same DeJong Concert Hall: BYU Communciations graduates.  it was amazing coming full circle with staley.  the ceremony was amazing.  they had us all sit in chairs on the stage, behind the closed curtains.  none of us (or at least me) knew that was where we'd be, so we never told our families.  when they dramatically drew back the curtains and everyone saw us on the stage, they all gasped and clapped for us.  it was amazing being there.  our guest speaker gave us all 10 bucks, (no joke).  then i marched across the stage waving to my family and received my fake diploma.  i guess they mail you the real one??  What the heck BYU.

after the communications commencement we took thousands of photos with my broadcast besties, and then went up to aunt chantal's home in sandy for a graduation dinner.  she decked the place out with "class of 2012" decor and had delicious food and SUPERB entertainment provided by the cousins.  miss ella played a lovely piano arrangement of "pomp and circumstance" that stole the show.

the next day, an emotional anna packed up her little red Rav4, said goodbye friends, ate some thai food, drank some creamery chocolate milk, and hit the road home to las vegas.  it wasn't easy leaving my favorite place.  i still get sad thinking about it.  i have loved my time at BYU, and unlike so many others, dreaded graudtion because it meant the end of the best 4 years ever.  i still haven't accepted that i am done there....and i don't know if i ever will.  

so....yes indeed i will be "that parent" that drops their kids off at the dorms with their BYU gear on and then runs around campus visiting all their favorite places and coming out of the BYU Bookstore with bags of stuff.  and i can't wait.  i wouldn't change a thing about my time at BYU, and am grateful beyond belief that i chose to go there...and now see the hand of the Lord in my decision to go there.  i am forever changed...froever grateful...and forever a BYU cougar.  ###