the campas

the campas

Friday, March 30, 2012

come listen....

come listen to a prophet's voice.  i love general conference!  best two weekends of the year.

 Come listen to living prophets

Thursday, March 29, 2012

a couple of shows.

well, i officially fail at posting all of our shows.  sorry!!  here are the two shows from this week:  (yes i gave my grandma a shout out on the first video. it's cause i love her.  and because i can).

dang it.  i LOVE eleven news.  i feel so lucky that i got to come to this amazing school and find my calling in life.  i love the news business so much, it is what i am meant to do and i am grateful i realized this.  our program is THE BEST in the nation, trust me, i know that for a FACT....and i am so dang lucky to be in it.  worth all the tears, stress, late nights, and embarrassing mess-ups on air. 

it is so fun working with amazing producers, directors, professors, reporters, and anchors to put together this newscast.  it is something i am truly proud of and will cherish for the rest of my life.  (and now i am crying.  welcome to my life as of late).  

i love these girls: all so talented and going to do big things.  i hope they remember me when they are all famous and successful weather anchors/news anchors/ESPN reporters. ###

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

nyc weekend trip.

this past weekend, i went to new york city.  NYC holds a special place in my heart.  i remember visiting the city with my dad when i was just a small little anna.  i was mesmerized by the tall buildings, the subway, and allllll the busy people!  i forever loved visiting, but found a whole new meaning for my NYC love this past summer when i interned there for NY1 news.  

so last weekend, i went to the city for a few days.  i went for the national broadcasting awards for a couple stories of mine that were nominated for an award....and to play with my sister/dad/cousins.  (and to do some soul searching).  seriously.
it was a much needed weekend away from provo, and although the big city is noisy, crowded, and huge....i feel really at home and relaxed walking the streets of the big apple.  i spent friday by myself, and while that may sound depressing or loser-ish, i was more than happy to walk around and ride the subway with me myself and i.  i started the day bright and early after a late arrival thursday night.  i went to columbia university, riverside, chelsea market, and highline park....but the highlight of the day was going back to the NY1 studios and seeing all my old friends!  

my boss, shannon, told me not to tell anyone i was coming so it could be a surprise.  hahaha, oh boy, i was sitting in the lobby waiting for her to bring me in...but she was stuck in a all my friends started to trickle out to eat lunch, and i was just chillin' like a villain in the lobby.  their faces were priceless when they say me and comprehended that i was in their lobby...not provo, utah.  i love them all, and felt like i had never left once i got back at the assignment desk!!  i wanted to sit down and start working and answering phones!


what was supposed to be a 20 minutes visit ended up being much longer, and i would have stayed all day if i could...but alas, i had things to do.

i met up with lakia and brother curtis, who took us to mood fabric store...yes, from project runway.  brother curtis sews and is dang good at it too!  he bought some fabric and lakia and i walked around saying "make it work" and clogging up the aisles.

we ended the day by eating soul food at sylvia's deep in the heart of harlem!  i love that place, it's where i lived this summer.  but, as usual, i was the only white person on the block.  love it.  we ate so many collard green, mac n' cheese, waffles, catfish, and cornbread, i think i almost popped.  then i went back to my aunt and uncle's ritzy apartment and waited for my favorite older sister to roll into town  on the train!!  she eventually did, and large bear hug/much screaming soon followed.

the next day my dad arrived at 5 in the morning, dang delayed flights.  i took a run around central park with the rest of NYC and their dogs.  i was beaming the whole time.  i love that park.  it was such a beautiful day, with flowers blooming and popcorn popping all over the place. 

my dad, sister, and i walked around the entire city.  we went to grand central station to see the new mac store, yup....just for that purpose.  we went to bloomingdales to eat forty carrots froyo, duh my idea.  we also ate magnolias and mariella's pizza, mine/orprah's favorite NY pizza spot. 

we went to soho and canal street, one of our favorite spots.  becky and i love to duke it out with all the sketchy people selling knock off items.  we usually win.  it's always an experience.  we also went to the site of ground zero and saw trinity church.  from there, we took the path train under the water across to jersey city.  and we were treated with a fab view before the awards show.  

after the awards, we ate at a yummy deli near times square.  i stalked nick jonas during his show.  i wanted to see "how to succeed in business" and kiss him afterwards, but the timing didn't work out. so his ginormous billboard had to do.  brian probably didn't mind that i didn't get my jonas kiss.
sunday was a little rainy, but that didn't stop becky and i from walking to magnolia's to eat some banana pudding and cupcakes.  sabbath day breaking? ya.  oooops.  there were so many people out still, doing errands and such.  i loved it.  we also had brunch with my aunt/uncle/cousin...and it was great.  the trip ended with a fun filled ride to the airport with the raskopfs.  i may have shed a tear when my flight took off.  but it was a fabulous weekend in a fabulous city with my fabulous family.  good thing i get to see them really soon....when i graduate.  uhhhh weird??? 
thanks for this great trip BYU Comms department!!!  gosh i love BYU.  i'll miss it.  so much.  let the sadness begin.###

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i think i will go here tomorrow....
i just finished (and rocked) my humanities exam. and i am now officially allowed to get excited and start thinking about the fact that i go to NYC tomorrow.

word cannot express my love of NYC. they just can't.

i love that place. and i love my family who will be there.

my to-do list is about 3 pages long. but don't worry, i will get it all done.

best part is that none of it is touristy stuff.

i love feeling like i know that city like the back of my hand, even though i don't.

and that's the best part of NYC. no one knows it all.

there's too much to do, too much to see.

thanks BYU for the plane tickets.

see you tomorrow, concrete jungle.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

fav holiday.

every year i go all out on st. patricks day.  why?  because it is my favorite holiday, o' course!!  (see last year's festivities)...

i know it's so weird.  i think i love st. patrick's day because i love green so much.  why green?? wellll, when i was little i liked being different.  every girl in elementary school was obsessed with pink and purple, and the pink lovers would try to convince the purple lovers that purple sucked and pink was the prettiest princess color.  

anddd.....then there was little anna.  standing in the loser corner with her loser self convincing no one that green was actually the best color.  yup, i was that child.  still am, actually.

so i love this holiday.  i went on campus yesterday wearing a green sweater, my shamrock pin that my dad gave me (he gives me one every year), and my leprechaun socks.  and everyone on campus was staring at me like i was a freaky alien.  COME ON!  where's the love!?  dang it.  
brian o'campa, my red-headed non-irish boyfriend, and i made irish shepherd's pie (vegetarian, of course).  it was yummy!  just fry up carrots, onions, leeks, corn, celery, cauliflower, and kidney beans in some olive oil and garlic.  then top with fresh mashed potatoes and cheese.  bake for 20 minutes at 350 and BOOM!  irish meal.  (also: ALL the cabbage was sold out at the smiths.  hahah.  that cracked me up.  when else is all the cabbage sold out besides st. patty's day)? 
and it just isn't st. patrick's day without watching "P.S. i love you."  is it bad that this movie makes me want to go pubbing in ireland?  and find some random irish man to sing galway girl to me?  is that so wrong?
happy best holiday ever to ya.###

Friday, March 16, 2012

< 24 hours.

i got to see my parents yesterday.  for less than 24 hours.  (not long enough), BUT it was still amazing, so i won't complain.  i love them so much.  they are the most dedicated, supportive, and wonderful parents in the world.  i promise.

on wednesday night, they drove through the night so that they could see me anchor the KBYU Channel  11 News at Noon on thursday.  they watch the show online faithful, but it meant SO much to have them there in the newsroom watching it all go down live.  i have been working on that show for 4 semesters now, and they have heard me blab on and on and onnnn about the people, the madness, the show, the newsroom life, and the professors.  but to have them there meant the world to me.  i am so glad we had a great show!

my parents said they couldn't believe how often things change during a newscast, aka, the producers yelling in my ear telling me how long to adlab...where to walk next...where to look...and what story has just been added.  all while i am trying to calmly read a story.  

everyone was so welcoming to my parents.  i love my newsroom family, and will miss them after i graduate.  shoot, i'll miss the entire program!!  here is the show they watched:

the fun didn't end after the show!  my parents' incredible short trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to the cougareat!  duhh. they love that place.  and don't worry, my dad stole my face off of another guy's table.  i hope he didn't care.  brian was there too...but i didn't get a pic with him.  boo.
then i did some errands for today's internship showcase (which i didn't win.  lame, sorry i didn't go to africa to purify water for orphans like the winners did.  although i kind of wish i did do that).  then we got a cupcake for ms. lizzie who we were missing, and enjoyed the coca bean to the fullest!
after that, the reality of graduation started to sink in.  my parents took a ton of my winter clothes and other stuff home with them.  :(  noooooo!!  i can't believe i am leaving provo forever in just a little over a month.  can i not??  i am a wreck about this.

then we had a delicious dinner at the spaghetti factory!  it's a hayes family favorite, yet i have never been to the one here in provo!!  whatttt.  man i love that place.  they give you milk and ice cream with your meal.  slash eating at 4:30 means no one is there.  it was sa-weet.  a wonderful dinner to finish a wonderful day.

anddd yes, i was choking back tears when they drove away.  it was a tease of a trip.  i never seem to have long enough with my parents.  i guess it's a good thing i get to hang out with them for eternity.  they have the best advice.  and what other parents would drive 12 hours in 24 hours just to see a student run newscast!?  thanks for coming mom and dad!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

don't judge me...

....and mom, don't read this post.

brian and i are pretty different people.

he plays basketball, i scream when it comes near me.  

he jams out to keith urban...and i recently deleted my jonas brothers playlist to try and incorporate country music into my life.

he loves steaks...and i am a vegetarian.

so HOW on are inevitably wondering, did we start dating?  well, i like to give credit to our friends staley and michael...and brad womack.

what???  yup....last year's bachelor.  he brought us together, because,  we both love the bachelor.  (brian is going to kill me).  and last year we watched it together pretty early after meeting each other.  despite my best efforts to stay away from that addicting trashy TV show, it's one thing brian and i both enjoy.  and we have loads of fun watching it, so don't hate me.
i thought brad was pretty dim..but he's a beautiful man.  so he was the bachelor.  and i thought ashley was kind of annoying and dressed like a Forever21 model...but she's a bubbly dentist.  so she was the bachelorette. 

but no matter how i rack my brain and ponder it...i can't begin to fathom WHY ben flajnik was chosen to be the bachelor.  is he cute?  no.  he looks like francine from arthur.
is he smart?  maybe....although i have my doubts, because he picked COURTNEY last night.  courtney.  courtney.  black widow, back stabbing, evil, skinny model, "i got the rose: winning," model COURTNEY.   

lindzi, i think you may be the luckiest girl in the world to have escaped a life with mean ben.  

i know i sound so rude, and i am sorry, he probably is a good guy deep down.  i just can't believe she won.  i have a scheme the producers paid him millions of dollars to pick her just because of the massive uproar it caused.  

so while i should have spent that hour each week reading the scriptures, knitting, practicing piano, and bettering myself in many other ways.  i wasted my life away watching ben and his black widow-fiance, courtney.  well, bachelor producers, you may have had a fail.  cause i don't know if i am ever coming back.